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2014.11.24 17:02 roseetgris Moissanite

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2009.10.15 17:51 cinsere /r/trees - home of the ents

The go-to subreddit for anything and everything cannabis. From MMJ to munchies, from nugs to news, and everything between! The casual cannabis community

2020.07.12 07:57 earlysong Synthetic Gemstones

Welcome to our community! This is a subreddit dedicated to synthetic gemstone discussions, CAD reviews, lab gemstone evaluations, ring & jewelry share! If you are new - please read through our ‘Newbie Start Guide’ pinned at the top of this sub. Also see our Menu for reference material and vendor recommendations. Gems for sale - see labdiamondgemstoneBST

2023.06.10 17:20 DonFantasia after spending some days in the lab, I think it's safe to say this is the highest damage combo you can get with Cammy right now

after spending some days in the lab, I think it's safe to say this is the highest damage combo you can get with Cammy right now submitted by DonFantasia to StreetFighter [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:18 teleomorph Context menu truncated and requires scrolling even when there's plenty of room?

How can I change the context menu so it just displays entirely instead cut off and requiring scrolling?
I am not talking about the new Windows 11 context menu with the 'show more options'. Just the regular right-click menu that opens within various apps. It never did this in Windows 10.
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2023.06.10 17:18 Far-Today4442 Texas Labor Law

My boyfriend works a really shitty job (management) but at an upscale restaurant and gets great tips. He started working there a few weeks and the restaurant has a first 5 shifts policy for training. No tips but federal minimum wage. He finished that weeks ago but the owner decides to come in today decided he wasn’t trained properly on the menu enough by his own “bullshit standards” and told him he’s going back to training again so no tips for the foreseeable future and back to federal minimum wage. But he did this literally an hour into his shift. Told him the rest of the shift and forward until he passes a “test”. I know in most states legally employers are required to give you notice if they are going to reduce your wage. Is this in the case of texas too?
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2023.06.10 17:17 Jenniebeanss I just purged in a restaurant bathroom for the first time

We had Greek food and I was really craving it but I completely did not even think about how calorific my options would be. After looking at the menu I thought I made a good choice since my meal was high in protein. So I thought I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.
But as soon as I got full and stopped eating. I just wanted to purge. I couldn’t take the fullness and I couldn’t keep up with working out many cals I had just eaten. I really tried it fight the urge but soon enough I was in the bathroom puking.
Honestly it was the first time I’d done that in a public restroom and throughout my meal I thought about c/s now and then.
Well, I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest ..
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2023.06.10 17:16 Hello_I_Am_Here_Now Worries about experimental bundle breaking world (java)

Hello all. So so few days ago when 1.20 came out, I wanted to check out the new stuff. I opened up the world creation menu and started looking at all the new menus and stuff. I found the experimental features menu and decided it would be cool to check out the bundle. I didn't think that this world I would make would actually be a long term world (I thought I'd just check out some stuff in survival), so I ignored the warning message (yeah thats really my bad). Fast forward to today and I've made a lot of progress on this world I do not want to lose. Will the experimental features (bundle) not allow me to update my world to newer versions (1.21)? What will happen if they remove that experimental feature? Is there any way to remove it?
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2023.06.10 17:16 Wooden_Resident_6353 This so Funny

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2023.06.10 17:16 GarrettSJ A dog fell into my hands, I don't know what to do

So last night at around 11:30 I (22M) decided to head out to my car to grab something. What are the odds that at the exact time a Blonde Lab approached me. Unsure what to do I ran inside and got some bread to avoid it running away. I borrowed a crate from a neighbor and left it in my bathroom with a towel, some dog food, and a toy over night.
In the morning I took it outside and it was clearly potty trained, aswell as super friendly and energetic. I tried to keep it in the kitchen/bathroom but it eventually ran up and jumped and layed on me on the couch. This dog is nothing but a ball of love and I had to get it back to it's owner.
I took it to the local vet and they found a chip in it, the chip belonged to the previous owner who had to give it to their neighbor due to allergies. The dog looked well fed but had long nails, and it's rear dewclaws were curling in on themselves (the vet snipped them for me).
When I arrived at the owners house he was very awkward, he said thank you and then proceeded to ask if I had a home for it, aswell as how I found him. The way he spoke it made me suspect that he let it go intentionally.
I texted him I would to everything i can to try and find a home, and that I would be by to pick her up tomorrow.
I just moved into my first place a few months ago, I always had dogs growing up, and I absolutely love them to death. We always had dobermans, but my parents currently have a great Pyrenees that sheds everywhere. Now I know a lab doesn't shed as much, but in the short time she was over here the hair was stressing me out. What is the best way to manage hair?
I want to do everything in my power to make this dog happy, but I'm seriously stressing trying to figure out what to do. Please help!!!
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2023.06.10 17:13 Sweaty_Astronomer_47 getting linux apps to display their icons on the shelf

I have a variety of Linux apps that I make available in the menu via .desktop files within the directory .local/share/applications/
They have an icon which shows up in the menu and also if I pin them to the shelf they show their icon in the shelf as a starting point to launch the app. BUT when the app is running all of these apps show their icon as a penguin. For example NEMO file manager falls in this category.
In contrast some other Linux apps (xfe file manager) install their own icon into the chroomeOS menu (I don't have to generate my own .desktop file) and when launched these apps display their own icon on the shelf.
Is there a way to make all of my linux apps (including those launched with my own .desktop file) show an icon on the shelf that is not a penguin?
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2023.06.10 17:12 Your_Mother466 What is the "New Game+"?

So I just Killed Shimura and I noticed a new option in the menu that says "New Game+" and I was just wondering what it does. Thanks
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2023.06.10 17:11 El_halo [NA/EU/SA] Tarkov Discord with 140 Chads and Timmys Looking for More Players!!!

TLDR - GalaxyGaming is a discord for Timmys and Chads, PVP, Quests, Events, and more. No bullshit, hop on the server, pick a role, and get to playing with others!
Discord Invite:
Hello! Are you looking for a place where everyone plays together? A place where you can join any chat and users will gladly talk, play, and help? Well, there’s no better place for that than GalaxyGaming! We pride ourselves in being the most welcoming and tight-knit community in Tarkov. Below are some of the things we offer:
· Sherpa program for New Players
· Quest Help
· A Safe Community Free of Cheaters
· In Depth Guides On Rat Spots For Those Who Like To Dabble In The Art Of Ratting
· Various Roles to Suit Your Playstyle
· Various Bots and Server Features such as Music and Polls
· Boosted Discord with Better Quality Streaming, File Upload, Customs Emojis, etc.
We welcome anyone who wants to join regardless of skill or level. It doesn’t matter if you are level 1 and haven’t played a single raid, or if you are an absolute Chad who's been playing since alpha; There will always be a squad just for you! If this interests you, you can join anytime with the discord links that have been included in this post. We hope to see you soon!!!
Discord Invite:
Also, every Friday at 11 PM EST we have a Tarkov Night where everyone gets on and we run labs, reserve, we go rogue hunting, and do private matches between teams of players similar to Arena!
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2023.06.10 17:10 Tigeristic15 Godmode9 not booting

Recently got godmode9 but I can't seem to open it via the luma or Rosalina menu and I can't find any recent guides, any help?
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2023.06.10 17:09 falsegodtruther does anyone know why my cats needs are red?

does anyone know why my cats needs are red?
i’ve looked in the friendly and pet care menu to see if there was a “what’s wrong” option and there’s nothing. i’ve tried taking her to the vet but i can’t sign in because it says there’s nothing wrong with her. ive given her food with all the different food bowls, and her litter tray is clean, i’ve played with hegiven her plenty of love. but it’s still red. i just don’t have a clue what do to because on my end, everything is okay with her, but she clearly isn’t okay. does anyone what’s happening?
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2023.06.10 17:08 Hazards-of-Love If you all weren’t aware, there’s a Discord community for this band! You can find the link on the menu, but I’ll share it in case anyone has a hard time finding it! We can’t wait to see you there!

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2023.06.10 17:06 Turbulent-Suspect-12 New to FGCs, made it to Gold with Juri!

First traditional FGC, started out in Rookie Sunday and got to Gold last night! Got it faster than I anticipated, going to grind for a while before going for platinum.
Took me just shy of 400 matches, was hard stuck in upper silver for a couple of days so went to the lab to grind out my advantage state (my weakest area at the time)
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2023.06.10 17:06 BIKESP0RT 2023 MotoGP (Round 06) Italian GP @ Mugello - MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 P3, FP3, Q1, Q2 & Sprint Race Sessions

Dorna world feed/RedBull TV
1080P/30FPS/EN (stream or download)
║ Moto3 - P3 Q1 & Q2
║ Moto2 - P3 Q1 & Q2
║ MotoGP - FP Q1 & Q2 Sprint Race
The download option is under the meatballs menu
Odysee Invite Buy Me A Coffee
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2023.06.10 17:02 TokyoOldMan INFO: TS-453-G-Pro Virus infected firmware from CS-440 OEM box - successfully upgraded to QTS 5.1.x

I bought one of QNAP's OEM devices - a now defunct Alexon Cloud Station device CS-440, that had been purportedly converted to a QNAP 453-G-Pro OS 4.1.1.... Big mistake. The Firmware came preloaded with a JavaScript Virus according to AVAST - impacting the PhotoStation app...
At first I couldn't do anything about this. The Upgrade Firmware functionality would not work at all, I could download the CLAM daily anti-virus update file for this box - though it didnt detect any issues...
So I wondered if I could upgrade to the latest QNAP OS and rid myself of these problems....
I read on another site that I could transfer the IMG file for the upgrade onto the box itself and do the upgrade from there... though the instructions were totally wrong, however.. they did give me a few pointers where to look.... and after a bit of digging around (reading through the linux bootstrap launcher scripts) , I have been able to successful now wipe out the Virus infected 4.1.1 version and replace it with the current Beta QTS 5.1.x.
Download the Firmware compatible for your device.... READ elsewhere on the Internet and beware... if uncertain or can't afford to loose everything - then do not proceed....
The CS-4xx is compatible with the QNAP-45x Series from what I read.
Download Putty to your PC - you will need that to SSH into your box which hosts a Linux-like environment..
Login to your box using the Admin use.
Then do the following:
mkdir /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update
# ln -s /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update /mnt/update

Download from the QNAP website the latest build, extract the img file, and sftp it over to your box (you will need to enable SFTP access)... I'd also suggest making a backup of it once there, i order to save time recopying it, if things go wrong.
Within a Windows PowerShell window you can do the following:
> scp .\TS-X53_20230416- [admin@<](mailto:[email protected])yourhostip>:/share/Public
(replace with the IP Address of your NAS Box)

Then , assuming you have copied it to here:
the following should work:
# /etc/init.d/ /share/Public/TS-X53_20230416- # reboot

Just as shown below.... (the # is the cmdline prompt, so don't type it!)

[/etc/init.d] # /etc/init.d/ /share/Public/TS-X53_20230416-
cksum=3536594741 Check RAM space available for FW update: OK. Using 120-bit encryption - (QNAPNASVERSION4) len=1048576 model name = TS-X53 version = 4.5.4 106flash IS_64BITS IS_STORAGE_V2 asm1061.ROM asm1061_ver boot/ bzImage bzImage.cksum bzImage.sign config/ fw_info fw_info.conf gl352x_fw.bin gl352x_fw.eep gl352x_util initrd.boot initrd.boot.cksum initrd.boot.sign qpkg.tar qpkg.tar.cksum qpkg.tar.sign rootfs_ext.tgz rootfs_ext.tgz.cksum rootfs_ext.tgz.sign update/ update_asm1061.conf 4.5.4 20230416 MODEL NAME = TS-X53-G,new version = 4.5.4 limit version = 3.9.0 Allow upgrade Allow upgrade /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update 1+0 records in 1+0 records out tune2fs 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009) Setting maximal mount count to -1 Setting interval between checks to 0 seconds /mnt/update/gl352x_util: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /mnt/update/gl352x_util) /mnt/update/gl352x_util: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /mnt/update/gl352x_util) Update image using HDD ... bzImage cksum ... Pass initrd.boot cksum ... Pass cksum ... Pass rootfs_ext.tgz cksum ... Pass rootfs_ext.tgz cksum ... Pass qpkg.tar cksum ... Pass Update RFS1... mke2fs 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009) Filesystem label=QTS_BOOT_PART2 OS type: Linux Block size=1024 (log=0) Fragment size=1024 (log=0) 60240 inodes, 240768 blocks 0 blocks (0.00%) reserved for the super user First data block=1 Maximum filesystem blocks=67371008 30 block groups 8192 blocks per group, 8192 fragments per group 2008 inodes per group Superblock backups stored on blocks: 8193, 24577, 40961, 57345, 73729, 204801, 221185 Writing inode tables: done Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done This filesystem will be automatically checked every 27 mounts or 180 days, whichever comes first. Use tune2fs -c or -i to override. Checking bzImage ... ok Checking initrd.boot ... ok Checking ... ok Checking rootfs_ext.tgz ... ok Update RFS2... mke2fs 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009) Filesystem label=QTS_BOOT_PART3 OS type: Linux Block size=1024 (log=0) Fragment size=1024 (log=0) 60240 inodes, 240768 blocks 0 blocks (0.00%) reserved for the super user First data block=1 Maximum filesystem blocks=67371008 30 block groups 8192 blocks per group, 8192 fragments per group 2008 inodes per group Superblock backups stored on blocks: 8193, 24577, 40961, 57345, 73729, 204801, 221185 Writing inode tables: done Writing superblocks and filesystem accounting information: done This filesystem will be automatically checked every 27 mounts or 180 days, whichever comes first. Use tune2fs -c or -i to override. 1+0 records in 1+0 records out Update Finished. Make a Backup set cksum [3536594741] [/etc/init.d] # [/etc/init.d] # reboot [/etc/init.d] # 
All good, now reboots as the latest OS - in the above case 4.5.4 from which I used the built in menu to upgrade to the latest beta version....

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2023.06.10 17:02 OhioBudBot Updated 🌎 Website menu data 🌎 - 06-10-2023

The website has been updated with menu data for today.
Please check out the Ohio Marijuana Community Website to view
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2023.06.10 17:02 madlexgaming Low calorie/ sugar coffee

Hi everyone! My area just got a Dutch Bros and I am having a very difficult time finding a drink that I both like and has low calories/ sugar. I really want to enjoy Dutch bros (especially since their drinks are larger than Starbucks)! Typically, at Starbucks I order drinks 200 calories or under! For example, my favorite there is the brown sugar shaken espresso. Any help would be appreciated!
Side note: why is the menu and app so confusing?
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2023.06.10 17:01 os-37 [FO4] fully voiced companion KATE

[FO4] fully voiced companion KATE
WIP fully voiced follower, featuring unique player responses.
This was made over the course of many weekends and late weeknights using ElevenLabs and Adobe Enhanced Speech. I have no prior modding experience. Version 0.1 is available on Nexus and I have a video preview on Dropbox
HiPoly Faces REDUX
Extended Facial Sculpting
Extended Dialogue Interface
makeup mods of some sort
body + clothing/armor mods (Lazman555's is what is pictured)
With the exception of Extended Dialogue Interface all other mods are soft requirements. The mod would still function OK without them but would look different than my screenshots.
submitted by os-37 to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:01 Coureherritt Satan, Lucifer, The prince of darkness delivered my pizza..?

This particularly uninteresting Friday, with the outside temperature reaching up to 90 degrees (32 Celsius for my European friends) I decided to avoid cooking, and instead order something.
"How about Chinese?" My new roommate, Nick suggests. He moved in with me last week after my old roommate moved out due to some bad blood between us, but it's in the past now, I hope.
"Nah, they take too long to deliver, by the time it gets here it's already cold," I said as I scrolled on Reddit, not really looking for anything in particular. I glance up at Nick, who was looking at me.
"Mcdonalds then?"
I shake my head in response. "They always get my orders wrong." Nick sighs. "You're hard to please." I chuckle. "I guess so."
"What do you suggest we eat then?" He crosses his arms. I shrug in response.
He sighs again, this time deeper than before.
Something catches my eye on my phone, an ad for a new restaurant. Hell's Kitchen. It's actually in our small town. "That's creepy" I mutter under my breath.
"What's that?" Nick calls out from the kitchen.
"Nothing!" I call back. He walks back into the room, wiping his hands with a towel.
"It's just this conspiracy theory, how the government listens in on our conversations and then gives us appropriate ads." Nick raises an eyebrow.
"We were talking about ordering food, and I got an ad for this new food place in our town, Hell's Kitchen."
He plops down on the couch next to me and leans in to look at my screen. "Looks fancy."
I click on the ad, which takes me to their homepage. "Let's see what they have got."
I navigate to their menu page and we begin scrolling through each item.
"Hell wings.." Nick gulps down on his saliva. "I wonder how spicy those are." He absolutely loves spicy. "Evil fries, what kind of name is that? They just look like regular fries." I comment, each item has a unique name related to Hell.
"Pizza of darkness, that sounds good." Nick points out with his finger. I shake my head in disgust. "It has pineapples dude." He chuckles.
"Then how about Inferno Pizza? It's just spicy pepperoni." I shrug, "Maybe, definitely sounds better than pineapple."
"We could also get some tortured hamburgers." I point out to him.
"I don't feel like eating a burger.." Nick replies. "And you say I'm hard to please." He laughs at that, I laugh too.
After discussing a couple more options we finally settle on Pizza of Wrath. It's put together with pepperoni, bacon strips, and mushrooms, + a mild ghost pepper sauce.
"Is there a number we're supposed to call, or do we order online?" Nick questions as I begin looking for the phone number.
"Don't see an order online option, there must be a phone number listed somewhere on the website."
"Ah there! Found it!" I exclaim in excitement, my stomach rumbles. Nick chuckles. "Me too, me too."
After confirming what we're ordering with Nick, I dial the number. It only rings once before someone picks up. I wait for a moment, to let them introduce themselves, as all fast food places do, but there's only silence, so I speak first.
"Uh Hello, is this Hell's Kitchen? We'd like to order some food."
A deep raspy voice responds. "Yes, what would you like to have?"
"Okay, we'd like two Pizzas of Wrath, small Evil Fries, and two large cokes of Doom." I cringe internally having actually said all that out loud.
The voice waits a moment before speaking again, "Is that all?" I look at Nick for confirmation that I didn't forget anything, but he's preoccupied with giggling like a little girl. I'm not sure which one of us is more cringe.
"Yes, that will be all."
"Okay, it'll be delivered to you in a minute."
"Wait, I didn't give you my address!" I shout into the receiver, but it's already too late, they hung up. I sigh, and then redial. "The recipient you are trying to reach is currently not available, please try again at another time."
"What's up?" Nick questions, having finally stopped laughing. "They don't have the address, and now the number is disconnected? not available? What does that mean? I just talked to them a moment ago." I'm beginning to get irritated.
Both of our heads jolt to the front door as someone rings the bell. Then we both look at each other. "There's no way, right?" Nick asks. I stand up and begin walking toward the front door.
Looking through the peephole, I see a man dressed in a business suit, with dark short hair, holding a couple of pizza boxes and a small paper bag on top. His eyes are a deep red, I didn't even know such an eye color existed.
I take a deep breath, suddenly feeling nervous, and open the door. The man towers over me. He smiles, "Is this Jonah's and Nick's residence?" I gulp down a bunch of salivae, how does he know my name? Much less Nick's? I never mentioned it on the phone.
I nod in response. He smiles. "I have your food delivery here, my name is Lucifer."
A deep shiver goes down my spine, an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, it's like my body is screaming at me to run back inside and slam the door shut, that whoever is standing in front of me is highly dangerous.
"Why don't you come inside?" Nick suddenly appears beside me.
I shoot Nick a look, but he ignores me.
We both step aside to let Lucifer in.
The delivery guy takes a deep breath once inside and walks into the living room, placing the boxes and the paper bag on the small coffee table in front of the sofa.
I gulp and then speak, "How much do we owe you?"
He turns around and smiles at both of us. "Would you like to pay now, or after you die?" "After I die?" I stammered back at him.
"Yes, you'll sign a contract to pay after your death."
"I'll pay after I die," Nick says beside me, grinning. "Sounds fun."
"I'll pay now.." I respond. How would I even pay after I die? This sounds too sketchy. Nothing makes sense about this situation.
Lucifer nods and claps his hands. Suddenly, two folders with documents appear on the small coffee table, beside the food. He motions for Nick to come over, and snaps his fingers, a pen appearing between his fingers, which he hands over to Nick.
Nick looks excited as he takes the pen. Lucifer flips open the folder on the left. "Read through this if you want, otherwise you can sign here, and here." He points with his long finger to the bottom of the page.
"Jonah, want to come over to check your contract out?"
"My contract? I thought I'd be paying now." He nods. "Yes, you will be."
I walk over with shaky legs and look at the contract laid out in front of me.
Service Contract This contract is between the following parties; Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness Client: Jonah Upon mutual agreement, the client will have 31 days to complete the following to pay for the services provided by the Contractor. 1. Consume the food that was delivered. 2. Introduce 3 friends to Hell's Kitchen. 3. Sever ties with the closest person to the client. 4. Murder a single person. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the client immediately relinquishing their rights to their soul.
What the fuck is this? A joke?
"Can't I just pay with cash?" I look up at Lucifer, he smiles and shakes his head. "By ordering our food, you agreed to sign either one of the contracts provided."
"What's the other contract then? How do I pay after I die?"
He nods to himself, "You'll work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years, after that your debt will be paid off."
I swallow hard and take a deep breath. "I wish to pay after my death then."
Lucifer claps his hands together. "Excellent choice!" He exclaims a little too loudly.
A new contract appears before me.
Service Contract
This contract is between the following parties; Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness Client: Jonah
Upon mutual agreement, the client will work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years after they die.
Failure to comply with these terms will result in the client immediately relinquishing their rights to their soul.
How did I even get here? I just wanted to get some food...
"Done!" Nick exclaims excitedly, grinning from ear to ear, and hands the pen back to Lucifer.
He points the pen toward me, signaling for me to take it. "Ready to sign?"
"What if I don't want to sign either contract?" I ask, not wanting to sign either contract.
Lucifer sighs and places a palm on his face. "Refusal to sign either contract will result in your immediate extraction to Hell, where you'll stay till the end of time." His voice suddenly turned demonic, sending a chill down my spine.
I take the pen from his hand, and he retracts his palm off of his face and fixes his collar. I sign the contract with shaky hands.
"Excellent!" Lucifer exclaimed and then clasped his hands together, the contracts suddenly disappeared.
"I hope you enjoy your food." He comments and begins walking back toward the front door. "We will," Nick responds.
Once the front door shuts behind him, I collapse on the couch, beginning to shake.
Meanwhile, Nick opens up the paper bag and takes out his Coke, taking a sip.
"What the fuck just happened?" I question him.
"What do you mean? They delivered our food, nothing else happened."
I sigh. "Since I basically signed my soul away, I might as well eat what they brought." Nick nodded profusely and opened the pizza box.
In contrast to the scary experience of having to deal with Satan, the food tasted better than anything I'd ever had before.
So all that was yesterday, me and Nick haven't talked about it again. We did have a small fight this morning, he gave me a black eye, and I broke one of his legs, so he's in the hospital right now. I don't know what came over me, or him, but I was just so incredibly angry at everything, including him, and he seemed to be the same way.
I snapped out of it after I slammed a chair against his leg and heard a crack and then a loud scream.
The food was 100/10 in Hell's Kitchen, would highly recommend it. The price however was outrageously high. I can however still safely say that it was worth it, and I'm thinking of ordering again.
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