12:00 gmt.

Rugby Union : The Greatest Game.

2008.07.21 10:09 Rugby Union : The Greatest Game.

Rugby Union news, analysis and opinions.

2019.05.20 21:28 pandiawn Oculus Quest store updates - automated feed of price drops and new releases

This Oculus/Meta store watch monitors daily sales, new releases and game announces and prepares a short brief twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Bot is powered by VRguru.net engine and uses additional information from http://soon.vrguru.net - upcoming VR releases calendar.

2018.08.08 00:28 Civiltactics Late bloomer lesbians: for those still figuring things out

Some of us are married to men, some of us are dating them, and some of us are chronically single. But we well have one thing in common: we are late to the coming out game. A place for queer, gay, bi, pan, lesbian and questioning humans to share, give advice, and receive support! We welcome discussions that explore what life looks like or could look like as a “late bloomer” lesbian. This includes conversations around sexuality, sensuality, life, friendships, random thoughts, fun, and more.

2023.06.10 15:38 debiruVT Debut Tomorrow !! <33

Debut Tomorrow !! <33
" Everyone is welcome, mortals and immortals alike ~ "
JUNE 11TH ;;
7:00 AM EST (GMT -4)
12:00 PM CET (GMT +1)
2:00 PM EAT (GMT +3)
THINGS WE MIGHT BE DOING (but not limited to);;
  • LORE DROP ????????? who knows 👁👁
  • PLAYING A HORROR GAME?!?!?!?!?! (I dread this part the most <33)
  • QUIZZES?????????????
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2023.06.10 15:31 geek-keey [Artisan] SpaceDaruma x Olivia++

This week's Spacedaruma is a colorway of Olivia++ This is Olivia's colorway, with two special themes. Winners can choose between dark and light. Who knows which will be more rare. Daruma and his friends all wear visors. Due to the convex nature of the lenses, Daruma's eyes grow and shrink in size depending on the direction she looks.
-We do not sell "Space 無", only for set winners.
sale form
Keycaps Specifications - Sculpt : SpaceDaruma, Samsara, SpaceTengu, Space 無 - Colorway : Love Switch - Material : resin 100% - Stem Type : MX Stem
Sales information - Raffle Sales. (SDaruma 3 available / Samsara 12 available / STengu 3 available / Set 2 available ) - It is open for 24 hours. - An invoice will be sent to the winner after 24 hours. - Form open : Sun. 11 June 12:00 pm - Mon. 12 June 12:00 pm KST (GMT +9) - Raffle Invoice : Mon. 12 June 2:00 pm KST (GMT +9)
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2023.06.10 12:31 Dominik_1102 FYI: Echo Seed Progress is a lie!

!!! IT IS A TIMER !!!
You can find it's Deadline in the SaveFile Raw json, however changing that will just force it back (loads it from the server).
The deadline is:
If you assume the Start Time to be:
Take current Unix timestamp and calculate how many % this is from the total time needed.
-It will fit the progress shown in Game-

it will take 6019,2s (1h: 40min: 19,2s) for 1% in the Tier Bar

and 30096s (8h: 21min: 36s) for 1% Total

HG can change the deadline. The game will just download the new deadline from the server.
There is no point in Standing there and put Echoes in the Terminal for hours. Just do one and wait 4 weeks.

The People making this game may have stopped telling lies out loud, but they never stopped lying at all.

This is another #No Man's Lie

submitted by Dominik_1102 to NoMansSkyTheGame [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 12:27 IR-Yuna EastGuard - WotLK+ (Asia)

EastGuard - WotLK+ (Asia)

EastGuard is a 3.3.5 AzerothCore based WotLK+ PvP server located in Asia. I seek to create a competitive environment where Asian players can interact with the other side of the world without all the aspects that plague classic Wrath.
Introduction to EastGuard’s Philosophy
I’m Anthony, an American businessman that has relocated to mainland China. Having played WoW for more than half my life (I’m in my early 30s), I’ve had my fair share of playing retail & classic WoW, along with plenty of years playing private servers. Having experienced many of the rather well-known servers that are still running – Warmane, Dalaran, Duskhaven, Firestorm, Tauri to name a few – the entrepreneur side of me started to itch after moving to this side of the world (I require a VPN to log into Reddit).
The Asian and Oceanic scene is very underdeveloped and thus, underpopulated. Many servers here are either limited to within their language (dozens of Chinese pservers), run with outdated ideologies, or bring nothing unique to the table. I hope to offer, using the strong background of Microsoft Azure’s many datacenters, a decent WotLK+ playground for those that desire more challenging and balanced level 80 content. As this will be a slightly expensive hobby of mine, I will not be taking any donations and all costs will be covered by me alone. Now, to get on to the meat of the content. I’ll be utilizing certain well-thought-out aspects of different servers which will be molded to fit into my ideology of a modern and cross-continental player base.
  • Asian players will share the same community as Europeans.
  • Due to the location of the host, Europeans will experience higher latency but do not fret. Microsoft Azure’s plethora of data centers spread throughout the globe will mitigate most adverse effects from higher latency.
    • For example, casting a spell with 200ms will often feel like 100ms.
  • Racism and hate speech will not be tolerated and all players will receive equal treatment.
  • Higher rates with halved raid reset timers. Our time is limited and we want to have access to content when we do play.
  • Not the same old dungeons/raids. WotLK was released 15 years ago and bosses will feel different than those you meet on regular AzerothCore servers. Your pull strategies will change, skippable mechanics will differ, and bosses will be more difficult. Simply put, level 80 raids just won’t feel the same and will even challenge WoW veterans such as yourself. Progressive releases to intermittently increase the challenge.
  • Quality of life changes are everywhere, from spells to equipment, from materials to teleports. AzerothCore has many tools and modules that I’ve tailored to suit my realm and I’m forever indebted to the many devs that opensource their hard work.
  • Take min-maxing to the next level. Not only will you have to hunt for your BiS, there will be two more distinct systems to empower the equipment. You be rewarded for doing more and not penalized when played casually.
  • Balancing is key to my realm. Specializations that are normally undesired in raid groups are now competitive. No, I haven’t changed the top specs but I’ve tinkered with all specs to bring them closer to an equalized playing field and will continue to fine-tune. Some examples:
    • Frost mages will feel more like feral druids in the sense that they now have to play around their procs and cooldowns to significantly increase their damage output. The better the player adapts, the better they perform.
    • Subtlety rogues will no longer be a joke PvE spec and have become even more adept at PvP.
    • Blood DKs and Holy priests have been empowered to live out their fantasies.
I like to keep things simple where possible: a single function registration website, a clean discord, and easily downloadable patches. And of course, spend money where necessary.
  • I'm bad at making pictures. Don't fault me there.
  • You will have to download a patch to view and access all the features.
If you are interested, there is a pre-launch phase beginning on June 17th, 12:00 GMT+8. During this phase, players can try their hands on the systems in place and test the new abilities/balances.
  • Progress made during this time will be saved and carry over to the launch on July 1st, where the gates to Naxxramas and OS will be opened.
I've included an initial timeline (full timeline on Discord) where you can review release dates.
Naxx+OS+EoE timeline
submitted by IR-Yuna to wowservers [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 08:35 kaizhu256 sqlite-tradebot SPY up/down prediction for upcoming week of 2023-06-12 to 2023-06-16

sqlite-tradebot SPY up/down prediction for upcoming week of 2023-06-12 to 2023-06-16
sqlite-tradebot SPY up/down prediction for upcoming week of 2023-06-12 to 2023-06-16

  • commit 5 SPY up/down predictions for upcoming week of 2023-06-12 to 2023-06-16
  • historical prediction accuracy is 48.46 % - (110 of 227)
  • margin-of-error is +/- 6.50 %
  • historical-prediction-dataset publicly available as google-spreadsheet @ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zZG2XpuBV37b1uv7hc2H7Upfu0m_wimWl6JqLdDeW2s
  • these predictions are part of sqlite-tradebot's macro-trading-setup for each trading-day, e.g.:
    • if prediction is SPY down (-) tomorrow, tradebot will likely build-up cash-position by end-of-today, and increase hedge in shorts
    • if prediction is SPY up (+) tomorrow, tradebot will likely build-up long-positions by end-of-today, and decrease hedge in shorts

date______ score bs1pnl bs1sll winplk0 predict actual commit correct 2023-06-12 59.4373 0.2000 -0.8400 1.5505 - tbd 1 tbd 2023-06-13 61.5864 0.2500 -0.7340 1.5642 - tbd 1 tbd 2023-06-14 65.9237 0.3333 -0.8060 1.5891 + tbd 1 tbd 2023-06-15 57.9360 0.1667 -0.7930 1.5446 + tbd 1 tbd 2023-06-16 57.5106 0.1667 -0.5710 1.5397 - tbd 1 tbd 2023-06-19 2023-06-20 63.0205 0.2500 -0.6140 1.5680 - tbd tbd tbd 2023-06-21 50.8031 0.0000 -0.5900 1.5141 + tbd tbd tbd 2023-06-22 56.2794 0.1250 -0.5970 1.5373 - tbd tbd tbd 2023-06-23 62.0047 0.2500 -0.6710 1.5686 - tbd tbd tbd 

  • previous 2-week prediction accuracy was 44.44 % - (4 of 9)

date______ score bs1pnl bs1sll winplk0 predict actual commit correct 2023-05-29 2023-05-30 65.2332 0.2500 -0.9740 0.4187 + + 1 1 2023-05-31 60.6685 0.2500 -0.7500 0.4152 + - 1 0 2023-06-01 62.9553 0.2500 -0.6980 0.3813 - + 1 0 2023-06-02 61.8345 0.2500 -0.8360 0.4481 + + 1 1 2023-06-05 64.2403 0.2500 -0.8850 1.5896 + - 1 0 2023-06-06 71.3794 0.6667 -0.7020 1.5726 + + 1 1 2023-06-07 57.8349 0.2000 -0.7060 1.5458 + - 1 0 2023-06-08 63.7489 0.3333 -0.7810 1.5806 - + 1 0 2023-06-09 53.2748 0.0000 -0.8940 1.5420 + + 1 1 


  • how predictions are made:
  1. create basket of approx. 1,500 stocks in U.S. stock market, with historical-data going back
    1. 10-years
    2. or since listing-date (which ever smaller)
  2. for a given target-date:
    1. use parameters specific to that date
    2. to generate deterministic-formula to calculate 24-hour sell-price of each stock with reasonable a) profit-margin and b) likelihood to trigger the day-after
  3. for each stock, use deterministic-formula to generate tomorrow's sell-price
    1. at beginning of each "month"
    2. for past 48 "months"
    3. "month" = 30.4 day period whose start-date is in-phase with target-date
  4. backtest success-rate (score) by:
    1. checking if each stock's 24-hour sell-price successfully executes the next day
    2. 1,500 stocks * 48 months = backtested 72,000 datapoints
  5. if backtested score is < 50% then prediction is generally SPY down day-after target-date
  6. if backtested score is > 60% then prediction is generally SPY up day-after target-date
  • the score for each date is notable for being relatively constant, e.g.:
    • prediction score for a fixed-date, 2-weeks into future remains unchanged if it was re-calculated 2-weeks later
    • indicates prediction does not suffer from over-fitting
submitted by kaizhu256 to sqlmath [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 07:50 D2TournamentThreads DPC 2023 Tour 3: Division II - June 10 Matches

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 3

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 3 - China

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch Youtube Facebook CN : Twitch bilibili
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (SGT) PST EST GMT CEST AEST
CN Team Disillusion vs Limit 0:0 12:00 21:00 0:00 4:00 6:00 14:00
CN iG Vitality vs The Last Dark 0:0 15:00 0:00 3:00 7:00 9:00 17:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 3 - Eastern Europe

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch RU : Twitch UA : Twitch Twitch
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (CEST) PST EST GMT SGT AEST
EEU Team Sexy vs Matreshka 0:0 13:00 4:00 7:00 11:00 19:00 21:00
EEU cybercats vs SIBE Team 0:0 16:00 7:00 10:00 14:00 22:00 0:00

Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Tour 3 - South America

Liquipedia: Division I Division II
Stream: EN : Twitch PT : Twitch Twitch ES : Twitch Youtube Facebook Trovo
Rgn Team vs Team Res Cntdwn (PST) EST GMT CEST SGT AEST
SA Lava vs x5 Gaming 0:0 10:00 13:00 17:00 18:00 1:00 3:00
SA noMERCY vs Uinversitario 0:0 13:00 16:00 20:00 21:00 4:00 6:00
SA NoPing Esports vs Los moticucos 0:0 16:00 19:00 23:00 0:00 7:00 9:00
Countdown times are in local time. All times are subject to change based on the length of matches and delays. Other match discussions: /dota2 on Discord
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2023.06.10 07:29 Dad1903 DWT159 (June 10th 2023)

Testing testing; check one two – DWT is live once again on Reddit!
Terrific, terrific stuff



Welcome back hombres ✌️. June off to a swift start then: terrific 😎. After a May awash with unexpected red, twas the perfect tonic and continues the recent trend of pish no happening as it did historically (at least in the main). Fear panged a smidge, with it now being officially amidst the months of non-domesticity... but it's all in how you fucking handle it one supposes 👍. Sense prevailed - the ultimate irony it being the shortest odds team that fucked up the grandest of all prize-winnings - ah no. Gives Dad plenty to conside sure... but one thing'll be avoided at all costs: knee-jerkedness. So oft hath an occurrence derailed the methods... easy to get lead astray by summat happening unexpectedly; you convince yourself the best way is always balls out - especially if the more conservative proves a letdown. But lets be fucking honest here: the entirety of the DWT158 Selections were pretty sensible... was more a headscratcher that any could lose rather than it being a 'most likely they will - let's hope they dinnae' type occasion. For sure - frustration is easier to deal with if the palms are filled with currency - and as it is, Dad has the bones of two DWTs-worth of funds back in his possession 🙌. Really helps psychologically no having to plunder the fucking bank account - that knowledge that your weekly hobby is actually paying you for participation, is a feeling one'd like to bottle and share with hombres all over. Experience it oft enough - and you know you've selected a path filled with fortune and glory. And that's no necessarily alluding to riches alone - we're talking the fullness of the experience: the activity chosen to fill ones downtime offers warmth, comfort and delight all in equal measure 😎. That's the dream people - no too much to fucking ask... is it?
Dads talked plenty about Dreams and Hope and Prosperity... all the good, honest, terrific descriptives that we all desire in our lives very, very muchly. Dad gets close to it sure... just consistency - that's the key missing ingredient in Dads Existence; the parallels with DWT itself, are pretty on point tbh. Aye sure - maybes it doesnae exactly run on the exact same path all the time... Dad can up, DWT can be down; when Dad is down, DWT can be up - and all other combos possible. It's indicative of there always being summat... summat that worms it's way into the workings and causes that frustrating amount of havoc, preventing a mind clear of hassle from being at one with the world. Dad doesnae grumble sure - who enjoys that potency of wonder in an ongoing basis? No many people - it's a Holy Grail of sorts yon... a cunt free from all woes for a steady spell is a lucky, lucky, lucky cunt - hoo mama. The unfortunate nature of Dad getting good pish apeltny now, is that it's alway hamstrung by the constants... aches, pains, lack of mobility etc etc - long has it been since Dad had the option of greasy smoothness... and even then the Hay Fever would do it's utmost to fuck up a beautiful day. Then the Gluten Intolerance: forget about it. But it's in spite of these fucking arsehole afflictions, that Dad hunts down pleasure and joy... Benadryl can be popped. Ibuprofen can be consumed - there's ways and means to hide away the filth and gloss it over with a nice coat of Dulux. Every now and then Dad dons the overalls for a wee refresher coat. Tis the way of it - and as such, consistency of terrific is tempered in allowance of such palavers. Dad copes - rarely a grumble of any real substance; no oft is it Dads down the bottom of his bed, elbows on thighs, sobbing to himself about the unfairness of the grind. And it's perhaps this unwavering dedication to seeking magic, that keeps the mind focussed on bigger, better and longer. One of these days, Dad'll be sat in his brand new terrific armchair, reflecting on the struggles had whilst clawing ones way towards the light. Maybes a wee tear or two that day... and here - it isnae just a pipedream, no any longer. The comforting arms of assistance are seemingly wrapped around Dad the now, offering routes towards delight and wonder. As ever - Dad allows the wave of greatness to propel him along. Only a matter of time probably... brace yourselves for a torrent of tears 😭
Exhaustion: Dad has tiptoed a time or two up to the front door of Exhaustion, rung it's wee bell - then fucked right off out of there, faster than a speeding bullet train. These past weeks have seen Dad up and at 'em each and every, for 20+ fucking days... hoo mama. No fucking about either; lots of graft, lots of energy expelled... there's been an obviousness to the descent towards collapse. But I tell yous: it's felt worth doing in a lot of ways. The terrificness of the opportunity grabbed there recently, means a light exists at the end of the tunnel, that can be reached quickly and efficiently. Twenty-six in total... that's enough sure - Dad hath proven himself able ✌️. Several things have happened that have only e'er been daydreamt about afore - physical traits that leave viewers under few illusions: the cunt upon whom you have your disgusting eyes fixated on, reaches goals 🤘. May have taken Dad a fuckload of time to get there, but get there one hath 🙌. And sure... what's here really- what is it about Dads appearance that yells 'line in the sand'? Love Handles: Gone. Arm Veins: Popping. Both these and many more factoids now exist, thanks to Dads intensity and fortitude. One day, it'll recede: the world created over a few years of concentrated effort and belief, will one day start to crumble, brick by fucking brick... and with that in mind, Dad celebrates akin to a cunt appearing onstage at muscley man shows. Each and every week may well be the peak you, afore the abilities sgart to slowly dwindle. Ne'er let go of the gift of doing things shit-hotly, it's taken for granted way, way too fucking oft ✌️


Well oh-fucking-kay: money hath been gained back 🙌. A fair old whiley since Dad could holler that out sure and it was a fucking pretty solid chunk as well - off the fucking page 😎. Let's no dwell on the fact all three were up 'alftime and thusly had a capple 'undred bangers in it's disgusting paws - comaparative with recency, it was a Grand Day out 👍. And here - let's no fucking forget - Dad was tackling a league where knowledge was sparse... didnae take Dad long to see what the dealio was, and make some moves that even the local folks were bedazzled by. Dad picks up the rope quick people: s'going to be a fun fucking summertime probably - YES 🎉. Reddit Running Total (RRT) currently sits at -£731.35. Ah no.

III - The DWT Statistic Collection

Welcome to The DWT Statistic Collection 🙌
DWT Statistic #112
If you're looking for progress - the year-on-year improvement on Profit-Making Months is for you: to date, every new calendar year has doubled the previous years number, meaning 2023 needs a total of 8 to keep the magic flowing.
See you next week, for yet another addition, to The DWT Statistic Collection 👍


I'm not promoting it in the slightest to be put on; it's purely to be completely transparent about where the beans I'm spilling are being pushed towards – this is after all, a Life Experiment: Can a useless old arsehole prosper under strict weekly gambling conditions? Word of warning; prior to this – not really. The sticky clarifies - but just to reiterate - here's the format...DRS20 is Dads Recommended Spend: £20. This is a lot of money granted - and I would encourage absolute apprehension if this sort of money represents life altering for you personally if zero is returned. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to lose £20 in a week; but confess that if I got no return for say, 20 weeks in a row - I would likely be without something I value (a streaming service or summat). I don’t take it lightly. Four bets are placed with this outlay: a £5 Treble (DWT) and three £5 Doubles. Generally if two come up, the bet is covered (up or down £2 or so). As of DWT100 - we here at DWT now splash out an additional 15 bangers on the Singles. Regardless - DRS20 remains. I would NEVER recommend spending yet more on this if you have been a regular DRS20 utiliser... if owt - spend less 👍. My gambling prowess is pretty much a joke; so whilst I advertise, I in no way qualify them as a given. I’m a prick with plenty bollocks to spout is all. This is how I frame it.


So here it is - the one that feels inspired yet realistic and as such follows the same kind of path as that that occurred just afore:
It's DWT159
DWT REPRESENTATIVE Opponent Kick-Off Time Odds
JONKOPINGS SODRA 🟡🔴🟢🟢🔴 trellebergs ff 🟢🟡🟢🟢🟢 14:00 GMT 13/10
SOGNDAL IL 🟢🔴🔴🟢🟢 mjondalen 🟢🔴🟢🟢🔴 14:00 GMT 13/10
HALMSTADS BK 🟡🟢🟢🔴🟢 verberg bois 🔴🟡🔴🔴🔴 16:30 GMT 6/4
12.23/1 we get for this selection – terrific 😎
Over 15’s last week; over 12's this week - keeping it tight by fuck... and no wonder tbf: slim bastard pickin's and no fucking mistake - hoo mama. but for sure, Dad isnae fussy - should there be a need for a Winner to occur whilst price is relatively small, so be it. Any kind of cash, any kind of time. There's a loss to recover, and by jings I'll bloody well arrest it 🙌
DWT159 - The Doubles


JONKOPINGS SODRA are back 🙌. For the first time in 2 years - almost to the fucking day - they are back, and as such - in with a shot of redeeming the goalless stalemate played out with Ogryte IS, thusly destroying DWT55's opportunity of a tasty Double. A toughie they've got on their hands in Trelleborg - at least on paper. The home side our bunch are, so when it's a case of picking from one of two solid sets of buggers - go with the cunts whom get swept along by a hungry baying crowd 👍
SOGNDAL up next - scoring freely and winning easily: that's the kind of magic we're looking for people 😎. Atop the league as such - and here's a trip to play a set of cunts who've shipped 7 fucking goals in their last couple home games, over league 'n' cup haha - in the fucking satchel 🙌
HALMSTADS BK round off the wonder; for they, a trip tp bottom club verberg... a team who havenae won a fucking game in 12 (count 'em), 12 attempts - hoo mama. Ou heroes are on a run of 3 unbeaten - certainly enough going on to suggest they know what needs done to also-ran arseholes 👊


So there we have it – nostalgia, hope and determination all apparent in equal measure. This time we do it right; wind in the sails – and off across the ocean in search of new worlds. A powerful pirate ship hunting high and low for treasures. Raise the fucking flag - the Good Ship DWT is back and ready to provide for its crew. If you play; play safe. DRS20 as always people. Frustration at the amount won, is better than the heartache at the amount lost.
submitted by Dad1903 to DadsWeeklyTreble [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 07:10 sulumits-retsambew Heads up: /r/russian will join June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes

This subreddit will be joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all third-party Reddit apps.

We did not make this decision lightly, we believe it is important to make a stand against unfair changes and indicate to the corporate bosses that unfair changes will not be accepted. The subreddit will be made private on June 12th around 05:00AM GMT (my wakeup time) and will remain private until June 14th. No one will be able to access the subreddit when it is privated, not even subscribed users.

Мы присоединяемся к протесту 12-го - 14-го июня против изменений в API Реддита, которые фактически уничтожают все посторонние приложения для Реддита.

Сабреддит закроется 12-го июня примерно в 05:00 по Гринвичу (в 07:00 по московскому времени, в 07:00 по киевскому времени) и останется закрытым до 14-го июня. Никто не будет иметь доступ к сабреддиту в закрытом состоянии, даже подписанные пользователи. Решение непростое, но было принято единогласно всеми модераторами. О своем участии в протесте заявило на данный момент более 4000 сабреддитов. Спасибо за понимание и извините за причиненные неудобства.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third-party app on Reddit, from Apollo and Reddit is Fun through Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface.
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.
In our specific case, we depend on Moderator Toolbox (which, in turn, depends on RES) to effectively moderate the sub.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
/russian Mod Team
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2023.06.10 07:00 AutoModerator Saturday Check-in IWNDWYT Posted at 12:00 AM CST (GMT -05:00)

Welcome to the Saturday 24 hour pledge!

I am pledging to not drink today and invite you to do the same.
This is that magical place where we pledge to not drink just for today. It doesn't matter if you just woke up to yet another hangover wondering how you got home last night or if you've been sober for years. Let's all gather here and not drink together today.
This is the place where we state our intent to get through this day Alcohol Free. With eight simple words, we make a commitment to stay sober just for today. With the commitment we make to not drink alcohol today we find the power to make it true and the power to encourage others to do the same.
And if we fail? We get another chance tomorrow. And limitless chances thereafter.
I Will Not Drink With You Today.
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2023.06.10 06:03 Daniel7394 2023 Italian GP: Moto2 & Moto3 Practice 3, MotoGP Free Practice, MotoGP Qualifying, MotoE Race 1, Moto3 & Moto2 Qualifying, MotoE Race 2 & Red Bull Rookies Race 1 Discussion

2023 Italian GP: Moto2 & Moto3 Practice 3, MotoGP Free Practice, MotoGP Qualifying, MotoE Race 1, Moto3 & Moto2 Qualifying, MotoE Race 2 & Red Bull Rookies Race 1 Discussion

Welcome! to the /MotoGP Moto2 & Moto3 Practice 3, MotoGP Free Practice, MotoGP Qualifying, MotoE Race 1, Moto3 & Moto2 Qualifying, MotoE Race 2 & Red Bull Rookies Race 1 thread for round six of the 2023 season for the Italian GP! Flair up with our new flair system for 2023! Stay civil and enjoy!
Class Session Time (Local Time GMT +2) FREE Live Timing via MotoTiming Report Grid Championship Standings Results On-Demand
Moto3 Practice 3 08:40 - 09:10 Here
Moto2 Practice 3 09:25 - 09:55 Here
MotoGP Free Practice 10:10 - 10:40 Here
MotoGP Qualifying 1 10:50 - 11:05 Here
MotoGP Qualifying 2 11:15 - 11:30 Here
MotoE Race 1 12:15 Here
Moto3 Qualifying 1 12:50 - 13:05 Here
Moto3 Qualifying 2 13:15 - 13:30 Here
Moto2 Qualifying 1 13:45 - 14:00 Here
Moto2 Qualifying 2 14:10 - 14:25 Here
MotoE Race 2 16:10 Here
Red Bull Rookies Cup Race 1 16:50 - Live on Red Bull TV
Convert session times to your local time: Here
*Please note all on-demand, reports and results will be update when available on MotoGP.com
Alternative Reports on the Italian GP can be found on: MotoMatters, Motorsport, The-Race & Crash. If you'd like your favourite website adding please comment below or contact the mods.
Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley:
Length: 5.25 Km (3.26 Miles)
Distance: MotoGP Sprint: 10 laps MotoGP Race: 23 laps, 120.64 km (74.96 miles) Moto2: 21 laps, 110.15 km (68.44 miles) Moto3: 20 laps, 104.9 km (65.18 miles) MotoE: 20 laps, 83.7 km (52.01 miles)
All Time Lap Record: MotoGP: Fabio Quartararo, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, 2021, 1:45.187 Moto2: Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo, 2021, 1:50.616 Moto3: Tatsuki Suzuki, Sic58 Squadra Corse, 2021, 1'56.001 MotoE: TBC After FP1
2022 Pole Position: MotoGP: Fabio Di Giannantonio, Ducati, 1:46.156 Moto2: Aron Canet, Kalex, 1'51.121 Moto3: Deniz Öncü, KTM, 1'56.811
2022 Fastest Race Lap: MotoGP: Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati, 1'46.588 Moto2: Augusto Fernandez, Kalex, 1'52.323 Moto3: Riccardo Rossi, Honda, 1'57.234
2022 Winners: MotoGP: Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Lenovo Team Moto2: Pedro Acosta, Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3: Sergio Garcia, Valresa GASGAS Aspar Team
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Feel free to leave feedback and improvements on the subreddit by sending us the mods a message.
Please also read over our subreddit rules Here before posting, Thank you.
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2023.06.10 05:39 hansington1 [MODPOST] Season 11 Claims Thread or Unveiling the Ice: Mysterious Structure Discovered in Antarctica Amid Global Upheaval

By R. Byrd, CNN
Updated 5:00 p.m. Pst, October 9th 2023
In a world already grappling with unprecedented geopolitical shifts and the escalating effects of global warming, scientists conducting routine satellite surveys of Antarctica have made a startling discovery. A large structure, previously hidden beneath the ice, has been partially uncovered near the South Pole. This discovery has sent ripples through the scientific community and beyond.
The structure, which appears to be of considerable size, has emerged due to the rapid melting of Antarctic ice, a consequence of global warming. The discovery of such a structure in one of the most inhospitable and unexplored places on Earth raises a multitude of questions about its origin, purpose, and implications.
Preliminary investigations into the structure have yielded intriguing results. While it's still early days, some scientists suggest a possible connection to ancient legends and mythologies. This theory, while speculative and based on very preliminary findings, adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the discovery. If there is any truth to this connection, it could potentially rewrite our understanding of history and the Earth itself.
This discovery comes at a time when the world is witnessing significant transformations. From the fragmentation of the United States to the formation of new political entities in Central and South America, and significant developments in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, the world is in a state of flux. The uncovering of this mysterious structure in Antarctica adds another layer of complexity to an already tumultuous period in human history.
As scientists continue to investigate the structure, the world watches with bated breath. The implications of this discovery are potentially far-reaching and could reshape our understanding of the world. As we navigate these uncertain times, one thing is clear: we are witnessing history in the making.


Claim Submission Thread

**OPEN UNTIL Monday 1400 PST (06-12-2023)
2200 PST
0100 EST
1500 GMT

Please refer to the updated Claims List for choices.

Additionally, note the following important information,
Claim Expectations (IMPORTANT)
The following will be some advice, created to help new players and returning-players alike when selecting claims. Due to some expectations, it is imperative that you seriously think about the claims you are interested in and are prepared to showcase a working knowledge of your claim. As always, due to the limited number of desirable claims, it is doubly important that you have a basic idea in relation to your plans and your claim in general.

As always, we encourage you to claim whatever you believe to be the most fun! But please understand that we will be expecting you to showcase some basic info. Furthermore, once claims have been distributed (Friday) - you will be expected to do the following within 7 days.

Requirements of the [CLAIM] Post

  1. For S11 - every player will be expected to submit a claim post after having received your claim via the claim distribution results. This can be done anytime within 7 days of you receiving the results. But will be your first post as you will not be permitted to play until your [CLAIM] has been submitted and approved. The [CLAIM] post can even be submitted before the season officially starts, which will allow you to begin playing immediately when we open the season for play. (This applies to the mods as well). Failure to submit a [CLAIM] within that 7-day period will result in further action being taken by the mods.

  1. You can write your [CLAIM] post in nearly any format so long as it is not a META one. It could be formatted as a News Report, as a "narrative story", or in any way you can think of (nearly).

  1. Within this [CLAIM] post, you must list or otherwise specifically note the following information in order to prove to us that you have a basic understanding of the claim. This goes doubly so for the US Successors which will, like all players, enjoy plenty of freedom in RP.

Information that must be noted in your [CLAIM]
Head of State
Your claim's form of government (Of course this can be expanded or altered at any time once the season starts).
A basic overview of the claim at large and its history between 2022 and 2023.
Further - claimants will be expected to detail the basic economic situation (structure), government structure, etcetera in further detail at some point.

NOTE: Failure to meet these expectations can result in your claim being denied.

It is highly likely, that if you fail to meet the 7-day requirement - your claim and any others like it will be entered into a tertiary phase for claim submission. Meaning it is possible you will have lost your claim.

Additionally -
There will be a 2-week grace period once the season starts. During this time, no new wars may be started. This is to allow all players time to figure out their claims/countries and establish themselves (Also do your WIKIs). This will run from Jan1 2024 - Jan 1, 2026

In order to have your choices counted, please submit in the following format.
To make it easy for the mods, you are encouraged to please submit in a format roughly akin to below.
Claims List (In priority of first pick to last pick)
  1. Example Country (Put your first pick on this line naturally)
You are not required to have 5 picks, however, it should be noted that your 1st pick should absolutely be your first choice as most times, G8/G20 countries are gone by the time it reaches your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pick.
This claim phase will be open until Monday - 1400 unless otherwise specified.
Relating the process of claim distribution will be conducted by the mods (myself most likely), and will be via RNG when there is more than one competing player for a claim. Note that this requires the two players to put the claim in question in the same numerical position.


AFRICA Name Population GDP (billions)
Central/East Africa Central African Federation 367,575,704 $448.01
Horn of Africa Horn of Africa Alliance 185,605,002 $218.11
North Africa Magrebi Union 214,846,171 $838.98
Southern Africa Southern African Union 222,212,495 $680.24
West Africa West Africa Federation 456,283,945 $817.99
Saudi Arabia Arabian Gulf Union 88,501,892 $2,114
The Caucasus Caucasian Federation 18,345,996 $121.7
China People's Republic of China 1,474,368,607 $19,454
India Republic of India 1,869,509,065 $4,659
Iran Islamic Republic of Iran 173,779,803 $738.65
Japan State of Japan 123,719,238 $4,410
The Levant Jordan-Israeli Federation 25,461,306 $610.29
Korea Republic of Korea 78,039,165 $1,738
Malay Archipelago Republic of Nusantara 447,125,011 $2,845
Oceania Oceanic Federation 33,156,035 $$1,967
Southeast Asia Southeast Asian Union 199,337,793 $1,068
Taiwan Taiwan/Republic of China/Chinese Taipei 23,588,613 $790.728
Central Asia Federation of Turkestan 66,273,018 $362.86
Turkey Republic of Turkïye 106,527,014 $1,040
Alps Alpine Confederation 17,544,613 $1,392
Poland Baltic Commonwealth 43,672,033 $916.18
Romania Carpathian Federation 31,246,868 $553.24
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak Republic 16,131,561 $458.02
France Republic of France 72,804,962 $3,215
Germany Federal Republics of Germany 108,930,853 $5,784
Iberia Iberian Federation 57,531,231 $1,764
Italy Mediterranean Union 78,564,631 $2,497
Russia Russian Federation 151,082,776 $2,289
Scandinavia United Kingdoms of Scandinavia 27,695,817 $1,860
Ukraine Republic of Ukraine 43,306,477 $151.10
British Isles United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 73,823,347 $3,781
Balkans Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 26,164,676 $367.09
Latin America
Brazil United States of Brazil 243,163,461 $2,263
Caribbean Caribbean Federation 27,765,042 $210.62
Central America Central American Federation 50,594,071 $321
Colombia Republic of Gran Colombia 129,778,212 $800.548
Argentina Southern Cone Federation 65,171,304 $958.69
North America
Canada Dominion of Canada 80,309,224 $4,246
Mexico United Mexican States 161,477,219 $ TBD
United States United States of America 87,110,098 $ TBD
Pacific Coast Pacific States Pact 57,204,168 $ 4,678
Midwest Heartland Republic 39,852,287 $ 2,097
Dixie Free States of America 90,458,708 $ 3,788

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2023.06.10 05:20 Suspicious_Cut_9977 [Artisan] Helios And Merlin - Kaonashi

Helios and Merlin - Kaonashi Edition
Raffle start from 10 June, 10.00 GMT+7 until 12 June, 10.00 GMT+7
Helios and Merlin - Kaonashi Edition - Form Open for 48 Hours - Cherry MX Stem - Multishot Resin - Limited for 12 keycaps each - Form Of Pay :
 - Paypal 
Price :
- One Artisan : $65
- Take two : $120
Shipping :
- Indonesia : $1
- SEA : $10
- International : $17
imgur : https://imgur.com/a/AlgweO8 Form : https://forms.gle/KF1ffUqdd98vnsRq5
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2023.06.10 03:22 Hitch42 r/audiodrama will go dark on June 12-14 in protest of Reddit's API changes.

TL;DR: This subreddit is going to be inaccessible for 48 hours from June 12-14. After that it will be back and the community can decide how to proceed. This is a place to discuss what's going on and possibly to link to other audio drama communities.
Recently, Reddit has made a policy change that affects how third-party apps will have access to their API, which is how other programs interact with Reddit. Basically, Reddit will start charging fees for that access. One of the results of this is that several of those apps cannot or will not pay for that access, and have decided to shut down completely. This affects other aspects as well, such as bots that some subreddits use to moderate their posts and comments. There are also some apps that people with vision impairments use that could be affected. In response, many subreddits have decided to "go dark" (which essentially means making the subreddit private and therefore inacceible) from June 12-14. audiodrama will be one of those subreddits.
There's a lot to this situation, and I cannot claim have all of the information, so I want to post what I know here and to let anyone else add to the discussion. I consider this subreddit to be a community, and what happens here should be what this community wants. A few days ago, I made another post about this and invited people to share their thoughts. In the comments, there was an almost unanimous vote to join the protest.
For people who want more information on this situation, this link may be of help, but anyone should feel free to post more here.
Save3rdPartyApps: Don't Let Reddit Kill 3rd Party Apps!
I was going to make this post yesterday, but then it was announced that the CEO of Reddit was going to do an AMA to address people's concerns. That did happen earlier today.
reddit: Addressing the community about changes to our API
I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I thought that it was worth waiting until after this had happened before making anything official. To the best of my knowledge, about two dozen questions out of thousands got answered, and it pretty much just reiterated what was already known and/or suspected. It does not seem to have changed the situation very much.
I want to address a specific issue that I've seen in several related discussions, here and elsewhere. That being the opinion that a two-day protest is ineffective. It should be longer than that, if not indefinite, until the situation is fully resolved.
I don't disagree with this sentiment, but I think a few things should be taken into consideration.
First, a lot of subreddits are taking part in this, including some of the top ones with with tens of millions of subscribers. Some of them are extending their blackout past the 14th, and some have started earlier, but even within this timeframe, I think this is a powerful statement. Let's at least see what happens.
Second, I don't know of a solitary "source of truth" to look toward that will indicate whether or not things are now officially okay enough to switch the lights back on. Right now, the subreddits ModCoord and Save3rdPartyApps are my main sources of information. For all I know, the places that are currently disseminating the information that I am looking through will go dark as well.
Third, this subreddit is a community, and I am one person. I don't want to the sole arbiter of how things play out here. I think coming back after a set amount of time allows this community to make its own decisions on what to do next. If something more needs to happen, we will decide that together.
Right now, my plan is to manually set the subreddit to Private on June 12 12:00 AM GMT, and the manually switch it back on on the 14th, 48 hours later. The dates 12-14 can make it seem like a three-day span of time, but I do believe that it is meant to be a 2-day event. Since I don't believe there's any way to schedule such a transition, I have to do it manually. There's a possibility that I won't be at my computer right at the stroke of midnight, but I'll try to be punctual. I'll change the subreddit's description to something informative during this time, which should be what will be displayed when people view the subreddit. After that, I'll pin a new post to the subreddit and let people discuss things further.
In the meantime, until this protest goes into effect, everyone should feel free to discuss anything about this here. Also, I want to encourage people to post links to any other audio drama communities in this thread, be it other platforms, apps, or other subreddits that will remain open during this protest. Obviously, I have a certain bias, but I'd like to think that this subreddit is one of the important communities in the audio drama world, but I know it's not the only one. And since it won't be available for a time, there's no reason why the community can't exist in a different form.
submitted by Hitch42 to audiodrama [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 03:13 M05y Did somebody say street stocks on road courses???

Did somebody say street stocks on road courses??? submitted by M05y to iRacing [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:01 ArtKeyUniverse [Artisan] Artkey Gentlemen o' Fortune

We relive the childhood dream of being pirates!
So brace yourselves, you sea dogs! Fortune and Adventure await!
Raffle Form
Quantity: 12 each sculpt
Raffle will live at: June 10th 9:00 AM ICT / 02:00 AM GMT/ June 9th 10:00 PM ET.
Raffle Form will stay in 24 hours.
●Price: $100-150 /ea
● Invoices out in 1 hour after raffle ends.
● MX Stem.
● 100% resin casting.
● Expected shipping date: July 2nd
Raffle rules:
● 1 Person/ 1 IP/ 1 Account/ 1 Entry.
● Invoices will be sent shortly after raffle is ended. We will leave notification when all invoices out.
● If you win, you will get an invoice. If not? Grats, an extra L to your scoreboard!
● You have 8 hours to pay. After that, all unpaid invoices will be canceled and re-rolled. In case of need, pm us for a flexible window to pay.
● Any breach of entry rule will lead be permanently banned. If you win and decide to put your winnings for sale immediately, this will be your last Artkey sale. Please strictly follow our rules.
● You can track the time in the form above.
● You can combine orders together to reduce the shipping cost.
Follow our works at:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artkey.universe/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtKeyUniverse/
Discord: https://discord.gg/DwAzEpt
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2023.06.09 20:59 LiteraryHedgehog Megathread: Pride Parade Event, June 9-12

Brought to us by the hardy party crew of the Dragonia Den Guild!
This event will run from Friday, June 9 until 19:00 GMT on Monday, June 12; to participate you will need version 10.3.0 or later, at least 100 dragon power, and a high quality, stable internet connection.
Please keep any event-specific questions in this thread; good luck and happy merging!

Special Notes


Event Guide

Click on this link to open the Image Guide as a Google Slideshow, or use the individual links below to open specific slides
  1. Cloud Key Map - Shows the location of each cloud lock with the needed key item.
  2. Cloud Key Chart - Shows what items are needed to open each cloud lock, and if there’s any dead land, additional locks, or any important items behind the lock.
  3. Infinite Harvestables Map - Shows locations of all Infinite Harvestable items.
  4. Event Quests Chart - Full list of all the Event Quests.
  5. Tile Healing Map - Shows the healing power needed for each tile.
  6. Event Rewards Chart - Lists the amount of points required to reach each prize level, and how much each Point Item is worth.

Event Items and Cloud Keys

(Cloud Keys are in italics, links go to wiki pages)

Event FAQs


Featured Reward Breeds:


Event Troubleshooting

If the event is not showing up or glitches are affecting your play:

General Technical Warnings:

edits are on-going
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2023.06.09 20:57 senatordev Someone can explain why the same calendar view in portrait is different in landscape mode in these two? (Same settings, same language, same iOS version, same everything)

Someone can explain why the same calendar view in portrait is different in landscape mode in these two? (Same settings, same language, same iOS version, same everything) submitted by senatordev to ios [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:00 AbsolutusVirtus [Main] BNIB and UNWORN, Fully Stickered Rolex GMT-Master II Everose Rootbeer, dated May 2021 (Ref. 126715CHNR) - 100 spots at $420.00/ea with NO spot limit.

Item Name: BNIB and UNWORN, Fully Stickered Rolex GMT-Master II Everose Rootbeer, dated May 2021 (Ref. 126715CHNR)
Price: $42,000.00
# of Spots: 100 @ $420.00/Spot
Mod Approval Link: https://mod.reddit.com/mail/inprogress/1i11n0
Price Justification: Sold for $43,797.00 on 01/18/2023, dated 2022
Price Justification: Sold for $43,450.00 on 03/20/2023, dated 2022
Price Justification: Sold for $38,675.00 on 12/30/2022, dated October 2021
Price Justification: Sold for $38,500.00 on 02/13/2023, dated 2022
Price Justification: Sold for $35,857.00 on 03/26/2023, dated February 2022 and worn
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? No
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA ONLY
Timestamp/pics: Album + Timestamp
Escrow: No
Description: Up for raffle is a brand new and unworn Rolex GMT-Master II Everose Rootbeer. Reference number is 126715CHNR. The date of this watch is October 2022. The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in 18 carat everose gold with an oyster bracelet features a black dial and a two-colour Cerachrom bezel insert in brown and black ceramic. Designed to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously during intercontinental flights, the GMT-Master II has come to be recognized for its robustness and versatile appearance. In addition to conventional hour, minute and seconds hands, the GMT-Master II features an arrow-tipped hand, which circles the dial once every 24 hours, as well as a bidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel. The distinctively coloured 24-hour hand displays the “home” reference time in a first time zone which can be read on the graduations on the bezel. The traveller’s local time is easily set by “jumping” from hour to hour, thanks to an ingenious mechanism operated via the winding crown: the hour hand can be adjusted forwards or backwards independently of the minute and seconds hands. This allows travellers to adapt to their new time zone without affecting the precision of their timekeeping. Synonymous with excellence and reliability, Rolex watches are designed for everyday wear, and depending on the model, perfectly suited for a wide range of sports and other activities. Built to last, these timepieces are characterized by their distinctive and timeless aesthetics. The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is an ideal watch for criss-crossing the globe. Good luck with raffle!

PayPal Info: PM me for Paypall
*Cash App Info: PM me for CashApp. Venmo is @kelvin-kwan. Use emoji for Venmo. Send as private *

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 jayanem PAID
2 cwithersk12s PAID
3 Hillmanian PAID
4 bobjacobson PAID
5 bobjacobson PAID
6 username2571 PAID
7 cwithersk12s PAID
8 streetreddit PAID
9 CharlietheCorgi PAID
10 cwithersk12s PAID
11 titanium_rex PAID
12 ProofDevice PAID
13 bobjacobson PAID
14 titanium_rex PAID
15 cwithersk12s PAID
16 SayUncal PAID
17 mcmlxxivxxiii PAID
18 streetreddit PAID
19 cwithersk12s PAID
20 evilr2 PAID
21 NSFW_All-Star PAID
22 cwithersk12s PAID
23 cwithersk12s PAID
24 cwithersk12s PAID
25 isthisvick PAID
26 Away-Passage-6268 PAID
27 bobjacobson PAID
28 streetreddit PAID
29 ProofDevice PAID
30 SeveralBee PAID
31 ytyttyler PAID
32 isthisvick PAID
33 streetreddit PAID
34 bobjacobson PAID
35 plskillme42069 PAID
36 cwithersk12s PAID
37 cwithersk12s PAID
38 bobjacobson PAID
39 imbznp PAID
40 isthisvick PAID
41 titanium_rex PAID
42 isthisvick PAID
43 isthisvick PAID
44 ParticularArachnid35 PAID
45 SayUncal PAID
46 remrk7 PAID
47 bobjacobson PAID
48 isthisvick PAID
49 isthisvick PAID
50 isthisvick PAID
51 streetreddit PAID
52 chrsdstryr PAID
53 isthisvick PAID
54 bgg2011 PAID
55 isthisvick PAID
56 tu-tungz PAID
57 cwithersk12s PAID
58 cwithersk12s PAID
59 streetreddit PAID
60 isthisvick PAID
61 isthisvick PAID
62 isthisvick PAID
63 golframfan PAID
64 streetreddit PAID
65 SayUncal PAID
66 bobjacobson PAID
67 streetreddit PAID
68 amnonymous PAID
69 cwithersk12s PAID
70 SpokPt2 PAID
71 tu-tungz PAID
72 mervyn88 PAID
73 bobjacobson PAID
74 bobjacobson PAID
75 isthisvick PAID
76 cardsfan24 PAID
77 isthisvick PAID
78 kaivman PAID
79 elevenbee PAID
80 Bluebuddyman PAID
81 spreddit12 PAID
82 isthisvick PAID
83 chaz8900 PAID
84 streetreddit PAID
85 golframfan PAID
86 SayUncal PAID
87 jayanem PAID
88 dcxgod PAID
89 isthisvick PAID
90 woobies PAID
91 SayUncal PAID
92 cwithersk12s PAID
93 isthisvick PAID
94 cwithersk12s PAID
95 streetreddit PAID
96 terp2010 PAID
97 cwithersk12s PAID
98 saimangosalsa PAID
99 Formal_Depth9612 PAID
100 isthisvick PAID

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2023.06.09 16:03 Johnny-Doe-8888 [Meta] Re:/r/MuseAsia & the 6.12 Subreddit Strike

To our valued readers,
As you may know, many subreddits are about to go on a 48-hour strike this coming Monday (12 June) in protest of planned API changes which will negatively impact how we use Reddit (particularly & especially for those using third-party apps). Three days ago, we asked you in a poll if you would like to see MuseAsia to join the strike, and at the conclusion of the said poll we only received three (3) responses, all of which favoured the "Yes" option.
Therefore, in consideration of those respondents & in solidarity with the other participating subreddits we will temporarily go dark for 48 hours from the 12-14 June, beginning at 00:00 (GMT+8) on 12 June & lasting until 23:59 (GMT+8) on 14 June. We apologise in advance for any inconveniences you may experience resulting from the blackout (as well as any concerns some of you may have regarding the said blackout), but we also hope you understand the difficult situation of those affected by the changes.
Yours sincerely,
The moderators of MuseAsia
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2023.06.09 14:16 bosota159 How get profit with Crypto pump signals for Binance Telegram group?

How get profit with Crypto pump signals for Binance Telegram group?

If you used to be interested in making money easily by trading cryptocurrencies, then I will now reveal to you a huge secret: most of the profit comes from trading digital tokens with the help of “crypto Pump signal about upcoming pumps”. To put it in simpler terms, when you have insider information about coins that will “quickly rise in price” soon, then you buy the desired cryptocurrency and expect its price to rise quickly, and then sell this pre-purchased digital token for more and fix a huge profit . All this happens very quickly and therefore the specified information brings profit every day many times in a row. Here is how it works in reality, and if you do not have the necessary knowledge, this article will tell you how and where to get free information about upcoming pumps on the binance crypto pump exchange and how to make money from this useful insider information.

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2023.06.09 14:10 Shakku_XO [Especial] Estabilizadores comerciables y elimina mejoras en las piezas

[Especial] Estabilizadores comerciables y elimina mejoras en las piezas

¡Hola a todos!
Durante este fin de semana, podréis eliminar mejoras de vuestras piezas usando una cierta cantidad de estabilizadores de la misma rareza.
Al eliminar la mejora de una pieza, ésta pierde las bonificaciones recibidas por la mejora, pero también vuelve a ser comerciable. De esta forma, podréis vender las piezas que ya no usáis en el mercado.
Para aquellos jugadores que no tengáis suficientes estabilizadores para eliminar las mejoras, mientras dure esta promoción los estabilizadores serán comerciables. Podréis vender y comprar tantos estabilizadores como necesitéis en el mercado del juego.
Dicha promoción está disponible en PC, PlayStation® y Xbox.
La promoción permanecerá activa desde las 12:00 GMT del 9 de junio hasta las 05:00 GMT del 12 de junio
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2023.06.09 14:03 Faley016 Removing the upgrades and tradable stabilizers

Removing the upgrades and tradable stabilizers

Hello, survivors!
During this weekend you’ll be able to remove upgrades from your parts, using a certain amount of stabilizers of the same rarity.
When you remove the upgrade from any part, it loses its upgrade bonuses, but it also becomes tradable. This way, you’ll be able to sell the parts that you’re not using anymore on the market.
For those players who don’t have enough stabilizers to remove upgrades, we will activate a temporary setting that allows everyone to sell and buy stabilizers on the market. But please note that this setting will only be active for the duration of this promotion.
The special will be available from 12:00 GMT on June 9 until 05:00 GMT on June 12 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox
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