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Equipment & Med. 2 Diplomacy + for Medieval 1100AD TWR2 mod

2023.06.10 15:47 Anpu_Netaru Equipment & Med. 2 Diplomacy + for Medieval 1100AD TWR2 mod

Equipment & Med. 2 Diplomacy + for Medieval 1100AD TWR2 mod
Greetings everyone!
With great pleasure we would like to announce that we've made one of the most important updates for 1100 AD mod for TWR2 which introduces 2 brand new mechanics: Equipment for recruitment and Medieval II style diplomacy.
Let me explain how Equipment system works. Every unit now needs certain equipment for recruitment. There are 4 equipment types: weaponry, medium armor, heavy armor and horses. All units need weaponry to recruit; some units need medium or heavy armor and cavalry requires horses. Every city has its own equipment storage which you can fill. Industry buildings such as blacksmith armor makers etc and resource settlements produce certain equipment. In addition, you may import equipment via trade such as iron (for heavy armor), leather (for medium armor), handicrafts (for weaponry) or horses (for horses), via which imported goods you produce related equipment in capital. Also you can take fallen unit gear after successful battles. Finally, there are new caravan units which can transfer needed equipment between cities by recruiting them, move them to said city and disband them.
Concerning, medieval II style diplomacy, it allows the player to negotiate with other factions only if he has common border, alliance or trade with this faction or emissaries in its capital and/or generals in AI faction's lands. Also the new diplomacy system affects AI as well, so AI will not declare wars to far away factions which was a mess in TW Rome 2. As you can see this system is more deep than in Medieval II where u could send only emissaries to negotiate.
We have also continued to add more and more banners to factions including to this update for the Crusaders along with expanding our unit roasters!
Thank you for reading this essay ( :) ) and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback in order to further improve these new mechanics!
Best regards, Medieval 1100AD team
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2023.06.10 15:32 churgerbeese6 i just need to get through tonight

My(19f) dad has always been incredibly strict and conservative. It's been tough for me because I am his illegitimate child, and as a result, I've never felt truly acknowledged or accepted by him. He's never posted about me on social media, and he always tries to keep me hidden from his colleagues. It hurts to see him treat me this way.
Navigating my emotions has never been my strong suit. I often find myself overwhelmed and unable to cope with the intensity of my feelings. My self-worth is deeply tied to my dad's opinion of me, so when he expresses disappointment, it hits me hard. The value I place on his validation makes it especially difficult to bear his disapproval.
My dad is a mason and a public servant, and he often emphasizes how he overcame poverty to achieve his current status. He takes great pride in his three successful children, who now have families of their own. Unfortunately, I don't live with my dad, only with my mom. She has always tried to provide me with a normal childhood, even allowing me to have my first boyfriend at 18, despite my dad's strict rule of not having one until after college.
Because my dad is rarely around, every moment I spend with him holds significant importance to me. Those memories are ingrained in my mind since I was a child. However, recently, his two daughters stumbled upon my Facebook account. On it, I had posted some provocative pictures, but they were simply showing a bit of cleavage and thighs, nothing more. Additionally, I shared a montage of me and my boyfriend being affectionate, but it wasn't intended to be explicit or sexy. They then showed it to my dad, saying "ano ba yang anak mo pa!".
i have a very small audience in my Facebook account, mostly girls my age too. it was just a medium for my self expression and it was never intended to affect my professional life. it's just a storage for my pictures and.. i wasn't trying to rebel or be reckless.
When my dad found out about my posts, he became furious. He refused to talk to me when he visited here and even physically pushed me away when i tried to hug him and say im sorry. He expressed his deep shame and effectively disowned me.
Now, he's threatening to withhold financial support for my education, which puts me in a difficult position. i take my study very seriously and i have always been a topnotcher, since it was the only thing i can show my dad and that he can be proud of me too, just like how he is with his kids. my academic achievements are the only recognition i get from him.
I feel lost and depressed, not knowing what to do next. The situation has taken a toll on my mental well-being, and I'm unsure of how to mend the relationship with my dad or find a way to move forward in my life.
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2023.06.10 15:28 bellumaster Experience

Lebarnum looked down at the report before him.
He was one of many races in the megacity, a plethora of beings with multitudes of different affinities and talents. He always did his best to be inclusive in the workforce that he employed- not, as some assumed, because of some mistaken bid for status, but instead due to the fact that he had simply found some beings more suitable to certain tasks than others.
When he’d hired Siddqua on the manufacturing line, his competitors had cried folly; yet production was up. After bringing on Mendlo in the marketing department as replacement for the previous expert, some had assumed it to be some sort of pity ploy- but suddenly peer to peer recommendation had skyrocketed.
The human before him had been his latest gamble.
Her name was Loyra, a classic example of her species. The conversation they’d had when she interviewed had sold him and she’d come to work for them the very next day. She even insisted on working six whole hours per day!
Within the week, she had done away with the decades-old clutter in the main office and converted the majority of their files to a tactile filing system, perfect for him and his habits. She had smoothed over some rocky customer relations, made several small purchases that went towards heightening employee enjoyment, and in doing so had increased productivity by some twenty percent. It was absurd.
So when she had come into his office this morning and dropped off this estimate for a total restructuring of the system, Lebarnum nearly signed off on it the moment it hit the desk. But one thing kept his hand from his stylus.
“Loyra,” he began, unsure of how to breach the topic, “Were you some sort of manager at your previous position? If it’s legal for me to ask, that is. You need not answer if you don’t want to.”
Loyra’s mouth parted slightly and she brushed a bit of her hair back about her ear. “Well, it is illegal, but I don’t mind answering. I wasn’t a manager- never been one, but I suppose I would like to.”
Lebarnum gestured at the proposal on his desk. “How did you learn to do all this? I’ve been working this job since the previous owner passed it to me some sixty years ago. Why is it you know how to optimize so well? What taught you?”
Loyra looked up and to the side and pursed her lips.

“I’ve worked as a maid, a nanny, a teacher- but I decided that wasn’t for me- then went to university while working in hospitality. Once I got my degree, I worked in marketing, then as a financial advisor, and my last job was as a dental assistant. I probably missed a few though.”
Lebarnum gaped at her. “That is… several lifetimes worth of experience. Do humans live very long? Were the jobs all in this district as well?”
Loyra chuckled and waved her hand dismissively. “Oh no, no. We don’t live that long at all compared to you lot. I came from off planet, this is the third District I’ve lived in. I like it very much- think I might stay.”
Lebarnum slumped back in his seat, mind whirling. “How many different places have you lived in?”
“Uhm, nine or ten, I suppose.”
“And how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Thirty-eight. I’m a bit of an old maid, but that suits me just fine.”
Lebarnum didn’t spare processing power to figure out her lingo. Discounting the human’s trial period- which ended at, say, fourteen to sixteen years of age- that put Loyra as having shifted through at least nine living spaces and at least seven jobs, for a tentative average of a different job every three or so years and different living situation every two and a half.

Lebarnum felt dizzy.
“Isn’t that exhausting? Can’t you just go to the Great Directory and pick one?”
“Oh, I could do that if I wanted- but I don’t want to. I like seeing different places and doing different things. It’s almost like a brand new lifetime when I change, with new places, new people, new work, new me.”
Lebarnum felt a distinct sense of vertigo. He’d been living in the same place and working the same job for so long that he’d even forgotten how old he was. He couldn’t imagine living a different life, though he knew it was possible.
He motioned weakly at the proposal. “And this? How did this come about?”
Loyra nodded excitedly. “Well, obviously I can clean, and being a maid let me see a lot of different file storage systems. When I was a nanny I brushed up on a lot of the behavioural patterns of the most commonly encountered species, while my teaching experience has honestly made me a bit… critical of how some employers teach their employees. I learned how to people-please and brand in marketing- the financial advisory should be fairly obvious- and when I was a dental assistant I learned a lot about streamlining different processes.”
She rolled both her hands about her head. “So, I figured that with permission, I’d take everything I’ve learned and make the place a little nicer. I like it here in this district, and the people here are great. Why not try to make the place better?”
Lebarnum sat for a moment, silent.
Then for another moment.
Then another.
Loyra shifted, uncomfortable. “Did I say something wrong?”
Lebarnum snapped out of his calculations. Regardless of what occurred here and now, his company was secure; nothing short of a planetwide quarantine for several years would threaten it. If he was known for anything by those in his field, it was his adventurous taste in employees and willingness to try new things.
Lebarnum couldn’t bear to pass up the opportunity.
“Loyra, would you like to be promoted to manager?”
Her eyes grew wide.
“What? I thought you didn’t have one?”
“I have been made aware of my company’s shortcomings. Would you like to be promoted? It comes with a pay raise, and a secretary to fulfill your old position’s duties.”
Now it was her turn to gape. “I- I suppose so, yes. Yes, that would be great actually.”
Lebarnum nodded, then leaned down and signed off on the proposal. “You can expect the paperwork next week, and your input will be required for hiring the new secretary. Please do everything you can to make this company better.”
Loyra took the proposal back and held it to her chest, beaming. “Thank you very much, Lebarnum. I’ll do my best.”
He asked one more question as she turned to leave his office.
“How did you do it, Loyra? Having so many different lives, moving to so many different places?”
She smiled, halfway out the door. “The hardest part is leaving- after that, it’s just living. If you ever move to another planet with only a suitcase, you’ll know what I mean.”
Lebarnum muted his calls for the next half hour so he would have silence in which to think.
He looked over at a picture that had been on the office wall for as long as he could remember. It was a detailed rendition of a moon, one of the architectural wonders of the Varium. Built from the inside out as a massive scientific experiment, it was currently a museum destination where one could spend years looking over the various scientific advances from hundreds of different races.
Beneath it were words that had carried him through years- no, decades- of work.
“It is only impossible until it is done.”
Lebarnum thought of the suitcase in the storage unit of his apartment, untouched since purchasing it all those years ago.
Maybe it was time for a little vacation.
You can find more of my HFY stories here. More projects over on my Patreon.
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2023.06.10 15:06 Epic-Dude000 How good is this Marowak?

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2023.06.10 15:03 MutedTraining5299 Debarred

Hello po, tanong lang po pano kung may 9 units kang failed then dka nakapag summer class po makakapag enroll pa po ba for the coming year na pasukan??
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2023.06.10 14:35 CopyDan Just got a new storage unit and rearranged my whole collection.

Just got a new storage unit and rearranged my whole collection.
Don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of room this time!
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2023.06.10 14:14 ali_yara Need ko lang help magets yung subject/units system sa college

Hi! May nakita ako dati pa and parang lagi ko na nakikita na may ibang nadedelay(? Tama ba term) dahil ubusan ba slot sa pagtake ng subjects? Di ko gets paanong ubusan or paanong nadedelay. Sorry if ang ignorante ko talaga rito sa part na to pero di ko talaga maintindihan paano ba nagt-take ng units/subs pagka-nageenroll. Please correct me also if may mga wrong akong nasabi!
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2023.06.10 14:13 Lanky-Text2993 Looking for a surgeon?

My insurance just changed to united healthcare, which has kinda made it way harder to find a top surgeon who takes their insurance. And the surgeons around here (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) don't exactly list what insurance they take on their websites. Does anyone have any recs for good surgeons (for DI, no grafts) who take UHC in the Pittsburgh area? (Note: I've been on T over a year and have a letter from a psychologist ready to go! :))
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2023.06.10 13:57 TimboPaints Building storage shelving unit out of MDF

I have a 1200x900x9 (mm) panel of MDF in which I want to make a shelving unit for my small bottles of paint. The shelves will be 1200x90.
Is this too tricky to do on a circular saw? I've used one a couple of times and have access to one, but never for panels this small.
I'm not sure if a handsaw might be better? Just not sure how to go about this.
Any advice is appreciated
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2023.06.10 13:31 EffectSubstantial909 Lost Terran - 6

Franz learns about the place he found himself as it turns out he found himself in one of the core worlds owned by a space faring civilization.
More than that there’s countless alien civilizations outside of the one he’s in, apparently he’s now in the Cret Republic despite having nobles running the Senate it still calls itself a republic.
Interestingly one thing Franz noticed is that the gender ratio leans heavily on the female side, strangely enough it’s not just the Cre’taxsians that has strange gender ratio all of the civilization has this over the top gender ratio, there are several times more female per one male.
Anyways today he’s meeting with a Senator
The door slides open and a familiar face appears
‘Isn’t that the women with the fancy coat?’ Franz thought
“Greetings, I hope that you’ve been treated well?”
“Oh yes the people here are very accommodating”
She smiles then said “really? I’m glade to hear that, from what I heard you seems hesitant to share information about your species”
“I hope that you’ll be understanding in the fact that I’m simply safeguarding my specie from any potential threats”
“I trust that you’ve learned enough in these past few days that the Cre’taxsian people are an honorable race and would want nothing more then to find allies in a hostile galaxy”
‘Well shit she knows how to play with words’ Franz thought as he’s currently in their “care” he can’t just say “your republic is crab” he’ll have to be neutral/skeptical at most and agreeing at worst.
“The Cret Republic is indeed a fine nation with honorable traditions and have earned some level of trust”
At Franz’s reply she smiles as she just won her first minor victory. The former general and currently a Senator believes that it’ll only be a matter of time before the male in-front of her opens up.
“Really? Can you tell me something about your species?”
“Our home world is called Earth and it’s the 3rd planet form our Sun and from what I tell from the information I was given it’s classified as a super high gravity world by galactic standards”
The Senator seemingly nods at the revelation that his species is from a high gravity world as it would explains how his high strength and how he was able to have such large leaps.
Like so far no intelligent species have been found to be from a super high gravity world, that would mean that humans are the first intelligent species to be known to inhabit a super high gravity planet, those would make establishing a diplomatic relations with his species even more important.
Even one of their males is able to tear 3 Hasperax mechs just imagine what an army of them could do?
As a former general Jil’adamas could imagine how terrible it would be if there was a stick force of such individuals.
“So can you tell me where your worlds is located at?”
‘She seems to think that humans is a spacefaring civilization… well … she’s not exactly wrong…. It’s just that the Mars base only has like 20 or so people’ Franz thought
“As I have previously explained I didn’t study Astronomy so can’t even find the general direction of my home even if O wanted to”
“What about your society? How does your people live?”
“ Our society is a “Patriarchal” society, it’s a society where male are the dominant gender”
At the revelation the Senator’s eyes turns wide as even the scientists listening outside also turns wide.
Then a commotion happens outside
“(Woooooo)” “(Oh my goddess~)”
a female scientist who has a masochist fetish exclaimed while another whistles
“Patriarchal” is a fictional society that was believed to only appears in novels but here it is! The dream of every herbivore females!
(Just think of male’s response to Femdom genre. Most men would be like “ohhh yeah” to the thought being pushed down by a female)
“(You perverted bitch!)” yelled the head scientist as she bonks the degenerate staff’s head
As the head scientist quells the commotion outside back in the room.
The Senator coughs before asking “you’re not joking are you?”
“I’m not speaking in jest, Earth has always been a traditionally male dominated society”
“(Oh My Goddess!)” “(So Male dominated species does exists!?)” “(Wooooo)” “(Wooooo)”
That revelation is followed by a bunch of wooing and whistling outside the room.
It is fill by a bunch of bonking noises as the head scientist reigns in her staff the majority of which are single and are desperately trying to find a mate.
The Senator’s eyes frowns before asking “and your male based society has no problems ruling?”
The Senator has assumed that the gender ratio of Earth to be similar to the rest of the galaxy. One male per 10 females.
“In humans males has always been much stronger then females, there has been movement to change that in recent years but by and large Earth is still a male dominated society”
The Senator nodded recalling how this one male defeated 30 elite enforcers, 3 Hasperax enforcer mechs and 2 Pretorian commandos .
The Senator is currently imagining a small team of human males suppressing revolts.
She’s imagining that Earth is an authoritarian state where superhuman males ruling over a vast number of weaker females.
The Senator has her own bias towards males as a patriarchal society is until now just a fantasy.
That’s how she interpreted Franz’s words.
“So how does your people run country?”
‘Well time for some bullshiting’ Franz thought
“There’s the UN which encompasses all the significant human nations states”
Franz it trying to make the UN sound much much more powerful then it actually is, in actuality the UN is a joke!
Like China is a life time member of its Human rights council, it’s resolutions are just words and has no binding power, it’s criminal court are filled with corruption and most of the world in particular major powers just ignores them entirely.
The UN is nothing more then just a show for nations to pretend that they’re cooperating when they’re clearly are not.
“I see so what does this UN do?”
“The UN’s purposes is to maintain stability and security, develop friendly relations among nation state members, achieve internal cooperation, and serve as a centre for diplomatic dialogues.”
She raises her brow at his explanation as his explanation didn’t tell her anything! Which is the point cuz the UN doesn’t do anything.
“You said members nations? Can you tell me about them?”
“The 5 major members states that are permanently seated at UN’s “Supreme” council.
The British Commonwealth (yes, the Brits got their act together), the Fifth French Republic, the United States, People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation”
“From the names I can tell they have different types of government” The Senator commented
“The British Commonwealth is a Parliamentary Monarchy, the United States is a Constitutional Republic, The Fifth French Republic is a Parliamentary Republic, China is a Socialist Republic and the Russian Federation is a Federal Republic ”
Franz tried to make it sound as compatible with the Cret Republic by omitting the undesirable parts in some of them, Franz also tried to make it sounds like the governments would be too complicated to explain so that he can just brush off any attempts to get further information.
“Can you explain how they function?”
“Too complicated to explain”
“I… see” she replied before narrowing her eyes.
At this time point the scientist sent a massage to the Senator requesting access to his devices.
“The chief scientist seems to have taken an interest in your devices and would like to examine them in detail”
‘She must mean my iPhone’ Franz thought
“I would politely decline these ”
“Might I know why”
“Those are my personal items and contains valuable memories from my homeland”
“I promise you that the scientist team are the finest on this world so you can rest assured”
Then Franz looks at the door and ever so slightly tilts his head making sure to give the impression of “yeah right” just a few seconds ago there was hooting outside.
“I’m sorry but I’m not ganna risk it”
Meanwhile outside the room
‘These degenerates! Look at what they’ve done! I’m ganna give them a good scolding later’
With his reply the head scientist who was listening in slams her fist in her desk then she angrily stares her staff.
Her staff trembles as they know they’re ganna get it after this.
Back inside the room
They continues a bit of small talk Franz still trying to be as vague as possible while the Senator trying to get as much information as possible, unfortunately Franz is trained as a diplomat so accidentally let something slip.
“Electronics?” The Senator asked curiously as pretty much everyone uses photon based computers with the exception of a few select species that uses biological/chemical computers, those species tended to be hive species.
‘Shit!’ Franz cursed at himself before deciding to concede this one to them
“Yes, I’ve noticed that the computers here seems to be photon based, back home computers are almost entirely electrical electrical based using Electrons instead of Photons”
That came as major surprise as of what he said is true then what Franz has in his pocket is a the first example of a functional electrical computer that has only been thought as theoretical before.
‘Judging by the way he operates it its seems comparable to our datapad, which means that their electrical technology is fairly mature’ the head scientist thought as she can’t wait to get her hands in his device.
The head scientist urges the Senator to do something to get that device.
Of course the Senator knows the implications of such a discovery.
“The head scientist seems to really want to examine your device” the Senator commented again.
“I’ll decline again but certain other arrangements could be made”
“Oh?” The perked the Senator’s ears
“I heard that you have something called discovery and research rights, in which the ones that made the discovery gets a royalty every time their discovery or research is used or referenced in something that produces monetary value”
Cre’taxsian nobility works in multiple different ways.
There’s the land nobles that lives off people using their lands, military generals that would be awarded with lands upon completion of their term there by becoming a nobility and the scientists who made great discoveries are awarded with the title of nobility.
Of course the title in of itself would be useless if they still lived a pauper’s life after they made a great contribution so there’s a thing called discovery and research rights in which they get royalties every time someone uses their research.
These rights can be inherited and any research based their’s, they will also get a cut.
It is at this moment that the Senator realizes the implications of Franz’s demands as her eyes went wide.
Franz is basically demanding a nobility title.
Of course Franz didn’t put too much weight on the title, what he really cares is that money.
Franz is a materialist he’s not a wanker like Diogenes who can be happy living in a pot and wanking in front stranger.
you can have all the honor in the world but it would mean nothing of you can’t even eat a single piece of bread.
“You realize the implications of your request right?”
“I’m just making sure human achievements are appropriately “appreciated”. Of course the choice is always yours to not accept this deal but this deal is pretty fair and even advantageous to you even”
She is silent for a moment before
“Very well but it’ll have to be verified first before you can have the right”
“Sure I’ve got no problem with that we can work out the details later, in the mean time I’ve also taken an interest in your intellectual rights in particular the one pertaining to creative entertainment.”
Seeing that the Senator having a puzzled look Franz continues on “you see my mobile device has a collection of human entertainment and I’m thinking releasing some of them. Naturally I expect to be compensated appropriately”
His phone has 230 petta byte of storage data and speeds of 2 exaFlops. Tens thousands of 8k videos of various shows, movies and documentaries, it also has his own personal collection of games on it too.
He was stationed in a 3rd world country where internet was limited so he downloaded a lot of movies into his phone before he got sent there.
(Franz is from 50 years into the future, our phones now has more capacity then the classrooms size computer 50 years ago. I’m basing the states of Franz’s future iPhone on what came up on the top results of a 5 second google search)
(1 Petta byte is 1,000,000 Giga byte. An hour of 8K movie takes around 40 Gb of memory. Right now a AAA game in 4k takes about 25 to 50 Gb with some taking 100Gb. So if just change it to 8K the game would be 200Gb, it’s the future so games would be much more complicated so it should enter into the Terra byte range)
The Senator didn’t think much of it and agrees to it without much hassle as how much can such a tiny device contain anyway?
“That can be arranged”
The rest of the conversation pretty much went smoothly after that.
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2023.06.10 13:10 Nashville1245 Pag Ba Nag Pa Change Oil ako, Dapat Same Amount of Oil Pa Din Ang Lalabas sa Unit ko?

Let's say 1L ang capacity ng engine ko. I rode it for around 1500km, so it's time to change oil na. Pag collect ng oil, diba dapat 1L pa din ang ma kokolekta? Bakit yung sakin 500-600ML nalang yung na collect namin?
Is it because my engine is burning oil not just gas? Thank you.
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2023.06.10 12:57 volossaveroniki Harry Gruyaert - Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada (1982)

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2023.06.10 11:28 rrmdp 📢 Bakerly Barn is hiring a ERP Data Integrity Specialist!

Company: Bakerly Barn
Location: Easton, PA, United States 📍
Date Posted: June 10, 2023 📅
Apply & Description 👉
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2023.06.10 10:48 Ok_Ganache_6570 Harry Gruyaert - Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada (1982)

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2023.06.10 10:47 Pheonny- Cluttered space

Ginive up ko na yung ukay business ko. Since limited space lang rin ang meron sa apartment, and half of my space eh napupunta lang as "storage" nitong ukay na to, I decided na ilet-go nalang sila. Gusto ko ng peace of mind and ang kalat na dito. Ayaw pa dapat ipadispose ni mama pero wala eh, nagcacause na talaga sya ng stress sa akin.
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2023.06.10 10:09 andeuleiii Workload of working students in BPO

Hello po! So ayon po I’m planning to be a working student this incoming school year. And ayon po tanggap ko na agad na ‘di ako makakagraduate on time kung gusto kong ‘di masyadong mahirapan sa pagbabalance ng work and studies. With this, tatanong ko lang po sa mga working students here kung ilan po madalas ang units niyo per sem? Although depende pa rin sa bawat tao pero curious lang po ako sa kung ilan ang workload niyo per sem baka sakaling makatulong po sa akin soon. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 09:51 Iamdrasnia Storage Unit and Used Car dealer needed

Friend of mine leaving a bad relationship is in need of a safe storage facility to drive to. After that she needs a recommended used car dealership to sell her car. They both need to be near or at least with taxi to the airport.
Thank you in advance. Shane
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2023.06.10 09:39 WormyJellyBaby Looking for storage / camping

Hi, I live SOR and once a week (sat am) have an activity to attend in Gnangara pines. As this is so far from home and it's early I camp near to the pines the night before in my camper van. Last year (I only do this over winter) I towed the van up and back each Fri / Sat and it worked great. However last year my other half was with me most weeks and so towing, setting up, packing away, doing our activity and towing home was feasible. This year it's likely to be only one of us most weeks.
We're therefore looking for somewhere to leave the van near the pines during the week to make things easier. We have looked at hipcamp, wikicamps and even a storage unit place nearby but no luck so far. Ideally it would be somewhere that we could leave the van unpacked (jayco swan) each week. We've even posted on facebook asking if someone has a bit of land they wouldn't mind us renting / an old barn we could set up in. But no bites.
Anyone know of any other apps / leads we could follow?
The van packs up into a standard trailer size so we're looking for somewhere to store that during the week. Literally a spare car parking spot on someone's drive would work. The ideal spot would be somewhere that we could leave it unfolded and could sleep in it each Friday night too, but at the mo we'll take what we can get... Obviously we're prepared to pay something... Thanks
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2023.06.10 09:33 pagodsomuch 9 units - debarment

Hello. If you incurred 3 units na failed. Does it mean 6 units na lang ang kumbaga natitirang buhay mo from 1st year to 4th year kahit nag shift ka ng course pero under same program pa rin?
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2023.06.10 09:22 kellandrasue What is this thing? 8-9 foot pole with stretchy loop.

What is this thing? 8-9 foot pole with stretchy loop.
Found in a storage unit of a roommate who moved without notice and left a bunch of stuff. 8 feet long, maybe 9 with a stretchy rubber tube on one end and the other end has three slightly curved metal rods with a plastic cap. I was thinking maybe one of those harpoon things, under water fishing spears, but the end is capped and doesn’t detach for different attachments and a plastic capped spear doesn’t make sense. Dog catcher type dog leash? But the stretchy tube doesn’t cinch at all so it wouldn’t ensnare anything. I’m probably over thinking this and it’s just some old curtain rod/craft project.
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2023.06.10 08:56 No_More_Istady_pls Criticize me, para handa ako pag kini-cricize nako ng tatay ko.

Naworshock sha nung nalaman niya na sabog yung Academic life ko. Ito sana script ko sakanya. Pakisabi naman kung feasible yung plan ko, or if hindi. Also, for context, problemado kami ngayon kasi were at the hospital. Hypersimplificatiom siguro. Baka may namiss ako i-account for???
Una sa lahat. Wag ka na magalit. Kasi walang magagawa galit mo.
Ang pwedeng mangyari: inc for most ang ilang units. If not, dismissal.
Hindi ako madedelay, kahit ganyan. Nahahabol yan sa midyears. Kung madelay man, at most a year lang which is covered parin ng scholarship.
INC: submit lng ng requirements, over the period of one academic year.
DISMISSAL: Reapply for readmission.
Reasons: ayoko pagsabayin. Ang alin? Si mama at school. Eh kaya naman ng iba? Hindi ko kaya. Hindi maganda pakiramdam ko madalas. Hindi pisikal. Ayoko mamatay. Pero gusto ko maglaho.
Bago pa sha magkasakit di na maganda pakiramdam ko. Sinubukan ko naman talaga, kakayanin naman talaga sana gapangin, pero nawalan ako ng gana. Gusto ko magpahinga. Hindi ako susuko, gragraduate ako, pero kailangan ko talaga ng pahinga. I reevaluate ko buhay ko kasi pakiramdam ko shinotgun ko lahat.
Plano ko: hayaan mag inc or Dismissal. Kung papayagan ng school, mag loa next sem para mag-ayos ng Inc. Pahinga ngayong midyear. Magiipon ng lakas. Babawi. Kasi lahat naman ata tayo dito nadapa???
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2023.06.10 08:36 UpsideDown3434 Alex drawer advice wtih Idasen standing desk.

I currently have the Ikea Idasen standing desk

I am thinking of purchasing two Alex drawers for the sides
Does the black/brown color of the Alex drawers match the Idasen desk? If not, I may consider purchasing the white.

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