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What's In Your Bag?

2014.09.21 08:01 korgothwashere What's In Your Bag?

This is a subreddit meant to be a sister subreddit to /EDC only geared towards people who carry bags around with them for whatever reason. Lets include job specific bags, or bags you carry around for specific events. Show us what you've got! So, What's in your bag?

2013.09.18 05:27 h2ohman Reaching the 50 US State Highpoints!

For those trying to reach the highest natural elevation in any or all of the 50 US states. Post your summit pictures, trip reports, questions, and advice, as well as any recent news regarding trail conditions, access restrictions, etc.

2016.02.03 19:53 DSettahr Pennsylvania Wilds

The Pennsylvania Wilds is a 2 million acre area of mostly public land in north-central Pennsylvania. Contained within the wilds are many beautiful forests full of rugged terrain, cascading streams, miles of hiking trails, and plenty of remote backcountry to explore. This subreddit is a community for discussion of the PA Wilds specifically but is open to all things related to hiking, backpacking, camping, and other types of outdoor recreation in PA.

2023.06.10 16:51 theb3st2023 Missed my alarm but still woke up just in time to make it with 3 minutes to spare.

This was a 3:15am route.
I set my Alexa to wake me at 2:25 and also on my phone.
I must have shut them both off without realizing it and gone back to sleep
Luckily my body woke me up in time. I look at the clock and it's 2:45am so 30 minutes to get ready and arrive.
Had to rush (but I've accepted a block at that time before) and 22 miles away doing 80 on the highway I can make it, so I washed my face and brushed my teeth and put my clothes on, threw some water bottles and a ice pack in a cooler, and just made it.
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2023.06.10 16:48 LucasGamerTV How do I tell my mother-in-law she is wrong, without facing harsh backlash?

So the past few months I’ve been my M.I.L’s personal dietary coach and helping her shed shed some pounds. She is not following any diet in particular, other than CICO with a focus on front-loading protein. So far she has lost about 25 lbs, but has plateaued the past few weeks. She absolutely INSISTS that her calories are on point and she is eating a maximum 1200 calories a day; sometimes even less (she is quite short). She tracks with MyFitnessPal. But here’s the kicker: she has never weighed any food. Ever. She doesn’t even own a food-weight. She says she goes off the cals/serving or cals/100g and can accurately estimate everything and the cause of her stagnated weight MUST be something else. She has speculated over a hormone imbalance, “ruined/crashed” metabolism, genetic defect etc…
Now I face quite a big challenge that requires me to tread lightly and find the ultimate balance between showing her she’s wrong, but simultaneously maintaining our healthy relationship. She keeps saying she has to drop her calories and eat 600-800 calories a day to keep losing weight, but that is obviously way too low. Help?
She is very sensitive and very prideful. I absolutely cannot figure out how to tell her without sounding condescending to her ears.
Tl;dr: mother-in-law is not counting cals and her weight has stopped dropping. How can i convince her she is eating too much and is not diseased.
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2023.06.10 16:45 LucasGamerTV [Question] How do I tell my mother-in-law she is wrong, without ruining our relationship

So the past few months I’ve been my M.I.L’s personal dietary coach and helping her shed shed some pounds. She is not following any diet in particular, other than CICO with a focus on front-loading protein. So far she has lost about 25 lbs, but has plateaued the past few weeks. She absolutely INSISTS that her calories are on point and she is eating a maximum 1200 calories a day; sometimes even less (she is quite short). She tracks with MyFitnessPal. But here’s the kicker: she has never weighed any food. Ever. She doesn’t even own a food-weight. She says she goes off the cals/serving or cals/100g and can accurately estimate everything and the cause of her stagnated weight MUST be something else. She has speculated over a hormone imbalance, “ruined/crashed” metabolism, genetic defect etc…
Now I face quite a big challenge that requires me to tread lightly and find the ultimate balance between showing her she’s wrong, but simultaneously maintaining our healthy relationship. She keeps saying she has to drop her calories and eat 600-800 calories a day to keep losing weight, but that is obviously way too low. Help?
She is very sensitive and very prideful. I absolutely cannot figure out how to tell her without sounding condescending to her ears.
Tl;dr: mother-in-law is not counting cals and her weight has stopped dropping. How can i convince her she is eating too much and is not diseased.
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2023.06.10 16:39 hammada123 Cappadocia – a city of history and tourism

Cappadocia – a city of history and tourism
Cappadocia is a city of history and tourism The city of Cappadocia, an ancient Turkish city, dating back to the Neolithic era, was visited by many civilizations, and includes a group of cultural heritage centers that were included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The city of Cappadocia, which belongs to the state of Nevsehir, is located in eastern Anatolia, central Turkey, to the north of the Taurus Mountains. It is a rocky area formed on a wide plateau by the accumulation of ash and lava that resulted from ancient volcanic eruptions that occurred millions of years ago, and later underwent erosion processes, forming towers and shapes. conical valleys and caves. The Cappadocia region includes a number of towns: Uchisar, Goreme, Avanos, Urgup, Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Elara and the surrounding areas, and its population in 2022, according to local statistics, was 155,145 people.

History of Cappadocia

It means “land of beautiful horses”. The name is also mentioned in the Bible writings to talk about the land of a group of people who listened to the teachings of Christ on the occasion of the “fiftieth day” – which is the occasion of the revelation of the Torah in the Jewish religion and the “birth of the Church” in the Christian religion – immediately after the resurrection of Christ. From the density of flags waving on the tops of the plateaus and in your tourist destinations, you can assert that Cappadocia is a land that Turkey cherishes, since some of its clans began to settle at the end of the eleventh century, specifically after the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, in which the Seljuks defeated the influence of the Byzantine army in Anatolia and Armenia. . The region gradually turned into a Turkish province, and with it, some of its inhabitants converted to Islam, influenced by the new ruler or convinced of his preaching. However, the Greco-Byzantine population completely abandoned their rugged and picturesque region at the same time to the coast of the Ionian Sea; To escape and at the same time to preserve privacy at a stage that was paving the way for the emergence of a new empire.
You can follow the article through my blog to know the most important Turkish cities

History of Cappadocia
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2023.06.10 16:35 Heul_Darian Excuse me sir, this a non-banish fusion regulated area. Leave your Dragons and your Egyptians in the Gy. Please remain facedown for the remainder of the duel.

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2023.06.10 16:34 KripperinoArcherino L2Ds in Blue Archive: A Totally Biased and Completely Subjective Personal Review (Part 2)

L2Ds in Blue Archive: A Totally Biased and Completely Subjective Personal Review (Part 2)
Hello, fellow Sensei! I'm back again to share more of my thoughts on the L2Ds of BA. Here is my part 1 if you are interested (Biking Shiroko, Serika and Midori). Once again, spoiler warning for the Momotalk, group story, and the L2D itself. The main story content will still be spoiler tagged.

L2D 4 Hifumi:

Tier: D

To say that I was disappointed would have been an understatement. Even more so after reading V3C3 of the main story (spoilers incoming for V3C3, C4 is safe because I haven't read that yet)
Hifumi. The Peroro-loving ordinary girl caught in the world of betrayal, mistrust and hatred. But it is this ordinary girl that brainstorms with Sensei on how to help the makeup work club every night. It is this ordinary girl that doesn't give up, and supports her friends no matter how grim the situation may look. Vanitas Vanitatum. All is vanity. Azusa had this drilled into her ever since she enrolled in Arius. Azusa says that despite Vanitas Vanitatum, she will struggle, even if it's meaningless, like the flower on the roadside. But is she truly struggling? Will breaking Saori's halo really solve everything? Azusa isn't struggling to reach the fairy tale ending that "doesn't happen in real life", she is simply content with the compromise of the crises being solved, and her becoming a murderer. This was an unavoidable sacrifice. It was the only option left.

Hifumi doesn't want that. Hifumi loves happy endings. Hifumi is a cliche, ordinary girl that loves simple, happy endings. She is the one that truly never gives up, the one that truly struggles in the face of vain and vanity. Azusa becoming a murderer to protect Kivotos is not the happy ending she wants. Their story is not fated to end in catastrophe and vanity, but written by each action they take, and each moment they share.

V3C3 left a profound impact on me. The lightheartedness of the makeup work club with black clouds looming far on the horizon in C1, the culmination of betrayal and mistrust to solve the impossible paradox in C2, and the despair and struggle in C3, all leading to the voice acted-portion of Hifumi's speech. The execution was flawless. Hifumi voiced the message to her friends and her own emotions loud and clear. Through her own efforts, she rewrote the chapter into the happy ending she loves so much. That, to me, is extraordinary.

Now, I completely understand that the L2D shouldn't really include contents in the main story. It's just that after experiencing such emotions from the main story, something that reflects even a portion of that feeling would be quite beautiful (a good example is Aris' L2D after reading V2).
But the fact was that I was disappointed by the L2D even before reading the story, when I just saw Hifumi as a Peroro-loving girl that fangirls hard at the birb.
Her Momotalk was top-tier, and all had scenes that were perfect for the L2D. Picture this: the L2D intro starts with Hifumi's excited face as she sees that you successfully grabbed the Peroro from the claw machine. followed by her surprise as you hand the plushie over to her, and the L2D consists of an ecstatic Hifumi hugging your gift close to her chest and telling you how happy she is and how cute the plushie is.

The reality is, the L2D is Hifumi asking you to go on a walk and...that's it? The dialogue consists of "My, isn't the weather pleasant today?" and "Wow, lets go over there!". There's no sign of the Peroro-obsessed girl we know and love, no sign of the ordinary girl that struggled so hard for the happy ending she wants for her friends. I truly believe you could replace this L2D with JTF mob-chan and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

My absolute favourite character lore-wise with a super cute Peroro-loving gimmick, accompanied with top-tier Momotalks. And this L2D was the best they came up with. This was really disappointing, not just for the boring L2D, but also for the mountain of missed potential.

L2D 5 Yukka:

Tier B
(Since Hifumi’s section was quite long, I will only be including 2 L2Ds in this post)
The classic L2D that everyone gets as part of their introduction to Blue Archive. With the variety of girls in BA, Nexon had to choose an "intro girl" that, whilst not necessarily needed to be loved by everyone (pretty much impossible since everyone has their own preferences), should at least be liked by everyone. Yuuka does that job perfectly. I mean, everyone at least likes Yuuka a bit right? It’s not to say that some students are *hated* by the players. We’re a gacha, not League of Legends. But understandably Yuuka is a student that appeals quite favourably to the masses compared to someone like (nothing personal) Hanae, who fits a more niche character design.
In terms of the L2D itself, the introduction is a bit boring, but that is quickly compensated with the dialogue lines. The L2D starts by perfectly capturing her "mou~, you really can't do anything without me" energy, before showing Yuuka's reaction to Sensei's questionable spendings on "Club Smoochie".
The L2D fitted a range of emotions, from being cutely annoyed at the start, disgusted and embarrassed by the misunderstanding in the middle, and the surprise and further embarrassment at the realisation. Yuuka's facial movement felt extreamely fluid and refined. It felt even more polished than the already fantastic quality of other L2Ds, which really sells home the L2D potential of BA to all new players. A very small criticism is that her headpat feels really "stiff", and whilst I understand a headpat shouldn't realistically make you shake your head like a metronome, I also feel that slight visual exaggeration (within reason) is fine, and would help in really making you feel like you are headpatting your students (especially since your finger would likely be blocking a portion of the movement anyways).
Yuuka is a pretty nice and cute student, and I do quite like her character design. However, she is by no means the tier of student I may have to act unwise for. Overall, the L2D is decent, but like previously mentioned, this is Nexon creating a good L2D that everyone can like, so "like it" is the most I can say about this L2D.
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2023.06.10 16:32 Akut-Luna Hair has no ground shadow

Hair has no ground shadow
Hi I have a question. I have this base but her hair has no shadow. I tryed differnent SPH and toon files but no luck (side note, if someone could explain what this files are to, I'd be very thankful. Same with the other material settings) I also tried different drawing orders (first stage then model and first model then stage) but it made no difference.
no ground shadow for the hair
hair material in pmx editor
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2023.06.10 16:28 FeatureOk4135 Reddit's CEO repeatedly lied to and gaslighted mods, communities, contributors and users over a very long time. Uncanny similarities with all abuse that happened in the berghain subreddits over the last year and relevance. PART ONE

Browsing Reddit these days you can see the writing on the wall: mass subreddit protests, 3rd party reddit apps shutting down, loveletters to Reddit AdminsReddit's CEO just had an "AMA" and in classic corporate style no real answers were given. He doubled down on his lies, attempted to gaslight the entire platform, caught copy-pasting from prepared answers, gave the same generic answers he gave many years ago, mods complaining about Reddit never responding to them. The post by the Apollo developer makes it very clear that Reddit is a very dishonest and greedy corporation.
The most common sentiment: Reddit does not respond. blind moderators' requests for accessibility features have been ignored for 3+ years. Countless moderators see how messages to modsupport lead to a void. No response, no result, no action. No word, at best some canned copypasta. Yet it's the only "official channel" to get your request heard, if it's about anything more complex than their Basic "native mod tools".
Reddit Incorporated pretends to "care" but they only care about money and anything that brings it to them - views, engagement, metrics, ads. Reddit's greedy strategy which tries to squeeze all "value" before the big IPO cash out is in clear contrast with its core model - the unpaid labor of thousands of Mods (volunteers).
Reddit is a Californian company and its culture is largely shaped by its head, it's CEO. Do's and Dont's "trickle down" from there, affecting employees' actions and decisions such as those that Reddit Admins (paid employees) take, especially in complex cases - the more greedy a company is, the less it cares, other than What Generates More Profit.
Former Admins and older mods both say that there used to be many Admin employees that cared about responding and being there. By now most are fired or have quit. Some saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. New Admins are made sure to be more compliant with the real face of Reddit before being hired, as their actions have shown. Recent example: they tried to populate new German subreddits with fake accounts / bots, using AI Translation from English to German to generate "activity".
The anonymous nature of Reddit makes it highly prone to misinformation and disinformation, something that the platform's heads have repeatedly done themselves:
In 2005, Reddit's creators help seed Reddit with numerous fake accounts to make Reddit seem more populated than it actually was.
Literally the first "major event" in its timeline, how the whole thing started.
Its creators sold Reddit to the global conglomerate Conde Nast already back in 2006. One month later, Aaron Swartz was already complaining about work becoming too corporate. This all goes back to the very beginning.
Without a doubt, Reddit's leadership shows clear signs of narcissistic abuse. There is a lot to be said about narcissistic abuse and capitalism - what "trickles down" are all the nasty byproducts of ego, greed and ignorance. Not only to internal employees, but to the broader culture of the platform.

What does any of this have to do with berghain?

There has been an extreme amount of narcissistic abuse that took place in the three Berghain subreddits (2 public and 1 private, the rest made last year), private messages, modmails, chats, false reports and so on.
This case grew far beyond just "reddit sub ownership/rivalry/whatever" - it became coordinated, scaled, directed abuse and harassment in pure bad faith. There have been extreme amounts of effort in silencing and burying the truth. Something extremely unbecoming of whoever claims to be "The Berghain Community".
Some users saw all this as just a game that they could "stir up" in any direction., joking about it in private subs (below that there was a reply saying "oh no it was a huge headache dealing with this guy" by that sub's owner).
berghain and the few people who supported it have been under an extreme amount of abuse, slander, harassment, bullying and platform manipulation over 10 entire months. The gang of abusive trolls (Bad Actors, BA for short) started with 2 members but quickly grew much larger. They allege to be "The Berghain Community" and kept discrediting everyone else in abusive and slanderous ways. Any attempt to bring the abuse itself to light and make it stop was met with never ending gaslighting: "you're crazy, paranoid, troll, insane, delusional, nobody cares, you need professional help". The comments below this post will no doubt be dismissing in similar ways - they especially now count on "many months have passed" - oddly they tried saying the same a while ago but later once exposed, immediately changed their efforts and words and had to twist reality again instead of admitting anything. Of course there were some specific users who kept gaslighting way more than others - but even when caught red handed they never admitted anything, their responses simply shifted, finding a new detail to twist reality, constantly inflating everything, making it difficult to summarize to any mediating group.
The ever growing group of BA kept denying any coordination between then, saying "it's all natural, we don't know each other". They are all regular guests of the same nightclub open for more than 30 hours every single weekend. There is way too much evidence of actions that wouldn't take place if it was just strangers on the internet. There have been countless instances where BAs kept "playing dumb" when they thought that their coordination was not known but evidence exists that proves their guilt.
When faced with endless bad faith, there must be mediation to bring sanity and peace. On Reddit, the employees that mediate complex cases are called Reddit Admins. They were repeatedly approached in full transparency and asked to make decisive actions to make the abuse entirely stop, which was happening both directly and indirectly through various creative means, timings, spaces in order to avoid "clear rule breakage", making it hard for anyone to directly "punish" it.
Around August, Admins responded "Use the report system to build a case". This was objected because the report system is extremely limited: it reviews single pieces of content, ad-hoc, hard to link to each other, especially in complex cases. Admins insisted in the same answer, they were approached again and copy-pasted the same response.
(Note: an "Actual Admin" once said that the Report System is apparently operated by different teams than "Actual Admins", such as Safety / AEO, which are likely more decoupled from Reddit HQ..)
Over the next 8 months, the report system was legitimately used: there are more than 80 verified instances of abuse, all willingly committed by Bad Actors. Some huge threads even counted as only 1 or 2 instances, despite going on for entire weeks. The harassers kept refuting everything, claiming "it's all false reports by an obsessed troll" since the very beginning. They only have 1 minor example to show which is deliberately framed as "false report" by overgeneralising, oversimplifying and omitting important context off - methods they have continuously used to twist reality.
The Bad Actors have primarily been reported for HARASSMENT (70+ instances) and REPORT ABUSE (10+ instances). They have deliberately submitted more than 10 False Reports clearly aimed to ban and silence whoever tried to bring the truth to light. The main target of the Bad Actors has been user "Agitated_Whereas8966" (AG) who has been wrongly suspended 3 times.
Here are many instances of Abusive False Reports submitted by the Bad Actors, in FULL context.
Also, here is a small number of mostly confirmed Harassment reports only up to September '22 , about 25 out of 70+.
The full timeline in detail and context with other remaining reports will be posted at a later time.

What happened with Reddit Admins?

Despite mountains of evidence that proves the guilt of the Bad Actors, Reddit Admins have been consistently silent, distant, making barely any actions, some of it entirely arbitrarily as they later proved through their absolute nonsense response around March, and even though Bad Actors kept committing abuse and new evidence coming to surface, in the end Admins kept punishing the victims and supporting the abusers.
AG was first wrongly suspended on September as a result of mass-false-reports made in retaliation by Bad Actors, right after their "founder and leader" was legitimately suspended for EXTREME HARASSMENT and Ban Evasion. AG's suspension was quickly reverted as it was the result of automation: mass-false-reports triggered some code.
AG was then again wrongly suspended on December after having sustained reams of abuse for months:
A new random account popped up that made very directed attacks against AG and berghain, kept making ridiculous claims and shifting all blame to the victims. This account was operated by the core group of Bad Actors, who are currently very active in another specific subreddit, but they constantly declined revealing who they are. They did that in order to commit extreme abuse while avoiding any infractions to their main accounts. And despite that account consistently committing extreme gaslighting over 2 entire weeks, reports kept returning negative and were only actioned in the very end… But some days after that, absurdly, AG was the one who got suspended. It took 1.5 months to get reinstated. In the meantime, Bad Actors kept trolling and violating berghain in many ways and literally twisted all of the above "temp mods" events as "comically their alliance broke very quickly and the troll alleged 'harassment'" - they wrote that the very "reason of existence" post of their subreddit no less.
Late January, AG made a public post briefly summarizing what has been happening all along, asking the bad actors to finally admit their wrongdoing and bring an end to all of this. The responses below were: "You're crazy, insane, you need professional help" etc. The worst one was an extremely contradictory comment by a sockpuppet account - attempting to describe what this account did unavoidably turns someone into looking like this… but here's the short version:
(Also in the topic of sockpuppet accounts, it is assumed that one of the mods in the specific rival sub was such an account that pretended to be real/separate and was used several times to "saintify" the main perpetrator in public comments, became their mod, the account likely remained inactive for 6+ months. When their sub was under risk/review they removed the account from mod, oddly stickied some triggering "suicide" post in its profile to repel any admins and called it a day. Interestingly the Bad Actors have called the recruitment of the temp mods in berghain as "done only to provide legitimacy to the subreddit"… while they had many alt accounts as mods that never did any mod action.)
Given all above, that January comment is complete nonsense: it implied AG is insane ("don’t know why you keep posting about this"), made ridiculous statements and repeated BA's abusive narrative ("your drama caused the death of the subreddit"), used vocabulary of the main perpetrator ("the new one was born") and entirely contradicted both this sockpuppet account and its owner, as well as the position itself ("this nonsense essentially ended the moment that subreddit was created"). And there are more condemning details, omitted due to size.
Question is: Why did the Bad Actors have to go through all this effort through alt accounts if they were right that they're supposedly "innocent" and "they were trolled by someone who made false reports"?
In February, Bad Actors kept sending messages to Admins with their false narrative, doubling down on abuse. They kept denying all wrongdoing, shifting ALL blame to AG as "insane obsessed troll", claiming the main perpetrator's suspension was "inappropriate" and blatantly lying: saying "he didn't know that ban evasion was against the rules" however the ringleader had already committed both Ban Evasion and Harassment with 3 alt accounts during Aug-Sep, before SENDING THIS to the moderator. What makes it even worse is that all Harassment he kept doing through his 3 alt accounts were of exactly the same type that got him banned from berghain in the first place: gaslighting and abusing AG. "Ban Evasion" can be tolerable if the user simply makes normal contributions but he literally kept doing the exact same extremely abusive actions, non-stop. He even posted this abomination right after he got suspended in September… everyone else's fault except his. More Context about that whole part can be found here.
The extremely absurd result: The main perpetrator got reinstated and AG got again wrongly suspended.
In his "I'm Back" post, the perpetrator avoided mentioning harassment - yet the reports that brought his suspension were for Harassment - it's very obvious by reading the threads linked above (More Context), specifically extreme sealioning and gaslighting.

The New Admin

Mid-February, a New Admin (hired end of '22) approached berghain with a message that claimed to "provide help" through something called "Community Builder Program" - that program's "help" is entirely simplistic and useless, as if targeting complete newbies to Reddit to help them with the most Basic platform features. Absolutely zero relevance to such a complex case - other than a calculated insult. He even sent this "builder" message twice, he also confirmed it was not automated.
The Admin claimed ignorance and asked "What are your issues?" - a very extensive summary was given, and additional messages as abusive events kept happening on the subreddits, a small example of indirect abuse being the rival sub adding a rule of "No Sealioning - whoever knows, knows", which is one of the abuse methods they consistently used, never admitted and never apologised about.
The Admin responded after 10 days with something short that barely made any sense at all. As if the Admin was responding by taking into account only the context given by the Bad Actors, Not the context given by AG. The admin's most absurd statement : "We see no evidence of them "manipulating" Safety or other people at reddit, the actions taken check out." This was the only response ever given by Admins currently employed by Reddit.
It is very evident that Admins only reviewed a small part of the case files, reports, content, even their own admin actions… and so on. Admins have only handled this case ad-hoc, in separate tickets as their workflow goes, Never consistently as "one case", despite being asked to do so countless times when the case was much smaller.
Over the next 2 months, at least 20 additional messages were sent to this specific admin's channel (and more to modsupport): a combination of existing evidence they overlooked, new evidence by new events but also new evidence by older events, such as the main perpetrator's abusive False Reports he did back around September, but were only found out and counter-reported in April.
That latest proof was the strongest of all - the main Bad Actor got AGAIN suspended for the #1 reason he kept shifting blame to others: False Reports in bad faith. BA's response: creation of a new account with the same name and an extremely abusive User Flair, visible to his entire community over a whole week, shifting blame to the "Obsessed Troll" yet again. And posts filled with lies in modsupport asking for his reinstatement.
The admins blindly reinstated the Bad Actor and made an incredibly violent action to entirely silence AG. From that point on, it's been obvious: the Admins are engineering actions to condemn and silence AG, also condemning the subreddit in favor of another one which was made in clear bad faith and competition, with its "birthpost" foundation being an extremely abusive post. The online Community is entirely controlled by the bad actors and apparently Admins will never look at the case again.

All in All

This is all still a short summary, about 30% of all that happened. Many parts that warrant another post of this size (e.g. temp mods) are already quickly skimmed over.
It is expected that this post will be falsely reported and removed, despite telling the truth. Due to size, this post does not even delve to the problematics of the subs' subject matter itself: berghain forums on Reddit.
The abusers' main narrative is "an obsessed troll destroyed the original subreddit, attacked people left and right, claims to be harassed by anyone who doesn't like, knows how to ban other accounts by manipulating the report system and is trying to destroy our small music subreddit with false reports". Pure, absolute nonsense. Their subreddit was literally built on abuse, slander and bad faith competition. The main perpetrator kept "advertising" his subreddit, bragging about "its success" and alleging that the victim of his countless abusive actions is "jealous of my sub's success". All about a sub that claims to be "The Berghain Community". They never admitted anything, only kept doubling down on abuse and gaslighting. Admins never properly reviewed the facts and never gave justice to the case.
Reddit is a capitalistic profit-driven platform. Reddit is NOT a safe space. Admins simply do not care, especially for small subs with complex cases. There is literally no support avenue for anything complex. There are many close supporters of Admins who will still claim "admins never take sides, they're never biased, they only follow protocol"… despite clear evidence to the contrary.
Admins were asked countless times to be open for a sincere dialogue - they never responded.
Other specific owners of private subs were asked many times to engage in sincere dialogue - they only responded at a certain time, under certain conditions, with a set agenda, in clear bad faith, derailed the "dialogue" on purpose and used the derailment itself to further incite slander and harassment in private subreddits.
Justice will prevail.
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2023.06.10 16:24 davidalan594 Truck Series and Late Model League!

Truck Series and Late Model League!
Come join the fun! Full Send Racing League is a new, fun league where drivers of all skill are welcome! We are gearing up for our Truck Series and Late Model Series Join the discord for all other information!
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2023.06.10 16:23 InternCertain5513 My top 25 predators (and their noteworthy moments)

Mike Manzi
Gilbert Sutherland
Mohamed Abdallah
John Elliott
Nick Cocos
David Kaye
Donald Morrison
Jeff Stacy
Joshua Colon
Ernest Timmons
Dustin McPhetridge
Rolando Restocruz
Stephen Coates
Jerry Kosis
Jerry Griffitt
Marvin Lakhan
John Kennelly
John Dupee
Jesse Velez
Michael (Jean Pierre) Wehry
Anthony Palumbo
Dan Allen
Maurice Wolin
Lorne Armstrong
Jeff Sokol
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2023.06.10 16:20 Random_Trinidadian The First Contact War

Yea... I was there when the invasion began.
It was so long ago, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. Back then, we only had to worry about nuclear hell fire destroying out species. A result of mad men acting like children with the perverbial big red button. Yet despite this, we tried to live our lives the best way we could. Just trying to survive our own petty struggles that came with day to day life.
Back then, I was just a huble taxi driver, driving about my city, just trying to make a honest living. Iwas actually in my cab when I saw the first ships break through the clouds and begin their attack. I could still remember the screams of people when they began to open fire, destroying building as if they were nothing but toys.
I didn't even know how I was able to escape that blood bath, all I could remember was jumping into my car and hitting the gas as hard as I could. It was just all a big blur, I could see people running as the first ships landed and began to deploy their troops. That's when I saw them... Big ugly bastards dressed in black armor and carrying weapons ....weapons they used on the fleeing people as they tried to get away.
I guess I was one of the lucky ones, cause I was able to get away and didn't stop driving until I reached the mountains. For the first two days, I wondered around the Forrest. I was too afraid to sleep, as I feared what ever those things were would find me. I could hear jets and other aircraft flying overhead, but I could see them through the trees.
It was on my third day however, I ended up being discovered by a group of soldiers as I walked along the road. I guess I must had been more exhausted than I thought, cause the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital bed inside of a large tent filled with doctors and patients.
I could see both soldiers and regular people being treated for various types of injuries. I could hear the sounds of helicopters and vehicles coming from outside, while doctors and nurses did what they could.
Eventually, I found out the true extent of what was going on and I have to admit, I could not believe what I was hearing. I think I even chuckled a bit when I was told that actual aliens were invading the planet. But I soon realized that was all too real, as I the camp I was now in was across a river from another city. A city that was now in complete ruin and was still burning.
Apparently, similar scenes we're taking place all over the world, as more and more ships landed and deployed troops. They... Who ever THEY were, never announced who they were, but it soon became clear to us this was not just an invasion, it was a extermination. As they killed everything and everyone in their way, even if they tried to escape.
Obviously, we were not to keen on becoming extinct and we fought back.... We fought back hard. The nuclear powers unleased their arsenal on the "Invaders", numerous mushroom clouds rising into the air as ballistic and cruise missiles found their targets. I guess that the invaders were not expecting such a a response, as their ships proved to be no match for our rather "Primitive" nuclear weapons. But the fighting continued and eventually, I would end up volunteering with a group calling itself the "15th Volunteer Regiment."
I became a gunner on a old Patton Tank, something that the army pulled out of storage as the war continued. I could remember the first battle I took part in, a small town somewhere in western Texas. We were to go in to releave a detachment of Mexican Soldiers who has been trying to retake the town for the last month.
I could remember when I saw one of the Alien Mech Suits appeared and began to open fire. I could also remember just how I felt when I saw the bastard burst into flames after taking a HEAT round to it's chest. I didn't feel anything for who or what ever had being sinsude that contraption, they were monsters for what they had done and they all deserved to die. It was also during that time that I finally got a good look at just who had invaded.... They looked just like us! But they were completely bald with some kind of tattoo pattern on their heads with impossibly pale skin and eyes that were nothing but whites. Yet we still did not know their name or what they called themselves.
Eventually, North America was cleared and my unit was then sent south to help in the fighting in those regions. Again, I saw the death and destruction the invades had caused. I saw entire towns filled with bodies, many of whom had wounds that suggested they were trying to run away when they were killed. We fought our way down and eventually linked up with the Brazilians and took part in the Battle of the Plate.
For Fives years, we continued to fight. Eventually making it to Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East and finally India. The 15th was there and were were all hell bent on making those bastards pay. By then, the suits in the lab had managed to reverse engineer some of the weapons we that were captured and we were now using tanks with large Lazer cannons, attack aircraft with used some kind of.... Anti-gravity engines, we even had mech suits of our own. But for the 15th, we still used the old Pattons and even a few T-72 we were able to acquire when some Nigerians joined our group.
Then.... Came the Battle of Rangoon.... The last major battle of the war. The invaders had set up some kind of base Intelligence believed to be their main operations center. Once again, al nuclear strike was used to soften their defences and we began to advance. We didn't beat the bastards.... We slaughtered them.
Mexico City... Caracas.... Largos.... Nice.... We remembered.... We remembered what we saw and what they did. We were not going to give them the luxury of Mercy... They were going to pay for what they did.
Five days of absolute hell... But eventually we took the command base and by extension, ended the war. The Rangoon Base was their last stronghold on the planet and we destroyed it. The war was won, but at a heavy cost.
Two billion people were dead, the atmosphere was now heavily irradiated due to the use of nuclear weapons. There was a very real fear of famine due farm land bring destroyed due to the fighting. The next twenty years following the war were not easy, but eventually were were able to rebuild and with the Technology the Invaders left behind. But.... We were not done....
We knew that it could only be a matter of time before they came back and we might not be so lucky. So we began to build up our militaries once again and untied them to form the United Earth Defence Forces. The ships were captured, the few they were, became the basis for a new Space Navy. We soon began to build ships of our own, build bases on other planets and designed new weapons. We never found out the name of our would be attackers, but my people will not soon forget them. We want to find them and show them the true consiquences of their actions.
"So why are you telling me this, ambassador?"
Ever since we became part of the Galactic community, my government have been trying to find out who had attacked us. So far, we have ether been meet with silence or some vauge legend.
"But what purpose would getting revenge serve at this point?"
You would not be saying that if what happened to my people, happened to yours. There is one thing you need to know about my people.... We don't like it when others bully us and we will do everything in our power to hit back at those who hurt us. So ... Will your people help us?
"You humans are driven too much by you emotions."
It what got us through the War and the many skirmishes with your people. Need I remind you who supported your government during your civil war? You owe us.
"And if my government refuses to help?"
It's in their best interest that they do. So will you help us?
"I... Will speak with them when I return home."
You do that... We will speak later.
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2023.06.10 16:18 EnzoGorlahmi Un sfat va rog

Sunt barbat, am 25 de ani. Cred ca ma aflu intr-o depresie constanta de foarte mult timp care a fost asa mai up and down. Urmeaza un pic de context:
Am avut un tata destul de naspa care desi nu era vreun betiv sau mai stiu eu ce nu pot spune ca a fost unul bun. Nici eu nici sora mea nu ne-am simtit vreodata apreciati, nu ne-am simtit iubiti, ne-am simtit atat noi cat si mama noastra precum niste sclavi personali ai sai. Niciodata nu am fost suficient de buni pentru el, oricat am fi incercat, mereu aparea ceva ce il facea sa se "supere" si desigur, sa nu mai vorbeasca cu noi pana nu ne ceream iertare in genunchi desi nu facusem nimic gresit in opinia noastra. Cu mama se purta urat, auzeam doar urlete si certuri intre ei dar normal ca au ramas impreuna "de dragul copiilor". Pe langa toate astea este un avar innascut. Mereu am avut impresia ca asta e pe primul loc la el si nu familia sa fapt de care m-am convins pe masura ce am crescut, ajungand la extreme de genul violenta domestica, politie etc.
Eu am fost mereu un baiat linistit, timid, simplu, destul de anxios in societate mai ales cand vine vorba de persoane stiu daca se datoreaza in parte copilariei mai putin ideale sau altui motiv. Poate pur si simplu asa imi este personalitatea. In liceu tin minte si acum ca in prima zi de scoala nu am vorbit cu nimeni. M-am asezat in banca langa o colega si nici macar nu m-am uitat la ea...atat de crispat eram si de anxios. In timp am devenit mai relaxat si chiar mi-am facut niste prieteni buni pe parcursul liceului dar pentru ca asa se intampla si "life happens" cum se zice, relatiile de prietenie s-au racit. A urmat apoi facultatea unde am inceput sa simt tot mai tare anxietatea si depresia. Pe mine s-a pus mereu presiune in scoala inca din scoala primara ca trebuie sa fiu cel mai bun la invatatura, sa iau numai 10. Tin minte ca tatal meu nu a vorbit cu mine o luna fiindca am luat premiul 2 in clasa a 5-a sau a 6-a, nu mai tin bine minte. Mi-am ales si o facultate destul de dificila, si stresanta. Am urmat cursurile facultatii de Matematica si Informatica din Brasov. In primul an a fost ok, multe din materii desi inutile mi se pareau interesante, nimic foarte dificil. In al doilea an am inceput sa am probleme cu gradul de dificultate al materiei, cu fosilele de profesori care nu erau in tema cu ce se mananca in ziua de astazi informatica insa care cereau luna de pe cer. Tin minte si acum ca in fiecare zi aproape inainte sa plec la facultate varsam de 2-3 ori dimineata din cauza stresului. Am trecut cumva si de anul doi, si a venit perioada de practica. Am fost la o firma pe perioada verii si am ramas profund dezamagit de mediul de lucru. Atunci mi-am dat seama ca asta nu e ce vreau sa fac pentru restul vietii mele si am ajuns la un breaking point cand am luat decizia sa renunt la cursuri. Probabil ca am luat decizia gresita, dar trebuia sa scap de cred ca as mai fi fost aici daca nu as fi facut asta.
Si asa ajung in prezent...din toate motivele de mai sus si a introvertismului eu ajunsesem la 24 de ani sa nu am niciodata o apropiere mai mare decat o amicitie cu vreo fata. Din fericire supararile ce se datorau facultatii si muncii au disparut atunci cand am reusit sa ma angajez intr-un loc unde chiar imi face placere sa merg in fiecare zi, alaturi de oameni misto. Evident nu am un salariu de programator ci unul ceva mai modest, insa consider ca e mult mai important sa faci ceva ce iti place decat sa te dai cu capul de pereti avand o ocupatie ce iti displace doar pentru bani. Si asa dupa ce imi mai revenisem cat de cat imi facusem in sfarsit curaj sa imi marturisesc sentimentele fata de o colega la timpul restepctiv. Nu mai simtisem niciodata asa ceva pana in momentul acela. Am avut o chestie de vreo 4-5 luni. Ii spun chestie pentru ca nu a fost o relatie. A fost o aventura...pentru ea, iar eu ca fraierul m-am indragostit. Pentru mine era fata visurilor mele si acele 4-5 luni au fost cele mai fericite din viata mea. Dupa ce s-a incheiat, am cazut si mai tare in groapa. Dupa ce ca eram destul de rezervat si inchis, situatia asta a accentuat si mai mult acest lucru. Inca ma doare insa incerc sa trec peste, incerc sa fiu mai deschis, insa simt ca oportunitatile mele de a cunoaste pe cineva sunt foarte mici. Nu prea mai am prieteni, in afara de colegii de munca, dar exista un generational gap intre noi iar toti sunt casatoriti/cu copii. Am incercat aplicatiile de dating, fara succes (surpriza). Sunt constient ca ele sunt mai mult pentru hook-ups si nu pentru a iti gasi jumatatea. Mereu am deschis conversatiile exprimandu-mi intentiile de la bun inceput si eventual cateva complimente, insa de fiecare data ramanea fereastra de chat doar cu mesajul meu acolo. Nu imi place sa ies in cluburi/baruri. Nu imi place galagia si multe din lucrurile ce se petrec in astfel de locuri. Sunt prea timid sa abordez pe cineva pe strada si oricum mi se pare putin ciudat.
Stiu ca asta e reddit si nu un cabinet de psihologie, dar ce ar putea face cineva in situatia mea, acum la 25 de ani, care isi doreste foarte mult sa isi gaseasca jumatatea, sa intemeieze o familie cu speranta si determinarea de a fi mai bun decat tatal meu. Tot ce imi doresc este sa fiu acolo pentru o persoana speciala si sa ma dedic ei. Asta m-a facut sa ma simt extraordinar si in perioada aceea cu fata respectiva. Cand o vedeam pe ea zambind si fiind fericita ma incarcam si eu pozitiv si totul era extraordinar. Am un nepot de 2 ani care e extraordinar si ma tot gandesc ce frumos ar fi...
Imi cer scuze pentru post-ul lung. M-ar bucura niste sfaturi, accept critica constructiva dar v-as ruga daca aveti comentarii rautacioase sa le tineti pentru voi.
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2023.06.10 16:09 FFXIV_Ast 34 [M4F] Canada EST / Online - Best Friend Applications - Apply Within

We here at Friend Corp are seeking individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 to come join us at our wonderful company. There are many benefits for when you join Friend Corp. We are a social and talkative company who enjoys listening to our employee's feedback
Alright, dropping the charade.
As the title states I'm looking for a best friend first and maybe the connection evolves into something more. The friend-connection matters more to me than anything else. I want to look forward to coming home and hearing about your day just as much as you want to hear about mine while we eat homemade tacos in front of the tv. To me, the best long term connections are those born from friendships.
It seems kind of crazy these days to think like that but what can I say? I'm a bit of a romantic. I like to take my time to get to know someone.
About Me
I'm 6'4" living in the north of Canada. I can practically see Santa's Workshop from my window. I'm an outgoing introvert - very outgoing around friends and family, sort of introverted around new people until I get to know them for an hour and then I warm up. I've been on a new health plan and working on getting fit to lose the covid pounds I've racked on. I've got an adventurous sense of humor that likes to dabble in all the different types. I've got black hair and blue eyes. French is my primary language but I mostly speak English these days. I'm a big hockey fan but I unfortunately go for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Might as well dump any hopes for a championship in my lifetime down the toilet. A few of my interests are collecting "old" books, camping at the family cottage home in the middle of nowhere (on a nice lake), and spending some quality dad time with my 12 year old daughter. "Old" is in marks because we don't get actual old books at the old book store but rather "gently used" ones. I've got a book shelf and a half worth of various ones. Like everyone else, I like music and movies and tv shows and what not but so does everyone. Plus, my crap is better than your crap. That's just the way it is. :P I've got a Bachelor's degree from a university and certified in some IT fields. A Random Fact and a Hot Take: I've never travelled outside of Canada before and winter is better than summer.
About You
You live somewhere on Earth. That's a good starting point. Sorry aliens. You're also outgoing but have some introverted streaks. You like both going out and staying in. You are social and friendly, you like to laugh. Bonus point if you laugh at my bad jokes even if they aren't funny even if I know you're laughing at my unfunny jokes that aren't funny. Your someone who shares some common interest or traits with me but not all because that's boring. Two halves make a whole. I don't care about appearances or nationality or body type or whether you were actually born on mars. That stuff doesn't matter to me. I am attracted to a person's personality much more so than anything about their physical or immutable characteristics.
This is long enough I think. Congrats if you've read this far. You, behind the screen right now reading this, are probably the first to do so. Most just skim the first sentence or two or see how long this is and skip. But I feel like to make sure people are compatible, you need to know about them. I'd personally much rather respond to something of this size than "I like music movies, hiking, camping. Anything else just ask" I want to be able to have conversations longer than 3 word sentences back and forth.
Shoot me a message if you got this far and are interested in some friendship. In your message, tell me anything you know about canada. The weirder the better but anything at all is fine. That way I know you've read this far.
Take care of yourself and live a happy life.
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2023.06.10 16:08 AbbreviationsWarm383 Daimler The Engineer

Daimler M. Johann
Age 26
Birthplace august 8
Race Human Mink hybrid
Affiliation shipwright
Nickname The Engineer
Birthplace North blue
He is characterised by his brown skin, vivid red eyes, soft but sharp angular facial features, no eyebrows on his forehead, and shoulder-length mainly white-grayish hair with a red patch linear to the divide, which he wore divided down the middle on his head with two separate partings on either side of his face with a small section on one side with a bead in his hair. Stands at 8’7 with a strong but lanky build and a 7’7 wingspan. His attire consisting and is wrapped in bandages showing only hair, mouth, eyes and tips of fingers & toes. they also wear dark greyish beige pants with black boots and a black feather coat with silver lining along the feathers worn on their shoulders like a cape with 2 gold nails in both his ears as piercings, wearing gold gear shaped rings on some of his fingers & one large gold gear ring around his neck. He sports a gold plate on his face with black iron studs on the going down the sides and along the jawline meeting at the chin, also in front his face just above where the eyebrows would be as well. The user also sports black iron studs across his knuckles, forearms, elbows, calves, knee’s, shoulder traps & blades.
he has some regular traits of a d member having Extreme narcolepsy and wacky sleeping schedule and eats tons of food. He can be quite smart and quick to catch on. He has a greate sense of confidence in his abilities also does know how to gauge someone’s strength. Most of the time he acts like quirky stubborn teenager that has utter fearlessness and unwavering belief in himself. He mostly marches at the beat of his own drum, unwilling to approach anything unplanned or without a strategy of some form. While tends can act or engage in childish behavior or games at relaxed times, He like sharing things with his crew. He can be very forgetful but always pulls through. He has notable durability, endurance & speed
Devil fruit
Metal Metal no Mi, a paramecia type devil fruit can create and manipulate metal from their body or other surfaces through contact at will, making him a metal creation human
Advanced Aramament & Advanced Conquers haki, Advanced Observation haki. He also has welder, periodic table, mechanics, cybernetic’s & pneumatics knowledge. rouikishi master, electro user,Shipwright
Combat style
He fights bare handed brawling and throwing people into things trying to crush their body against things. He also can create large metal apparatus’s for arms or legs to crush the target. He will sometimes back up and create a type of electric wrist cannon or gun to shoot. Other times he will create mechanical animals and charge them with his electro wiring them to go help kill a designated target or with crowd control. He can also coat and or imbue his punches, kicks and grapples with electro making it harder for their opponent. He has made body apparatus’s to deal with different types of zoan users as well. Spending time with vegapunk gave him more insight on inventions to use in & out of battle powered by his electro
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2023.06.10 16:06 samiam151 Daily Meditation - June 10

“Asking for help releases us from the toxic isolation that drives our addiction.”
Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 25
I was on my knees in a treatment facility, sobbing into my hands the painful words “I am so alone” when I realized how bereft I was of meaningful human contact. Sure, I had my acting out—a series of images that kept me isolated in endless shame, more extreme by the day. The insanity of doing the same things with the hollow oath “it will be better this time” ringing in my ears led me to hopelessness culminating in attempted suicide.
That day I made a commitment to reach out to others. I called and texted people. I asked people out for supper before the meeting or coffee after. I live an hour and forty minutes from the nearest face-to-face meeting. This requires a level of commitment and planning that I was not prepared to give to my recovery before. Other members noticed this commitment. They started to approach and talk to me. I was rarely touched as a child, and the hugs I was given really impacted me.
I now have numerous sponsees. I put time and effort into using the tools of recovery, and I have opened my heart to the wonderful communion that I can have with my Higher Power and with another human being. I have even learned to connect with myself. I have love to offer and I offer it. I am learning to accept love when it is offered to me.
I have love to offer. I will offer love today.
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A war party of seven young men, seeing a lone tepee standing on the edge of a heavy belt of timber, stopped and waited for darkness, in order to send one of their scouts ahead to ascertain whether the camp which they had seen was the camp of friend or enemy.
When darkness had settled down on them, and they felt secure in not being detected, they chose one of their scouts to go on alone and find out what would be the best direction for them to advance upon the camp, should it prove to be an enemy.
Among the scouts was one who was noted for his bravery, and many were the brave acts he had performed.
His name was Big Eagle.
This man they selected to go to the lone camp and obtain the information for which they were waiting.
Big Eagle was told to look carefully over the ground and select the best direction from which they should make the attack.
The other six would await his return.
He started on his mission, being careful not to make any noise.
He stealthily approached the camp.
As he drew near to the tent he was surprised to note the absence of any dogs, as these animals are always kept by the Sioux to notify the owners by their barking of the approach of anyone.
He crawled up to the tepee door, and peeping through a small aperture, he saw three persons sitting inside.
An elderly man and woman were sitting at the right of the fireplace, and a young woman at the seat of honor, opposite the door.
Big Eagle had been married and his wife had died five winters previous to the time of this episode.
He had never thought of marrying again, but when he looked upon this young woman he thought he was looking upon the face of his dead wife.
He removed his cartridge belts and knife, and placing them, along with his rifle, at the side of the tent, he at once boldly stepped inside the tepee, and going over to the man, extended his hand and shook first the man's hand, then the old woman's, and lastly the young woman's.
Then he seated himself by the side of the girl, and thus they sat, no one speaking.
Finally, Big Eagle made signs to the man, explaining as well as possible by signs, that his wife had died long ago, and when he saw the girl she so strongly resembled his dead wife that he wished to marry her, and he would go back to the enemy's camp and live with them, if they would consent to the marriage of their daughter.
The old man seemed to understand, and Big Eagle again made signs to him that a party were lying in wait just a short distance from his camp.
Noiselessly they brought in the horses, and taking down the tent, they at once moved off in the direction from whence they had come.
The war party waited all night, and when the first rays of dawn disclosed to them the absence of the tepee, they at once concluded that Big Eagle had been discovered and killed, so they hurriedly started on their trail for home.
In the meantime, the hunting party, for this it was that Big Eagle had joined, made very good time in putting a good distance between themselves and the war party.
All day they traveled, and when evening came they ascended a high hill, looking down into the valley on the other side.
There stretched for two miles, along the banks of a small stream, an immense camp.
The old man made signs for Big Eagle to remain with the two women where he was, until he could go to the camp and prepare them to receive an enemy into their village.
The old man rode through the camp and drew up at the largest tepee in the village.
Soon Big Eagle could see men gathering around the tepee.
The crowd grew larger and larger, until the whole village had assembled at the large tepee. Finally they dispersed, and catching their horses, mounted and advanced to the hill on which Big Eagle and the two women were waiting.
They formed a circle around them and slowly they returned to the village, singing and riding in a circle around them.
When they arrived at the village they advanced to the large tepee, and motioned Big Eagle to the seat of honor in the tepee.
In the village was a man who understood and spoke the Sioux language.
He was sent for, and through him the oath of allegiance to the Crow tribe was taken by Big Eagle.
This done he was presented with the girl to wife, and also with many spotted ponies.
Big Eagle lived with his wife among her people for two years, and during this time he joined in four different battles between his own people (the Sioux) and the Crow people, to whom his wife belonged.
In no battle with his own people would he carry any weapons, only a long willow coup-stick, with which he struck the fallen Sioux.
At the expiration of two years he concluded to pay a visit to his own tribe, and his father-in-law, being a chief of high standing, at once had it heralded through the village that his son-in-law would visit his own people, and for them to show their good will and respect for him by bringing ponies for his son-in-law to take back to his people.
Hearing this, the herds were all driven in and all day long horses were brought to the tent of Big Eagle, and when he was ready to start on his homeward trip, twenty young men were elected to accompany him to within a safe distance of his village.
The twenty young men drove the gift horses, amounting to two hundred and twenty head, to within one day's journey of the village of Big Eagle, and fearing for their safety from his people, Big Eagle sent them back to their own village.
On his arrival at his home village, they received him as one returned from the dead, as they were sure he had been killed the night he had been sent to reconnoiter the lone camp. There was great feasting and dancing in honor of his return, and the horses were distributed among the needy ones of the village.
Remaining at his home village for a year, he one day made up his mind to return to his wife's people.
A great many fancy robes, dresses, war bonnets, moccasins, and a great drove of horses were given him, and his wife, and he bade farewell to his people for good, saying, "I will never return to you again, as I have decided to live the remainder of my days with my wife's people."
On his arrival at the village of the Crows, he found his father-in-law at the point of death.
A few days later the old man died, and Big Eagle was appointed to fill the vacancy of chief made by the death of his father-in-law.
Subsequently he took part in battles against his own people, and in the third battle was killed on the field.
Tenderly the Crow warriors bore him back to their camp, and great was the mourning in the Crow village for the brave man who always went into battle unarmed, save only the willow wand which he carried.
Thus ended the career of one of the bravest of Sioux warriors who ever took the scalp of an enemy, and who for the love of his dead wife, gave up home, parents, and friends, to be killed on the field of battle by his own tribe.
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2023.06.10 16:00 15_Echo_15 #SpiritFighter - Korrin Hardhead

#SpiritFighter - Korrin Hardhead
  • Korrin is a blue dragonborn who specialises in lightning attack magic. She met Diandra when they were both young, the two studied magic together for a while...
After parting ways with Diandra Korrin travelled back to her clan. After some time she finally arrived home, but what she found was blood, ash and the lifeless corpses of her kin wandering around aimlessly. As they could not rest like this Korrin steeled herself for she now would have to put them to rest herself. Every strike of lightning echoed through mountains as she slew her undead kin, one by one. Tears ran down her face...
Diandra hears what sounds like a storm in the mountains, she doesn't see any clouds so she infers that it couldn't possibly be a normal storm. Curious, she heads over to see if somebody might need help. She takes a sip of a swig of a speed potion she had in her waist pouch. Diandra recalls hearing about a dragonborn clan living in the mountains and then a memory of a friend came to mind. Thinking Korrin might be in danger she hastens to the clan's village...
Diandra expecting to find her old friend in peril instead finds her among a mountain of corpses, the corpses of Korrins own family.
Korrin turns to Diandra, her appearance shocks Diandra as she has never seen her so sad, “she didn't want to do this” she thinks to herself.
Korrin collapses to the ground, her wings and tail disappear and her eyes dim back to normal. She passes out,and Diandra catches her as she stumbles from the corpses...
Korrin now travels with Diandra, supporting each other's weaknesses. Korrin with her high constitution and strong attack spirit form/magic. And Diandra with her buff magic and proficient swordsmanship.
  • Some character stuff: Korrin would be Chaotic Good, she uses humour in the face of adversity. She doesn't know who or what killed her clan but she swears if anyone knows she will get that information out of them no matter what. (Brant and “someone” else is definitely the ones that wiped out her clan). Korrin hates the undead and will slay them without mercy, granting them a final rest. Korrin and Diandra a little flirty with each other have only grown closer after traveling together but they haven't explored anything together if you know what I mean. Hardhead was the nickname Korrins clan gave to her as she was very stubborn as well as intent on head-butting things/clan members as a kid.
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2023.06.10 16:00 MrZerkeur Day 26 of 100, adding whatever the top comment say to my mobile game

NEW RULES : If several top comments are close to each other, more than one can be selected.
NOTE : Go visite MrZerkeursRedditGame to vote for the name and type of the game ;)
Day 1 : Meth BY M0rB1dUnD3aD
Day 2 : Germany BY VanAintUsedUp
Day 3 : Rickroll BY The_Ora_Charmander
Day 4 : u/70percentbanana BY Meister3434Gabel
Day 5 : A 4'10 drug dealer who will be your sidekick for the rest of the game BY Sapphire_Eclipse19
Day 6 : Gorilla. BY nova_novanovanova
Day 7 : A bodybuilder made out of cheese that appears at random moments in the game to help BY Eat_my_fungus17
Day 8 : Flying rideable sharks BY LekinTempoglowy
Day 9 : A drunk man on the ground rethinking his life choices BY Snacccx
Day 10 : this BY Pan_van
Day 11 : The entire bee movie script but it's just hidden in the files BY KARUSTK
Day 12 : Jim Carey’s grinch face hiding in the background on the Danny deVito boss fight BY Namelessisgone
Day 13 : A library with books about things that happened in real life, and the librarian looks like, acts like, and shares a name with OP BY sparkle3364
Day 14 : A therapist BY creeperhead_
Day 15 : A secret wand which when obtained can instantly kill any mob in the game by just clicking it. However, all the mobs you killed using the wand, will all gang up at you at you in the final boss room WITH the boss. BY Maleficent_Sir_7562
Day 16 : The snail from adventure Time 🐌 BY KurtTheRetardFucker
Day 17 : Strong capybaras BY Brown-Frog
Day 18 : A snail that will always follow you and will instantly kill you if it touches you BY spire_x
Day 19 : this n°2 BY bobdabioengineer
Day 20 : A sleeping dog that’s always the same level as you and wakes up to save you if you’re fighting someone you can’t beat BY sparkle3364
Day 21 : A dude that just randomly throws pineapples BY 70percentbanana
Day 22 : A dude who catches the pineapples for you BY yaboi1679
Day 23 : Jump scare monke that appears from behind broken walls steals your cool shades everytime you pass them BY MazeTheThirdJunior
Day 24 : Moai 🗿 BY 33haiiilol33
Day 25 : A-10 Thunderbolt BY logicalpotatoe
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2023.06.10 15:56 blackberry_55 it’s on sight

i work at a golf course and at this one pond there’s this musky that the owners son brought back from up north and put it in the pond. now it eats all the bass and bass help keep mosquitoes down so whoever catches this thing can do whatever they want to it.
last night I almost had it. the little fucker was on my line but my rod snapped. I went and got a new rod with new line specifically made strong enough to withstand these overweight losers.
i’m tellin y’all rn it’s on sight with this little bitch once i catch him im slapping that dumbass fish off the bank of the pond i swear im face fuckin this musky right in front of the golf course members ion even care.
I just wanted to tell y’all ong 💯
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2023.06.10 15:54 Small-Difference-182 I dreamt how Berserk would end

Okay so disclaimer, don't read if you don't want spoilers and this is a long read. I'm not doing a tl:dr because I do think the details are interesting 😅 also please forgive me for any discrepancies and bad writing, I had to write all this down before I forget.
So basically I had a dream about the ending events of Berserk, I thought it was pretty cool and figured I share. Let me know your thoughts and have you had any crazy Berserk related dreams?
Here it goes:
SK takes Guts to an old temple at the base of a snowy mountain. He reveals to him that he is Gaiseric and laments his past actions as a kind and for losing the one he loved to the GodHand. Void is confirmed to be the sage/counselor that was tortured and sacrificed the entire kingdom of midland. He says that the GodHand can only be defeated by the Gods but the only way to call for help is by placing something at their shrine that is located the very tip of the mount him and guts are situated. Guts must embark up the mountain by himself to prove humility, determination, etc and place the leaf itself on the shrine. Gaiseric explains that the formation of the God hand is a natural cycle between darkness and light. As the emergence of Femto is the start of the Age of Darkness so is there an Age of Light where the previous God hand must be reset or rectified by the Divine. Thus, when the Gods intervene it ushers in the Age of Light. Guts is chosen to be the one to usher in the cycle into a new age.
Guts then embarks on the mountain, where he is met to face his demons along the way, having to face his Darkness and understand himself as a man. He becomes enlightened (not like a guru but a whole man) when he reaches the peak, thus he places the leaf at the shrine. The gods reveal themselves and awards Guts with the means to defeat the Godhand. For his bravery and outbof compassion they offer him 3 wishes for himself. Guts wishes that he will be able to embrace Casca again, that their child will be restored and reunited with them, and that when defeating the GodHand he gets to defest Griffith in the same manner as when they first fought (when he joined the hawks). This means that he is granted the closure he deserves and kills Griffith by his own hand before all the fancy armor, magic, supernatural. Just two men and their dreams at odds.
The gods grant these things once Guts finishes off the GodHand. Fast forward to when he does defeat them. The gates of hell are unleashed and after absorbing the souls of the GodHand AND all apostles, vengeful/evil spirits, cleaning any filth caused by the GodHand and their apostles. The heavens open and emit a divine light which then kind of restores the balance of the Astral and physical world. As per request, Griffith isn't just yet taken to hell but is back to himself as an ordinary man. Guts and Griffith face off with Guts being the victor, then Griffith is dragged to hell.
Then Casca, Guts, and moonlight boy reunite and finally can become whole as people and as a family.
The End!
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2023.06.10 15:52 Lord_Alucard_ICGA Vaffanculo Nvidia (e gli altri, ma Nvidia di più)
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2023.06.10 15:51 Bobby_HiIl 25 [M4F] Europe/Online: If you giggle, you owe me a chat!

Hey y'all, thanks for being here, I want to thank my parents, my friends.. Oh, sorry, I don't know how to start writing those things, so I guess I should start from the beginning? Here I go:
It was a sunny day in 1998, when a sweet young lady had a contraction and... oh gosh, sorry again. I will fast forward a bit.
Sooo, a bit about me.. I’m a 25 year old guy looking for someone to help me finish all the tea I make every day. I come with an endless supply of terrible jokes and random snacks. I love art and music. Jazz clubs, museums, and concert halls are where my heart lives. I like visiting new cities, trying new cuisines, and finding moments of tranquility amid the chaos. Also, I absolutely love movies. We can talk about movies for, like, 30 minutes then I (or you more probably) will get bored and change the subject but you got the idea. Physically, I'm tall, my eyes still work, and girls have said I have a nice butt.
I have a cute hamster too so if you read all this and thought "omg he is so boring, I can't stand him anymore" then just bear with me a little longer and you can see Captain Hamsterstein in all his glory once you pm me.
As I'm still kinda not sure about this app and have no idea how anything really works, I'll keep my options open for whatever. So, if you're looking for a friend, I'm your man. Need a shoulder to cry? Still your man. Memes exchange? Hell yeah! Relationship? Tell me what kind of restaurant would you like for our date. Wedding? The suit is ready. Just nonsense flirting? Count me in. Serious talks? Let me grab my smart face. In short, up for whatever and whenever, keep it colorful!
You read this far? Omg, get a life! But seriously, feel free to message me and let's see how it goes. Just behave yourself cause I am legally allowed to handcuff you.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
In the meantime, have a lovely day or night or whatever and take care!
PS, please don't text me if you're only interested in my kidneys.
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