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2023.06.10 16:20 Responsible_Local_72 How do you get the members to sign stuff?

I’m going to see the band at MetLife Stadium in august, and I was wondering if I could get Slash to sign my guitar for me without getting a backstage pass. Would it be possible to stick around after the concert and see the members?
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2023.06.10 16:20 FeistyPreference9542 Whirl Wind Miscarriage

I guess I'm just looking to rant or get some sort of advice on my life right now. At the beginning of May I fou d out I was 4w pregnant... the doctors didn't want to see me until 10w. Fast forward to 8w, I'm at work and start spotting.. I get to the emergency room asap bc I'm terrified somthings wrong, and they say baby looks fine (I saw a tiny heart beat of 112 🥰) buuuuttt... the reason for bleeding was that I have a subchronic hemerage. Told its common just follow up woth OB to be seen sooner and I will bleed some. So I go and Google this new thing I have and it sound horrible. But it says low rates of miscarriage and most of the time it will just reobsorb into the uterine lining. Yet again, "common". I dont bleed for 2 days. Call the OB as soon as the office opened that following Tuesday after memorial day and they decide no they don't want to see me earlier and no restrictions.. "it's common" also expect some bleeding. Okay so I prepare, I have a huge clot the next morning. I panic some. But then some just light bleeding. Maybe that was the clot passing? The next morning after I start having cramps that wake me out my sleep. I'm bleeding but not quite a pad full an hour but the pain was crazy. I decided to go into the hospital...again to at least check my numbers. Find out I went from almost a 900 to 200.... I was in the middle of a miscarriage. My heart was shattered. I bled much more.. smaller clots lots of cramping. The next morning I passed the baby at home. 😔. I went out and bought a nice tree and a box and baby blanket to wrap it in to bury under the tree and have a small memorial service. I'm just numb and devastated. I've had a miscarriage before but not like this. My first was a blighted ovum. This one was so unexpectedly bad. From the scene of bleeding and the whip lash of being okay and "common" to now I have nothing. I dont even have a 1st ultrasound picture (except the image burned in me head from the first heart beat the Saturday prior) I'm lost. I'm empty. Anyone else have this happen or know what I can do to help my healing process? The last time I had a miscarriage, I had a rainbow baby almost a year later. This time the pregnancy was a suprise and I know we arnt in the right position to actively try again. Plus I'm still in shock. I just don't know what to do or how to feel..... thoughts?
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2023.06.10 16:20 WantonReader How to reclaime my old account

I used to play a lot more games but then I took a consciouss break. Now I am trying to slowly get into it again but here's the thing: I deleted my (very) old email and a got a new one. For most things I remembered to switch over to my new email but since I was on a break from games I didn't remember my account for Uplay.
Now I can't log in to my old Ubisoft account. I tried contacting Ubisoft Help but they wanted to know what email my account was associated with, meaning my old, deleted account.
Thing is I think I activated the two step verification (meaning Ubisoft would still have my old phone number) and I connected it with my Playstation Account (which I still have access to).
What I would like to get help with is how I can/should go about reclaiming my old account? Is there a chance? What should I do or contact?

Thanks in advance for any help
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2023.06.10 16:20 Monsoonfan Is There Any Way To Make Humans Stop Floating In The Water?

I Recently Downloaded A Lot Of Sea Creature Contraptions And I Want To Test Them With Humans But I Cant Get Them To Stop Floating , Does Anyone Know How To Stop Them From Doing So?
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2023.06.10 16:20 sportyblue321 2 part question

I looked through posts on how to get expansion material from a feeder city and don't go past level 10. That's not working for me. And those posts are kinda old.
  1. What is the best way to get land expansion material.
  2. If you do have a second or feeder city are you able to transfer coins?
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2023.06.10 16:19 mewthison My (20, f) mental health is declining every day because I can't be myself as I was free to before

Im 20,f, got married in November to my best friend and the most perfect guy ever - moved out in January, Just recently been having issues with 'fitting in' We (husband and me) live with his parents in the same house (even though he has his own apartment, stuff was getting renovated) I come from a different sect, and even though me and my husband don't care about this sort of stuff at all, I've been trying to convert to his' by taking extra classes I don't want to, by changing alot of things, etc just so I can feel like I'm fitting in I just want to make this clear that I don't have a grudge or anything against his mother since I'm doing all this for her when it's not even for him - but sometimes I feel like the expectations are way too high for me. On things that have been wired into my life, such as my routine I'm a night owl naturally, and I tend to work better at night and not 'on demand' (im an artist, so i cant force myself to draw perfectly unless it comes to me, i hope fellow creatives can understand) so sometimes when I work throughout the night, I'm expected to get up early in the morning Back at my home I had my own routine and nobody had an issue with it, but husbands mother seems to be in a bad mood or disappointed sometimes. She's always been a more social and extroverted person and I've been the complete opposite. So she expects me to give her time etc. Sometimes it gets overwhelming for me because I don't get to give time to my work or to myself at the end of the day. My husband tries hard to give her time too and we keep switching places if one of us has work or wants to sleep in a little late n all, but it just feels too draining for me sometimes If I ever have a 2-3 day waking up on time streak and then I sleep in late the next day, it feels like none of my efforts are acknowledged and no leniency is shown towards that whole thing because she is again disappointed the exact same way as if I don't put any effort. I tried hard to work during the day but it just doesn't work out for me Usually I can't even dress comfortably because of difference of opinions. I have sensory overloads and loads of sensory issues. I tend to wear sweats outside, or anything comfortable really. Today we were supposed to go to a mall. I felt like wearing an abaya and heels that are cushioned inside really well, so they're super comfortable to walk around in surprisingly She saw me and suggested that I change my shoes, and it sort of really put me off because there is ALWAYS something that she just HAS to fix Either she wants me to 'act like an adult' or she wants to tell me around like a kid And it's super conflicting, and irritating at times, Just really want to move out but I also don't want to move out on bad terms, but trying to stay on good terms is really effecting my mental health, my work, everything really Just wish she could see where I'm coming from and how I put aside my preferences for her yet she always puts her preferences on top and takes stuff as 'im sorry you feel that way but that makes me feel this way' there's always a 'but' and 'but for me/it makes me' in everything i have tried to discuss with her by myself or through my husband Sigh.
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2023.06.10 16:19 thenovlewrighter i have been writing a novel pls rate it

5 nights at aftons
4pm ,location aftons house,
Golden Freddy does a head turn to look right at Jack.” Who are you¨ Jack shouts across the room.freddy says nothing but still looks at him. Jack runs and runs as fast as he can spamming the elevator button for safety.lucky the door shuts just in time but something doesn't feel right to jack the elevator is not moving then he sees a blur an animatronic he sees but he doesn't know this one.the robot 12 ft high burt skull face razor sharp teeth and claws wires sticking out everywhere ¨who…… who ……… are you¨jack says the robot looks down at him and says ¨death jack death¨ all the sudden it attacks him biting ripping skin off him from the wires.but jack sees a logo that says afton enterprise.bleeding bad Jack escapes the elevator running out the door of the house the robot chasing him but wants he out the door the robot is flung back from something ¨hummmmmmmmm so they can't leave the house¨ jack says taunting the robot so called death.
Jack goes home to his apartment on the other side of town. When he gets home he treats the wounds trying not to scream in pain. And then he just lays down like that. Hoping nothing attacks him in his sleep.
¨hello¨ ¨ what did i do to you¨ ¨everything ̈ .errr errr errr ¨uhhhhh the pain.¨ Jack says looking at the alarm clock hitting snooze. getting out of bed jack turns on the lights to see his bandages came undone and his bed was covered in blood.later that morning jack went to the er to get stitches from the attack the nurse looks at him and says what happened to you jack just says ¨death¨ thats what happened the doctor stitches him up and sends him on his way when he drives by aftons house he sees death still waiting for him to come back in.¨not today he says¨ looking out the window.all the sudan his car exploded throwing jack in the air. Then Jack sees it land mines but why jack thinks to himself falling on the asphalt ¨i just got stitches know this¨jack screams.then he passes out.then he sees a boy getting hurt from fredy at a grand opening william shoving dead kids in the animatronics while wearing the spring trap costume then one drop of water hits the mask triggering the spinlocks crushing his body.jack wakes up to the sound of cop cars and ambulances.¨ Sir sir what happened¨ Jack just pointed at the house and said ¨him¨ the cops go over to the house while the paramedics put him in the ambulance.then cops start running from the house one cop being attacked calling for backup. Then the rest of the cops are dragged under ground by some strange mechanical tentacles.
¨what?¨ zoey says looking at jack¨is something wrong¨.jack says nothing but points behind her.zoey turns around but it's not there.”jack i think you need some rest”zoey says with a corsern face.”no no no i'm not going to sleep”jack says.but just then jack falls asleep to see he's in a room with one closet in front of him with 2 doors by it when he turns around he sees one bed behind him. he sits down waiting for something to happen. Just then he walks to one of the doors with the flashlight he just so happenly found by him. He opens the door to see if he hears or sees anything just then he hears something breathing. He turns on the flashlight to see a fredy with sharp teeth and a messed up body.Just then it runs at him terrified he quickly shuts the door and turns the flash light out. Then Freddy runs in the room and goes out the other door.he wakes up to his alarm which was for some reason set at 6 o'clock. Jack thinks nothing of it and turns on the TV to see the news is talking about the attack yesterday “police dragged under ground by strange tentacles after magor car crash”the headline said.jack didn't want to listen to it so he just turned the tv off.a few minutes later the nurse walks in and checks him out of the hospital.when zoey comes to pick him up he sees the same burnt bonnie he saw that night.when jack got in the car it was gone again.jack thought nothing of it and went on with his day.jack and zoey where trying to figure out where to finger lunch out when zoey says “how bout we go to fazbears pizzeria for lunch” as much as jack does not want to go back there he says “sure”.when they get settled in the restaurant jack sees a new chica.when the waitress comes up the order there food and talk awhile when the food comes out there's a $100 check that say your pay jack quickly takes it and stuffs it in his jacket before anyone notices.When jack and zoey leave the restaurant some guy gives jack a letter when jack gets home he reads the letter saying
Dear jack
I know about what happened with the animatronics that night so I'm giving you a second chance. So i need you to watch my house
willam afton
“Really this fool thinks i'm going to watch the house i almost died in no way”Jack says to him self.there was a knock at his door then when he opened the door it was the landlord “give me your keys you haven't paid rent for a week” he says. Jack doesn't know what to say so his mouth does it for him “5 more days and i'll have your money sir” the landlord responds with “fine but if you don't have the money i'm changing the lock” as he walks away.jack grabs his keys rights his will and goes to the house.when jack enters the house though it's different instead of being a run down dump it was beautiful marble staircase ,golden chandeliers, and instead of the robot death there was a butler at the door. When Jack went into the backyard there was a smoothie stand, a big clean pool and palm trees.william afton walks out and then shows jack the security room. There were 5 flat screen TVs for each part of the house. There were also vent cameras if he pressed shift on the keyboard.the door had 5 layers of plexi glass in case something happened .then willam showed him a secret room with a bed tv bathroom and a fridge full of hot pockets and corn on blue.soon willam left and jacks shift started to be continued.Knock knock knock jack herer at the plexiglass door jack looks to see who it is to see the butler when jack opens the door he is offered a beverage from the butler.jack kindly accept it and looks at the camera “nothing strange yet”jack thinks to himself as he takes a sip of his drink.7 o'clock hits so jack locks the door and takes a nap planning to wake up at 12.the time comes and jack gets up but before he goes in the other room he warms up some hot pockets. When Jack looks at the cameras he sees a shadow of the bonni.jack keeps the door lock just in case if something happens when he looks out the door he sees the skeleton robot waiting for it to open.``really i thought this guy was gone” jack thinks to himself when he sees the same chicka he destroyed at the pizzeria rolling around on a skateboard. Then he sees the thing he fears the most: the burnt bonnie at the door jack almost spilt his drink on him he was so scared.then he goes in his room grabs the sheet of his bed and the roll of tape off the table. Jack puts the sheet on the plexiglass door just to keep him calm during the job.Painting Jack takes a sip of his drink. 4 o'clock 5 o'clock 6 o'clock confetti covers the floor. Good job the camera says you completed your 1st night.when jack takes down the sheet to see if the robot was still there it was gone when he checked every room in the house there were no more robots.with relief jack goes in his room to take a napThe rest of the day Jack sits by the pool drinking smoothies and eating pineapple.his watch goes off 5 o'clock 5 o'clock Jack turns it off and heads inside.when he gets to his room he locks the door and takes a nap. When 7 hits he goes in the other room puts the sheet on the door and watches tick tock on his phone waiting for 6 o'clock when he hears something crawling through the vents jack grabs the nearby ax and waits when the creature comes through the vent he swings when he hears “patron sir are you trying to kill the buttlar” the vent opened and the buttlar stuck his head out and started to come in.”wait how do i know you're actually the butler you could just be a robot”jack says “i have no proof but i also trust you” the buttlar says,the buttlar comes in with a duffle bag.soda,chips,tablets,rubix cubes,and pizza.”dude how much stuff did you bring” jack says “enuf to last the rest of the week”.few hours go by and more confetti covers the floor.congrats the screen says you survived night 2.”this is only going to get harder”jack says plugging in the devices.”there's going to be more of them soon”the buttlar says. “My name's jack”jack says “brysan” the buttlar says sticking out his hand “Knock knock KNock” here at the door.the butler slowly lifts the sheet then braysan jumps back.”what is it?” Jack says looking terrified, brayson says “a…….a……..burnt bonnie suit”.”thank lord im not the only one who sees him”jack says.then the door falls on the ground leaving the sheet up still though.”quick in the vents!”brayson hollers. They quickly throw everything in the duffle bag and climb in.then they see the burnt bonnie suit walking around trying to find them then it says “jack come out” then it hits jack the voice the robot everywhere it was afton.the whole time how did he not figure that out he thinks to himself crawling through the vents.then braysan is gone “braysan!”Jack hollers, then something grabs him,“ahhh!” Jack screams trying to get the grip off then he sees it is just a robotic hand then it pulls him looking at the hand again he sees its covered in blue fur. When the arm stops dragging him he sees himself in the old axols bbq that had been closed for a while after an unknown accident.he sees the old rusted robot suits and stays away from them in case they were dangerous too.jack sees a door with a blood lock (which would require him to give it blood to open) he bangs on the door for help but nothing happens.jack walks over to the old robots to see they had many malfunctions then out of nowhere one turns on and starts singing.then the blood lock door opens and he sees a tall figure who pulls him in. In the room Jack sees braysan in the corner with a bottle of water and bandaging.”What happened to you?” Jack asks, looking terrified at braysan. “The alligator thing got me” he says.jack looks at the man and says “who are you” “names cael i'm the owner of here” jack sits down and starts eating his room tempetar smushed corn on blue from the security room.”how do we get out of here” brayson say “you can't” cael respondes.”the only way in and out are the vents but somethings in there and it doesn't want us leaving” cael says. In the corner of the room jack see vials with things like ink,wood,blue fur,piece of cloth,and metal scraps.”what's that” jack ask “things i got from other areas” says cael.”what do you mean” braysan ask.”have you heard of the backrooms if so it's kinda like that accept more monsters so far i encounter killer dolls animatronics a murder ink monster and old person zombie”but i can't get past the doll.”i think i know who made this world besides you” jack says “what do you mean” cael says “i mean william afton made this nightmare world i saw him he has the burnt bonnie suite on he wants to kill all of us do you understand!” jack hallers. “That's it i'm taking a walk” cael says.when the door closes jack hears a loud slam in the wall and then a few swear word.jack rushes out side with the ax to see caels arm has been ripped off by axol.jack gats cael back in the room and bandages it up.”OK NEW RULE YALL NO GOING OUT ALONE”braysan.Then they hear a sound outside like a blade scraping metal then the door opens.Jack,cael,and braysan stand up fast to fight.then they see a person with 2 swords and one robot arm in his hand.jack looks up in shock and says “I thought i killed you” “what” the person says “i hit you with my car 5 months ago” jack says “that was you” “yes” “then you'll die” the person runs towards jack with both swords by his sides .before he can hit jack cael stops him with the ax and says”he's a survivor he can help us find the way out so lets not kill each other” the person looks and looks angrily and says “fine he can live but one wrong move and he's dead got it” “what's your name” jack ask “orion” “Orion cannon”orion says sitting down with axols arm attaching it to cael with the remaining muscles and bone left when he's done the arm works how cael needs it to like a normal arm.when he gets up he grabs a pull string bag and canteen while putting food in the bag jack ask “what are you doing” “going back to level 3 there's been crying in there for a while trying to find where its coming from” orion says “but what if there's more robots” jack says “dont worry theres not just killing toys like this big blue one and a pink a big spider and lots more” orion answers “but how do you get there” braysan ask “the vents” “then we should all go” jack says “why you have a death wish or something” orion says ¨yes yes i do¨ jack says ¨after all i survived i'm sure i should live till we escape ¨ ¨fine let's go then we got to be back by 8 or were dead¨orion says.they climb up in the vents and start crawling to the next level when they get out they see a abandoned toy factory and here crying¨where is that coming from¨cael ask ¨that's the thing there's no human life here¨orion says. After awhile of walking the floor fell in on cael dropping him straight down when every one checks to see if he alive they hear ¨y'all come down hear and bring flashlights¨ so orion past out flashlights and they all jumped down when they landed they turned on the flash lights to see a girl with ripped up clothes and cuts all over her “Who are you” the girl says looking terrified “orion,jack,cael,braysan.”orion says staring the girl down “were looking for survivors”cael quickly says looking rather nervous “and who are you” braysan says “gabby”the girl says.”ok well you can join us we have food and soda”cael said.”thanks but i'm good”gabby said getting up.orion quickly pulled a sword from his bag and gave it to gabby “how many of those things do you even have”braysan said in shock “about 50 at least” orion said “yall we need to get going we don't have long till it comes out” gabby says “till what comes out” cale says “the spider”gabby said “wait what does it look like”jack says “its pink 4 arms and is plastic”gabby says “kind of like the toy from when i was a kid mommy long legs” braysan replies.”well if that's the thing we need to leave”orion says.”where are you children” a voice says. “RUN!” gabby hallers. The group runs straight to the vent climbing as fast as they can. Eventually they get back to base.”welp we're screwed” jack says “sissy”orion says.”ill show u a sissy after i kick your” “stop!” ceal says “if were going to survive we need to get along last thing we need is orion skinning jack” “so you're saying i'm too weak to beat him in a fight” jack says in anger “no i'm just saying orion will cut your head off your body and cook u over a fire faster than u can say a word” cale says back “know what this is stupid i'm leaving” jack says walking out “well should we remind him of the robots”braysan says “maybe later” gabby responds later y=the group hears bloody scream from outside “orion” cale says “go save him before he bleeds out” “fine but i don't want to” orion responds but when orion walks out he sees its just a cat “O my god your scared of a cat” orion says laffing taking jack back in the room.letter orion tells everyone how jack was scared of the cat.then they get some rest.that morning when they realize jack was gone.”we can't let him die!” gabby says “yes we can we just don't look for him “ orion says “one more negative comet about jack and you'll look for him yourself” cael says in anger.when the group gets there gear ready they head outside when they climb in the vent there was lots of blue fir and blood terrified they followed it.when they got to the end of the trail they see a drop out of the vent when they got out they saw they were in a old studio everything though was black and white and ink was everywhere. After looking around for a while they found bacon soup and a poster that said wilson the slayer of the ink demon.”¨ahh!What was that? ``Cale said, jumping back.''what do you mean"Orion responds "something just ran past my legs".Then a black goo spider jumped at gaby 'get off me! Get it off me!"she screamed "calm down "orion said, cutting it in half with a sword.then the black goo on the floor disintegrated.''wow what was that"braysan said, amazed. "Proof that we were not alone"cale said.``well then let's find the mastermind behind it"braysan said.``bet it's afton"Orion said.after a while of exploring they heard a sound it was laughing not from something funny just laughing like a crazy person. When they looked around the corner they saw jack on the floor in a ball laughing nonstop “we need to get him out of here” cale said slowly going towards jack but then an animatronic face opened up and started screaming at them “that's not jack”bryson said “ya this place must be here to scare and confuse us we need to go back to the shelter before we all go crazy” the group started heading back to the shelter when they cot to the shelter they all got food and went to sleep.``Thump!” what was that gabby said getting out of bed just to see no one was there where did they go gaby touht getting on a jacket heading out just to see all their bodys dead on the floor with jack and some burt rabbit suit standing next to him then she woke up “so should we go back to the mall again to find jack or to the mansion” they heard orion saying “we shouldn't look for jack” gabby said “why” cael responded “this dream i had yalls dead bodys were piled up outside and he was standing there with a burnt rabbit suit next to him” gabby said “i saw that rabbit suit at the mansion he tried to get in the room with us” bryson said.``then we should go do the mansion” cael said packing extra materials in his bag “maybe we could find who is in that rabbit suit” orion said. The group eventually got to the mansion and started exploring they saw the room in shreds the bed was ripped up the tvs ripped off the wall and claw marks in the wall the group headed down stairs and saw a body not anybody a child's body when they got closer the saw it was crying orion pulled his sword out and ask her “what's wrong are you hurt” the little kid said “he's coming” then they saw a burt rabbit suit standing where the kid was. The burt rabbit suit just tilted his head and started waveying at them then they saw jack. Jack was covered in blood with a knife in his hand smiling not like he was happy but like he was crazy then gabby screamed the group looked over and saw the kid dead on the floor with blood oozing out of it. “You monster” Orion said, pulling out a sword and taking a slash the head came off the suit just for them to realize that wasn't the real suit. Jack then charged at Orion with the knife Orion then stabbed him with a sword in the leg making him go to the ground. The group fled while hearing Jack scream in pain “we can't just leave him there” gabby said terrified as they ran “yes we can he just tried to murder us and he killed a child and he's not going to die just be in pain for a while” orion said. When the group got back to the base they all went to sleep.the next morning they woke up and got ready soon they went back to the mansion to see if jack was still there but he was not but the sword was on the ground covered in a green substance. Cael put the substance in a beaker and back in his bag. They headed back and tested what the substance was. It would only respond to heat by trying to get out.”I don't think that was jack you stabbed Orion” cael said. “What do you mean it was his face his body how” orion responded. This substance is alive and we saw the bunny suit was fake so what if jack was fake” cael said. “That makes science” gabby said. Then orion slashed the wall the substance ozzed out of it. “This is all fake” Orion screamed “all of it is”. “Calm down orion there must be a reason” then jack walked through the door fast orion stabbed him in the throat more of the substance oozing out of it and jack smiled before turning into a pile of the green substance. The ozz started crawling away
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2023.06.10 16:18 d3v1ne4 graphic design contract

this has probably already been asked/discussed on here, but i’ve got some questions about contracts. i believe it’s a necessity when doing freelance work with clients for a variety of reasons, but don’t know where to get started.
in college our professors showed us an example contract, and pretty much said that it could be used as the base for our own contracts. i don’t have a copy of it saved, and some i’ve researched seem a bit lengthy and confusing.
is there a specific contract graphic designers should use?
if you’ve written your own contract, how did you go about that process, and what information should be included?
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2023.06.10 16:18 No-Champion3347 How to deal with toxic family members?

TW: physical, financial, emotional and mental abuse, SA, rape, sexualisation and bullying.
I [F22] was always treated terribly by my family ever since I was born, my mother [46] tends to hit me a lot, tells me I'm going to hell for listening to music or attending concerts, mocks my weight and used to financially abuse me for three years but that has stopped due to opening a new bank account and putting the money in that bank account, changed my details and changed the option for posted bank statements to online bank statements.
My older sister [f27] never liked me, she would steal my shoes, hit me occasionally for no reason, tells me I'm too dark for being liked and mocks my weight. My older brother [M24] used to SA me a lot until my mother and sister found out, forced me to not tell anyone when I was 11 years old and he was turning 13 at the time, my older brother began to mock me when I finished sixth form to go to university by telling me to get a job, mock me to getting into law school and tells me to shut up. My younger brother [M17] is very abusive towards me, he hits me, steals my stuff, tells me I dont have a proper room because I share the same room with my mother - different bed but same room, mocks me for being obese, tells me to shut up, calls me a creep for either listening to music with my headphones, try to manipulate me when I smelt smoke in the house and told everyone I was "crazy" but turns out he was consuming weed and still taking weed to this day.
I know I have a weight problem so I made a solution which was to go to the gym three to four times a week, change my diet completely by taking more protein and eating less. My dad and I stopped talking because two years ago, he sexualised my body multiple times, I was afraid of telling him to stop but then when my older brother and I arrived to his house to see my half siblings, my dad thought it was funny to lightly punch me in the face which left me traumatised and I was unable to speak up. So I put him in NC until my mother forced me to talk to him. After that, I changed my number and did not tell him.
The issue is, I am in my second year of law school, I have approx £2700 in savings, I am afraid to move out because what if I struggle financially or what if my family is right - what if I don't pay the bills in time when I get paid by my student loans company, I don't have a job because I am resitting most of my assignments and exams. I have a few meetings with my lecturers about the assignments and the upcoming exam so I will receive additional support.
I was supposed to move out in September 2020 when I had £300 in savings to pay my security deposit, had my student loans ready to pay for the rent and other essentials. The only reason I was unable to move out because my mother was very aggressive towards me and hid my documentations so I won't pack my bags and move out to a different city.
Two years later, I have found my documentations, saved for an emergency fund, changed my number, stopped interacting with my siblings and my mother but they still treat me in a terrible manner. They tend to gossip about me for having extra money - they know nothing about my finances or they gossip how fat I am - the only reason they do that is to control me since I am going to the gym and making changes in my life.
Outside of my studies, I have been attending an online coding course, been applying part time jobs, keeping up with my hobbies and been taking online CBT sessions, I have told my doctor about my mental health issues and was prescribed anti depressants but I stopped taking them due to it was worsening my mental health, also my family mocks me for taking anti depressants and the only reason they know I do because I told my sister in confidence about it months ago.
Now my issue is, what can I do? if I move out, what do I need to prepare when leaving a toxic family and is it wise to move out with £2700 without a job but have one year of university left? I have completed two assignments out of four so that is an improvement, I have been teaching myself how to cook healthily and taking more therapy sessions online that has been provided by my doctors which is free.
I forgot to mention that I have hearing aid and I am undiagnosed autistic.
submitted by No-Champion3347 to Healthygamergg [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:18 REALCellWaters Some Posts (06 09 2023 - 06 10 2023)

EoE Post (06 09 2023)
Post 01:
The EoE, acid reflux, thyroid issue really sucks. It feels like I'm dying. Maybe I am. Gastroenterologist at 10:45 AM today. Stop blaming others if I'm eating trash and take accountability. However, I really wish someone would empathize and care. I'm in ESOPHAGUS HELL AGAIN.

Father Post (06 09 2023)
Post 01:
How bad is this? Did my father get me to act friendly to the divorce lawyer that was screwing us out of money and laughed about it when I was a child? How much money does my father have?

Post 02:
Somebody tell me the truth. How big of a f****** psychopath is my father? What did he do? How much money does he have?

Post 03:
Did my father have a second family which he kept secret from me? Did he know somebody rich and powerful like Elon Musk? Is my father maybe even a billionaire and he provided me with absolutely nothing? All he gave me was his change and trash.

Esophagus Problems Posts (06 10 2023)
Post 01:
If anyone gives a shit - I'm having real problems with my esophagus. Serious problems.

Post 02:
Could having taken PrEP in January 2020 have caused my EoE? Just a theory. I don't really know.

Post 03:
I don't have HIV. Was never at risk. It wasn't a " hypodermic needle" I stepped on. However, I noticed the EoE started after taking PrEP for a month in January 2020. (I haven't taken it since) Could it have damaged my body?

Post 04:
I also took a mega regimen of psychiatric medications for about 10 years. That could've possibly caused the EoE too.

Or could it be genetic?

Post 05:
Regardless if a medication caused the EoE or not, regardless if this is pharmacological damage, I'll take the rabeprazole 20 mg twice a day for 3 months then repeat my endoscopy in September as the gastroenterologist suggested I do. That's really all I can do. It's just theories.

Post 06:
I feel like everyone knows, or seriously suspects that combining PrEP (isentress and truvada) with the mega regimen of psychiatric medications, are what probably caused this autoimmune allergy problem - EoE. They just can't officially confirm it's true because it's not 100% known

Post 07:
I know AT THE MOMENT we're saying I just have EoE and based on semi-recent blood tests, a thyroid sonogram, and an endoscopy. EoE's what I'm diagnosed with. However, it FEELS LIKE I'm dying from a terminal illness. Discomfort in my esophagus, difficulty swallowing, acid reflux.

Post 08:
I'm a very tough guy who doesn't complain because nobody listens to me and I hate going to doctors... But if I'm complaining to this degree you know what I'm experiencing with this "EoE" is BAD!

Post 09:
If I'm about to have a slow and unpleasant allergy, autoimmune, EoE death and people kind of suspect, but KNOW that's true. Just "tend the rabbits." Tell me I'll be the next millionaire movie star and never let me realize everything is about to turn ugly. Hopefully, it's not true

Post 10:
If I'm dying, don't give my money to my family or anybody. I want all my artwork money donated to mental health research, cancer research, EoE research, or something like that. Because frankly, that's who deserves the money.
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2023.06.10 16:18 cwpro Movie about normal guy turned serial killer that doesn't get caught

I watched the movie when I was very young, it's about a FBI agent who is trying to find a serial killer, but they cannot catch them "95% of all criminals are going to be caught, but there are 5% that are too smart" (something like that was the plot). I remember fragments, but here goes:
- They show a clown killer with a van, using him as an example of a not-so-bright killer.
- There is a part where the serial killer explains he was just an ordinary man before he started killing because he could not take it (9 to 5 job).
- If I remember correctly he wore a brown bag with eye holes on his head to hide his identity (I think there were some ropes on the mask).
- Near the end the agent tracks his house down (don't remember how), the clown gets tied up and pushed to act like he is going to kill the FBI agent from behind, but is shot. The agent realizes that it was a set up because it was a fake gun and it wasn't the killer he hoped to catch.
I tried google, but no luck. If you think of it, please let me know. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 16:17 Melodic_Elderberry52 What the hell happened?

Hi long time no see, I was the guy that posted about getting my dsod mask afew months ago, after I managed to do that I got to infamy 50 and then quit the game, I felt like there was nothibg more I could do except grind infamy (which is really boring), but I didnt leave the sub, and that bring us to today where I found out about update 237, and I am complety baffled, how and why did Overkill screw up so much in such a short amount of time?
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2023.06.10 16:17 UsableNerd Twitter Relapse Cycle

Hi guys,
Made the dumb mistake of reopening a findom twitter account a few days ago. Now every day when I masturbate I suddenly feel like it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I have a look there. I re-activate, eventually get rinsed, and de-activate. Then tomorrow it's the same story.
Any advice on how to exit this cycle without finding a replacement either? I've been able to break the cycle before by moving to other sites but that obviously is counter productive.

Also, I apologize to everyone who has heard me talk endlessly about quitting and sees me not do it. I'm sick of myself too.
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2023.06.10 16:17 em5417 Struggling with toddler, newborn, and marriage

I have a 6 week old girl and a two and a half year old boy and I am really struggling. My 6 week old’s witching hour is 12am-2am and she cluster feeds during that time. My husband is with our toddler all day and exhausted by that point since he has to get up the next morning to take care of our toddler again.
I am struggling, my husband and I are both exhausted and arguing more than we usually do and I am so terrified I am traumatizing my son. My husband gets burnt out from dealing with all the toddler tantrums that are normal, and he has a lot of empathy for our son, but then little left for me. I am burnt out from handling all the newborn wake ups and crying and have little empathy for him. I’m having a hard time expressing my needs, because I don’t even know what help I need exactly. I can’t think clearly.
I just feel awful because this morning my husband and I had a really tense conversation and it ended with my crying because we were having such a hard time communicating. I’m trying to ask for help and my husband hears he isn’t doing enough, which is not what I’m trying to say. I’m just desperate and overwhelmed.
Meanwhile my son just sat on my husbands lap and hugged him and said he didn’t like when we talked “too loud”. I acknowledged his feeling and said I was sorry and tried my best to stay calm and composed, but I’m also human.
I don’t understand people who say they never fight in front of the kids. There literally isn’t a moment when one of our kids doesn’t need something right now, and with us both burnt out, I just end up bottling my feelings to avoid upsetting my son. But then my husband says he doesn’t know how else he can support me.
On Reddit, it feels like their are either families that have this gentle parenting all figured out, or they have one partner who is abusive and horrible and all the advice is to get divorced. What about families somewhere in the middle? Things are just tense and my son is seeing my husband and I upset more than usual, and I’m terrified we are traumatizing him because he says he doesn’t like when we are upset and it makes him scared. But I also don’t know what is normal because my parents never fought until they just had full blown screaming matches behind closed doors.
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2023.06.10 16:17 Only_Copy7144 Need help with Rotring 700 repair

I posted a few months ago that I was able to unearth my late grandfather's Rotring 700. I finally cleaned it today. It still has its converter and everything. Unfortunately, the bit at the end of the feed that sticks into the converter is either broken or entirely crushed, so I can't get the two parts to connect.
Would anyone know how to fix this? Is this pen bound for a life of dipping? 😭 Thanks in advance
submitted by Only_Copy7144 to fountainpens [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:16 DanceChacDance All my “promoted to guest” peeps, where did you end up going after GS and how much more are you getting paid?

Title. I put in my one week (you read correctly) last month and started working with Google Fiber shortly after. I’m making more than double than I was with GS, from $10/hr to $22/hr (plus $33/hr overtime!) Right off the bat, this has been a life-changing job for me and I’ve been having a blast with the entire team.
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2023.06.10 16:16 dakini09 Q&A - Online Classes, Initiation & Diksha

Q1. Can I learn Srividya fully online ?
In Srividya free weekend class, we primarily focus on learning, with online initiation for various devatas, and diksha only for first Shakti Kalasha and last Poorna Kalasha. So students attending free class are advised to visit atleast twice in their life for the two dikshas, and remaining everything is online. Srividya learning and initiations are free, and you can complete the full learning and initiations online itself.
Q2. Difference between learning, initiation and diksha ?
Modern centers are making a mockery of initiation and diksha. They either make a phone call to you to chant or have it done to a group of audience in a hall. Even in the best case, after taking a huge sum, they just give mantra upadesha in ear, and call it diksha. So will limit response to how it is different in SVTP (Srividya Tantra Peedom).
At SVTP, in learning you are getting the seed, all the key aspects for using it for self and for others are taught. As part of online initiation, you are getting a plant, so there is limited energy transfer, as well as inputs given on working with plant. In diska, along with plant a part of the soil from Guru is also offered. Diksha done in-person, with steps like Kalasha Abhisheka, and has variations on diksha krama based on devata.
Q3. What to expect in Online initiation ?
For online workshops like Sudarshana we limit to teaching and online initiation, and there is no in-person diksha. Initiation is given one-on-one over video call in puja settings, following all puja rules typical for diksha, except that the shishya is accepting it online. So permission from devata, and specific details of shishya is covered. In initiation, the mantra upadesha is given. It is not limited to accepting mantra from Guru, but also upadesha on how to work with mantra. Those who attended Bhadrakali initiation after a workshop, or Bala initiation in Srividya knows, on how aligning mantra and other details of nourishing mantra is advised in mantra upadesha as part of initiation. In diksha, there is much more advised including underlying philosophy, like Tripura siddhanta for Srividya diksha.
Q4. Is initiation mandatory for success ?
The difference is just about getting seed vs plant. Both will need to be nurtured for proper growth and will wilt if not taken care. Learning and practicing will give siddhi. Initiation expedites the process. Diksha will give you even faster results. So no need to worry if not initiated. You will still get all the details for practicing it for yourself and for others through learning. In fact SVTP does not offer initiation for majority of devata workshops and try to limit initiation and diksha to mostly free Srividya class students.
submitted by dakini09 to SrividyaTantram [link] [comments]