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The Sword Art Online Subreddit

2012.07.15 02:34 Blizzxx The Sword Art Online Subreddit

The official subreddit to discuss the Sword Art Online series, as well as the other series (Accel World, The Isolator) written by Reki Kawahara.

2013.06.09 01:50 Space-Dementia Westworld

Subreddit for the HBO series Westworld.

2016.12.08 04:05 kcboy102 Isekai

Isekai Subreddit. A place to discuss everything related to Isekai Stories. Manga, Anime, Light Novels, Web Novels, Games, etc.

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2023.06.10 15:29 AlexSciChannel My idea for an action/combat Contemporary Dark Techno Fantasy story

The Mortal Roan:
If you noticed some obvious inspirations from other media, specifically anime don't be surprised. Things I do not have names for yet I used names from already existing media. But the story is entirely original.
So the idea for this story is to be set in the an alternate version of the modern day where the population is 40% lower than 8 billion.
Advanced prosthetics and cybernetics exist. Way more advanced than they are currently in the real world. Mostly due to the aid of electrical and gear magic. Also advanced technological databases and prophetic computer code algorithims often work as oracles or prophets.
There are three main types of beings in this world. Sorcerers, humans born with inherit magical ability that is passed on through genetics. They exhibit mana, which is the abstract essence of where their power comes from and can be detected by other mana users. Mysterious Beings, nonhuman, although sometimes humanoid mythological/folklore creatures that use magic dedicated to their realm of specialization. Ex. Werewolves - moon magic, Vampires blood magic, Lamia Serpent magic, U'tlun'ta - spear magic etc. They also have mana for their magic which is detected and acts the same way as a sorcerer's. And the last group, normal humans or sprites. They are magic-less humans that have no extraordinary supernatural abilities and rely on the protection of Sorcerers like the Roan Knights to protect them from supernatural threats from Mysterious beings.
Nick... is a normal human. He has no magical ability. He comes from an unremarkable family of Bulgarian immigrants, he is a Historical European Martial Arts practitioner in Longsword and is weak against supernatural threats. At least he was. That was until his godfather, who is also a regular human, saved him from a vampire attack using a sword and a special fighting technique called Vita-viz, a extrasensory way of converting one's own and surrounding life energy into superhuman power. Also known in eastern cultures as qi. This ability isn't inherited and isn't genetic. It is a learned ability that any living thing has the potential to use. Although being's with mana tend to have a more difficult time accessing it due to mana often interfering with their qi channels. Vita-viz takes a lot of arduous training to unlock, unlike Sorcerers' mana which provides magic free of any effort, though a sorcerer still needs to train to become more powerful.
Nick's world is rocked by a overnight camping trip in the Appalachians with his Hema buddies where the group is attacked by Vampires and brought to their lair where they are all tortured and mutilated. All of them die except Nick and his best friend at the time Ethan. Nick manages to escape due to some sorcerers passing through. They don't take note of the prisoners and after the Vampires are killed, they leave, abandoning the prisoners. Ethan is turned into a vampire and Nick is forced to stake his best friend through the heart with a broken longsword.
Nick is taught by his godfather how to use Vita-viz and joins the Roan Knights. The existence of Vita-viz has largely been forgotten by the magical world at large save for some folktales. Al