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2023.06.10 16:28 wasabi-surreal Do you disagree with this rewire list?

Hi All
Is there anything missing from this rewire list? 😊
I've pulled it (out of my arse!? 🤔) together from other reddit posts.
Thanks!! Sorry if this not appropriate for this subreddit.
  1. What can I do as a customer to make the rewire go well? Including instructions to other trades like plasters etc.
  2. What accessories do you like? Hager, Click or others?
Plan beforehand
Short term
Long term
We are buying a probate property and it needs a rewire.
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2023.06.09 20:10 muffinmama I'm reinstating my state (SC) certification, and I need to take 20 hours of APCE or CME cat 1 CE. What is the best way to do this?

Previously, I worked for Rite Aid and was SC/PTCB certified but I left the field and let certs expire back in 2017. I'm applying for a new PT job and in order to reinstate my state cert for SC I need to complete 20 hours of APCE or CME cat 1 CE.
I found a ton of free CE's on but I'm not sure if they're what I need since they don't seem to be actually related to pharmacy (most of them anyways). Are these the correct CE's needed?
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2023.06.08 01:40 simpg1rl Question for VA techs

I’m struggling to get a concrete answer: do I need to take an ashp certified course to become a certified pharmacy tech, or is passing the ptcb exam (after completing an online course recognized by them) enough? By VA I mean Virginia (edited for clarity)
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2023.06.06 01:31 fattestCatDad Advice for heat pump in Colorado front range

I live in Boulder, Colorado and am contemplating a heat pump. My existing HVAC is a 1980's era gas + an AC of similar vintage in a ~2400 sqft house. I'm most concerned about the heating performance.
I used the NEEP product list at!/product_list/ and have had two proposals so far.
I won't mention the first, other than to say it was Rheem ac + gas for $18K. 2nd proposal was Mitsubishi PUZ-A42NKA7 and Intellicoil indoor unit with a Rheem R802V1005A21UHSCAP 2 stage 80% gas as backup for ~$19,300 w/o rebates. I estimate the parts for the Mitsubishi+rheem to be ~$9000 from online sites. I'm looking at equipment prices from e.g. and to get baseline pricing.
Oddly, the Mitsubishi is not listed as Cold Climate Energy star at NEEP. They did list Bosch and from the Bosch website and I think that a combination of BOVA60HDN1M20G and BVA60WN1M20 or BVA48WN1M20 would work. The total parts is ~$8000 w/o a gas heater.
I had hoped that a "hyper heat" combination of PUZ-HA42NKA1 and PVA-A42AA7 indoor unit would mean skipping the gas heater, but the Mitsubishi "Hyper Heat" units don't appear on the "Tax Credit" list
My questions:
  1. Has anyone in the front-range used just a Heat Pump in a similar situation? Advice?
  2. I've read posts about how HyperHeat is great, but if I have to use gas backup is there a reason to forego the IRA section 25C rebate ($2K) to get HyperHeat?
  3. The installation prices I'm seeing seem very high - does this seem out of line?
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2023.06.03 05:50 ProSitter Higher utility bills since installing heat pump

Homeowner in Calgary, AB Canada here.

I had these products installed in my 3 story townhome in November.

- Furnace model No. Ducane 96G2UH070BV12-02
- ccASHP Outdoor Unit model No. Ducane 4HP18V36P
- Indoor unit model No. EAC4X36B

I have fixed utility rates. My bills have basically doubled since getting this installation done (especially noticeable in shoulder season months; electrical consumption is 2-3x higher than pre installation).

I had the heat pump installed to save money on utility bills in the shoulder months. So far it's the opposite.

I'll be contacting my contractor to look into this, but hoping one of the pro's might have some insight or ideas for me.

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2023.06.03 01:08 CorrectFruit2711 ASHP career services

Has anyone used the ASHP career services? I have a unique situation as I graduated in 2005, I immigrated to the US in 2010 and I had a kid in 2015, and I just got my pharmacist license in the US this year. I have a ton of gaps in my resume and so far I have applied to more than 100 jobs with zero interviews. What are your thoughts? Is ASHP worth the money? I am honestly out of ideas.
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2023.06.03 01:07 CorrectFruit2711 ASHP career services

Has anyone used the ASHP career services? I have a unique situation as I graduated in 2005, I immigrated to the US in 2010 and I had a kid in 2015, and I just got my pharmacist license in the US this year. I have a ton of gaps in my resume and so far I have applied to more than 100 jobs with zero interviews. What are your thoughts? Is ASHP worth the money? I am honestly out of ideas.
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2023.06.02 21:55 Ok_Examination_5062 I swear ashp a money making scheme

Why do you need a certification to do medication reconciliation???
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2023.05.31 20:09 MushbananaSol Hope this gives some hope to those dreading the shortage.

This info is per the ASHP. Last updated may 22. The novo nordisk site hasn’t updated since may 4. Hold onto hope people! It’s not completely gone, just check around! I got my .25 filled last week out of the blue and they didn’t call me to even notify that it was ready.
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2023.05.29 18:15 Logical_Barnacle1847 Gear question: How do you keep your water bladders from sloshing?

I've been running with this vest for about 6 months now. When I first got it the bottles seemed to do a great job of collapsing down as I was drinking them. But pretty quickly they started to suck air back down the hose whenever I take a drink, so I'm forever trying (unsuccessfully for the most part) to squish the air out and keep them from sloshing while I run. The length of the straw is great for sipping on the move, but the sloshing is driving me nuts. Is there a water bladder out there with a similar straw that doesn't do this?
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2023.05.27 05:33 Onewarmguy Noise levels? Mitsubishi 12000 Btuh head unit

I'm getting quotes for a ductless 3.0 ton Mitsubishi Zuba ASHP, can anyone tell me how loud the interior head units get?
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2023.05.26 23:21 Ill_Call7235 does anybody have the sources for southern plans to annex most of mexico?

in the 2nd video about the mexican border, Kraut talks about plans by southern senators to annex other revolting republics in the Mexo-american war, to turn them into slave states. However, want to use this information and it appears wise to find the sources for this claim, and my own searches have so far only found a senator who opposes annexing any mexican land, because he was anti-imperiali-nope he was racist. Like really racist. Here's the link:
please send me a good source that's not wikipedia.
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2023.05.26 16:10 BlogdeInstalatii Descopera ADEVARUL Despre Pompele De Caldura! 😱 😲

Sunt nerăbdător sa-ti arat Adevărul despre pompele de caldura.
Probabil ca stii deja ca sunt echipamente care au nevoie de o investiție mai costisitoare.
Este adevărat ca în unele cazuri consumul lor poate fi mai mare cand se montează în case neizolate bine.
Dar hai sa vedem și avantajele pompelor de căldură. Sa ne uitam si la partea plina a paharului.
În primul rand folosirea unei pompe de caldura este mult mai confortabilă poate si mai ieftina decat centrala pe lemne sau pe peleti.
Iar dacă te-ai asigurat ca ai o casa bine izolată vei avea parte de un consum redus cand folosesti pompa de caldura.
Este un mod eficient de încălzire iar izolatia îți va menține căldura dorită în interiorul casei tale.
Nu trebuie să-ți faci griji cu montajul pompei de căldură.
În fiecare saptamana peste 20 de pompe de caldura NIBE sunt montate în întreaga Românie.
Și unde poți să le gasesti? La firma Trust Expert, desigur.
Ei oferă servicii profesionale de montaj în fiecare județ din țara prin rețeaua NIBE VIP Installer.
Dacă ești în căutarea unei soluții de încălzire eficienta, economica si durabila pentru incalzire și apa calda, alege o pompa de caldura.
Fa o alegere inteligentă pentru confortul și economia ta.
Astept cu nerabdare sa iti arat acest video nou ca sa descoperi cum pompele de caldura pot să-ți transforme modul în care incalzesti casa ta.
Descoperă adevărul despre pompele de caldura. Privește video-ul:

Pompa de caldura
#pompadecaldura #pompadecalduraaerapa #pompedecaldura #NIBE #TrustExpert #BlogdeInstalatii #CosminBlogdeInstalatii #ASHP #HeatPump
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2023.05.26 00:11 brollydc Proposal summaries for Heat Pump install, help us review and decide

Hello all,
We recently purchased a 1,238sqft 1927 (1-floor) home in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The home has original single pane windows, insulation in the exterior walls, and insulation in the ceiling (R38). It has a vapor barrier in the basement, but currently no insulation under the original flooring. We have a 2002 gas furnace that has seen better days (still works fine) but no cooling, so we are looking to get cooling and update our heat source via a heat pump install (removal of the gas furnace).
Typical temps in this area of the USA have a normal range of low-20F to high-80F, with a few days into the 10-20F during the winter and the low-90F during the summer. Climate zone 4a and USDA plant hardiness zone 7a.
Over the past few weeks we've obtained quotes from a 4 highly recommended local HVAC companies. All companies have performed some form of load calculation on our home. Company C said we were 23K BTU on heating and cooling while Company A said 18K BTU (cooling, 93F) / 38K BTU (heating, 5F). I think these differences in their load calculation has led some companies to 2.0-3.0 ton systems.
Our original goal was to install the system to our existing ductwork (it's fine just not optimized given future projects). We asked two companies for an optional ductwork "rework" as well. Please see proposal summaries below:
Company A - Mitsubishi M-Series 2.5-Ton (Diamond Elite Contractor)
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System AHRI #211273652 (Open in NEEP) $14,716
Electric Backup n/a $1,639
Ductwork Complete rework and new install $7,800
12yr parts, 12yr compressor, 2yr labor warranties.
Company B - Mitsubishi M-Series 2.0-Ton (Diamond Elite Contractor)
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System AHRI #211273651 (no NEEP) $17,672
Electric Backup n/a included
Ductwork Complete rework and new install n/a
12yr parts, 12yr compressor, 1yr labor warranties.
Company C - Mitsubishi M-Series 2.0-Ton (Ductless Preferred Pro Contractor)
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System AHRI #211273651 (no NEEP) $13,881
Electric Backup n/a $1,542
Ductwork Complete rework and new install $6,062
12yr parts, 12yr compressor, 5yr labor warranties.
Company C - Mitsubishi M-Series 2.5-Ton (Ductless Preferred Pro Contractor)
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System AHRI #211273652 (Open in NEEP) $14,205
Electric Backup n/a $1,542
Ductwork Complete rework and new install $6,062
12yr parts, 12yr compressor, 5yr labor warranties.
Company D - Mitsubishi M-Series 3.0-Ton (Diamond Elite Contractor)
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System AHRI #211273654 (no NEEP) $21,306
Electric Backup n/a n/a
Ductwork Complete rework and new install n/a
Just received proposal, didn't include warranties but we are inquiring.
Company D - Bosch IDS 2.0 36K BTU
Item Details Cost
Heat Pump System Pending AHRI $20,370
Electric Backup n/a included
Ductwork Complete rework and new install n/a
Just received proposal, didn't include warranties but we are inquiring.
Only Company D specializes in Mitsubishi systems (they also do Bosch), while the rest net out as follows:Company A = Carrier w/excellent Mitsubishi knowledge/expertiseCompany B = Trane w/disinterest in Mitsubishi (that's the vibe we get)Company C = American Standard w/some-good Mitsubishi knowledge/expertise
We've really enjoyed working with Company A and Company C, while Company B has been really sales focused and difficult to get model and/or AHRI numbers out of. We got quotes for Carrier, Trane, and American Standard systems and they just didn't stand up to Mitsubishi and were often more expensive.
All jobs include removal and disposal of the gas system, electrical, and permits. All companies have attractive financing offer covering the entire job.
Thanks in advance for your review!
Edit: Added proposal from Company C for a 2.5-ton system and estimated cost of complete rework of ducting.
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2023.05.25 23:03 furiouscakeman How long did it take you to complete a ASHP-approved retail training program?

Like at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Walmart, etc. Do you get a certificate for completing it automatically or do you have to ask? Bonus question, is it possible to transfer stores part way through training?
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2023.05.25 19:14 zigson2 (Ecodan) Outdoor temperatures hugely incorrect

Hi, I have a Mitsubishi Ecodan with an FTC6 controller. I want to set up a compensation curve, but the readings for the outdoor temperature are way off. On a typical day, the peak temperature reported on the FTC6 controller and Melcloud app are about 15 Celcius above actual.
As far as I know, there is no external thermostat on my unit, unless it's on the outdoor ASHP itself. I've set the correct address in Melcloud so if it's reading temperature from the internet then it should be roughly correct.
I've read through all the Mitsubishi documentation but I can't find any info on how I should calibrate or correct my outdoor temperate.
Can anyone offer any advice please?
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2023.05.21 05:13 StephTheAssassin BCEMP Testing materials

Does anyone recommend ACCP/ASHP BCEMP review materials or the High Yield BCEMP review?
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2023.05.18 12:56 mclowlow some mockup im working on ... wanted to keep it clean and simple... which one u l ike the best???

some mockup im working on ... wanted to keep it clean and simple... which one u l ike the best??? submitted by mclowlow to AdobeIllustrator [link] [comments]

2023.05.18 04:39 Noe_Bodie Choosing Med Rec Cert from

I am currently a pharmacy Tech thinking of getting the med History cert but when i go to tech prof certs , two show up. One is Med History-Taking & Reconciliation, aimed for pharmacists and pharm students. the other one is just Medication History Taking for techs... Now, im the type that loves to get detailed and im just passing through this field. I am planning to go to med school in the future, and that got me thinking, will the one aimed for Pharmacists/Students(Med hist & rec) be of better use? ive read the learning objectives and seem more interesting to learn. i dont care bout it not being able to apply to my CEs. TIA
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2023.05.12 14:47 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: This? Is CNN? by Nick Turner & Crooked Media

"I'm doing very well, actually." - Dianne Feinstein, back to senator-ing (part time)

Border To Tears

The crisis at the southern border is ramping up due to the expiration of Title 42.
Starting May 13, the number of migrants crossing each day is likely to double from its current average. But there is a plan—maybe.
Humanitarian crises aren't going away and we must figure out a better plan. Where is Brownie when you need him?

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Crooked Coffee’s always-sold-out Cold Brewer is back in stock – just in time for summer. The Cold Brewer is an easy way to make delicious cold brew at home, so you don’t have to leave the house or pay $7 to get your caffeine fix. It’s like having a fancy cafe in your fridge, but you never have to fight anyone for an outlet.
These always sell out, so grab yours today at

Under The Radar

If you’ve felt a certain electricity in the air this week it’s not just radiation poisoning, it's also EUROVISION FEVER! The final round of the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place this Saturday in Liverpool, England. Eurovision is a song competition that started between seven European countries trying to repair ties after war and has since ballooned to 40 countries. Europe loves this competition almost as much as Americans love to ignore it, but the competition hopes to change that starting now. For the second year in a row, the it will be hosted by American figure skater Johnny Weir. And for the first time ever, anyone in the world can vote, not just those from the countries in the competition.
Just as important as the quality of the songs is the often eye-popping and sometimes silly visual aspect. Kitsch and camp are king at Eurovision and performances will likely be filled with vibrant colors, acrobatics, magic, and more. In that respect, Eurovision may finally be in line with America’s tastes, judging by the successes of such ultra-campy U.S. series like America’s Got Talent and RuPaul’s Drag Race (which lost E.P. Tim Palazzola in yesterday’s Paramount bloodbath). Another reason for the heightened interest is the growing global love of last year’s winning country, Ukraine. Each year the host country has been the previous year’s winner—until now. Unable to safely hold the competition, Ukraine has passed hosting duties to last year's runner-up, England. And yes, Americans can watch the finals on Peacock at 3 p.m. ET.

What Else?

CNN fact-checked last night’s Donald Trump’s Town Hall and found that, no, there were no facts in the program that they created and aired. Great job all around.
Natalie Holloway’s likely murderer has been extradited to the U.S. for yet another crime that isn’t the likely murder of Natalie Holloway. It has to do with the money he extorted from Holloway’s mom after her death. Cool dude, apparently.
Embattled Peloton was forced to recall 2.2 million bikes. That’s over 3 billion dollars worth of bikes. Company higher-ups are no doubt praying for another pandemic.
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ruled that former Prime Minister Imran Khan must be released from prison. Since his arrest this week, violent clashes have erupted across the country and hundreds have been injured or killed in protests. Khan blames the U.S. for his ouster. The U.S. disagrees.
Whoa. A police officer has actually admitted to felony assault of a black man. It was part of a plea deal to stay out of prison, but still.
U.S. jobless claims filings are higher now than at any point since 2021, but the job market remains healthy. This is likely due to the jobs available being very, very shitty.
Elon Musk is stepping down as CEO of Twitter and an as-yet-unnamed female replacement will take over in six weeks. I guess Twitter being run by its greatest troll was a bad idea? Let that sink in.
After grappling with what to do with their cache of Yeezy shoes after cutting ties with Kanye West, Adidas has decided to sell them and donate profits—after they cover their own costs of course.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces his toughest challenge as the country holds a momentous election this week in the wake of an earthquake that killed 50,000 in February. Luckily for him, he cheats.
The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has decided to charge Marine veteran Daniel Penny with manslaughter in the second degree after he choked Jordan Neely to death on a subway train.

Be Smarter

We might not be winning the war on illicit drugs, but we’re doing far better keeping legal drugs out of the hands of the people that need them. Drug shortages have hit a five-year high, and the White House has assembled a secret team to combat both the shortages and the increasing number of inferior-quality drugs in the market. Americans are struggling to fill prescriptions across the board, even the most common antibiotics. You can blame larger market forces that are driving generic manufacturers out of business, driving up prices, and exacerbating shortages. According to the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 237 drugs are currently in short supply.
The team is developing tools to keep this from happening in the future. They’d like to be able to better predict potential drug shortages before they start, create a quality-score system for facilities that make generics, and provide more funding for the FDA to increase unannounced inspections. They also aim to crack down on inferior products imported from foreign manufacturers and require them to keep electronic records instead of paper ones, since they have a curious history of being lost or destroyed.

What A Sponsor

Are you looking for a convenient, eco-friendly way to reduce your food waste and help the environment? LOMI is the answer! With its countertop electric-composter, you can turn your food scraps into dirt in under 4 hours with no mess or smell. Reduce your garbage from 3 bags per week to 1 and never worry about remembering to take the garbage out again. With LOMI, you can compost without the hassle and do your part to help the environment.
If you want to start making a positive environmental impact or just make clean-up after dinner that much easier, Lomi is perfect for you.
Head to https://LOMI.COM/WAD and use the promo code WAD to get $50 off your Lomi.

Light At The End Of The Email

Human hair could be used to clean up oil spills. No, they do not want your drain hair. They are sourcing it from hair salons, you sickos.
Antiquated rules against gay and bisexual men donating blood will be relaxed, allowing more men to donate.
A peanut-allergy patch shows promise in trials. Peanut allergies are currently the second most common allergy for children.


trash jones on Twitter: "i love taking dayquil. why feel a little sick when you could feel totally insane"
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2023.05.11 18:50 Diznatch52 Can I get away without a backup heating source?

Hey folks,
I'm doing a new construction of ~4k ft2 in southeast Michigan. It very rarely gets below 0of and pretty much never below -5of. This past year it was 0 for 3-4 nights total and never below that. As it's a brand new construction, you should assume very good sealing.
In the ideal situation, I'd like a setup that involved 2 heat pumps (dual-zone house) and MAYBE a backup resistive option for when it's super duper cold. We're doing a full solar setup, and expect to be able to generate approximately as much power via the panels as we use (albeit not necessarily at the same time due to usage patterns not exactly lining up with generation patterns).
I've been attempting to do research on
  1. Whether I can get away with this
  2. What are the ideal models for this situation
  3. What the COPs for these models look like between 0 and 10 degrees f
I'm mostly hitting a wall, either because I just can't figure out the best way to look for these or because the information isn't readily available.
The HVAC sales guy I've been talking to is pushing lennox, but can't get me any information to answer these questions. I've not been thrilled with him, but the actual installer side of the business is good and the quote is better than the alternatives, so I'm a little stuck. I'm not married to lennox by any means, unless it's actually the best option.
PS: I've looked through old posts on this subreddit, but I'm not quite getting what I'm looking for. There's!/product_list/ but I've seen the accuracy of the numbers called into question (at the very least they often don't match manufacturers listings).
submitted by Diznatch52 to heatpumps [link] [comments]

2023.05.10 17:43 whnh Sanity check on heat pump replacement

I have a 15 year open loop system with a 660' well, hooked up to two split unit ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 3 ton split heat pumps. Located in zone 6 in New England. The house is 60 years old and about 3700 sf of finished living space on two floors.

One of the heat pumps is its last legs with recurring refrigerant leaks and I'm trying to figure out a plan.

So far I have these quotes:
-Replace with a GeoComfort YT36 packaged unit (heat pump+air handler) for $27K before the 30% credit and $6K from my utility
-Replace with a Hydron HYT036 packaged unit (heat pump+air handler) for $30K before the 30% credit and $6K from my utility
-Replace with a ASHP Bosch IDS 2.0 BOVA for $23K before $2K tax credit

Any input on GS vs AS (or gas...I do have natural gas to the house but then I would need to figure out AC as well) would be helpful along with whether these seem reasonable, thoughts on the individual heat pumps, etc. I am shocked by how expensive this stuff is

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