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2020.04.14 08:47 deadface008 ZoomBackrounds

Share anime/cartoon/pop-culture backgrounds for video conferences.

2017.03.23 20:54 Real_sg4bomb Custom and Professionally made Smite Backgrounds

Custom and professionally made Smite backgrounds for phone and computer.

2012.01.23 18:59 EeeKitties Technology-based Sci-Fi and Fantasy pictorial art

Technology-based Sci-fi and Fantasy **pictorial art** featuring robots, cyborgs, mechanisms, vehicles, spaceships, futuristic cars or other transport other tags: science fiction, scifi, future, science-fiction, sci-fi

2023.06.10 15:42 BrightAsFuck Does anyone else work for Scale AI? Need help!

Hi guys,
I'm new to this sub but have been working on Upwork as a translator for over a year.
I recently started working as an AI trainer for Scale AI, but I'm having some issues...
For instance, they require 20+ hours per week, but there's not enough work! They make you work on remotasks, and you can do a maximum of 5 tasks per day (45 min max per task if you string it out A LOT, sometimes it could take less than 20 minutes). Sometimes they make you work on DataCompute, but at some point, tasks end, and you can't work anymore.
I asked them about this, but I can't reach them either on Upwork or Slack. I have been trying to do 20 hours any way I can because that's the only thing they asked, but it's stressing me because I know I could take less time to finish tasks, but I wouldn't do the minimum hours required.
What should I do? Does somebody else have the same issue?
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2023.06.10 15:41 Counter-Federal If this gets 30 upvotes I am going to send my crush a poem about her

For context, we both go to the same uni and when I finally started getting to know her war broke out in the country (Sudan) I probably won't see her again, and I aint got much of a chance since I don't have any "rizz" through social media. But anyway I wrote this short poem that encapsulates my feelings for her
more context: I study computer science, she studies medicine, and she draws, sings, playful and beautiful, anyways
A student's heart, in silence, did yearn,
For Reem, whose essence we eagerly discern.
With pen in hand, he strove for heights,
Lost in codes and algorithmic lights,
Yet amid the pursuit of bytes and lines,
Love's song remained untold, confined.
Through sketches bold, her talent thrived,
A mastery of art that kept hearts alive,
Medicine's embrace, her intellect deep,
A vape's allure, secrets in clouds, seep.
In the corridors of our university fair,
He watched her from afar, longing to share,
But time slipped through his fingers, fleet,
As war's harsh echoes sealed their fate, complete.
In solitude, he toiled, honing his craft,
Building bridges through ones and zeros, daft,
His yearning heart, now finding voice,
In this poem sent, a choice, no other choice.
Reem, dear muse, in pixels we meet,
An Instagram note, your heart to greet,
Unseen, unfollowed, a secret admirer's plight,
To stir emotions, to make your heart take flight.
May these words, like whispers in the night,
Ignite a flame, a love's exquisite delight,
For in this virtual realm, distance fades away,
And love, defying war's grip, shall sway.
Wrote it in 4 days and kept editing it for like a month
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2023.06.10 15:41 AutoModerator [] ✔️Kristina Azarenko – Tech SEO Pro ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Kristina Azarenko – Tech SEO Pro ✔️ Full Course Download
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I became so tired of seeing that many people say that a tech SEO must be a developer too. This is BS.
That’s why I created the Tech SEO course – to help YOU become an advanced SEO even if you don’t have coding experience or developer background. It will help you navigate the common pitfalls and challenges so that you can stay focused on what matters most: helping your clients or your website succeed!
Tech SEO Pro isn’t just a course.
It’s a learning experience designed to take you by the hand and teach you the principles and strategies needed to become an advanced technical SEO professional.
  • Easy-to-follow lessons
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Tech SEO Pro Course will help you become confident in your technical SEO knowledge and find the best solution in every situation.
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→ No more guesswork in prioritizing the issues
In addition to proven technical SEO strategies, you will learn how to THINK as a technical SEO. So you’ll KNOW how to approach any technical SEO issue you’ll face.
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2023.06.10 15:41 fishyhighfly Help to process a startup situation

Hi all,
Would love to get some perspective on a startup problem that i ran into.
- i started a startup couple of years ago with an angel investor who invested the first $50k for 20% into the startup when i was just a uni freshman with only a prototype and couple of hundreds in revenue.
- this 1st startup didn't work out, but i pivoted to another idea and wanted to start a new company for it.
- Because angel investor A invested in my 1st startup Out of gratitude, i decided to give him the same shares percentage for this 2nd company without any capital injection while he also helped to raised a 100k for this new idea from another investor. He got a commission for the raise.
- Startup 2 didn't work out either. All these while, i also paid this investor an "advisory fee" monthly out of gratitude despite him not doing much throughout the whole process.
- after the 2nd startup also failed. Out of goodwill, i paid back all the investors their principal back out of my own pocket. For this 1st investor who has supported me from the start, i also forked out an additional $20k to compensate him for his time.
- all in all, while the startup didn't make much money, this investor is estimated to have a return of 2x over 7 years of his principal.
- when i want to shut down the 2nd startup, and start my 3rd idea. I realized that he is a bad fit, and doesn't have the skills or knowledge to properly advise a startup after growing myself further over the years. I decided to not let him join the 3rd startup.
- The 3rd startup is very promising and we became profitable in just 4 months.
- He then went on to his network, and mutual networks of mine, and lament that i am an ungrateful asshole who forgot how much he has helped me from the start, and all the energy that he has spent to "groom" me into who i am today, and just when i am becoming successful, i have "ditched" him, harming my reputation in the business community when he himself agreed and signed all the paperworks.
I just want to ask, is this normal? did i do something wrong? How can i best approach this problem when there is a man running around defaming my reputation as an ungrateful bastard.
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2023.06.10 15:40 Sloomp AW2723DF Weird color issue

I just purchased an Alienware AW2723DF and it seems to be working okay for the most part, but the colors seem off.
Specifically I have noticed that certain letters are different colors than others and this seems to change depending upon the color of the background.
On a dark background such as this sub-reddit, letters will be warm colors like orange. On white backgrounds such as Windows settings tabs, entire words will be blue while others will be black.
I'm not sure how it will look when viewed on another display, but I have provided two images here just in case it does show the issue on any display.
Sub-Reddit On this page some letters appear orange and others appear light blue.
Windows On this window, entire words will appear blue, while others will be black as normal.
Any idea what could be causing this?
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2023.06.10 15:40 Platypus720 AITA because i dont want my mother to sleep in the living room?

So i(f/18) still live at home with my sisters and my mother (f/42).
For a few months my mother decided that the living room is hers now. She is sleeping and eating in it. And because she has no job, she is there 24/7. Its especially annoying because she is always awake at night and sleeps for the whole day and none of us are allowed to be "loud". Even normal talking is often too much and we schould leave if we cant "respect her". Also you are never alone in the living room.
The television is in the living room, the computer (i need for school), we eat in the living room or sometimes i just want to socialise with my sisters and i dont think thats too much to ask for.
I asked her many times why she is doing it because she got her own room. Even with her own bathroom and its much bigger. She refused to even answer me for months but yesterday she did and i got "i like it here, end of disscussion".
Im done with it and i dont hide it anymorw. Im on purpose loud now and dont have any considartion for her anymore. I use the living room like how its supposed to be used and my mother is now really mad at me.
For people saying that i can just move out, im right now the process. My mother kinda guilt trips me into not doing it but i want to. And even if not, in my country my mother is legally required to let me live with her till i finished school (2 years).
Aita? I get she pays rent but that schouldnt give her a free pass to do anything.
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2023.06.10 15:39 ExplanationChance694 2nd bout of Rhabdo (long)

Here is the story about my SECOND time ending up in the hospital with Rhabdomyolysis. The first time was very similar circumstances.
***Enjoy the novel (or not) but I’m bored on day 7 in the hospital. ***
I’ve been a recreational athlete all my life. There has been very few times I’ve taken breaks from fitness and training. I consider myself mostly a runner these days (40-50 miles per week in season), but my background over the last 20 years spans over many sports including: contact kickboxing, boxing, ultramarathons & marathons, Brazilian Jiujitsu and CrossFit. I am no stranger to intensity nor volume, however, training throughout the year does ebb & flow in focus. Spring and summer is run focused, winter and fall is strength focused with running in the background.
To give an idea of my fitness: I’m a 40 year old female, 5’4, 118lbs, 16-17% Body fat (InBody scan) and in the context of Murph, my best time was 38:00 Rx a couple years ago. Last year, 42:00 Rx (*running injury had me milking the run).
I do not crossfit on a regular basis anymore. In fact, Murph is the one Crossfit workout I look forward to every year because it’s fun, social and it’s a fun way to gauge my fitness. I’ve done Murph over a dozen times. In the last few years I did Murph 3 weeks in a row w/out any issues. This year, I miscalculated and ended up in the hospital.
Also important to note: typically, in April every year, I begin training for Murph. I’ll start building volume in push ups and pull ups via rounds of CINDY into my workouts every week until Memorial Day Murph. This year, I only did 1 prep session, 3 weeks before memorial day; a scaled Murph: 1 Mile run, 10 rounds of CINDY (vs a full 20 rounds), 1 Mile run, no 14# vest. I finish the workout in 24 minutes and felt good with a little bit of DOMS that lasted a couple days. I fell off this routine and did ZERO push ups or pull ups from that day on until MURPH. Oh how I regret this.
Here’s how it all went down:
5/28 I go for a 2 hour run in warmer than usual weather. Post run, I was covered in salt residue. I was dehydrated. Later that day, I got busy and forgot to properly hydrate aka drink some electrolytes with my water.
5/29 MURPH day! Feeling ok but also knowing I’m de conditioned with pull ups and push ups (Red Flag #1), I opted to skip the 14# vest. Murph is, for time: 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run (Red Flag #2 high repetition, body weight movements with eccentric contractions). I felt strong on the runs, decent on pull ups but Murph got hard faster than usual. My push-ups dropped to sets of 4-5, then sets of 3, then 1 at a time, which brings me to red flag #3: pushing through muscle failure.
Immediately after, my arms swelled. Later that day, my arms began to stiffen. I could not bend my arms and it only got worse from there. I hoped for DOMS which I know would get better in a few days. That didn’t happen.
With rhabdo, intense physical exertion causes so much skeletal muscle damage that your muscles cells die en mass; they break open and sluff off into your circulatory system, where your kidneys have to filter them out. This puts you at risk for acute kidney failure, and in extreme circumstances, cardiac arrest. Your kidneys essentially choke on your own muscle detritus. The swelling muscle tissue also expands within the limits of your fascia and if there isn’t enough room in the fascia’s compartments to accomodate the swell, arteries and nerves get squeezed, causing cascading problems, including potential limb loss. If it gets bad enough, you will need a fasciotomy, where skin and fascia are sliced open to the air to accommodate the swelling tissue. Don’t google it — it’s not pretty.
5/30 - 6/1 Arms are intensely sore with limited range of motion and gradually swelling. I could barely bring a glass of water to my mouth. My arms are in pain at rest. It is hard to differentiate between normal delayed onset muscle soreness and Rhabdo, but online comments echo the common warning: if your urine darkens, get to ER. My urine was dark but not a brown color. I’m still in denial and carry on drinking tons of water. Pain is getting worse, arms are swelling more and more. Range of motion worse. My husband had to get me dressed for work, and I could not feed myself so I barely ate. My gut tells me something is wrong.
6/2 With things getting worse each day, i called my primary care doctor to avoid the ER. He sends me for bloodwork and decide next steps.
Creatine-Kinase (CK) is an enzyme inside muscle cells, so blood CK levels show how much muscle detritus is choking up your kidneys. My bloodwork comes back with CK levels at 42K (normal levels for female are <200ul). My doctors calls with the results and orders me to go to the ER asap. I check into the ER and they draw blood again…CK is up to 52K. I get admitted to ER with IV to flush out my system.
Bloodwork showed my kidneys were working fine, but they could fail at any time. The docs ramped me up to the fluid rate of 250 ml/hr meaning that, at least initially, my 5 liters of human blood got diluted with a full liter of solution every hour. I started plumping up like the Michelin man. This was by far the worst part. The original swelling was already bad enough but with the IV, the fluid filled my arms, my skin stretched tight and shiny. My arms swelled to what looked like 2x its normal size.
Swelling peaked the next couple days making it difficult for the phlebotomist to find veins on my arms and draw blood. My arms, once praised from phlebotomists for having awesome, plump veins became practically invisible. The blood draws become dreadful, each one bringing on multiple pokes leaving behind bruises. They resorted to the tops of hand and by day 3, I looked like a drug addict with track marks.
6/3 CK levels barely drop to 49K (previously 52K). I’m pounding water, peeing 2-3 times an hour.
6/4 CK levels go UP to 60K. I’m so swollen. I’m cranky. I still can’t feed myself very well. I’m crying because i miss my family. This sucks. Drink more water.
6/5 CK levels 43K. Ok please let’s keep this going. Dr decide to drop IV rate to 200mL/hr. All the swelling is making my skin very itchy and inflamed! Drink, pee, repeat.
6/6 CK levels 29K. Oh thank god.
6/7 CK levels 16K. Please let me out. Dr’s want me to stay until it drops somewhere between 5K-10K. They drop IV to 125ml/hr and then to 75ml/hr to help maintain progress but help with the edema. I request for a 2nd blood draw that evening to maybe get out that night. Results that night showed a slight increase to 17K…I start to mentally unravel feeling like I’m never gonna be discharged.
6/8 CK levels 10K! Swelling is still to the max despite lower IV rate. Drs felt good that despite dropping the IV rate my levels still came down overnight and kidneys have been perfect. Drs said as long as i keep with water, no strenuous physical activity for the next few days i had their blessing to be discharged. After 6 nights in the hospital, I get to go home!
I get home and am still swollen to the max. I have just enough mobility in my right arm to wash my hair and wash my face. Not being to move about freely and indecently takes a huge emotional toll on me. As much as i miss my family, I’m still cranky from the pain and discomfort. The creases in the front of my elbows are inflamed and tender and super itchy. It feels like I’m still such a long way to feeling like myself again.
Day 1 after hospital discharge, swelling is noticeably down by 50%! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Drinking and peeing every hour.
Day 2 post hospital, swelling wise, I’m almost back to normal (~90%). I still have some edema in my upper arms where the fluids kinda pooled while i was sleeping with my arms elevated. Skin still so itchy. Using hydrocortisone to soothe the itch. Water fest continues.
The first time I got rhabdo, it was the pull ups that did me in. I remember not being able to do a single or half a strict pull up weeks after the hospital. I had always been able to do 15-20 strict pull ups! I had to build them back up from ground zero. I eventually got there though. That said, I’m curious to see how my push ups will be impacted after a full recovery. I would not be surprised if I can’t do a single push in the next few weeks.
I will see my primary dr in 2 days for more bloodwork to check my CK levels before clearing me for any exercise. He says to expect for regular bloodwork until it normalizes.
Takeaways: You can be fit and get Rhabdo, in fact, you can be high risk. The recipe for rhabdo in athletes is returning from a break and jumping full bore into a different or new form of workout especially with high volume, eccentric exercises.
Being stuck in the hospital, I reflected back on many “what-if’s”. What if I didn’t go for that long run the day before? What if i just hydrated properly during/after that run? What if I just slowed down during Murph and not race the clock? I don’t know but I will be overly conservative doing any high volume, high intensity workout especially if I’m in any way not ramped up for it. I will remember the swelling of my arms and how bad it hurt. Or the fear of doing permanent damage over a stupid workout!!!
Why did this happen a 2nd time for me? Ego and bad judgement; something i have struggled with all my life in training. I really thought i made improvements to set ego aside but it crept back up. I’m married now with 2 kids and i can’t afford to be this dumb lol. I’ve assigned my husband to oversee my training choices (specifically when I’m thinking about jumping back to a different form of exercise) and I’ve hired a coach to help me reign things in.
Let it be a cautionary tale. Train smart and safe!
Peace & Love,
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2023.06.10 15:38 LongLastingStick 3 Months of DFW, review

I more or less stopped going to the gym back in December when my daughter was born, and then started to experiment more with kettlebells during paternity leave to get some exercise in a short amount of time. I had an old adjustable REP fitness bell I'd bought during COVID, but ended up selling it and now have two Bells of Steel adjustable bells (which are great, strong recommend).
I'd never spent a lot of time with kettlebell training, but I am a long time albeit casual gym goer. Before tapering off with the baby, my training maxes in the squat/bench/deadlift/ohp were 319/201/378/143 (lbs), nothing particularly impressive.
Starting with Bells
Before I was able to get my double adjustable bells, I was alternating days of 15-20 minutes EMOM armor building complex with days of EMOM swings.
Once I got the double action going, I started on DFW with 20s, advanced to 22s, and now just finished with 24s. Here is the week-by-week breakdown of reps, weight, and overall volume -

Weekly Reps Weight (kg) Volume (kg)
118 40 4720
130 40 5200
142 40 5680
159 40 6360
122 44 5368
138 44 6072
151 44 6644
167 44 7348
122 48 5856
138 48 6624
151 48 7248
165 48 7920
Review & Deviations
I liked DFW a lot - I did it three times in a row. Somehow clean and press into a front squat stays fun. For the remix, I mostly adhered to the programming, but wasn't religious about it if I missed a day. I've also started mixing in alternative workouts on those days as my home gym has expanded somewhat.
In general, the structure of DFW is great. Ladders are fun, there's enough variety in rep ranges week to week that it stays fresh, and the 30 min time cap is efficient.
That said, I didn't totally follow the instructions:
I definitely got better at cleaning and pressing the bells.
I'd be tempted to keep pushing up the weight increments towards 32, but I still need to grab the bonus weights from Bells of Steel. Also, the third cycle was hard. My schedule was more disrupted, the baby is starting daycare now, and in general I think I'm hitting diminishing returns on that first bout of training.
Appearance wise, despite GN's promise that this would strip fat off my body or whatever, my waist seems about the same. I have gotten some nice compliments lately though:
My shoulders and traps definitely popping more than before, and my arms are looking pretty good. Haven't noticed any change in my back, legs still look like thunder thighs, and still got junk in the trunk.
Don't have a scale, but I was somewhere around 180lbs last time I weighed in (5'11) which was before this program.
Vibes wise I feel great, physically and mentally. Working out almost every day is definitely good for me. Super lucky that the baby sleeps well - usually not getting up more than once at night, and I can relatively painlessly wake up to do my workout before she's up. She is also pure joy and I've never been happier in my life. So maybe exercise isn't doing anything and my brain is just full of baby dopamine, who can say.
What's Next
Probably not more DFW, I think I'm capped out for now. I did go ahead and splurge for The Giant and King Sized Killer, so my plan is to alternate those programs for the foreseeable future then maybe try The Wolf, DFW again, buying his other book, or maybe try some GS training. Idk, that's a ways off. I am totally on the ballin train now though, they're incredibly convenient and I can pack them into a little corner of my laundry room.
I have picked up both a 10lb steel mace and a pair of gymnastic rings which I want to work into my off days. I'm not sure what's harder, ring dips or getting the strap over my one reachable tree branch. The rings are great, but I'm not totally sold on the mace training yet.
There is a new gym opening up a couple blocks down the road, so maybe start working in more of the old lifts again at some point.
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2023.06.10 15:37 No_Jicama_2497 My breast reduction experience - Fainting on surgery day

If you're used to fainting like me, or even if you're not used to fainting, it may be an issue for you during your surgery and recovery, so I wanted to share my story as someone who is very prone to, and used to fainting. I'm 8 dpo currently and here's my experience so far, I'll update it if there's more fainting spells.
Some background: I've had issues with fainting since I was 12, and no doctor has ever been able to truly explain why, but these (I think) are the typical causes: low blood sugar (I'm not diabetic), low blood pressure, dehydration, heat, seeing blood or hearing too detailed descriptions about blood or blood flow, physical pain, getting up too fast, and exercising too vigorously when my body isn't used to it. Sometimes it's just one of these reasons, sometimes multiple happening at once. Eventually I could feel it coming on and now I just lay down in anticipation.
Surgery Day Morning: So I went into this surgery knowing I might have a rough time, especially because before surgery you have to stop drinking liquids and eating the night before. At the surgery center I let the nurse know before surgery that I'm a fainter. Surgery went okay but one problem is that they probably should have used a catheter for me, in hindsight. As soon as I was awake but still pretty in-and-out of it as anaesthesia was wearing off, I knew I really had to pee, like, gonna pee the bed pretty soon if I don't get to the toilet and I didn't have great control of my body. So unfortunately the nurses had to try to move me to the toilet and during that I fainted at least once. I think the bathroom was down the hall and I don't remember much, but I definitely couldn't walk myself and they had to support me while walking and lifting and lowering me, sometimes by my arms or armpits to hold me up and keep me from falling when I started going down (this wasn't great for my freshly surgified boobs). They brought me to a toilet, and I kind of wish I could have just used something next to the recovery bed because this whole experience was not great. I don't blame the nurses, in fact one of them was yelling at the others that they should have used a catheter for me and she was right.
Surgery Day around noon: After this not-super-great time, they gave me Percocet, which was wonderful because my chest felt like it was on fire since surgery/moving me to go pee. I was put in the recovery room to just rest and have ginger ale, which definitely helped my blood sugar and dehydration. I rested until about 2 pm before they felt safe enough to send me home. I didn't faint on the walk to the car, but I fainted every time I had to move later that day.
Surgery Day Afternoon and Evening: So, every time I had to get up to pee or go back to bed I would need to sit back down or lay back down because a fainting spell would hit. Pretty soon I started doing three or four stage transitions from laying down-sitting up-standing up-walking and vice versa, but still would faint as I went from laying down to sitting up, and sitting to standing and vice versa. Luckily I never blacked out and collapsed, I could usually get back into sitting or laying with a wall or with my partner's help, but it was rough. It wasn't until around 9 pm when I'd finally had enough to eat (eating was tricky cuz I'd need to go back to laying down after a few bites) that the fainting finally improved.
Since surgery day fainting hasn't been an issue.
The weirdest thing: I have not fainted thus far because of blood or seeing my post-op boobs. I usually faint when I see blood, but on Surgery day my incisions bled a little bit through my bra and I was okay (or maybe that did contribute to my fainting but not immediately?). During my first shower 2 dpo there was lots of dry blood and bruising and again, no fainting. I could look at my boobs and was fine. I guess maybe this isn't surprising, my brain has been able to separate a surgery from an injury before, somehow? I guess my period doesn't trigger fainting either, so maybe my body selectively ubderstands itself.... But normally if I cut myself chopping vegetables, get a nosebleed, or look at the veins in my wrist or under my tongue too long I'll go down 🙃.
I'll update if any more fainting comes up (or down, haha)! I do have to get my non-dissolvale stitches out soon so we'll see how that goes.
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2023.06.10 15:37 logiclogical23 Hello,

I got 4A 1B+ 1C 2D and 1 fail for my SPM (I got A for maths and failed my add maths). If I continue diploma in it/computer science can I continue degree in it/computer science? I've always wanted to do degree in computer science but is it possible with my SPM result?
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2023.06.10 15:37 GaryGaulin Doctrine/Theory of r/Agnostic Agnosticism - What We Do Believe/Know - #1

Cyclic models (Albert Einstein put some work into) suggest the universe always was, and always will be. Big Bang theory is for the inflation cycle only.
The behavior of matteenergy powers a coexisting trinity of self-similar “trial and error” learning systems at the molecular, cellular and multicellular level. This biologically intelligent process includes both human physical development from a single cell zygote that occurred over our own lifetime, and some 4 billion years of genetic development into human form.
We are this way part of and created by a molecular level learning process that keeps itself going through time by replicating previous contents of genetic memory along with best (better than random) guesses what may work better in the next replication, for our children. The resulting cladogram shows a progression of adapting designs evidenced by the fossil record where never once was there not a predecessor of similar design (which can at times lead to entirely new function) present in memory for the descendant design to have come from.
In the beginning of our genetic lineage: self-assembly of increasingly complex molecular (RNA) self-learning systems, caused the emergence of membrane enclosed self-learning cells, which caused the emergence of self-learning multicellular animals like us, humans. Along the way was a moleculagenetic level chromosome speciation event causing almost immediate reproductive isolation from earlier ancestors, a genetic bottleneck through one couple, who by scientific naming convention hereby qualify as Chromosome Adam and Eve.
In chromosome fusion speciation there is first a population of 47 chromosome ancestors, who from one of their parents still retained the normal unfused chromosome pair, for the cell to switch areas of on or off, when necessary to compensate for loss of gene function at the tangled fusion site of the other. Best of both worlds, to help make a chromosome fusion like ours a survivable change. There is next a generational population of 46's where one of the now reproductively isolated couples in it started the lineage that left the African forest tree paradise, all the rest of the lineages ultimately died off in. At the time there would have been a number of families giving birth to 46's who after maturing only needed to find each other. The fusion may have caused enough behavioral change for us to not want to live with the 48's anymore.
The question of "Why do organisms seek to survive?" is in pre-existing genetic and cell level "altruistic" and "survival/homeostasis" behavior being expressed in the behavior of our multicellular brain. From our cellular altruistic self-sacrifice and survival to keep our body alive, is an emergent sense of "morals" and "moral duty" that greatly differ, but all reduce to survival of a greater whole Just like cells do. Similarly well networked together cells communicate through ion channels to our sex cell production areas, to help epigenetically prepare future offspring to survive what their parents themselves experienced, especially diet. Before multicellular bacterial biofilms of many species inside toilet tanks wire up mutually beneficial ion channel linked networks that make all a part of the whole, sitting right behind you when using and never knew you had the company, with surprisingly good memory
To not fudge the all important question of afterlife, and better word for a scientific answer, we can conceptualize a pre-conscious at conception, and post-conscious after returning, to what becomes an in-between state of non-conscious. This accounts for the possibilities we can come back again in the future, go backwards, or (by in a way being the universe experiencing itself) the lifetime of everything multicellular that ever was and will be everywhere. This way theory does bit automatically rule out all other possibilities.

Behavior from a system or a device qualifies as intelligent by meeting all four circuit requirements that are required for trial-and-error learning, which are:
(1) A body to control, either real or virtual, with motor muscle(s) including molecular actuators, motor proteins, speakers (linear actuator), write to a screen (arm actuation), motorized wheels (rotary actuator). It is possible for biological intelligence to lose control of body muscles needed for movement yet still be aware of what is happening around itself but this is a condition that makes it impossible to survive on its own and will normally soon perish.
(2) Random Access Memory (RAM) addressed by its sensory sensors where each motor action and its associated confidence value are stored as separate data elements. Examples include RNA, DNA, metabolic networks, brain cell networks.
(3) Confidence, a central hedonic system that increases the confidence level in motor actions every time they are successful, and decreases the confidence value of actions that cause an error in the system, fail. For computer modeling the normal range is 0-3. Molecular level examples include variable "mutation" rates of genes as in somatic hypermutation in white cells in response to sensing failure in successfully grab onto and destroying a given pathogen. Epigenetics helps control DNA changes to offspring.
(4) Ability to guess, take a new memory action when its associated confidence level becomes zero, or no memory yet exists for what is being sensed, experienced. For flagella powered cells a guess is produced by the reversing of motor direction, causing a “tumble” towards a new heading. In genetics there are random mutations, chromosome fusions and fissions.
In biology a 3 or so layer Artificial Neural Network memory addressing is mostly component location dependent, easy to have millions of sensory inputs. Digital RAM memory space exponentially increases by sensory address bus size, but still works very well when sensory is used wisely, as in the benchmark ID Lab 6.1 that has a wave propagated 2D spatial network map of where visible and (learned by bashing into or zapped by causing confidence in almost everything to go zero) invisible things are, at a given time, to control when it needs to guess a new motor action, in response to what is being sensed at that moment. This gave it intuitive foresight to wait behind the shock zone until the food became safe to approach, and other behaviors that once seemed impossible to simply code.
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2023.06.10 15:37 paprika87 Books or other resources about gestational diabetes

I’m looking for some reading material to help me get my head around GDM and it’s management. I have a scientific background and can digest technical material. Not really looking for recipes.
Would love some recommendations!
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2023.06.10 15:37 WhiteKnight0606 Good Universities for a Computing Degree

Hi guys! I'm looking for a recognised university to do a degree in Computing, I've checked places like SLIIT and IIT but they are too expensive (im looking for around 1.5 mill) and also I don't have enough A/L results to apply for them and they keep telling me to do their foundation degree which takes another entire year and I don't want to waste another year as I'm already 20. The results I got are; C- Computer Science E- Mathematics and Psychology. (I did Cambridge ALs) I've heard about ANC and AIBS.
I would really appreciate your help.
Thanks in Advance
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2023.06.10 15:36 1976Raven 47M Question regarding field of vision

Could someone help me understand what it meant by horizontal field of vision? I've done multiple online searches and am just confused. Background is 47M who had a pituitary tumour that caused temporary complete blindness. His vision in the right eye is back to normal but he still has a blind spot on the lower half of his field for the left eye that has been very gradually improving. He needs to have 70% horizontal field of vision for his work. We're just trying to understand a little better what we're looking at.
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2023.06.10 15:36 Informal_Fact_6209 Daseen pc from amazon

I found this pc from daseen which was really cheap. Just wanted to know someone has bought it and how good is it for the price.
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2023.06.10 15:35 Tiny_Loan4863 I think I m possibly hypermobile and struggling, would it be OK for me to use a cane? Advice on that please?

Hi everyone, I'm Chris, I am german, 19, turning 20 soon. I come from a pretty shitty family and my medical concerns have been minimized and ignored by my family for years now. Whenever I told my parents about my issues all I'd hear was, everyone has that sometimes, you don't need a diagnosis, it's not that bad, etc. My parents behavior made me push it aside for years, no matter how worried I was and never ended seeking out a doctor. I was convinced that there isn't anything wrong with me and I am probably just faking it for attention. But it's so frustrating and I feel completely broken. I am sick and tired.
Among a few other problems, I am 100% convinced I am hypermobile. I even checked the Beighton score. Got 6 points total I think? Pinkies at least 90 degrees elbows I am 90% sure they bend back, can't tell with my knees but I think they probably bent back a bit at least from how it looks. I can get pretty close to my thumb touching my wrist, not all the way though and I can't touch the ground (which is probably also caused by my shortened hamstrings from being a toe walker most of my life). I can also clasp my hands in a prayer position behind my back and touch the tips of my fingers together behind my back with one arm over, one arm under. I can lift my fingers up so much I can shake someone's hand like that and my finger tips constantly bend up when holding things and the joints will get locked when holding shit. Like I feel like I am really possibly hypermobile.
And something that I have been fighting with for years now is the thought of using a cane.
For one I also have the problem that standing is torturous, especially for my knees. Standing upright will lead to my knee joints just feeling so weird and uncomfortable, I am always trying to get weight off of them, either by leaning on something or sitting down. Walking is better, though that is exhausting as well.
(I can't stand long in general, standing for longer always leads to me feeling horrible. 8 also have the problem of getting dizzy when standing and feeling sick, frequently getting dizzy, losing my vision, heart palpitations, it feeling incredibly hot behind my eyes when standing up and having to hold onto things till I feel better. Though to that extent it's not more than 1-3 a month I think? Have to keep better track on that.)
So as I'm really struggling with that I've been thinking for years of getting a cane, it'd be such a relief to at least have something to hold onto.
I'm definitely going to my general practitioner soon, this isn't me seeking diagnosis or anything. Merely a background! If anyone has experience with bringing this up with doctors in germany, what should I expect?
The thought of getting a cane has been on my mind for soo LONG, but I feel so goddamn guilty, like i can get around without it, but I think it could help me? Like would that be OK?
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2023.06.10 15:33 huGaufre_ [Mobile] [Around 2014] VS game / Construction of wooden tanks then battle (2 players on the same screen)

(First of all excuse me for the translation I don't speak English)
Platform(s): I was playing this game on my android tablet. I had downloaded it from the play store.
Genre: Strategy / Quick game (≈ 3 minutes per game)
Estimated year of release: I don't know but I installed it around 2014.
Graphics/art style: Simplistic / 2D / draw / The game was not very pretty graphically.
Notable characters: 2 tribes on each side of the screen. A red tribe and a blue tribe. They looked a bit like the Aztecs. They were all small and not very detailed. They were designed with diamond shapes and were entirely painted in their colors.
Notable gameplay mechanics: The game is played in 2 phases, the first phase was to build his wooden tank with the random pieces that were received. The wooden chariot had to be as solid as possible. We had this type of parts available (cannons, spikes, wooden parts, ...) Once the construction time was up, the 2 tanks began to get closer (we couldn't touch anything, the cannons activated on their own) . At the end of the confrontation the winner was the one with the highest tank. (It was a game that was played by 2 on the same screen.)
Other details: In the background we saw a desert with a yellow sun in the middle. There was the game countdown in the sun. Aztec tribes characters had spears.
I drew what I think he looked like :
I'm going crazy not to find him because he was too much fun at 2. If you find him you will be a hero.
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2023.06.10 15:32 BigMallard84 What can I do legally?

[TW: Mentions of suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, emotional abuse, child grooming, abandonment.]
Hi everyone,
I was raised by parents who were very abusive and had some significant narcissistic traits. However this isn't actually about me. It's about a teen who has been in my care for a few weeks now.
To give some background, she ran away from home because of the lack of any privacy, emotional abuse, and neglect she was dealing with. She went to stay with a now ex bf that was abusive, suicidal and bordering on homicidal. (I by no means am saying people who are suicidal are abusive and dangerous. This person just happened to be himself)
Her mother, not only gave permission for her to be there after a legal protective order was put in place due to the support of a guidance counselor, BUT talked shit with him about her and turned off her phone service. She's been groomed over the internet since the age of around 13, and was selling pictures around the same time for food and clothes. When her mother found out her response was that she was a whore. This kid gets a lot of shit from other people at her former school and tends to be harassed a lot. Especially, people that like her. Her mother of course sees that as her playing them and puts her down even more.
I'm not about to get in legal trouble for harboring a minor. So I contacted DCF a few weeks ago. They want to keep it civil of course. I'm sadly not surprised because I dealt with DCF a lot as a kid myself. She was known to have "manic episodes and mood swings" none of that has been an issue since she's been in my care. I see a kid who is most likely neurodivergent and traumatized with a possible trauma disorder without a supportive environment.
I've been gladly paying for her food (I can't eat most of it I have celiacs), transportation, clothes, hygiene needs, and making sure she gets to see friends and still somewhat be a teen. I have to admit at the moment I'm a bit short on funds and she doesn't really have her own room. She's made a space in a storage closet for now which I feel somewhat bad about though I'm working to fix that too. While I don't mind at all doing this, and gladly will do so here is my issue. I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. I can't bring her to a doctor, therapist, enroll her in school again, and I can't sign off on anything. However, I'm providing everything myself right now. We got in contact with her mother after 3 months of being told to not come back and shutting off her phone service. Within that time frame she has done nothing but whine and complain about how it feels for her. She talked to the DCF social worker and said she'd like to keep it between her daughter, her, and DCF. So basically, she expects me to do shit and still have legal custody without doing anything except saying ok to whatever she wants and no to whatever she doesn't. Which is absolutely ridiculous and I highly doubt that's legal.
I have talked to the kid about this of course and have asked what she would be ok with. She says she likes being here and wants to stay. She wants therapy, to try to get enrolled in a magnet arts school so she has more motivation for school and or just some kind of education she can handle. She wants a neuropsych evaluation to look into a 504 plan. She of course wants to be able to have healthcare needs met and such. She's not opposed to me being a legal guardian and has said she trusts me with supporting her needs. I have absolutely no problem with doing that and would take her in within a heartbeat.
My question is where should I start? DCF was already contacted and clearly is trying to keep things on the downlow. I'll do whatever I can legally. I'm just not sure what I am legally allowed to do with DCF being involved.
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2023.06.10 15:32 dorkvader23 Cheated on 2 weeks before engagement.

Yes we planned our engagement (both in mid thirties) and were supposed to take a beach vacation in 2 weeks to do the proposal and celebrate our life.
But before our engagement trip, my boyfriend had a guys trip planned out of the country - with everyone growing up, getting married, having kids, they wanted to do one “last” fun trip as it might be one of the final times their entire group is available together.
I actually thought it was cute and I know all of his friends very well, all trustworthy good people, and I never thought twice about him going.
To make a very long and devastating story short, I found out he cheated on me the that week with multiple women. Some were tourists who he just happened to meet and take home, and others he paid for as it’s easily available in that country.
Confronted him and he said he intentionally did it and even had every intention of doing it prior to the trip. Said he “needed” to get it out of his system before settling down. He has been distraught ever since, begging me to take him back and laying around our house crying saying he regrets it so much.
I’m very calm typing this now as I’ve had time to process, but I am a mess. I was two weeks away from getting engaged and starting my life. I’m in my mid thirties so this is my last opportunity for kids, and now I’m being forced to start over at 34.
And now I’m supposed to stay with someone who has so little respect for me that he is willing to cheat on me with other women AND prostitutes?? In front of our mutual friends? How silly will I look now if I stay with him.
All the happiness and joy has been killed from our life together. I wouldn’t be happy to receive a ring from him. I was robbed of my proposal, engagement, and most importantly OUR FUTURE TOGETHER.
No idea what to do now. My family is expecting a ring in two weeks but I’ve already cancelled flights and hotels for our engagement trip. I can’t even look at him I’m so disgusted.
I know everyone will tell me I dodged a bullet and all that but I am so crushed right now. This ISNT FAIR
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2023.06.10 15:32 Scribble_Artwork In terms of Fine art should i do apprentice or uni

Ok so I have one year left and then I have to do one of these two options.... I am an Fine Art, artist in level 3 art and design earning my Art and design extended diploma.
I had used a variety of materials and different forms of art.
My best being drawing, painting and overal creating mix media pieces, for example, i did a paitning for the background on my canvas but then for the foreground i used wall paper, metal cans, tissue paper, card board and more to create abit of a 3d mashup.
Where should i be? Fine art continued in Uni or find an particular passion and be an apprentice?
And what could i become?
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2023.06.10 15:31 burn3r910 I'm likely going to be posting a bit the next few days. Before I go further with all that let me quickly share my story with you.

I can't remember the username I used before, but I was a member of this community upon release until I had to get a new phone and lost all my information. I've been having a lot going on lately mentally, all revolved around my crime. Long post, buckle up.
My charge related to filming. I was caught because I kept going back and forth between deleting and restoring it on my phone. The restoration app I was using got rid of the option to restore directly to your phone, that email was the only option. Even though my gut was like don't do it, I still did it. As I was downloading it back on to my phone, using Gmail, I got a message saying my account had been suspended and reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. By the end of the week I was arrested.
I served a total of roughly 2 1/2 years, between jail and prison. I had a paid attorney. I lucked out. No parole, no probation. I just need to re-register every 3 months under Meghan's Law requirements in my state due to the prison I went to. I'm still waiting on tiering, and I was released in 2020. It's wild to me to think I've been out now for about 3 1/2 years now.
Upon release, I started in a homeless shelter. Two weeks later, thanks to a re-entry program, I had a part time job. I held on to a job ever since then, including through COVID. I eventually landed a full time job, and moved into a rooming house.
My landlord there no longer wanted to operate the place, so just last November I moved, where I currently live. It's another rooming house.
Getting my driver's license was the biggest pain for me for some reason upon release. I have a car, but right now it needs some work done on it. Putting that to the side, I've been promoted twice at my current job. There isn't really any more room for growth here, and I'm being underpaid for this job. I'm a college graduate. Furthermore, it's a service related job, and there are a lot of people that treat me like shit here. I've been searching over two years for another job. I've been on numerous interviews, been given job offers every time, just to fail the background check. Insane, but it is what it is.
That's about where I'm at now. Trying to find a better job, that pays well. Trying to find more stable housing. Struggling with shame, and lost some of my support team who I met where I was. These will be separate posts later.
I absolutely own up to it. I wish I hadn't become addicted to everything I was browsing online, looking for more, and more risky things. I wish my mentality had been in a better place. I wish what happened to me as a child didn't happen to me, but these are the cards that were dealt to me. I made a terrible choice, and here I am now.
I currently feel like I'm at an impasse. As in my goals for better pay and stable housing are being blocked by the lack of a better paying job. I have never given myself credit for the progress I made upon release and I still don't. Either way, I try my best to make the best out of my life. Try to remain positive, work through my mood swings and shame when it comes up. And I'm very thankful for the friends I have. I no longer talk to any of my family members due to the abuse I experienced as a child.
I think that's everything. I appreciate you if you take the time to read all this
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2023.06.10 15:31 prirva_ Very conflicting career advice. Leaning towards tech but two Vedic readers claim that it wouldn’t be lucrative because of my weak Mars, which rules the technical…

Very conflicting career advice. Leaning towards tech but two Vedic readers claim that it wouldn’t be lucrative because of my weak Mars, which rules the technical…
I graduated with a degree in liberal arts thinking I’d go into foreign service, but it hasn’t worked out.
Years on, I feel very stuck and unsure of my own abilities. I’m getting contradictory career interpretations that make me feel ironically unmoored in an indecisive stasis. Recently, two Vedic astrologers told me a career in nursing/social services or media would be lucrative/fulfilling due to stronger Venus/Moon, while another one said I should work with data or behind-the-scenes research/investigative work. A tarot reader told me to go into nursing because it’s something to always fall back upon, while a gifted but now hard to reach family friend told me I’d quickly emotionally burn out in the nursing field. I have no idea what to do.
I currently work remotely in advertising but it is lower-pay and draining in ways I can’t explain. I’m anxious when there’s not enough work yet unable to take advantage of free time to do things on the side that I want to do, and when there is more work I irrationally stress out about the smallest things.
Though I’m not quite there yet, I want to become my own boss at some point. Run a business that betters my community.
Tech interests: Currently, I’m debating between data analytics and cloud computing. Fools dream was ux/ui but I don’t have artistic gravitas or graphic design skill/background and fear the AI redundancy factor so that’s been likely permanently shelved.
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