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2023.06.10 16:33 Technical_Counter438 What Bird is This?

What Bird is This?
Injured bird! What type of bird is this? It was in the middle of the road and just a fee seconds away from being hit. I was riding my bike so I got it into some bushes. It can fly off the ground but it can’t go very far before falling down again. I don’t know where it is now since I had somewhere to be and had to leave it, but I’ll check back later and see if I can find it.
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2023.06.10 16:33 crazyjesus06 Wrapping issue on resin printer.

Wrapping issue on resin printer.
Hello everyone, I’m having issues with a print I’m trying to make. I’ve had to stop the print shortly after starting once I noticed they were warping (photos to clarify). - I stopped the first print when I noticed about 2-3 hours into the print. The resin had warped off of the base and there’s a very noticeable flaw somewhere during the print, so I thought the issue was with the initial time and layers so I increased the time to 60 and 6 layers. - Paused the print on the second run after an hour to see if issue continued. Didn’t notice anything, print was fully on the base and no flaw or warping, resumed the print and kept checking on it. Later noticed the same issue. Stopped the print started over. - Third time I assumed there was an issue with the model so I scraped it and remade it. 3 hours in, noticed the same issue, stopped the print and here I am. - I reset the printer (leveled it and everything after the first print, cause I forgot to do it after I cleaned it from a previous print). Only thing different on this print is the resin, I’m using black water washable resin from inland (photo added). -Using ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 4K, Inland black water washable resin.
Anything y’all might think is the issue?
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2023.06.10 16:32 Akut-Luna Hair has no ground shadow

Hair has no ground shadow
Hi I have a question. I have this base but her hair has no shadow. I tryed differnent SPH and toon files but no luck (side note, if someone could explain what this files are to, I'd be very thankful. Same with the other material settings) I also tried different drawing orders (first stage then model and first model then stage) but it made no difference.
no ground shadow for the hair
hair material in pmx editor
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2023.06.10 16:32 EfficientAttitude104 My uber eats driver became my stalker and has been making my life absolutely miserable.

I’m an 18 year old currently living at home with my parent. It’s just us two and we’ve been in this house for just around two years, since we moved a lot previously. It feels like we finally found a place that’s perfect for us, but now we might have to move and I’m the most miserable I’ve ever been in my life.
In late February of 2023, I ordered food from uber eats one night. My place is fairly difficult to find and deliver to since they’re complicated condos, so most of the time my drivers end up calling me for help to which I have no issue with. I always get contactless delivery.
The guy delivering my food called me. He didn’t speak english very well so I tried my best to help him find the place. I don’t ever go down to face them because I had a bad experience awhile ago with a driver yelling in my face for no reason when I came down. It freaked me out and now I always demand contactless.
He was at my garage and I answered the phone. For important story reasons, I should say that my ubereats profile has a selfie of me on it. Since then I’ve removed it. He called and tried to communicate with me, I could understand him fairly well. He asked me if he can leave it at my garage. I said yes that’s totally fine. I was about to hang up but he said “you coming down?” I said no I got contactless delivery. He asked me again and I figured it was the language barrier so I said no.
He said something along the lines of “you pretty, come down to get food” and I was creeped out at this point. I said ok, have a good night and hung up. From our condo, there’s a window that looks down at the garage. I was freaked out so I went to see if he was still there and he was. He ended up waiting outside, standing near his car at my garage, for around a solid twenty minutes. Eventually when I checked again, he left, and I got my dinner.
Ever since then he’s been essentially harassing me, and it’s a huge issue that he has my address. Some examples of the things he’s been doing follows as this; Coming to my front door and staying there for half an hour until he gives up on me answering. Calling my phone, up to 30 times, from multiple phone numbers when I block the previous ones. Sending me mail to my front door, including poorly written letters (some of which include his spoken language, I tried to translate but it’s iffy) and even sometimes he will send gifts like chocolates or flowers.
Obviously my parent knew the moment this all started happening. We both went down to my city’s closest police station and filed a report. This didn’t do much, and I suspect it’s because I live in a very large city, so they must have other things to deal with. Regardless, it felt as if it was swept under the rug. They said they’d check up on the situation and make an arrest if he attempts to trespass, but he hadnt and they haven’t checked up.
He has attempted trespassing. We have a ring camera and we’ve caught videos of him attempting to open the front door, which has a door code. We turned this into police and we received what seemed to be a very automated response with useless information, essentially saying they will make an arrest if the situation escalates.
This has been going on for around three months so far, probably four by now. My parent has opened the door a few times and told him to leave us alone, but he just stands there creepily smiling at him and asking in broken english what he’s doing wrong and why I’m not coming to see him. Things like, “is (my name) home?” or “why she no come see me, I have gift.”
We’ve captured his car rolling up to our garage quite a few times. I cannot wrap my head around why he hasn’t been arrested for felony stalking. We’re trying to secure a restraining order on him, but it’s difficult because as far as the system goes, we cannot identify who he is. We’ve been speaking with lawyers but they are not much help.
I don’t know what to do. This has been taking a toll on my mental health and making me extremely paranoid. I’m about to go to college and Ive been having nightmares of him following me. His face creeps me out beyond description, and that fucking smile he does, like he’s clueless but trust me, he’s not. My dad mentioned to me about moving and I broke down, I love our current place and I don’t want to make him move all over again. I feel so guilty, hopeless, helpless, let down, terrified, and just overall miserable.
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2023.06.10 16:31 Muffinlewdss What specific Day is Pretty Lights playing?

My boyfriend and I got tickets to the concert but can only ask for one day off work and we just want to see Pretty lights. Are they playing the whole weekend or a specific day?
I can email the event ppl if no one knows yet but I figured trying here might be quicker.
I checked their social media and website FAQ but it just lists all the bands playing in general 😅
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2023.06.10 16:30 Responsible_Isopod16 any advice on buying soprano trombones

i’m currently a trumpet player at the college level, i want to get a “slide trumpet” because it looks fun and unique but i don’t know anyone that owns one so i have no idea what i’m supposed to look for when buying it. what kind of qualities should i look for in a soprano trombone? i don’t need a professional quality instrument, but i also want to have the option of playing my current music on it without it sounding like a 5th grade music recital. what kind of price range should i expect? what are the best brands to check out that have good reputations for durability, quality control, etc? any advice on the process is appreciated
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2023.06.10 16:30 khoafraelich789 Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon

Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon
Jeep and Ford take different approaches to 35" off-road packages, each with specific strengths.

Elle Alder: Jeepers creepers, look at that Bronco! We’ve got a mightily rubbered matchup today, mates. Before us are the Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon 392. Riding 35” tires, big suspension, and uhh, ‘comparable power,’ these off-roaders represent quite nearly the most capable of their breed.

Clayton Seams: Nearly, but we are short one carnivore: the Ford Bronco Raptor. The muscled-up Braptor was not available to pair up with the Wrangler 392, so we’re making do with the still-incredibly capable Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch. The ‘Squatch can’t match the big Raptor for high-speed off-roading or acceleration, but it’s a closer rival to the Jeep Rubicon — or it would be, were it not for the badge on the Jeep’s hood that says “392”. Those three little numbers make a very big difference.

EA: Very big. Converted from cubic inches, the big Jeep’s V8 measures 6.4 litres displacement. It’s straight off-road muscle, but fortunately for Ford, this comparison is really about the platforms beneath. The arrival of the new Bronco has unquestionably challenged Jeep’s trailhead throne, and the big question is how the two match up on road and trail.

Assessed as equals, these rigs offer similar but distinct skill sets at a similar price point. The V6-equipped 2023 Ford Bronco Sasquatch comes in from $72,189 with destination, or $74,289 as tested. A V6-powered 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon arrives from $67,480, from $78,495 configured with the good stuff, or a mighty $116,890 for the tested 392 V8 with one-touch power top and all of the goodies.

CS: Mechanically, the largest difference between the two is the front suspension. Jeep famously hangs a solid front axle under the front of every Wrangler and Gladiator, while the Bronco uses an independent front suspension setup. Out back, both use burly live axles and coil springs. Both of these are real 4x4s built largely in the traditional way with body-on-frame construction, two-speed transfer cases, and are specced up with huge 35” tall tires. Underhood, the Bronco can be specced with a turbocharged 2.3-litre inline-four (the one to have), a 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 like our tester, or the top-dog 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that you only get in the Raptor version.

EA: Jeep’s modern reputation was built on six naturally aspirated cylinders, and the available 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 — by no means a powerhouse — is plenty of power for the platform. Its 285 hp and 260 lb-ft bounce and crawl with a reputation for reliability and serviceability, making it an entirely respectable path. Standard today is a 2.0-litre turbo-four producing 270 hp and 295 lb-ft, an efficient commuter for the lifestyle crowd but perhaps not to the tastes of NA traditionalists. Manual transmissions are available in some Wrangler trims, but don’t expect to see many of them amid the usual ZF eight-speed automatic configurations.

The 6.4-litre in the Wrangler 392 is the naturally aspirated gasoline powerplant seen in the Ram 2500 and Dodge Scat Packs, tuned here to deliver 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. It’s a fun option with a silly sound and an expensive gasoline habit — and also entirely overkill. Accelerating in 4.5 seconds on solid axles and wobbly sidewalls is a skittery affair.

Ford Canada hasn’t dared make any Bronco Raptors available for comparison with the 392, so in the interest of fairness we’ll overlook the Jeep’s obvious power advantage and treat it as a Rubicon Xtreme Recon — a comparatively priced suspension and goodie package available with everything you see here, less the 470-horsepower V8.

CS: While you’re commanding that muscle-car V8 through the trails, you’re sitting in a 2023 cockpit like no other. The exposed door hinges mean the doors swing freely with no stops to easily keep them from hitting cars next to you. There’s more visible painted steel in this interior than a 1985 Toyota Starlet, and the windshield appears almost vertical in front of you. Sure it has Stellantis’s latest uConnect touchscreen system, Alpine premium nine-speaker audio, and heated front seats complete with fetching Rubicon embroidery. But even when compared to the equally rugged Bronco, the Wrangler interior feels like a throwback to an earlier time. The cabin is noticeably narrower than the Bronco, the dash is more vertical, and it still knocks your ankle with its long door harness. It is certainly a Jeep.

Conversely, the Bronco interior manages all of the rugged off-road looks and sacrifices nothing in practicality over a ‘normal’ SUV on the inside. The cabin feels more modern, the touchscreen is much larger than that in the Jeep, and the quality of materials throughout the cabin is superior to the Jeep’s. Despite costing as much as a luxury sedan, both of these SUVs have rubber floors — not carpet — for easier washing after a muddy day on the trails. One gripe would be that the chunky grab handle is located on the dash and not higher on the A-pillar. This makes it easier for passengers to grab during “oh heck” moments, but less helpful for shorter people using it to hoist themselves into the cabin.

EA: Fording is a loss for the Bronco. Ford says that the Sasquatch is good for the same 85-cm (33.5 in.) water crossings that the Jeep is rated for, but that V6 engine leaves its alternator low and vulnerable to rushing water. The Wrangler, meanwhile, mounts its alternators up high and clear of water, and an optional water-diverting intake provides further protection from overenthusiastic gulps — albeit at the compromise of a seriously hefty hood.

That weight shouldn’t be surprising, however, for nothing about either of these rigs is in any way light. Exact figures vary depending on configuration, but equipped with V6s, the Bronco Sasquatch curbs around 5,100 lbs; the Wrangler Xtreme Recon at ~5,200 lbs.

Similar as these curb weights are, the two SUVs carry their weight very differently. The Bronco’s independent front and overall construction feel lighter, whereas the unsprung mass of the Jeep’s solid Dana 210 front axle (an electronically modernized 44 variant) renders a more precarious highway drive and more heaving sensations on the trails. With that handling shortcoming comes confidence in durability, however, and I’d certainly rather have the option of running that solid axle up a log for a backwoods wheel swap than wince at the mercy of a mud-footed jack under the Bronco.

Such weight doesn’t assure invulnerability, however. While both the Sasquatch and Xtreme Recon packages equip these SUVs with underbody shielding in vulnerable areas, it does leave a little to be desired. Hesitant gut impressions of the Bronco’s under-sump shielding and the Jeep’s fuel-tank cladding will hold most stock drivers to the side of caution.

CS: But to get to those trails where fording depth, breakover angle, and tire height matter, you probably have to commute there on pavement. And in that asphalt environment where these vehicles will spend easily 90 per cent of their time, these SUVs are severely out of their element. To be fair, the 392 Wrangler is the first Wrangler that’s ever been fun to drive on the street, thanks specifically to its outrageous muscle-car power and NASCAR soundtrack. But the Wrangler is sketchy to drive at speeds in a way that no other modern ‘car’ is. Those huge meats and solid front axle make for a decidedly wobbly experience on pavement, and drivers must constantly steer a Jeep in its lane on the highway to keep it pointed between the lines. Wind noise is strong at speed, though it faces competition from the droning mud tires and the 392’s dual-exit exhaust. On the plus side, the steering wheel turns easily even with those massive tires, and the ride is cushy-smooth across rough pavement because, of course it is. And that’s before we talk about the fuel economy which is good only when compared to a TRX. Even with gentle driving, you can expect to average around 14 L/100 km at best, and you won’t get that number without a tailwind and some luck.

Compared to the Jeep, the Bronco is a serene experience much in the way that skydiving would feel calm after going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The independent front suspension allows the Bronco to do novel things like track straight down a highway lane. Although the exhaust is markedly more subdued (granted, the V6 Wrangler is similarly tame), the Bronco’s seats are not as comfy as the Wrangler’s and the ride is a bit harsher over highway bumps. That said, I vastly prefer the Bronco’s stereo, and if I had to take one of these on a road trip, I’d choose the Bronco.

EA: As a single vehicle to live with every day, I must reluctantly agree that the Ford takes it. The Bronco is significantly more ‘car’ than the Jeep, and carries itself along the commute with far shinier technological comforts as well. Nicely appointed and priced to compete directly with the Wrango-dango, it’s simply a better truck for the roads of today.

Still, neither vehicle should be looked to as a commuter. These trucks are large, inefficient, and costly toys better suited to a multi-vehicle family. Relegated to a secondary role for off-road play days, the Jeep is doubtless the hardier, more trustworthy, more capable, and more customizable rig. The Bronco makes trails more accessible, but it’s no old-fashioned, hard-knockin’ Wrangler.

Source: driving ca
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2023.06.10 16:30 broccolioctavenet Booking.com Discount Blue Light

Check out the link for Booking.com Discount Blue Light. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.06.10 16:30 Expert_Sentence_6574 Aftermarket Lights?

Aftermarket Lights?
Hey all, I’m looking to add a set of lights to the front of my (new to me) ‘20 Rebel and can’t decide where to put them. I’m hoping for ideas for a spot that will make the install relatively easy and still look good. If anyone has any pics or general ideas I’d appreciate the help!
My wife has to name very vehicle we get and she decided since it a Rebel model, I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and they need to be women’s names, she calls it Leia.
So, I found some stickers to adorn ‘her’ and just for fun, here they are
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2023.06.10 16:30 hotpocketho Don’t forget to message your state’s attorney general

I got an ad for Misfits Market and decided to check it out last week. They didn’t have a lot of options and they were kinda pricy so I just went with my normal delivery service. They promised you wouldn’t be charged if you didn’t have the max $ to ship in your cart so I made sure to clean out my cart and moved on with my life.
Fast forward to this week and they signed me up for a subscription (with no confirmation!) and are sending an order to me. I’m trying to get it cancelled but based off feedback here and their BBB reviews I don’t think I’ll have much luck so I also already began the chargeback process with my bank.
I just wanted to remind everyone that the BBB isn’t a government agency. If you want recourse make sure you reach out to your state’s attorney general and let them know about Misfit Markets deceptive business practices.
One complaint may not do much, but once the AG has a stack of them is usually when they decide to take action against companies with shady practices like Misfits Market, so please add this to your to-do list when you’re reaching out to customer service/your bank/leaving a review.
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2023.06.10 16:30 judepbgf3 Is my game broken I can’t progress

I just defeated the 4 lords boss fights and re kindled all their fires, I went to the winter shrine and when I went into it the door to the main building was locked, well it says closed when I go up to it. from what I’ve seen online I’ve don’t everything I need to do am I missing something, is my game fucked, I went back and checked the bosses and the rotten boss fight has a fog wall despite the fact that I beat him.
I quit the game and did a restart on my ps5 and neither worked any suggestions. thanks
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2023.06.10 16:30 TheYoungProdigy Outlet turns on bathroom lights

So I recently moved into this place and there are a few things that don’t work as they should. In one room, there is only one outlet and it does not work but if you plug something like a vacuum cleaner into it and turn it on and off, it controls the bathroom lights. The bathroom is directly behind this outlet and the lights are on the wall behind the outlet as well. I’m just looking for some insight into what this could be, possible a bad ground, maybe even at the outlet?
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2023.06.10 16:29 Individual-Site4266 weird freezes

My computer has done this a few times now. I have normally been on the computer and not paid attention to it for a few minutes and then when i try to move the mouse i find it doesn't move and clock is frozen. The whole computer becomes unresponsive. Then I tried pressing the shutdown button, but it did nothing. I had to press the power switch to turn off the computer. I have also checked Event viewer but didn’t see anything. Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.2965
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2023.06.10 16:29 ILikeColdSoup Smart Speed Signs

So I was driving home last night from Liverpool to Manchester at around 02:00 and there was a very short stretch of the M602 and which displayed a congestion sign on the side of the road and a “60” yellow speed sign
There was no congestion on the roads, they were totally clear but I dropped to 60 anyway, very shortly afterwards a red sign displayed “50” so again I began reducing my speed anyway just in case
Where I’m confused is that I think I got down to about 54 just as I passed the sign (was just letting the accelerator go I stead of harder breaking as there were quite a lot of motorbikes on the road, there were other cars flying past me, they must have been doing well over 57mph, but when I passed I saw a flash from behind me!
Do you think It was the speed camera or could it have been a cyclists light? I just remember seeing one flash from behind
If it was the camera do I stand any chance with an appeal? There was a national speed limit sign literally a couple of meters ahead and there was no congestion so I’m thinking maybe the smart speed hadn’t been updated or something
Has this happened to anyone else before?
Very annoying because I always make an effort to be within the speed limit even when impatient drivers are trying to pressure me, and that part of the road is never usually capped at 50/60 as I get that road almost every day
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2023.06.10 16:29 Random1n3rnet CFD-S01

I bought a Sony CFD-S01 off of eBay 2 months ago and have been using it a lot. Haven’t had any issues until today when I put cds in it either won’t play or will randomly shut off in the middle of a song. I checked the batteries and they all have a decent amount of energy left. No issues with cassette player or radio. Any way I could fix this?
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2023.06.10 16:29 cobradobra123 Applying at the VA hospital?

Im a veteran living in california and when I got out in 2017, I lied about the purchase price of a second hand vehicle... (The back of the title, a lower amount was written down) And the DMV ended up filing against me in 2022. Long story short I got a no contest vehicle code misdemeanor and got on informal probation last year.
Next month probation will be finished and will be getting it expunged. The supervisor I currently do clinical at (veterans affairs hospital) really likes me and wants to hire me prior to finishing the program as a paid intern.
I passed the background check at my school but this was a couple months prior before officially getting a letter that they were going to charge me. (No arrests were made and I wasn't booked). Immediately fought the case and that's how I got the no-contest misd (CVC 20).
When I went to get my PIV card as a student, I filled out forms for the background check and I was already 2-3 months into my informal probation. They never asked me any questions about it nor did anyone call me or anything to ask any questions.
So my worry is, now that they want to hire me, will the freshly off probation and expunge process started, hinder me from getting hired? (Or if the hiring process starts sooner where I'll have literally a couple weeks before probation ends)
Should I wait till probation is over and it has been officially expunged to apply?
l've had a clean record my whole life, 100% permanent and total disabled vet, honorable discharge, top of my class currently, letter of recommendations from any previous employers, you name it. Just really stupid decisions not thinking about the severity of something I took lightly in the past.
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2023.06.10 16:28 FlatHistorian3679 Fake plates - are people really this stupid?

Spotted a late model Range Rover Sport with a mum and two kids driving through London today.
The number plate looked like a normal personalised plate at first - black text a yellow background, but when I got closer I saw that it was essentially just a vinyl print stuck onto where the plate should be.
The font used didn’t look right either - kinda like an italicised font someone found on Microsoft Word.
On closer inspection, I realised the “DVLA” in small print down the bottom was actually “DLVA”
I searched the reg number on DVLA check and nothing came up.
Clearly this is a fake personalised plate, but WHY would you do this?
I’m guessing she was effectively driving round a £80k Rangie uninsured but what other risks are there? Surely she’ll get pulled over as soon as a police vehicle happens to drive behind them and detects a fake plate?
WHY take all these risks just for vanity???
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2023.06.10 16:28 wasabi-surreal Do you disagree with this rewire list?

Hi All
Is there anything missing from this rewire list? 😊
I've pulled it (out of my arse!? 🤔) together from other reddit posts.
Thanks!! Sorry if this not appropriate for this subreddit.
  1. What can I do as a customer to make the rewire go well? Including instructions to other trades like plasters etc.
  2. What accessories do you like? Hager, Click or others?
Plan beforehand
Short term
Long term
We are buying a probate property and it needs a rewire.
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2023.06.10 16:28 AzurClean I(26m) am wondering why my girlfriend(23f) is seeking attention from other men on social media while she tells me I am the best she’s ever had?

If my gf goes out with friends and gets dolled up, she will posts stories and selfies. Men will slide up on instagram and Snapchat and they’ll say some flirty things, drop emojis or just say outlandishly nasty things to her. We have been together for 6 months, we see each other for a week once a month and I’ve met her family. We are both dating for long term / marriage in the future.
Again, I completely get it, she’s hot and I know it comes with the territory. She always FaceTimes me or texts when she’s out for safety reasons and as it makes her much more comfortable. I’ll give an example of a story she posted today. She put up something about her wearing a cute top where her boobs are showing a little(nothing crazy but they’re there, I’m totally fine with it) and she was taking a shot in the story. She facetimes me a bit later and we are talking about her outing and she checks her motivations and says “wow all these nasty men all commented on my story” but she’ll continue to post and won’t remove them
Here’s my issue:
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2023.06.10 16:28 ra1nc1ty12 [TotK] Looking for spoiler-light advice as player with limited time

Please keep your answers as light on spoilers as possible.
Life means I don’t get loads of time to play TOTK. I played hundreds of hours of BOTW but it’ll take me ages to get there with the amount of time I get to play TOTK each week.
Currently about 45 hours in. I’ve done one Regional Phenomena and a bunch of side quests. I’ve unlocked 3 Fairy Fountains, most of the Skyview Towers and explored the Depths and sky islands a little.
I’m looking for advice about what to prioritise. Should I try and do all the Dragon’s Tears? Or Regional Phenomena from the Main Quest? Or are there Side Adventures/Quests I should focus on? I’ve started Potential Princess Sightings, Messages from An Ancient Era and A Call from the Depths? Should I try to finish any of these?
I’m happy to prioritise based on unlocks or story or whatever you think is the best/most fun use of time.
I know the game is meant to be explored in my own way, but without advice I just end up bouncing between things rather than committing to one goal (with room for distractions)
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2023.06.10 16:28 FeatureOk4135 Reddit's CEO repeatedly lied to and gaslighted mods, communities, contributors and users over a very long time. Uncanny similarities with all abuse that happened in the berghain subreddits over the last year and relevance. PART ONE

Browsing Reddit these days you can see the writing on the wall: mass subreddit protests, 3rd party reddit apps shutting down, loveletters to Reddit AdminsReddit's CEO just had an "AMA" and in classic corporate style no real answers were given. He doubled down on his lies, attempted to gaslight the entire platform, caught copy-pasting from prepared answers, gave the same generic answers he gave many years ago, mods complaining about Reddit never responding to them. The post by the Apollo developer makes it very clear that Reddit is a very dishonest and greedy corporation.
The most common sentiment: Reddit does not respond. blind moderators' requests for accessibility features have been ignored for 3+ years. Countless moderators see how messages to modsupport lead to a void. No response, no result, no action. No word, at best some canned copypasta. Yet it's the only "official channel" to get your request heard, if it's about anything more complex than their Basic "native mod tools".
Reddit Incorporated pretends to "care" but they only care about money and anything that brings it to them - views, engagement, metrics, ads. Reddit's greedy strategy which tries to squeeze all "value" before the big IPO cash out is in clear contrast with its core model - the unpaid labor of thousands of Mods (volunteers).
Reddit is a Californian company and its culture is largely shaped by its head, it's CEO. Do's and Dont's "trickle down" from there, affecting employees' actions and decisions such as those that Reddit Admins (paid employees) take, especially in complex cases - the more greedy a company is, the less it cares, other than What Generates More Profit.
Former Admins and older mods both say that there used to be many Admin employees that cared about responding and being there. By now most are fired or have quit. Some saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. New Admins are made sure to be more compliant with the real face of Reddit before being hired, as their actions have shown. Recent example: they tried to populate new German subreddits with fake accounts / bots, using AI Translation from English to German to generate "activity".
The anonymous nature of Reddit makes it highly prone to misinformation and disinformation, something that the platform's heads have repeatedly done themselves:
In 2005, Reddit's creators help seed Reddit with numerous fake accounts to make Reddit seem more populated than it actually was.
Literally the first "major event" in its timeline, how the whole thing started.
Its creators sold Reddit to the global conglomerate Conde Nast already back in 2006. One month later, Aaron Swartz was already complaining about work becoming too corporate. This all goes back to the very beginning.
Without a doubt, Reddit's leadership shows clear signs of narcissistic abuse. There is a lot to be said about narcissistic abuse and capitalism - what "trickles down" are all the nasty byproducts of ego, greed and ignorance. Not only to internal employees, but to the broader culture of the platform.

What does any of this have to do with berghain?

There has been an extreme amount of narcissistic abuse that took place in the three Berghain subreddits (2 public and 1 private, the rest made last year), private messages, modmails, chats, false reports and so on.
This case grew far beyond just "reddit sub ownership/rivalry/whatever" - it became coordinated, scaled, directed abuse and harassment in pure bad faith. There have been extreme amounts of effort in silencing and burying the truth. Something extremely unbecoming of whoever claims to be "The Berghain Community".
Some users saw all this as just a game that they could "stir up" in any direction., joking about it in private subs (below that there was a reply saying "oh no it was a huge headache dealing with this guy" by that sub's owner).
berghain and the few people who supported it have been under an extreme amount of abuse, slander, harassment, bullying and platform manipulation over 10 entire months. The gang of abusive trolls (Bad Actors, BA for short) started with 2 members but quickly grew much larger. They allege to be "The Berghain Community" and kept discrediting everyone else in abusive and slanderous ways. Any attempt to bring the abuse itself to light and make it stop was met with never ending gaslighting: "you're crazy, paranoid, troll, insane, delusional, nobody cares, you need professional help". The comments below this post will no doubt be dismissing in similar ways - they especially now count on "many months have passed" - oddly they tried saying the same a while ago but later once exposed, immediately changed their efforts and words and had to twist reality again instead of admitting anything. Of course there were some specific users who kept gaslighting way more than others - but even when caught red handed they never admitted anything, their responses simply shifted, finding a new detail to twist reality, constantly inflating everything, making it difficult to summarize to any mediating group.
The ever growing group of BA kept denying any coordination between then, saying "it's all natural, we don't know each other". They are all regular guests of the same nightclub open for more than 30 hours every single weekend. There is way too much evidence of actions that wouldn't take place if it was just strangers on the internet. There have been countless instances where BAs kept "playing dumb" when they thought that their coordination was not known but evidence exists that proves their guilt.
When faced with endless bad faith, there must be mediation to bring sanity and peace. On Reddit, the employees that mediate complex cases are called Reddit Admins. They were repeatedly approached in full transparency and asked to make decisive actions to make the abuse entirely stop, which was happening both directly and indirectly through various creative means, timings, spaces in order to avoid "clear rule breakage", making it hard for anyone to directly "punish" it.
Around August, Admins responded "Use the report system to build a case". This was objected because the report system is extremely limited: it reviews single pieces of content, ad-hoc, hard to link to each other, especially in complex cases. Admins insisted in the same answer, they were approached again and copy-pasted the same response.
(Note: an "Actual Admin" once said that the Report System is apparently operated by different teams than "Actual Admins", such as Safety / AEO, which are likely more decoupled from Reddit HQ..)
Over the next 8 months, the report system was legitimately used: there are more than 80 verified instances of abuse, all willingly committed by Bad Actors. Some huge threads even counted as only 1 or 2 instances, despite going on for entire weeks. The harassers kept refuting everything, claiming "it's all false reports by an obsessed troll" since the very beginning. They only have 1 minor example to show which is deliberately framed as "false report" by overgeneralising, oversimplifying and omitting important context off - methods they have continuously used to twist reality.
The Bad Actors have primarily been reported for HARASSMENT (70+ instances) and REPORT ABUSE (10+ instances). They have deliberately submitted more than 10 False Reports clearly aimed to ban and silence whoever tried to bring the truth to light. The main target of the Bad Actors has been user "Agitated_Whereas8966" (AG) who has been wrongly suspended 3 times.
Here are many instances of Abusive False Reports submitted by the Bad Actors, in FULL context.
Also, here is a small number of mostly confirmed Harassment reports only up to September '22 , about 25 out of 70+.
The full timeline in detail and context with other remaining reports will be posted at a later time.

What happened with Reddit Admins?

Despite mountains of evidence that proves the guilt of the Bad Actors, Reddit Admins have been consistently silent, distant, making barely any actions, some of it entirely arbitrarily as they later proved through their absolute nonsense response around March, and even though Bad Actors kept committing abuse and new evidence coming to surface, in the end Admins kept punishing the victims and supporting the abusers.
AG was first wrongly suspended on September as a result of mass-false-reports made in retaliation by Bad Actors, right after their "founder and leader" was legitimately suspended for EXTREME HARASSMENT and Ban Evasion. AG's suspension was quickly reverted as it was the result of automation: mass-false-reports triggered some code.
AG was then again wrongly suspended on December after having sustained reams of abuse for months:
A new random account popped up that made very directed attacks against AG and berghain, kept making ridiculous claims and shifting all blame to the victims. This account was operated by the core group of Bad Actors, who are currently very active in another specific subreddit, but they constantly declined revealing who they are. They did that in order to commit extreme abuse while avoiding any infractions to their main accounts. And despite that account consistently committing extreme gaslighting over 2 entire weeks, reports kept returning negative and were only actioned in the very end… But some days after that, absurdly, AG was the one who got suspended. It took 1.5 months to get reinstated. In the meantime, Bad Actors kept trolling and violating berghain in many ways and literally twisted all of the above "temp mods" events as "comically their alliance broke very quickly and the troll alleged 'harassment'" - they wrote that the very "reason of existence" post of their subreddit no less.
Late January, AG made a public post briefly summarizing what has been happening all along, asking the bad actors to finally admit their wrongdoing and bring an end to all of this. The responses below were: "You're crazy, insane, you need professional help" etc. The worst one was an extremely contradictory comment by a sockpuppet account - attempting to describe what this account did unavoidably turns someone into looking like this… but here's the short version:
(Also in the topic of sockpuppet accounts, it is assumed that one of the mods in the specific rival sub was such an account that pretended to be real/separate and was used several times to "saintify" the main perpetrator in public comments, became their mod, the account likely remained inactive for 6+ months. When their sub was under risk/review they removed the account from mod, oddly stickied some triggering "suicide" post in its profile to repel any admins and called it a day. Interestingly the Bad Actors have called the recruitment of the temp mods in berghain as "done only to provide legitimacy to the subreddit"… while they had many alt accounts as mods that never did any mod action.)
Given all above, that January comment is complete nonsense: it implied AG is insane ("don’t know why you keep posting about this"), made ridiculous statements and repeated BA's abusive narrative ("your drama caused the death of the subreddit"), used vocabulary of the main perpetrator ("the new one was born") and entirely contradicted both this sockpuppet account and its owner, as well as the position itself ("this nonsense essentially ended the moment that subreddit was created"). And there are more condemning details, omitted due to size.
Question is: Why did the Bad Actors have to go through all this effort through alt accounts if they were right that they're supposedly "innocent" and "they were trolled by someone who made false reports"?
In February, Bad Actors kept sending messages to Admins with their false narrative, doubling down on abuse. They kept denying all wrongdoing, shifting ALL blame to AG as "insane obsessed troll", claiming the main perpetrator's suspension was "inappropriate" and blatantly lying: saying "he didn't know that ban evasion was against the rules" however the ringleader had already committed both Ban Evasion and Harassment with 3 alt accounts during Aug-Sep, before SENDING THIS to the moderator. What makes it even worse is that all Harassment he kept doing through his 3 alt accounts were of exactly the same type that got him banned from berghain in the first place: gaslighting and abusing AG. "Ban Evasion" can be tolerable if the user simply makes normal contributions but he literally kept doing the exact same extremely abusive actions, non-stop. He even posted this abomination right after he got suspended in September… everyone else's fault except his. More Context about that whole part can be found here.
The extremely absurd result: The main perpetrator got reinstated and AG got again wrongly suspended.
In his "I'm Back" post, the perpetrator avoided mentioning harassment - yet the reports that brought his suspension were for Harassment - it's very obvious by reading the threads linked above (More Context), specifically extreme sealioning and gaslighting.

The New Admin

Mid-February, a New Admin (hired end of '22) approached berghain with a message that claimed to "provide help" through something called "Community Builder Program" - that program's "help" is entirely simplistic and useless, as if targeting complete newbies to Reddit to help them with the most Basic platform features. Absolutely zero relevance to such a complex case - other than a calculated insult. He even sent this "builder" message twice, he also confirmed it was not automated.
The Admin claimed ignorance and asked "What are your issues?" - a very extensive summary was given, and additional messages as abusive events kept happening on the subreddits, a small example of indirect abuse being the rival sub adding a rule of "No Sealioning - whoever knows, knows", which is one of the abuse methods they consistently used, never admitted and never apologised about.
The Admin responded after 10 days with something short that barely made any sense at all. As if the Admin was responding by taking into account only the context given by the Bad Actors, Not the context given by AG. The admin's most absurd statement : "We see no evidence of them "manipulating" Safety or other people at reddit, the actions taken check out." This was the only response ever given by Admins currently employed by Reddit.
It is very evident that Admins only reviewed a small part of the case files, reports, content, even their own admin actions… and so on. Admins have only handled this case ad-hoc, in separate tickets as their workflow goes, Never consistently as "one case", despite being asked to do so countless times when the case was much smaller.
Over the next 2 months, at least 20 additional messages were sent to this specific admin's channel (and more to modsupport): a combination of existing evidence they overlooked, new evidence by new events but also new evidence by older events, such as the main perpetrator's abusive False Reports he did back around September, but were only found out and counter-reported in April.
That latest proof was the strongest of all - the main Bad Actor got AGAIN suspended for the #1 reason he kept shifting blame to others: False Reports in bad faith. BA's response: creation of a new account with the same name and an extremely abusive User Flair, visible to his entire community over a whole week, shifting blame to the "Obsessed Troll" yet again. And posts filled with lies in modsupport asking for his reinstatement.
The admins blindly reinstated the Bad Actor and made an incredibly violent action to entirely silence AG. From that point on, it's been obvious: the Admins are engineering actions to condemn and silence AG, also condemning the subreddit in favor of another one which was made in clear bad faith and competition, with its "birthpost" foundation being an extremely abusive post. The online Community is entirely controlled by the bad actors and apparently Admins will never look at the case again.

All in All

This is all still a short summary, about 30% of all that happened. Many parts that warrant another post of this size (e.g. temp mods) are already quickly skimmed over.
It is expected that this post will be falsely reported and removed, despite telling the truth. Due to size, this post does not even delve to the problematics of the subs' subject matter itself: berghain forums on Reddit.
The abusers' main narrative is "an obsessed troll destroyed the original subreddit, attacked people left and right, claims to be harassed by anyone who doesn't like, knows how to ban other accounts by manipulating the report system and is trying to destroy our small music subreddit with false reports". Pure, absolute nonsense. Their subreddit was literally built on abuse, slander and bad faith competition. The main perpetrator kept "advertising" his subreddit, bragging about "its success" and alleging that the victim of his countless abusive actions is "jealous of my sub's success". All about a sub that claims to be "The Berghain Community". They never admitted anything, only kept doubling down on abuse and gaslighting. Admins never properly reviewed the facts and never gave justice to the case.
Reddit is a capitalistic profit-driven platform. Reddit is NOT a safe space. Admins simply do not care, especially for small subs with complex cases. There is literally no support avenue for anything complex. There are many close supporters of Admins who will still claim "admins never take sides, they're never biased, they only follow protocol"… despite clear evidence to the contrary.
Admins were asked countless times to be open for a sincere dialogue - they never responded.
Other specific owners of private subs were asked many times to engage in sincere dialogue - they only responded at a certain time, under certain conditions, with a set agenda, in clear bad faith, derailed the "dialogue" on purpose and used the derailment itself to further incite slander and harassment in private subreddits.
Justice will prevail.
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