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Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

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Listings of new homes for sale.

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Auburn, Alabama and Auburn University

2023.06.10 16:33 AutoModerator [] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

What You Get: MODULE 1: The Presuppositional Playbook Psychology The most fundamental difference in face to face, vs virtual selling is the absolute need to have the prospect be pushing for the sale. They must be the one driving for the solution. They have to want it more than you do. They have to be more engaged in the process than they are face to face. When you sell virtually the more you talk, the worse your close rates will be. When you are sitting with a prospect together, it’s easy to have the momentum of the meeting and the relationship you’ve developed together carry the sale to the finish line. This does not happen virtually. There is a distance, a void between you and the prospect that is easy for them to take your information and disappear, taking it to another advisor they know better. Presuppositional Selling does two important things. First, it structures the sales interaction in such a way that the prospect discovers intrisically the problems, pains, gains, and desire for a solution. One of the most powerful ways P2 selling works is helping the prospect see what they have not seen before. It changes context. It changes the frame. The Crucial 1st Appointment The first appointment in the leverage point that determines the success or failure of your entire sales process. Do a poor first appointment by talking too much, or ‘spilling your candy in the lobby’ and you’re doomed. Prospects won’t show up on the next call, and they will be lost and gone forever. There is an art and a science to doing the first appointment effectively and you’ll see exactly how to do it right. It starts with our 13 steps first appointment playbook. In this playbook you’ll get:
  • How to steamroll the first 6 common objections you may receive at the beginning of a first appointment.
  • How to create authority in the first 30 seconds of a first appointment, by doing the EXACT opposite of what your prospect expects…and what every other salesperson does.
  • The Credibility Transfer: How to use “borrowed credibility” to get your prospects to trust you—even if they don’t know who you are.
  • The PLI “Power Switch” Principle that flips the power dynamic, so YOU are perceived to have the power (and not the prospect).
  • The One Eyed Man principle that STOPS the prospect from treating you like a salesperson.
  • RAPID SUCCESS IN JUST 20 MINUTES: Learn how to do a first appointment in just 20 minutes over the phone, no technology needed.
  • The Decision Matrix: This is the most critical part of the entire sale…and it’s made right here. (Most producers hit only 1 out of the 4 keys to the decision matrix and it costs them sales constantly.)
  • STOP THE HATERS: How to ensure competitors, incumbents, and other ‘characters’ don’t blow up your sales with bad advice to your clients. (PLEASE, if you do nothing else, learn this critical component to stop losing deals needlessly!)
  • The “golden thread of motivation”: This is the thread that holds the entire sale together. When a prospect forgets why they called, why they are meeting with you, or why they are buying, you will fail in closing the sale.
  • The “Fried Chicken Rule”that ensures your prospect is engaged and selling themselves, not tuning out.
  • How to set ROCK SOLID second appointments to ensure you never get a ‘no show’ on your next appointment.
  • The SOLUTION step: How to ensure you are sharing just enough to whet their appetite and create burning curiosity for the next appointment to get them coming back for more, (while being 100% compliant!)
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2023.06.10 16:32 barryryte What to do with these.

What to do with these.
Maybe a year back (ish) I grabbed 13 grishnakh and 12 ptings for $1 e/a. They have been sitting and taking space in my basement as I collector neither LotR or doctor who. Would like to just get rid of the lot in one lump “sale”. But no one really wants so many of these, and they are just commons. Any advice what to do outside of selling em 1 at a time.
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2023.06.10 16:32 AutoModerator [] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
What You Get:
Automated Intimacy v3.0 – 5 Core Modules 6 Weeks of Access to the Private A/I Mastermind on Circle Extra Team License (for a business partner VA, OBM, marketer, etc.) Bonus: AI Alpha Launch Workshop. Bonus: Private Podcast Playbook & Fireside Chat w/ Chris Evans Bonus: Engineering The Enrollment Suite MODULE 1
The A.I. Revolution (aka Coaching The Conversion Reloaded)
In Module 1, you’ll be initiated into a revolutionary new way of thinking. You’ll move from a mindset of “closing clients” with blunt force tactics; to confidently leading and coaching their transformation between Point A and Point Buyer.
With this initial understanding; you’ll see how automation, behavioral triggers, and advanced segmentation allow you to identify and capitalize on the key moments of heightened receptivity where your prospects are most “coachable” towards the next conversion.
Become initiated into the most updated version of the “Coaching The Conversion” messaging framework that’s been behind over 50M+ of course revenue for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman and Copyhackers. Learn the art and science behind Direct Response 2.0; and how to engineer profitable “conversion contexts” that exponentially increase your prospect’s ability to say “yes” Upgrade your messaging and channel strategy using The P.A.I.D. framework to know how and when to move a prospect from an automated sequence to a one-on-one chat How to use Advanced Touchpoint Theory™ to accelerate trust building and drastically shorten buying cycles Newtonian Marketing Vs. Quantum Marketing; and how the common sales funnel fails to measure up to the reality of how most prospects make empowered decisions MODULE 2
Empire Engineering
Most online businesses are built to win a single battle at a time; but ill-equipped to dominate an industry, let alone scale an empire.
In Module 2, we’ll walk you step-buy-step on how to engineer the tech side of your business for sustainable, exponential growth.
If you’re self-aware and energetically sensitive, you know that intentionality is everything. Unless you’ve built a powerful system that can sustain and match your vision; you’re not likely to get there.
Whether you’re in Stage 1 of building your empire; or ready to scale the sh*t out of it; we’ll walk you through the exact CRM systems you need to confidently double down on your marketing and enrollment efforts; knowing that every prospect that enters your ecosystem is well accounted for and given the best chance to convert.
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about implementing an intelligent, growth-minded CRM that your current business coach was too afraid to show you. How to create a pro-level pipeline that gives you “real time” insight as to where every lead is in your enrollment process; allowing you to forecast revenue, identify opportunities; and finally feel like a real business. Why “lead-scoring” isn’t just for enterprise-level companies, but a must for reaching out to potential customers in the moment they’re most ready to receive it. Why configuring your sales and enrollment systems the way we show you; will give you crystal clarity over every lead in your business; allowing you to make smarter, more data-informed decisions rather than feeling lost, overwhelmed, and acting on impulse. MODULE 3
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 1): The Enchanting First Encounter
Back in 2009, subscribing to an email list meant something.
In 2023. urm. a bit less so.
In many cases, it’s a response to FOMO (of closing a landing page and not getting a lead magnet). The end result; prospects are more oversubscribed and under-committed than ever.
That’s why, In Module 3, you’ll be given two powerful playbooks for creating an enchanting first encounter that instantly sets you above any other coach or course creator they may be following or considering along with you.
2 next generation “top funnel” conversion playbooks for accelerating trust, encouraging engagement, and amplifying resonance. The simple, 45 second protocol to do immediately when a new subscriber signs up that has been proven to boost opens, clicks and conversions by up to 300% How to seamlessly integrate your fb group with your email CRM to create a holistic view of EVERY potential customer in your business Why your traditional “welcome sequence” is dead, and doing little-to-nothing to ascend your lead; and what to do instead to accelerate the transformation from Point A to Point Buyer Why normal “engagement posts” do nothing but satisfy the algorithm; and how to create “ROI-Rich engagement experiences” that help you segment your list while synching valuable voice-of-customer data into your CRM. How to use Social Singularity™ to create a seamless experience between your facebook group and your email list. MODULE 4
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 2): The Ascension Amplifier
The second Automated Conversion Ecosystem you’ll be working through overlaps with what’s traditionally referred to as “the middle of the funnel”.
A murky, purgatory state that’s often the longest, most confusing, and challenging to do effectively.
Many coaches and course creators have a bulk of their email list who will sit in this “in-between” state for 2, 3 or even 5 years before either becoming a customer or unsubscribing from the list.
With the strategies and playbooks you’ll implement in Module 4, you’ll help “pre-customers” cross that chasm much faster; and come to clearer, more confident, and more empowering decisions about you and your program.
Conversion Playbook #3 – Social Singularity Pt. 2 (Channels: Fb Group, Email, DM) Conversion Playbook #4 – Webinar Registration Rev Up (Channels; Webinar, Email) Conversion Playbook #5 – The Lead-Score Lift Up (Email, DM)
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2023.06.10 16:31 lasocs On This Date, June 10th: Movies at State and Pantages Theaters, Medical Arts Block, 'The Radio Home' & Crosswords for Cash

On This Date, June 10th: Movies at State and Pantages Theaters, Medical Arts Block, 'The Radio Home' & Crosswords for Cash submitted by lasocs to Minnesota_Archived [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:31 fast_layne Still manages to be mad at me when I had to cancel plans because he couldn’t wake up on time

I just can’t with my coparent. We have been separated for around 2 months and during that time all he ever does is complain about how little he gets to see our daughter but whenever he has the opportunity to see her he shirks it off.
Yesterday my aunt reached out to me wanting to go to a few estate sales. My kitchen table is very old, I got it for free on marketplace and it is…not great lol. Now that the baby is walking it’s become a problem. Someone built it themselves, and while it looks great up top, underneath there is quite a bit of unfinished wood. Baby crawls under and tries to stand up and has scraped her head quite a few times and even got a sliver once. It was also very clearly owned by a family with kids because I recently discovered there are a bunch of stickers under there, I’ve tried to scrape them off but baby keeps finding bits of stickers and tries to eat them. Basically I need a new table badly lol, so I was excited about going out to look for one. In general I love estate sales and thrift shopping, and I haven’t really gone out or done anything since I had my baby, and she is almost a year old, so I was looking forward to having time to myself.
Yesterday morning I reached out to her dad and asked if he would come over to watch her after she goes down for her first nap and I would be home in time to put her down for her second nap (I had to do it this way because he has never once put her down for a nap and doesn’t know how, but that’s a whole other can of worms). He was very excited and agreed. Last night at 10pm I reached out to confirm the plans but he didn’t answer. No big deal, he’s probably asleep. This morning I sent three more texts, no response. Around the time he would have to leave to get here on time I called him twice, still no response. So I called my aunt and told her I was sorry but I had to cancel, something came up. He finally calls me an hour into her hour and a half nap and asks what time he should come over. What??? Are you serious?
He got SO upset when I told him I had cancelled my plans and went off about how he wasn’t going to get to see her “yet again”. I told him he was more than welcome to come see her, he could come take her to the park or watch her while I go grocery shopping or something. But no, apparently I ruined everything by cancelling my plans 🙄 he can’t possibly come see her now. I don’t think he even wanted to see her honestly, this was just an excuse for him to stay home and play video games and smoke weed all day instead. He’s saying I didn’t tell him what time to come over because I didn’t text him an exact time, but I tried to confirm the plans and never heard back, and she has been on a two nap schedule going down for her first nap at the same time everyday since JANUARY. How do you not know what time your child goes down for a nap after five months and then that’s my fault?
I just really don’t get how I cancelled my plans because he couldn’t seem to wake up until 10:30 or respond to any communication when he knew he was supposed to be watching his daughter, and HE’S the one who has been slighted and is upset. I will never understand this man I stg
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2023.06.10 16:31 austink0109 What to do if baby allergic?

Hey guys, so me and my partner have just had a baby (woohoo!!) and they are both currently still in hospital but due home tomorrow or the next day. We have 3 cats, and I’m just wondering what to do if the baby is allergic? Are there any ways to stop babys allergies if there are any? Thanks in advance for any help
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2023.06.10 16:31 Nelisamerit 46 [F4M] Looking for a genuine connection

I'm in need of a younger man to have a real and genuine connection with. I'm aa 46 year old woman who lives alone and work from home. I like watching sport, listening to music, dancing (got some good steps lol) and I'm very fun to be with. I need someone who's younger, ready for something real/genuine, interesting to talk to and must be from the States. Hopefully, I'll get what I'm looking for.
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2023.06.10 16:31 oreoNoobxd why he's dropping? isn't he getting UTOTS?

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2023.06.10 16:30 AverageBurntOutHuman Help i need advice [M16]

For better understanding of my position rn: I have a huge fear of loss I have severe depression and was in psychatry and I’ve been seeing a Psychotherapist for the last months.
I M16 was on a sailing trip this week and i met w15. Long story short we fell in love with each other, the last two days we had a lot of active body contact, we didn‘t talk about our feelings yet but I‘m sure we really like each other. She is overwhelmed of her feelings because this is happening to her the first time and I told her that we can talk about anything because I really care about her. I only know her for a week and I already care about her as much as for my friends that I know since years. The last thing she wrote before she turned on flight mode because she was boarding her flight back to home is that she doesn‘t want a relationship right now.
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2023.06.10 16:30 NorfolkAntony The Way This Company Treats Anniversaries

I'm not sorry when I say that the way Home Depot treats major milestone anniversaries is a stupid joke.
Oh, here's a patch for your apron that we're gonna force you to wear when corporate comes in to the building, not because we want to celebrate how long you've worked here. Yeah, I know from experience how pathetic it is. You know what other companies give?
They give you lifetime discounts. They give you paid sabbatical. Some even give you like a a glass logo, certificate from the President, something. Home Depot? Here's a bag of candy. (Another Tik Tok video making the rounds.)
I was going to be there for 10 years, and they weren't going to do a cake or anything. And if any corporate pissboys are reading this, go toot your own horns some more about how much you love this company and your associates. You could do so much for those with tenure, but nah. That requires effort. I got better gifts for getting double platinum Homer awards than people get for giving their life to you punks.
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2023.06.10 16:30 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Patrick Bet-David – All Access Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Patrick Bet-David – All Access Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️ Patrick Bet-David – All Access Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here


All Access Bundle


  • Understanding the 4 entrepreneurial personality types
  • Learn the weaknesses of each personality & maximize their strengths
  • Determine what matters most to each personality & what motivates them to succeed

Advanced Business Strategy

  • A 200+ page digital manual
  • 10 Hours of business strategic content
  • Personal Identity Audit Video
  • Custom questions throughout the course
  • A Certificate of completion
What you’ll gain from the course
  • The ability to master knowing yourself
  • Learning to master the ability of reason
  • Understanding how to master building the right team
  • Mastering the strategy to scale
  • Learning to master power plays
2021 Business Planning Workshop
  • 7 hours of content
  • 100 Page Digital Workbook PDF
  • Unlock the 12 building blocks to crafting a business plan that will last
The 2022 and 2021 Sales Leadership Summit
  • Drive Your Sales Team
  • Hold Team Accountable
  • Retain Valuable Teammates
  • Reach Revenue Goals
  • Create an Effective Compensation Plan
  • Build a Competitive Environment
  • Develop a Strong Company Culture

The 2022 and 2021 Vault Replay

  • The Vault 2022 Recording


  • Identify your style of selling
  • Know your sales personality
  • Importance of knowing your industry
  • Understanding your sales flow
  • Learn how to implement tracking systems
  • Patrick Bet-David’s personal closes


  • Understanding what public speaking is
  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Understanding the different styles of speakers
  • Learning how to match your speaking style to your personality
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2023.06.10 16:30 QwertyupR Peatar Griffort III

With a little help from chatgpt my friend and I wrote a adventure for all to enjoy, we hope you like it!
CHAPTER ONE: Meet Peatar Griffort III
Peatar Griffort III was a man like no other. With his leather jacket, tattoos, and spiked hair, he looked like a cross between a biker and a superhero. But appearances can be deceiving, and Peatar was far from a conventional hero. He had a complex moral code that was often at odds with what was right and what was easy. In a world ravaged by war and suffering, Peatar was a man with a mission, a vigilante who took the law into his own hands.Peatar was a force of nature, a man with a magnetic presence that drew people to him. He was confident, charismatic, and always in control, even when the situation was dire. He had a sharp wit and a wicked sense of humor, and he never hesitated to speak his mind, no matter the consequences. But beneath all the cool exterior, Peatar was a man with a troubled past and a deep-seated sense of guilt. He was always searching for redemption, trying to make up for the mistakes of his past.Peatar was jacked, with muscles that rippled with every movement. He was quick and nimble, and he had a deadly aim with a gun. He was a man of action, not words, and he was always ready for a fight. But he was also a man of contradictions, with a heart that was bigger than his brawn. He was a man who had seen too much and lost too much, and he was searching for a reason to keep going.This was Peatar Griffort III, a man like no other, a hero in his own mind, and a flawed and complicated human being. But as the world crumbled around him, Peatar was about to embark on a journey that would change him forever, a journey that would test his resolve, challenge his beliefs, and show him what it truly meant to be a hero.
CHAPTER TWO: The Beginning of the Journey

Peatar Griffort III was a man who had seen too much, and he was done with the constant lapses in judgement that plagued his village. After being exiled for stealing medicine for someone in need, Peatar felt a sense of anger and frustration boil within him. He knew that he had made the right decision, but the village saw it as a crime, and he was cast out into the wilderness with nothing but his wits and his trusty purple Dora backpack.With his supplies of food and water, Peatar set out on a journey to find a new home, a place where he could start over and leave his past behind. The journey was long and treacherous, and Peatar encountered many of the dangers that plagued the wasteland, from mutated creatures to treacherous terrain.One day, as Peatar was walking through the wasteland, he stumbled upon a pack of dog-like creatures, fierce and hungry. Peatar, thinking he could take them on, drew his gun and prepared for a fight. But he quickly realized that he was outnumbered and outmatched, and he was soon overpowered by the creatures.As Peatar lay there, badly injured and with his right arm dislocated and torn up, he thought that this was the end. But then, as the creatures closed in, he spotted smoke rising in the distance, a sign of a campfire and possibly salvation. With the last of his strength, Peatar ran towards the smoke, leaving the creatures behind and the supplies they were eating.
Peatar stumbled into the campsite, his injured arm hanging limply at his side. As he approached the fire, he saw a woman sitting there, staring intently at the flames. She had a wooden leg, and her eyes bulged out of her head like those of a Chihuahua. Peatar was taken aback by her appearance and was about to turn around and leave when she spoke."You're hurt," Lois said, noticing Peatar's injured arm."Yeah, I had a run-in with a dog-like creature, its whatever. i killed them all though. With my sweet big gun pistol" Peatar replied, trying to hide his discomfort."Well, let me have a look," Lois said, getting up from her spot by the fire. "I'm a medic, you know."Peatar reluctantly allowed Lois to examine his arm, and she quickly went to work fixing it. As she worked, Peatar couldn't help but admire her kind personality, despite her unusual appearance."Thanks, bitch" Peatar said, when Lois had finished."No problem," Lois replied with a grin. "What's your name?""Peatar Griffort III, Is the name dont wear it out... whore" Peatar answered."Nice to meet you, Peatar," Lois said, offering her hand. "I'm Lois Shamonis."Peatar shook her hand, still feeling a little uncomfortable. But as they talked and got to know each other better, he found himself growing more and more fond of her quirky personality. He knew he was starting to develop feelings for her, despite her unusual appearance, and he was already dreading the moment he would have to leave her. as the night draw closer to an end peatar finds himself lying in his bedroll, staring at the stars and wondering if he would ever be able to truly love Lois for who she was, flaws and all. And if she would be able to find her way past the hard shell of a personality he build.
This is all we got but if any of you guys like it then we could probably add more chapters.
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2023.06.10 16:30 AutoModerator [] ✔️Jon Benson – ChatVSL Workshop (Create and even sell high-converting VSL’s using only ChatGPT) ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Jon Benson – ChatVSL Workshop (Create and even sell high-converting VSL’s using only ChatGPT) ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Jon Benson – ChatVSL Workshop (Create and even sell high-converting VSL’s using only ChatGPT) ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

Jon Benson – ChatVSL (Create and even sell high-converting VSL’s using only ChatGPT)

Step into the world of high-converting video sales letters (VSLs) with Jon Benson’s groundbreaking course, ChatVSL Workshop. This innovative program teaches you how to create and even sell persuasive VSLs using the power of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI language model.
With a comprehensive curriculum designed to optimize your success, you’ll master the art of crafting compelling VSLs that effectively convert leads into customers.
In the ChatVSL course, you will gain access to invaluable resources and strategies, including:
Creating The Buyer’s Roadmap (LIVE Training Friday + Recorded) – Learn how to develop a strategic roadmap that guides your prospects through the buying process, maximizing conversion rates and driving sales.
Creating The Must-See Pattern Interrupt: Discover the secrets of capturing your audience’s attention by breaking through the noise and standing out from the competition.
Creating “Benefit Block” Leads – Explore the art of crafting compelling leads that showcase the unique benefits of your product or service, making it irresistible to potential customers.
Creating The Big Problem: Understand how to identify and present the significant challenges your prospects face, positioning your offering as the perfect solution.
Creating “Positive Hooks” As Unique Mechanisms For The Solution – Develop engaging and persuasive hooks that draw your audience in and keep them hooked on your message.
Creating A “Must-Swipe-My-Card” Perfect Pitch Offer Entirely In ChatGPT – Master the art of designing a pitch that speaks directly to your target audience, using ChatGPT to craft an offer they can’t refuse.
As a bonus, you’ll also receive over $2,479 in mystery bonuses, providing you with additional tools and resources to further enhance your skills and grow your business.
The ChatVSL course is designed to help you leverage the power of AI and cutting-edge marketing strategies to create compelling VSLs that drive results.
You’ll develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s competitive market through expert guidance and hands-on training.
Harness the full potential of ChatGPT and unlock new opportunities for growth and success with Jon Benson’s ChatVSL Workshop course.
Whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting your journey, this comprehensive program will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the world of high-converting VSLs.
Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy and achieve remarkable results with ChatVSL Workshop.
Enrol today and take the first step towards a more prosperous future!
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2023.06.10 16:30 Wonderful-Cow-7489 Interviews start next week!

🔥 Ready to earn BIG? 💰 Join our elite sales team and enjoy the benefits of TOP payouts. With hourly rates AND competitive compensation, you can take control of your earning potential. Whether you thrive in retail, street team promotions, sales, or B2B, we have the tools for you to shine. ☀️ Don't miss out on this chance to skyrocket your income! 🚀 Why wait?💰 #EarnBig #Eliite #JoinUs #SalesSuccess
Lots of options from table top at local stores, door to door and B2B! Lots of campaigns including Frontier and Xfinity, etc. DM or text me at 941-565-1185
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2023.06.10 16:30 Current-Quantity-902 Any hair dressers who work from home?

I’m 24F looking for an at-home salon to have my hair done. I’m in Byward but I could go to centretown and vanier but sadly not much further than that :( I’m looking to go from dark brown to blonde balayage + a curtain bangs cut. (Not looking for students I’m sorry 😞 graduates no problem!)
Definitely looking for an appointment today but whatever works for you!!
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2023.06.10 16:30 vivaelteclado [WTS] Garcia Backpacker's Cache Bear Canister

Garcia Backpacker's Cache Bear Canister, 10L, 43.8 oz/1240 g. $30+shipping. Condition is most certainly used but also still fully functional. Includes FREE NICKEL to open the lid!
So this is an oldie but goodie. At one time, I think this was the backpacker's choice for bear canisters, but times have changed. I got this at a REI Garage sale over a decade ago and barely used it since I moved back east. It's still a decently lightweight can for 10L of capacity, but it really can't beat the BV series in terms of capacity to weight ratio. Not sure what a good price for this is, just want to move it quickly for somebody that needs a decent bear can. Have to ask for shipping because it will be over 3 lbs. to ship. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.06.10 16:30 rissaroo28 Book 4: Chapters 36 and 37

Welcome back Middlemarchers! We hit some rather long chapters this week, so I apologize if I omitted any details—plenty of room for discussion. And I’m fascinated to hear what you all think about the direction the book is taking.
Chapter 36
After the bombshell that is Featherstone's will, Mr. Vincy starts frantically worrying about his children’s future status in society and financial stability. He first targets Fred, for whom he has scant sympathy. He advises Fred to return to college and complete his education, but it remains unclear in this chapter whether Fred will follow this advice.
With the anticipated wealth and land no longer coming his way, Mr. Vincy starts to question the engagement between Lydgate and his daughter, Rosamond. He instructs his wife to persuade Rosamond to break off the engagement. Rosamond, however, remains steadfast and uses subtle manipulation to convince her father to not call off the engagement publicly. Lydgate, a man of higher social standing but modest financial means, remains largely unaware of the family's monetary difficulties until Rosamond mentions her father's altered stance to him. Fearing that Mr. Vincy might dissolve the engagement against their wishes, the chapter concludes with the couple deciding to fast-track their wedding date.
Chapter 37
This chapter unfolds with an analysis of the ongoing political environment at both local and national levels: the demise of George the Fourth has left the government transforming. The local political newspapers are similarly experiencing a shift. One such paper, The Pioneer, has recently put forth an article claiming it's an opportune time for competent men to play more significant roles in politics. The chapter kicks off with two peripheral characters, Mr. Hawley and Mr. Hackbutt, theorizing that the article points towards Mr. Brooke, fueled by rumors of his recent acquisition of the paper. As it transpires, the rumors are accurate.
Ladislaw continues his stay with Mr. Brooke and it is revealed that Brooke has proposed a job at the paper to Ladislaw. Ladislaw is giving the offer serious thought. Concurrently, Mr. Casaubon is expressing hostility towards Ladislaw's presence in the vicinity, something everyone but Mr. Brooke appears to be cognizant of. Ladislaw has been circumventing Casaubon, yet he also yearns to meet Dorothea. One day, he starts sketching near Casaubon’s residence, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Dorothea on her daily stroll. However, rain forces him to take refuge in the house, which, fortunately, Casaubon has vacated for the day.
Dorothea is thrilled at the prospect of conversing with Ladislaw since Casaubon appears uninterested in her opinions. They discuss various topics, mostly revolving around the shared family history of Casaubon and Ladislaw. Ladislaw brings up the job offer and Dorothea advises him to seek Casaubon's viewpoint.
Later, an irked Casaubon returns home and upon learning of Ladislaw’s visit, voices his displeasure about Mr. Brooke offering Ladislaw a job. He pens a letter to Ladislaw the following day, advising him to decline the job offer and relocate.
Having gleaned more about their family history, Dorothea ponders over the ethical correctness of Ladislaw’s reliance on Casaubon. She is a woman deeply ingrained in the conventions of her era, specifically primogeniture. Nevertheless, the Casaubon/Ladislaw situation lacks the clarity she desires, as both men are descendants of two sisters, neither of whom should have had sole claim to the family wealth. The narrative suggests that Ladislaw’s father was older than Casaubon, hence, he should have been the rightful heir as the firstborn male in the lineage. Dorothea, aware of Casaubon’s will favoring her, wishes to restore some justice for Ladislaw. One night, she voices her desire to Casaubon; she wants him to assign a living allowance to Ladislaw, owing to his moral and potential legal rights. She also proposes that Casaubon amend his will, reallocating a larger part of her inheritance upon Casaubon’s demise to Ladislaw.
Casaubon shrugs off her proposal and prohibits her from ever broaching the subject again. The chapter closes on an ominous note, with Casaubon resolved to thwart Ladislaw’s decision to stay in the area and accept the job, by any means necessary.
Context & notes
Chapter 36:
Chapter 37:
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2023.06.10 16:30 cjrl2 I don't want to get on with mil

Alot of advice is to try and get on, its your husbands mum etc. But I am DONE. I don't want to get on with her, I don't want her around my children.
14 years of bitchy comments and silent treatment and a son who thinks she does nothing wrong and that she's joking or that she is not thinking about what she is saying.
I just got attitude from her after I said hello when she came into my home. Because she asked to meet this week to see the baby and I pretended to be busy. I lied because last time I saw her she asked me how I'd feel if I was pregnant and had to give birth to a dead baby.. knowing Full well a few years ago I had a late miscarriage and had to give birth to a dead baby. Husband said she must have forgotten and I can't expect my problems or things that have happened to me to be at the front of other people's minds.
I don't want to be nice or welcoming or meet her for lunch. Has anyone else ever not wanted to 'sort it out?
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2023.06.10 16:29 CowSightings Has anyone quit gaming from this community?

Hello everyone, I feel like I am at a crossroads in life and I'm not sure whether to cut and run from gaming or try and reduce my time some other way. I feel like yall are the folks who'd best know as I think many of you also play games, but in different ways than the typical gamer. I'm hoping someone relates to this too.

A little background - I've had video games as my interest since I was 5 years old, and I'm 35 years old now. I've recently moved into my first house with my spouse in my home state but it's their first time away from home, we're now in a rural location with a lot of outdoor space and opportunity. Most days I work remotely for 8 hours, one of us cooks and we watch a show/movie, and I'm usually gaming most of the rest of the time on a weekday. Weekends are social days and sometimes I'm able to get things done outside and around the house.

I work in tech so I can't completely cut technology out of my life, but I can delete my games and remove that impetuous. Trouble is I've tried it before and it never works, I'm mentally so tired after work and I can get very restless without a game to do. I've found I actually have anxiety that can be soothed by having a game going on my computer, but doing something else that isn't gaming. It's rather sad to admit it but having games thrust on me young along with a difficult upbringing have made them unusually behaviorally addictive for me.

I'm thinking about this now because it just seems like it's time. I have a lot to do around the house/outside and a lot of it I just never get around to doing. Gaming helped me to survive the many years I wasn't self sufficient but now it's like an anchor I can't pull away from.
Has anyone has luck reducing or cutting out dopamine drips like this? What kinds of strategies work for people like us? Have you ever replaced what seems like your 'default behavior'?
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2023.06.10 16:29 huuugggttfdf I ate pasta and i am oddly proud

I am not a heavy restricter and I'm not all that scared of carbs. But i do prefer packaged and proportioned food, diet food, and can rarely be bothered to cook for myself anymore or eat leftovers, partly because it lacks novelty, partly cuz of food poisoning anxiety, partly because I'm always buying something instead of eating what's at home (a fun feature of advanced ednos), partly because i eat so impulsively that planning and putting together a meal just doesn't...happen. But i did it. I acknowledged my hunger, saw all the ingredients and I made a bowl of pasta, i didn't skimp on anything, didn't worry if it was too much or too little, and i just enjoyed it. Also i ate it with a spoon which felt spontaneous of me
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