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2023.06.10 17:08 EngineItano Bryan Cranston announces the end of his career
As it seems, his wife told Bryan: "If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family..."
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2023.06.10 17:08 swaggyp29 Bam Adebayo and the issue with a versatile but "too small" center in the current NBA

In this playoffs it's become clear Bam is just too small to play center in the nba now. Not trying to hate for no reason he's a versatile defender, he makes some crisp back door passes on offense. But at the end of the day he doesn't have a real position too small to play C, not as versatile as modern PF's on offense. Even in the play in games he was getting bullied in the paint while they gave up a ton of 2nd chance opportunities. I was mad when Donovan took out Drummond bc he was getting every rebound against bam
Now Denver has taken advantage of Miami's lack of paint presence (Bam's job) to an absurd degree by setting records for this era in paint points. Now no one can guard Jokic so I can't blame him there but the whole team is getting anything they want down low
With the return of center dominance and Denver proving you can win by pounding teams down low I wonder if we see a shift towards less versatile, but bigger centers that can control the paint. Usually the best team in the league sets the tone and I think you will see teams wanting to get bigger to combat Denver and that style of play
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2023.06.10 17:08 rowan_damisch This sub will go dark on June 12th and June 13th

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2023.06.10 17:07 LilJesterYT Pc wont boot

I need help with my computer.. I recently upgraded the motherboard and cpu from an old core 2 duo, to a 3rd gen i3.. after installing I noticed that the fans would wiggle for a while, and then boot... But everytime I shut it down and try to boot it up again the next day it does the same thing.. Earlier today I was playing valorant and my pc froze, I couldn't do anything so I had to hard reset my computer.. after trying to boot it up it the fans would just spin, only the power LED was on and no hard drive light, gpu fan spins, no display, no beep. Motherboard standby power light was on...
I already tried to remove everything, and it still happens even with no ram, no ssd and hdd.. i bought this Motherboard secondhand from Facebook marketplace, could it be broken? 🗿
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2023.06.10 17:05 CH24steady Be sure to get your RocketFi Smart Codes they will allow for a multitude of utilities. Currently you can use your code as a referral to get discounted buys. Near term utility expansion to: Floatie Swap & Send, Smart Locks, and more...

Be sure to get your RocketFi Smart Codes they will allow for a multitude of utilities. Currently you can use your code as a referral to get discounted buys. Near term utility expansion to: Floatie Swap & Send, Smart Locks, and more... submitted by CH24steady to RealRocketFi [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:03 IndividualCat1581 Supporting a man with severe depression

My bf is really depressed right now and he got so overwhelmed the other day he pretty much just cut me off. I really love him and I'm not ready to give up on him. I've struggled with severe depression in the past and while I wanted to be alone to rest deep down I wish I didn't have to deal with it alone I just didn't know how to communicate my needs at the time and the guilt was overwhelming I just shut down instead. Now that I'm not as depressed anymore I want to be there for my bf even if he needs space I'm worried about leaving him alone for too long. Should I reach out to him in a couple of days? Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this properly?
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2023.06.10 17:02 Fickle-Park-850 How to Educate Partner

My BPSO (45M), married 12 years, hates conflict, which might seem paradoxical when combined with bipolar... so when he's not triggered in childish anger because he just wants happy cognitive dissonance all the time, (unless he is upset about something and then we all have to be upset with him) he just agrees as a defense. It's made it impossible to know what he truly agrees with. It shuts down our discussions, stops progress, and is making me feel like panicked and trapped like when I grew up... and the patient and understanding partner I've been is chipping away rapidly now, because I recently came to understand how serious this is - and he is far from ready to grasp it.
He senses a change in me, and cut back on coffee and unsubbed from his doom news channels on YouTube, (I didnt mandate this at all, I said its bad for bipolar and as a show of loyalty I guess,, he just did it) which is shocking, and, I AM proud of him, but I think he is trying to appease something he fears inside me... I don't think he truly believes what I'm learning about bipolar. He says he's ready to do what it takes but he still argues and I see in his eyes he hates this, instead of believing its truly necessary. He won't go get a diagnosis, (I actually thought he had one long ago, but I guess he was on his way to it and didn't pursue therapy that far in his 20's.)
I thought, he's neurodivergent, he's traumatized emotionally, he had bad mentors at a critical age.. but in the latter half of our marriage I saw patterns, and began to worry this was mainly built into his brain chemistry.
He has gotten worse since 2021 - new levels and frequency of rage. I wasn't there to help him manage his mood a couple months ago - he depends on me a lot for that - and he had his first public outburst.. blacked out, shoued in a friend's face.. stayed in a delusion for ten hours... it was likely brought on by beer, but I know it was an episode, not the alcohol talking and walking around as him. He didn't have nearly enough to make him delusional from alcohol alone. He woke up in that state the next day too. Then like a switch, he came back, was terrified, got texts telling him what he did and was so embarrassed and ashamed. For the first time I felt seen. He's had cognitive dissonance about how he acts with his family. Plausible deniability because his memory is not clear during episodes.
He keeps saying, "this has never happened" and I keep saying, "oh so, the hundreds of times you do this to us, don't count?" He'll say, "but I would never do this in public" and I'm just... really?? There's a list of reactions I have that I need to repress because he's not at a level to grasp things or cope.
He's just so deep in denial. I'm moved by some recent gestures, I am, but since his last episode, I've educated myself about BP, that it's likely what we're dealing with - we need testing and confirmation. If he has this its progressive - as I have certainly observed. He was very different 12 years ago. I think he "rapid cycles" a lot now. Welcome clarification on that.
He isn't by default the type of person who would commit to a permanent life overhaul for the sake of his mental health. Loves his dopamine boosting routines. He can get motivated eventually. He agrees to get professional help, since before I understood the seriousness of bipolar, yet he's still putting off searching for a good therapist/doc. I'm done trying to call them, have them tell me he needs to contact them himself, and then him never taking the step.
I doubt my own sanity because, he's soft arguing, basically saying "okay, I promise, yes, this is a big deal, and I do take it seriously," but he means just.. flat "no." Because he never does it, and changes his mind on things he agrees with, and questions everything.
Now he says my sources seem sketchy... he doesn't think if he has bipolar any of this is an emergency, or dangerous...
I've been scared of him, the kids are too. He cries about this, then turns around and acts like it's not real.
So sorry this was ranty. I tried to give history for relevance, but in a nutshell:
What official sources and info can I offer to educate him into grasping the seriousess of things? He can be scared to health, I know him. He's just got his head deep in the sand and is clinging to ignorance like a safety blanket.
Does anyone have good statistical data on where he's headed untreated? He doesn't believe this is progressive. He thinks he can mind over matter, just willpower away all this. Like it's a character thing or a personality disorder rather than a mental illness that requires all the good habits plus medical intervention. He says, "well I'll just get pills then." I try to explain it's NOT that simple but he is set on this being easy and thinks I'm caught up in some conspiracy, I guess. Not paranoia, just me being naiive, even though that's not in my reputation.
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2023.06.10 17:02 pedersenk Can I just confirm that setting Power Button Behaviour (power-button-action) to 'suspend' is broken?

Hi all,
Just want to check if the power-button-action (via dconf or Gnome setting GUI) is broken in RHEL 9.2 when set to 'suspend'. When set to 'nothing' it does what it is meant to (which is not much obviously ;) but when 'suspend', it simply shuts down instead.
I have seen some random posts on the internet saying to set the chassis via hostnamectl to laptop, desktop, etc but this has no effect.
Many thanks!
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2023.06.10 17:01 Coureherritt Satan, Lucifer, The prince of darkness delivered my pizza..?

This particularly uninteresting Friday, with the outside temperature reaching up to 90 degrees (32 Celsius for my European friends) I decided to avoid cooking, and instead order something.
"How about Chinese?" My new roommate, Nick suggests. He moved in with me last week after my old roommate moved out due to some bad blood between us, but it's in the past now, I hope.
"Nah, they take too long to deliver, by the time it gets here it's already cold," I said as I scrolled on Reddit, not really looking for anything in particular. I glance up at Nick, who was looking at me.
"Mcdonalds then?"
I shake my head in response. "They always get my orders wrong." Nick sighs. "You're hard to please." I chuckle. "I guess so."
"What do you suggest we eat then?" He crosses his arms. I shrug in response.
He sighs again, this time deeper than before.
Something catches my eye on my phone, an ad for a new restaurant. Hell's Kitchen. It's actually in our small town. "That's creepy" I mutter under my breath.
"What's that?" Nick calls out from the kitchen.
"Nothing!" I call back. He walks back into the room, wiping his hands with a towel.
"It's just this conspiracy theory, how the government listens in on our conversations and then gives us appropriate ads." Nick raises an eyebrow.
"We were talking about ordering food, and I got an ad for this new food place in our town, Hell's Kitchen."
He plops down on the couch next to me and leans in to look at my screen. "Looks fancy."
I click on the ad, which takes me to their homepage. "Let's see what they have got."
I navigate to their menu page and we begin scrolling through each item.
"Hell wings.." Nick gulps down on his saliva. "I wonder how spicy those are." He absolutely loves spicy. "Evil fries, what kind of name is that? They just look like regular fries." I comment, each item has a unique name related to Hell.
"Pizza of darkness, that sounds good." Nick points out with his finger. I shake my head in disgust. "It has pineapples dude." He chuckles.
"Then how about Inferno Pizza? It's just spicy pepperoni." I shrug, "Maybe, definitely sounds better than pineapple."
"We could also get some tortured hamburgers." I point out to him.
"I don't feel like eating a burger.." Nick replies. "And you say I'm hard to please." He laughs at that, I laugh too.
After discussing a couple more options we finally settle on Pizza of Wrath. It's put together with pepperoni, bacon strips, and mushrooms, + a mild ghost pepper sauce.
"Is there a number we're supposed to call, or do we order online?" Nick questions as I begin looking for the phone number.
"Don't see an order online option, there must be a phone number listed somewhere on the website."
"Ah there! Found it!" I exclaim in excitement, my stomach rumbles. Nick chuckles. "Me too, me too."
After confirming what we're ordering with Nick, I dial the number. It only rings once before someone picks up. I wait for a moment, to let them introduce themselves, as all fast food places do, but there's only silence, so I speak first.
"Uh Hello, is this Hell's Kitchen? We'd like to order some food."
A deep raspy voice responds. "Yes, what would you like to have?"
"Okay, we'd like two Pizzas of Wrath, small Evil Fries, and two large cokes of Doom." I cringe internally having actually said all that out loud.
The voice waits a moment before speaking again, "Is that all?" I look at Nick for confirmation that I didn't forget anything, but he's preoccupied with giggling like a little girl. I'm not sure which one of us is more cringe.
"Yes, that will be all."
"Okay, it'll be delivered to you in a minute."
"Wait, I didn't give you my address!" I shout into the receiver, but it's already too late, they hung up. I sigh, and then redial. "The recipient you are trying to reach is currently not available, please try again at another time."
"What's up?" Nick questions, having finally stopped laughing. "They don't have the address, and now the number is disconnected? not available? What does that mean? I just talked to them a moment ago." I'm beginning to get irritated.
Both of our heads jolt to the front door as someone rings the bell. Then we both look at each other. "There's no way, right?" Nick asks. I stand up and begin walking toward the front door.
Looking through the peephole, I see a man dressed in a business suit, with dark short hair, holding a couple of pizza boxes and a small paper bag on top. His eyes are a deep red, I didn't even know such an eye color existed.
I take a deep breath, suddenly feeling nervous, and open the door. The man towers over me. He smiles, "Is this Jonah's and Nick's residence?" I gulp down a bunch of salivae, how does he know my name? Much less Nick's? I never mentioned it on the phone.
I nod in response. He smiles. "I have your food delivery here, my name is Lucifer."
A deep shiver goes down my spine, an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, it's like my body is screaming at me to run back inside and slam the door shut, that whoever is standing in front of me is highly dangerous.
"Why don't you come inside?" Nick suddenly appears beside me.
I shoot Nick a look, but he ignores me.
We both step aside to let Lucifer in.
The delivery guy takes a deep breath once inside and walks into the living room, placing the boxes and the paper bag on the small coffee table in front of the sofa.
I gulp and then speak, "How much do we owe you?"
He turns around and smiles at both of us. "Would you like to pay now, or after you die?" "After I die?" I stammered back at him.
"Yes, you'll sign a contract to pay after your death."
"I'll pay after I die," Nick says beside me, grinning. "Sounds fun."
"I'll pay now.." I respond. How would I even pay after I die? This sounds too sketchy. Nothing makes sense about this situation.
Lucifer nods and claps his hands. Suddenly, two folders with documents appear on the small coffee table, beside the food. He motions for Nick to come over, and snaps his fingers, a pen appearing between his fingers, which he hands over to Nick.
Nick looks excited as he takes the pen. Lucifer flips open the folder on the left. "Read through this if you want, otherwise you can sign here, and here." He points with his long finger to the bottom of the page.
"Jonah, want to come over to check your contract out?"
"My contract? I thought I'd be paying now." He nods. "Yes, you will be."
I walk over with shaky legs and look at the contract laid out in front of me.
Service Contract This contract is between the following parties; Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness Client: Jonah Upon mutual agreement, the client will have 31 days to complete the following to pay for the services provided by the Contractor. 1. Consume the food that was delivered. 2. Introduce 3 friends to Hell's Kitchen. 3. Sever ties with the closest person to the client. 4. Murder a single person. Failure to comply with these terms will result in the client immediately relinquishing their rights to their soul.
What the fuck is this? A joke?
"Can't I just pay with cash?" I look up at Lucifer, he smiles and shakes his head. "By ordering our food, you agreed to sign either one of the contracts provided."
"What's the other contract then? How do I pay after I die?"
He nods to himself, "You'll work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years, after that your debt will be paid off."
I swallow hard and take a deep breath. "I wish to pay after my death then."
Lucifer claps his hands together. "Excellent choice!" He exclaims a little too loudly.
A new contract appears before me.
Service Contract
This contract is between the following parties; Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness Client: Jonah
Upon mutual agreement, the client will work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years after they die.
Failure to comply with these terms will result in the client immediately relinquishing their rights to their soul.
How did I even get here? I just wanted to get some food...
"Done!" Nick exclaims excitedly, grinning from ear to ear, and hands the pen back to Lucifer.
He points the pen toward me, signaling for me to take it. "Ready to sign?"
"What if I don't want to sign either contract?" I ask, not wanting to sign either contract.
Lucifer sighs and places a palm on his face. "Refusal to sign either contract will result in your immediate extraction to Hell, where you'll stay till the end of time." His voice suddenly turned demonic, sending a chill down my spine.
I take the pen from his hand, and he retracts his palm off of his face and fixes his collar. I sign the contract with shaky hands.
"Excellent!" Lucifer exclaimed and then clasped his hands together, the contracts suddenly disappeared.
"I hope you enjoy your food." He comments and begins walking back toward the front door. "We will," Nick responds.
Once the front door shuts behind him, I collapse on the couch, beginning to shake.
Meanwhile, Nick opens up the paper bag and takes out his Coke, taking a sip.
"What the fuck just happened?" I question him.
"What do you mean? They delivered our food, nothing else happened."
I sigh. "Since I basically signed my soul away, I might as well eat what they brought." Nick nodded profusely and opened the pizza box.
In contrast to the scary experience of having to deal with Satan, the food tasted better than anything I'd ever had before.
So all that was yesterday, me and Nick haven't talked about it again. We did have a small fight this morning, he gave me a black eye, and I broke one of his legs, so he's in the hospital right now. I don't know what came over me, or him, but I was just so incredibly angry at everything, including him, and he seemed to be the same way.
I snapped out of it after I slammed a chair against his leg and heard a crack and then a loud scream.
The food was 100/10 in Hell's Kitchen, would highly recommend it. The price however was outrageously high. I can however still safely say that it was worth it, and I'm thinking of ordering again.
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2023.06.10 17:00 NeroTanya2004 For all the shit Tiktok gets, it makes me feel connected to my peers and age group, and reminds me of why us Zoomers are the way we are

I like TikTok, I know it's the newest thing to be labeled cringe and is treated as the pillar for every trend, fandom, group and thing that over 30's don't approve of, but I like scrolling to see a hero academia comic dub before a nice recipe, a new shop in my city or just someone showing off their pad. Theres one aspect however that sparked the incoming rant. I'm black so I see a lot of discussion on black culture, sometimes it's relationships, sometimes is work life and marriage or family. But then I see these large debates over situations where a parent just randomly decides to break something of their kid, or talk of how they anticipae the slightest rebellion from their kids so they can beat them, and theres' intense debates about how on one side, it's proven physical punishment and random cruelty does harm, maskes a child fear an adult instead of respect, and usually comes with emotional neglect, and the other side who's best response is "I Don't care, maybe behave, ge gon' listen now a bett" and this dismissive attitute towards someone vulnerable suffering just made me think.
Y'know why Gen Z is so sarcastic? So random? So loud and proud about their creativity, individualism, and has such disdain for older groups
There's a meme about how Millenials were given a hope that was squashed in 2008, but Gen Z was never given that hope or promise. We grew up after 9/11 and the 2008 market crash, a lot of us grew up in unsupportive households. If it wasn't poverty or being a latchkey kid, it was one or more parents who were so emotionally unavailable, neglectful or physically and emotionally abusive. We grow up being berated for our every move, isolated from the world around us, basically to feed control issues or narcissism of people who want control of someone that can't fight back. We hit puberty and had our teen years defined by two shitty points. The alt right pipeline with the trump presidency and it's after effects, and COVID-19. We already were aware that malls, parks and all outside social places were burned down so that pensioners wouldn't have to live in a world outside their own head, but even the online spaces we had were rotting from the bigots coming out in the hopes to recruit people bitter about their misgivings and direct that rage to unrelated means. then COVID happened, we definitely couldn't go outside, even school, for better and worse, was gone, you're stuck inside with your family, all the more sick of each other, it went away, but in a lot it doesn't feel like it got better. And all the while, we're watching the liars, cheats, nepotist babies in control, we're watching the manipulative, sadistic and evil celebrated. we're watching in real time an instability of the world around us, uncertain of any future. Being told what our values should be, damned for being anything outside accepted norms, damned for being blamed for every issue that came before us, your existence is being defined by a being a spoiled brat who just won't stop rebelling from the people who want to control everything. Your feed and your news is flooded with the idea you need to give up every comfort and luxury at the drop of a hat, everything is worse and you're expected to shut up and smile when there's just so many faces you wanna break with your fist.
So why are we the way we are? Because as long as we were conscious one thing was true in our minds, we were fucked, royally fucked, fucked by those who had everything, and even more fucked than those who had it all taken, none will change, nobody will stop it, nobody will save us, the evil will be celebrated and no matter what, it's our faults.
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2023.06.10 17:00 mrpaw69 Final week 9 results before shutdown

Final week 9 results before shutdown

First, let's list all winners of Pic/Clip of the Week:

Pics of the Week:

1st place: It’s not much, but it’s honest work. by u/mrpaw69 MOD with Community rating 12/10
2st place: It was nice while it lasted🫶🏽 enjoyed seeing everyone’s builds by u/Ya_BoiCheese with rating of 10/10

This pic made me put this in place above another 10/10
3st place: M4 build by u/Capt_Ghost69 with rating 10/10

the best pic of your post in my opinion

Clips of the Week:

1st place: Well folks, it would appear as though our days here are possibly numbered. That really blows. Here’s a B roll of my fondness for Dacohosu I guess by u/4Nota2Robot0 with total rating 12/10
2st place: ☍ by u/alter_ego_1618 with total rating 9/10
3st place: :shrug:

Now here's the important info:

Blackout day is near (June 12), when thousands (if not millions) of subreddits(more info here) will shut down to protest Reddit API policy changes(it even mentioned on some news, source), so I've created and performed some basic setup of Discord server (which will be improved later, adding proper list of rules will be the first thing to do), and sent an invite link to approved users of this sub. These people are u/4Nota2Robot0, u/jaylins420(already there), u/Ya_BoiCheese, u/piizii29, u/Feeling_Ad9349, u/Dry_Alternative6028, u/Capt_Ghost69, u/Neonwolf101, u/Gr33nJ0k3r13, u/P4NH44KC00LGU7 and u/Longjumping-Fold-174.
What do you think about inviting u/SE7ENESE? I don't remember him posting here, but remember him making some real good videos when I was just about to create this sub.

Another important info:

On June 12, all posts will be LOCKED and ARCHIVED to make not be able to upvote/downvote or comment. New posts will be automatically REMOVED by the only guaranteed bot to stay on reddit: u/AutoModerator (its made by reddit and I hate to say it)
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2023.06.10 16:59 pete_999 Reddit is killing 3rd-party apps and API Access; What does that mean for you?

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2023.06.10 16:59 Pink_Anxiety_ Muscimol and ASD

Hello, everyone! I just found this thread a few days ago and wanted to share my experiences.
I have been microdosing a product called Muscimol, which is found in the Amanita type mushrooms 🍄.
Originally I was taking Amanita Muscaria indirectly, a few different ways. I tried A. Muscaria Chocolate, Gummies, and an energy drink mix called a "Spore Shot." Originally the chocolate bar worked for me, the gummies not so much, and the Spore Shot tremendously.
I later learned that the Muscimol content was the ingredient I was looking for. It is what causes the actual trip. The Chocolate had about 5mg of Muscimol, the gummies were unlabeled, and the Spore Shot had 20mg. So I would of needed 4 bars of chocolate to equate to the Shot. (Not a needle shot). From this point on I started only buying the Spore Shots, as they had 4x the amount for cheaper.
Costs: Gummies 25$ for 5 Chocolate 25$ for a bar Spore Shot 12$ each
My first experience with Spore Shot: The first time I tried the 20mg of Muscimol I honestly didn't feel much. I was in a good mood, kind of sleepy; although I have Narcolepsy. I was more euphoric than usual, but no psychedelic type interactions.
Second experience: I went back and bought 2 more, thinking if one wasn't enough maybe 40mg would be. I was right, and wrong, but it was a great time. I was definitely tripping, but not too hard. Everything was great. I was in a great mood, things were funny, I felt comfortable laughing and smiling (which is usually a huge insecurity for me) and I was ingaging on conversation smoothly. Generally conversation feels... manual. Like am algorithm I have to solve in my head. But the Muscimol took that away. I was just enjoying life. I was at a friend's house who was also tripping and usually I feel uncomfortable after a while of social interraction, and want to go home, but felt comfortable enough to stay until I needed sleep. The walls were waving, and the surfaces were breathing, ever so slightly, but only if I looked at them or stood still. It was almost like jetlag.
I tried 40MG for a while, but decided to bump up to 60MG for fun. Again, I bumped it up for fun, not for medicinal.
60MG: This time I was at my friend's house again, and their parents unexpectedly showed up. We were right in the beginning of the process. I don't know their parents, so as usual I kind of shut down and just pet the dog. I didn't have the effects in my system yet, but I'm not sure even if I was tripping yet if it would have helped. I consider this a high stress factor. Unexpected changes, people I don't know, long winded conversations that don't involve me. It's all overwhelming, so I just completely tag out. I decided to go for a walk to separate myself. This is when I noticed the effects of the Muscimol. Maybe because I started to mentally check back in. My neighborhoods safe, and small, so I just walked around listening to music. I felt very relaxed. No lingering anxiety around leaving my friend to fend for themselves, or the lasting effects of an unexpected change, or feeling like I somehow failed the social situation. I was just purely in the moment. It was like when you get glasses for the first time... you notice everything in such brilliant detail. The asphalt was so alluring. I just wanted to lay on it. The moth that flew by me was so beautiful with its delicate flight pattern. The music was like a flowing river babbling in the background. Normally when I see strangers I get very anxious, due to trauma, but when I saw strangers, I just turned and went a different direction. I didn't have any intrusive thoughts, just avoided them, or walked by if avoiding was out of the way.
My friends parents left, so I went back over. We decided to go back out and walk together. Conversation was smooth, not that transactional feel. We were joking and laughing. Generally I don't make jokes because I overthink, but I was just speaking without worry. And they were, in fact, funny. We had a great time and I realized something amazing. I felt myself for the first time in a very, very, long time.
I've been depressed since about the age of 14. Probably younger than that, as I have childhood trauma, but major depression kicked in around that age. I didn't know I was Autistic until last year (26), but when I was in my early teens I hadn't formed my social anxiety yet. I was just living life. I was socially awkward but that's part of what made me so funny. I was airheaded and goofy and just knew how to enjoy the moment. And for the trip, I felt that again. I was just.. happy. Existing. Not anxious, not self conscious, not worried, or over thinking.. just enjoying myself, my company, and the world that surrounded us.
Negatives: I have had one negative experience with Muscimol, but it was handled well. I was mid trip and started getting overwhelmed and overestimated. Everything was too loud, too much, I made my way home and asked my partner to help put me to bed. I wasn't overthinking or anxious, but just touched out. He put me in bed, got my weighted blanket, and rubbed my head until I fell asleep. Not the worst experience. Only happened once, out of all of my experiences, and I believe it was because of the environment. I was at a friend's house, there was unfamiliar music playing, the lights were bright, it was cold, the dog was barking, my friend was talking a lot. Not that I mind, but I think it just overdid my brain. In the moment I was fine, but once I sperated from the situation the overstimulation caught up with me.
Positives: I feel free from my anxieties, social, trauma, and more. I am happy, euphoric even. Conversation becomes smoother. Details pop and feel welcoming instead of overwhelming. My depression fades away completely. My PTSD symptoms lessen. My insecurities go away. My sensitivity to things drop, or at least dampen. The lasting stress from high stress situations vanishes. Potentially more I'm forgetting to list.
All in all, I think Muscimol has helped me a lot with my ASD, PTSD, and comorbid symptoms.
I recently found some gummies, brand Mirari, which are almost pure Muscimol. They were 15$ for 5 gummies. Each gummy has 280mg of Muscimol in it. So I plan on dividing them into fours and taking 1/4th at a time. That will be 70mg, a bit more than I'm used to. That means I'll have twenty 70mg gummies for 15$. That's insane.
I will report back when I try the gummies and my experience with them.
I hope this post has been informative, not too clunky, and is welcome in the sub. :)
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2023.06.10 16:57 Even-Orchid-10 Do you Think a Breakdown is Coming?

I have a feeling that she’s going to be hospitalized for “exhaustion” or a nervous breakdown. She’s been unhinged mentally since COVID shut downs started. Then she can hit the sympathy or “that poor mother” card. Just something to think about.
submitted by Even-Orchid-10 to ColleenBallingerSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:56 MarsMunster Outdoor comedy show in Darmstadt on June 11th, 6 PM (So Darm Funny #007)

Gude gude hallo,
If you recently fell victim to a shit load of hail, you might want to celebrate the good weather (but in the shade) with an English outside comedy show @ Theater im Pädagog this Sunday, June 11th, 6 PM!
We'll have 8 comedians on, about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours (or until the Ordnungsamt shuts us down) of show with a break in the middle. The TIP sells very affordable drinks (I think a Grohe 0,5 is like 3.5€) and I'll bring some suncreen for everybody who's as pasty as I am.
Tickets are 10€, 5€ for students , free entry for HDA students.
You can check us out on Instagram under @SoDarmFunny. This is a link to our reels page if you wanna watch some of our videos, and here are some photos from our first outdoors show last Sunday.
If you're about to stop ever using reddit again, you can follow us on instagram or facebook, or join our meetup group.
Cheers & see you on Sunday
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2023.06.10 16:56 TheSmith123 Computer keeps crashing while playing Valhiem

So I have been playing valhiem with my boyfriend and I am getting this strange thing where my whole computer will crash but not physically turn off, and the screen will go black for a minute or two but i still hear the music from the game.
When it wakes back up I have to log back in, and all of my previously open applications open back up (except valhiem) to where they were (discord, chrome, etc...), all the while my computer itself never actually shuts down entirely.
What could be the cause of this?
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2023.06.10 16:54 heysankalp Synology DS220+: Disks failing to create storage pool and secure format too

Synology DS220+: Disks failing to create storage pool and secure format too
TLDR: I bought a new Synology DS220+ (which has 2 drive slots) and a single HDD to get into the ecosystem first. After 2 days of all systems working perfectly, I bought another HDD and tried installing it in the 2nd empty slot and since then 2 new HDD drives for slot 2 has been failing continuously.
Here is a list of events with error screenshots:
  • Day 1: Bought a Synology DS220+ and a WD Purple Pro 8TB HDD from Amazon and went ahead to format and install DSM. I moved my personal files on to it and it worked great for 2 days.
    • Note here that I saw the WD Purple HDD being listed on the synology site before buying but right after purchased, two days later, I noticed that they updated the site and stopped recommending non-synology drives on their compatible list page. Talk about coincidence!
  • Day 3: Once I was sure that the system was working fine, I went ahead and ordered the same WD Purple Pro 8TB HDD from Amazon.
  • Day 4: New WD Purple Pro 8TB HDD drive came in and I put in slot #2 and assigned it as a new storage pool. The process started but just in 15 mins, I got an access error. (See screenshot below)
  • I tried ejecting and reinserting the drive but kept getting the same error.
  • Raised the issue to WD support and they suggested to try in a windows laptop with a HDD reader. Bought one HDD readeadaptor and saw that the drive is not being detected by the drive reader.
  • Reported it to Amazon as the HDD seemed faulty. Amazon refunded me the money.
  • Day 5: In fear of WD's HDD being faulty once, I bought Seagate's IronWolf 8TB HDD this time. Inserted in slot #2 and the system didn't throw any error. Allocated it as a storage pool and left it overnight.
  • Day 6: Next morning I woke up to see an error message that "Drive 2 of DS220+ was reconnected during system startup." and followed by "Drive 2 on DS220+ has failed." - both time stamped around 2:30 AM in the morning. (See screenshot below)
  • The "reconnection" error was a surprise as I have a power backup at my home and in no way the Synology system would have lost power. I can also say this with confidence as I didn't receive any "powered off unexpectedly" kind of error from Synology which generally appears if you shut down it improperly.
  • The next steps I tried were:
    • Restarting the system and seeing if the error was still there. The disk failing error remained.
    • Ejecting and installing the drive in slot 1 vs. slot 2 to see if the HDD was installed properly. The disk failing error remained.
    • Formatting the drive hoping a fresh "Secure format" will reset the drive state and I'll reinsert it and restart the storage pool process. Formatting failed. (See screenshot below).
  • After 2-3 tries of formatting the disk the disk kept failing and also my original drive's storage pool degraded. (See screenshot below)
  • Day 7 (current state): After a tiring try with 2 drives failing consecutively and my original drive degrading, I ended up ejecting the new Seagate HDD and raisin another complaint to Amazon for a faulty drive.
    • For now, I've formatted the 1st WD drive which I bought with my Synology NAS which seems to be working fine for now.
    • Raised complaints to both WD and Seagate for faulty drives. Yet to hear back from them.

How can you help 🙏:
  • If someone has experienced something similar and solved it so they're able to successfully install a 2nd drive in their Synology DS220+, please suggest how.
  • If someone has experience something similar with other Synology systems and 3rd party HDDs, how did you solve the issue.
  • Any other comment or feedback that might prevent me from getting another drive failure when extending storage pool with a new drive in 2nd slot.
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2023.06.10 16:54 randomthrowaway62019 I don't think it's supposed to look like that...

I don't think it's supposed to look like that...
Last week I set my Traeger to 225°F and let it warm up. When I checked it next it was at 538°F, giving a high temperature warning, and smoking profusely. I shut it down, but even hours later it was still smoking and smelling like smoke. I let it cool down and just this morning disassembled it to find this.
  1. What might have happened?
  2. What do I need to do going forward (aside from clearing out & throwing away all these pellets)?
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2023.06.10 16:54 Lewichan06 Update 7 (final)

I'll breeze through this part quickly as none of the next gyms were any challenge, I made it to the Cinnibar Archipelago, where I once again encountered team rocket. What were they doing this time? I couldn't see but I knew I'd have to follow them. I flew over there boat, remaining discreet lest they see me.

However, I soon found out why we never found Giovanni in Silph.

He was at Mt. Ember and he had used the master balls to capture all 3 of the legendary birds. Zapmolcuno was now in the hands of team rocket.
I hid, I didn't know what to do so I just called Oak "They've done it Oak, they have Zapmolcuno."

We devised a plan in a matter of minutes; there's no way we could let this thing loose onto the region. I'd just have to do everything I could to whittle it down and pray that someone could come and help in time. How you ask?


I came to this region thinking only of how to get these 2 Pokémon on my hands. It's almost untouchable and I'd simply have to pray that Zapmolcuno couldn't break through wonder guard.

And it couldn't!

The most powerful Pokémon ever created defeated by a single measly scientist. This is why I love Team Sky. Anyone can be anything. I was fantastic. I did it. I did it with the power of the SKY!

Team Rocket was virtually disbanded, with only a small outpost that was soon taken down by the people in the Sevii Islands.

I then went back to Viridian City and who did I finally see? The gym, that was closed when I went past it, was open again. And who did I see? Who other than Giovanni? Now was finally my chance to battle him in person. He was the only man in the way of our research, this battle would be my Magnum Opus.

I was demolished in this fight, my back was against the wall and I only had one Pokémon left. My masterpiece! Slaininja. I sent it in, it'd have to defeat 5 of Giovanni's remaining 6 Pokémon if we wanted to win. It came in against Rhyperas and oblierated it in a single hit! Our backs were still against the wall and I wasn't confident but we weren't quite out yet! Electatrio came out: OH-KOed. And 1 by 1, his team fell to the floor. My Magnum Opus.

Thank you all for the support during this playthrough, I've had a blast during this and I can't wait to do more of these on different games. Hope you all have a good day and stay fly!
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2023.06.10 16:53 AutoModerator [] ✔️Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program ✔️ Full Course Download
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IMPORTANT: KDP Permanent Cashflow Program Support Not Logged In Issue – Resolved Partnership Referral Program Amazon Licensing Requests Fixed – [376] [iv] Manuscript Formatting Issue How to remove all images fast How to place all chapter headings on a new page Dealing with multi lined headings Formatting Headings in your Manuscript Fix manuscript text displaying vertical down the page What to do after the top 100 books are published
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2023.06.10 16:51 Maleficent_Pomelo535 Panic at IKEA stores in Russia. Last day before closing. Starting tomorrow, all IKEA stores in Russia will shut down.

Panic at IKEA stores in Russia. Last day before closing. Starting tomorrow, all IKEA stores in Russia will shut down. submitted by Maleficent_Pomelo535 to Damnthatsinteresting [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:50 Octavarium64 Does anyone else find high intellectual knowledge of an argument makes them more combative and reduces their ability to listen?

I’ve noticed this happen with issues that I heavily research as much as possible. The gender theory discussion has been something I’ve been heavily invested in for a while, and getting introduced to JBP helped me form and refine my views into a coherent system. Unfortunately, I find that the more information I take in, the harder it is to disagree about a particular issue.
There was recently a meme saying that people identifying as a different gender know who they are better than you ever will, so it’s presumptuous to assume you know who they are (and thus, to question their identification). The person posting it said they regretted their beliefs from eight years ago and the thought that they ever could question how someone identifies, and that could have been a moment for me to ask how that happened. My approach was what it’s generally been, to question the point that we should never question how someone identifies, and a clinician ethically should question that. This tends to shut people down and one person blocked me without responding to any arguments, saying “I don’t debate my existence.” I would have liked to ask what was meant by that, never got to, and regret it.
I could have asked several other things instead of leading off with that argument and I can hope it would have at least gotten somewhere, although none of the people in this thread are particularly open-minded and leaped onto me as soon as they figured out I followed JBP.
I like to use online discussions, even if they aren’t likely to convince anyone, as a way of thinking about what to say and how to listen to and read someone. Part of me thinks they’re wasting time and not teaching me real listening skills, but I have had some very intelligent discussions that way where I have demonstrated great and fair listening. It’s a lot less likely to happen on a point I’ve researched as much as gender, and I also feel like JBP’s increasing polemicism on the topic is making my listening skills regress. It’s ironic that one of the 12 Rules is to assume the other person knows something you don’t, and I know I’ll have to learn this at least in September when I dissect that chapter.
I get very anxious and nervous holding contentious discussions in person and want to push myself in that direction, so I can be a more effective listener and actually learn something from someone who sees the issue differently, rather than making people shut down. Do you have thoughts on the above that could make this easier? JBP’s treatises on reflecting what somebody said or what you think they really mean before responding, have helped in some places.
submitted by Octavarium64 to JordanPeterson [link] [comments]