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2023.06.10 16:54 Professional-Big-780 Helix events are rigged

So I'm a recently new player with 3 of the characters required for the current helix event going on to earn extra points. All 3 are over 500 which is required for most of the missions except for the last one on the first row. I've been passing them except for the 3rd and 2nd to last missions and they are pissing me off because my characters are easily dying even though I meet the level requirements and I have the best gear I can have right now. What can I do?
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2023.06.10 16:30 khoafraelich789 Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon

Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon
Jeep and Ford take different approaches to 35" off-road packages, each with specific strengths.
Elle Alder: Jeepers creepers, look at that Bronco! We’ve got a mightily rubbered matchup today, mates. Before us are the Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon 392. Riding 35” tires, big suspension, and uhh, ‘comparable power,’ these off-roaders represent quite nearly the most capable of their breed.

Clayton Seams: Nearly, but we are short one carnivore: the Ford Bronco Raptor. The muscled-up Braptor was not available to pair up with the Wrangler 392, so we’re making do with the still-incredibly capable Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch. The ‘Squatch can’t match the big Raptor for high-speed off-roading or acceleration, but it’s a closer rival to the Jeep Rubicon — or it would be, were it not for the badge on the Jeep’s hood that says “392”. Those three little numbers make a very big difference.

EA: Very big. Converted from cubic inches, the big Jeep’s V8 measures 6.4 litres displacement. It’s straight off-road muscle, but fortunately for Ford, this comparison is really about the platforms beneath. The arrival of the new Bronco has unquestionably challenged Jeep’s trailhead throne, and the big question is how the two match up on road and trail.

Assessed as equals, these rigs offer similar but distinct skill sets at a similar price point. The V6-equipped 2023 Ford Bronco Sasquatch comes in from $72,189 with destination, or $74,289 as tested. A V6-powered 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon arrives from $67,480, from $78,495 configured with the good stuff, or a mighty $116,890 for the tested 392 V8 with one-touch power top and all of the goodies.

CS: Mechanically, the largest difference between the two is the front suspension. Jeep famously hangs a solid front axle under the front of every Wrangler and Gladiator, while the Bronco uses an independent front suspension setup. Out back, both use burly live axles and coil springs. Both of these are real 4x4s built largely in the traditional way with body-on-frame construction, two-speed transfer cases, and are specced up with huge 35” tall tires. Underhood, the Bronco can be specced with a turbocharged 2.3-litre inline-four (the one to have), a 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 like our tester, or the top-dog 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that you only get in the Raptor version.

EA: Jeep’s modern reputation was built on six naturally aspirated cylinders, and the available 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 — by no means a powerhouse — is plenty of power for the platform. Its 285 hp and 260 lb-ft bounce and crawl with a reputation for reliability and serviceability, making it an entirely respectable path. Standard today is a 2.0-litre turbo-four producing 270 hp and 295 lb-ft, an efficient commuter for the lifestyle crowd but perhaps not to the tastes of NA traditionalists. Manual transmissions are available in some Wrangler trims, but don’t expect to see many of them amid the usual ZF eight-speed automatic configurations.

The 6.4-litre in the Wrangler 392 is the naturally aspirated gasoline powerplant seen in the Ram 2500 and Dodge Scat Packs, tuned here to deliver 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. It’s a fun option with a silly sound and an expensive gasoline habit — and also entirely overkill. Accelerating in 4.5 seconds on solid axles and wobbly sidewalls is a skittery affair.

Ford Canada hasn’t dared make any Bronco Raptors available for comparison with the 392, so in the interest of fairness we’ll overlook the Jeep’s obvious power advantage and treat it as a Rubicon Xtreme Recon — a comparatively priced suspension and goodie package available with everything you see here, less the 470-horsepower V8.

CS: While you’re commanding that muscle-car V8 through the trails, you’re sitting in a 2023 cockpit like no other. The exposed door hinges mean the doors swing freely with no stops to easily keep them from hitting cars next to you. There’s more visible painted steel in this interior than a 1985 Toyota Starlet, and the windshield appears almost vertical in front of you. Sure it has Stellantis’s latest uConnect touchscreen system, Alpine premium nine-speaker audio, and heated front seats complete with fetching Rubicon embroidery. But even when compared to the equally rugged Bronco, the Wrangler interior feels like a throwback to an earlier time. The cabin is noticeably narrower than the Bronco, the dash is more vertical, and it still knocks your ankle with its long door harness. It is certainly a Jeep.

Conversely, the Bronco interior manages all of the rugged off-road looks and sacrifices nothing in practicality over a ‘normal’ SUV on the inside. The cabin feels more modern, the touchscreen is much larger than that in the Jeep, and the quality of materials throughout the cabin is superior to the Jeep’s. Despite costing as much as a luxury sedan, both of these SUVs have rubber floors — not carpet — for easier washing after a muddy day on the trails. One gripe would be that the chunky grab handle is located on the dash and not higher on the A-pillar. This makes it easier for passengers to grab during “oh heck” moments, but less helpful for shorter people using it to hoist themselves into the cabin.

EA: Fording is a loss for the Bronco. Ford says that the Sasquatch is good for the same 85-cm (33.5 in.) water crossings that the Jeep is rated for, but that V6 engine leaves its alternator low and vulnerable to rushing water. The Wrangler, meanwhile, mounts its alternators up high and clear of water, and an optional water-diverting intake provides further protection from overenthusiastic gulps — albeit at the compromise of a seriously hefty hood.

That weight shouldn’t be surprising, however, for nothing about either of these rigs is in any way light. Exact figures vary depending on configuration, but equipped with V6s, the Bronco Sasquatch curbs around 5,100 lbs; the Wrangler Xtreme Recon at ~5,200 lbs.

Similar as these curb weights are, the two SUVs carry their weight very differently. The Bronco’s independent front and overall construction feel lighter, whereas the unsprung mass of the Jeep’s solid Dana 210 front axle (an electronically modernized 44 variant) renders a more precarious highway drive and more heaving sensations on the trails. With that handling shortcoming comes confidence in durability, however, and I’d certainly rather have the option of running that solid axle up a log for a backwoods wheel swap than wince at the mercy of a mud-footed jack under the Bronco.

Such weight doesn’t assure invulnerability, however. While both the Sasquatch and Xtreme Recon packages equip these SUVs with underbody shielding in vulnerable areas, it does leave a little to be desired. Hesitant gut impressions of the Bronco’s under-sump shielding and the Jeep’s fuel-tank cladding will hold most stock drivers to the side of caution.

CS: But to get to those trails where fording depth, breakover angle, and tire height matter, you probably have to commute there on pavement. And in that asphalt environment where these vehicles will spend easily 90 per cent of their time, these SUVs are severely out of their element. To be fair, the 392 Wrangler is the first Wrangler that’s ever been fun to drive on the street, thanks specifically to its outrageous muscle-car power and NASCAR soundtrack. But the Wrangler is sketchy to drive at speeds in a way that no other modern ‘car’ is. Those huge meats and solid front axle make for a decidedly wobbly experience on pavement, and drivers must constantly steer a Jeep in its lane on the highway to keep it pointed between the lines. Wind noise is strong at speed, though it faces competition from the droning mud tires and the 392’s dual-exit exhaust. On the plus side, the steering wheel turns easily even with those massive tires, and the ride is cushy-smooth across rough pavement because, of course it is. And that’s before we talk about the fuel economy which is good only when compared to a TRX. Even with gentle driving, you can expect to average around 14 L/100 km at best, and you won’t get that number without a tailwind and some luck.

Compared to the Jeep, the Bronco is a serene experience much in the way that skydiving would feel calm after going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The independent front suspension allows the Bronco to do novel things like track straight down a highway lane. Although the exhaust is markedly more subdued (granted, the V6 Wrangler is similarly tame), the Bronco’s seats are not as comfy as the Wrangler’s and the ride is a bit harsher over highway bumps. That said, I vastly prefer the Bronco’s stereo, and if I had to take one of these on a road trip, I’d choose the Bronco.

EA: As a single vehicle to live with every day, I must reluctantly agree that the Ford takes it. The Bronco is significantly more ‘car’ than the Jeep, and carries itself along the commute with far shinier technological comforts as well. Nicely appointed and priced to compete directly with the Wrango-dango, it’s simply a better truck for the roads of today.

Still, neither vehicle should be looked to as a commuter. These trucks are large, inefficient, and costly toys better suited to a multi-vehicle family. Relegated to a secondary role for off-road play days, the Jeep is doubtless the hardier, more trustworthy, more capable, and more customizable rig. The Bronco makes trails more accessible, but it’s no old-fashioned, hard-knockin’ Wrangler.

Source: driving ca
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2023.06.10 16:08 Wcuprz1 Does that Atlas have that much more cargo room?

Basically the title. When looking at 3rd row SUVs for 2 adults and 2 car seats + plenty of cargo room, atlas seems out of line with its peers. I’m comfortable that “midsized suv” is the right fit for the family and we don’t need a van / suburban etc. I’m genuinely curious how atlas reports such higher volume. Some examples below:
Atlas: 201L, 70H, 78W
Q7: 199L, 68H, 77W
Palisade: 197L, 69H, 77W
CX-9: 199L, 67.5H, 77W
Atlas: 96.8cuft seat 1, 55.5 cuft seat 2, 20.6cuft seat 3
Q7: 69.6 cuft to seat 1, 35.7cuft seat 2, 14.2cuft seat 3
Palisade: 86cuft seat1, 45cuft seat 2, 18cuft seat 3
CX-9: 71cuft seat 1, 38cuft seat 2, 14,5cuft seat 3
Going off the dimensions alone I’d expect the atlas to be a bit bigger, but not a full 1/3 larger volume. What gives?
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2023.06.10 15:50 Henry5321 Strong cortisol reaction to exercising

I'm trying to figure out if there is a better way to improve my bodies stress response to exercise. It has been improving, it's just taking a long time.
I tried starting C25K last year, but 3 times in a row, I tried jogging for 30 seconds, which got my heart rate up to about 130, but then it stayed there for over an hour and I went to the ER(dizzy, weak, shaking, blurred vision). Eventually my doctor put me on beta blockers and told me my body is over-reacting to physical activity.
Since then I have seen cardiologists and gotten completely worked over. I am A+ healthy, but out of shape. But for some reason my body thinks it needs to dump cortisol when I exercise.
For the past 3 months I've been taking a much milder version of the C25K plan with great success. My body is reacting much better. I can now jog for 6 min straight and have my heart return to almost normal within 5-10 minutes, which took hours when I first started. But I still can't exercise more than twice a week. If I attempt day 3, no matter how good(8-9 hours) my sleep had been all week, that 3rd day is going to cause a cortisol dump. Won't send me to the ER like in the past, but it will mean feeling lethargic, unable to regulate my body temperature, and insomnia.
Even before the betablockers I had a 60 resting heart rate with 120/80 bp. And even after 6 months of betablockers, pretty much the same. But in the past 3 months of doing C25K, I'm now more like 55 resting and 105/65 bp. My body is responding very well. I have more energy, less vertigo(life long), fewer light headedness, sleep better, recover fast. My heart rate is only 130-140 while jogging. But I can't shake that my body absolutely hates that 3rd day of exercise. Not to mention I've taken 3 months to get this far.
After re-reading and comparing against the original C25K guide, I've noticing that my modified version has lead me into less of sets and more of contiguous jogging. I wonder if at this point I would do best returning to W3 or W4.
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2023.06.10 15:26 fuhgazy Paid extra fee to sit together - SAN to EWR - Redeye

... with my gf and her father at the time.
this happened almost a year ago, so the details are not all clearly retained.
We get on the plane, and there are 2 or 3 youngsters in our seats already, with the parents seated behind them. The parents, mid 30s, have 5 or 6 kids total all within close age range.
My gf's father sits down in the empty aisle seat next to the two youngsters occupying the two seats meant for the gf and I. He doesn't put up much of a fight, as he mumbles something to the kids' father and sits down, forcing gf and I one row forward, in front of the two kids and next to a young lady in the aisle seat next to us.
So, once he sat down, that felt like the end of the opportunity to protest this situation.
The young lady next to us and offers her assistance. She seems either high, buzzed, or both. Very talkative and bloodshot eyes. But she is strident in her mission to help us out. My gf and I entertain her ideas to help for a minute but relent. My gf gets up to talk to a FA about possible rebates for a few minutes and the young lady continues to talk to me, asking topical questions and I politely answer her, winding down the conversation.
My gf returns, somewhat shocked that we are still conversing, and offers me the middle seat so I can sit next to the young lady, seemingly pissed at me. I turn down the offer. Then the young lady attempts to chat up my gf and that crashes and burns. My gf just tells her, "You look high on drugs, and it's very sad. You should know that." That made for a silently awkward takeoff.
Then throughout the flight, as I'm trying to sleep, I get the added bonus of the kid behind me bumping around on his tablet and kicking my seat intermittently.
And that goes down as my worst flight experience so far.
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2023.06.10 15:16 DVDfever People who just won't stop talking at a gig.

I went to see Go West, supported by Cutting Crew: Two great '80s bands on the same stage, but then there was this couple...
Originally, they were sat a bit further to the right, so were not in my eyeline, but the bloke moved to the left-hand side of his wife so he had less distance to travel when he needed a frequent visit to the toilet, and left them sat with a spare seat either side. That was when the problems began.
Everytime they spoke to each other, they kept interrupting the gig, since as well as the constant chatter, when they put two heads together, it obscured my view.
However, since this meant there was now a free seat to their right, and which was closer to the stage, I moved there during the interval, while they went to get pie-eyed at the bar. I hadn't even thought about moving seats, but I saw a woman do it when it turned out some of her friends were 2 rows in front, so that gave me the idea.
Originally, when the interval began, I was just about to ask them not to talk during part 2, but they hot-footed it to the bar. Still, I noticed that they put half a pint of lager just to the back of their chair, so no-one would kick it over. I gently nudged it forward with my foot, so that when the next person walked down that row, they'd kick it, unwittingly.
When they came back, I noted their reaction when they wondered why their drink had gone, and the floor was wet. Tee hee.
During Go West, they kept talking, but at least they were to the left of me, so were no longer in my eyeline, and I could film the stage properly.
However, frequently, if they weren't talking, they were on their mobile phones. Seriously, who pays £40 for a gig, not to watch what's happening?!
And at one point, Peter Cox was handed a note to read out, referencing a particular name in the audience. Yep, that was the name of the woman of the couple. She shrieked even louder.
As an aside, for anyone planning to see them, CC were on for about 70 mins, but GW just under an hour, and didn't do Goodbye Girl, I Want To Hear It From You, The King Is Dead, From Baltimore To Paris, What You Won't Do For Love.
When Go West were about to finish with King of Wishful Thinking, and they said it was definitely their last song, no-one believed them (expecting an encore) because they'd been on for less than an hour.
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2023.06.10 15:09 sr55_s Verus vs Embody advice

Hey Folks,
Wanted to get some opinions from owners of these 2 chairs. Unfortunately I don't have a dealer anywhere near me to go try these.
I currently have a NobelChairs Hero gaming chair which I've "put up with" for the last few years but it's starting to fall apart. It's "ok" but overly firm and just not that comfortable.
I'm really tempted by the Verus as it looks like it would accommodate my seating styles, but the lack of headrest and no available 3rd party ones is somewhat off-putting.

I have 2 main seating styles: (I'm 5ft 8")
  1. Working at the computer, upright posture but a slight lean back. No tilt lock. The current NC seems to balance just fine with me with the tension.
  2. Leaning modestly back with feet up on a PC tower. Watching movies/tv etc. I often have a slight angled lean due to the tower being to the right. While this is probably bad for me, the bucket seat style of my current NC is actually quite supportive here.
Occasionally cross-legged with either (so any plastic sided chairs like the Aeron are out)
Used heavily as a software engineer working from home a lot.

That brings me to the (Logitech version) of the embody. How is it for slouching / Leaning when watch movies? Is the flexibility of the back going to cause me problems if I'm not straight on with it as it seems to be quite narrow?
It's a real shame the Verus doesn't come with a headrest option. It looks like it could be the near perfect option for me.

Anyway, appreciate any thoughts folks have. I'm buying a chair for the long haul so open on budget. I'm a bit fed up replacing broken chairs every 2~3 years.

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2023.06.10 14:41 Bishlater Sad day… but she’s officially for sale.

Sad day… but she’s officially for sale.
Making some room for a Land Cruiser and MT Supra. Very sad to see this one go, have loved every minute of the past few years.
1 of 4 - Liquid Blue Metallic - Original Factory Paint
6 Speed Manual Transmission All Original - Toyota 2GR-FE - V6 Engine 37,500 miles - Amazing Daily Driver!
Custom Alcantera Interior (Dash and Doors) Complete $8000 Clutch Upgrade
Factory Recaro Seats Factory Navigation and Backup Camera
Aftermarket Plack Exhaust (installed) Larini Sports Exhaust (included free with sale)
Black Forest Industries Shift Knob Die-Hard Battery Charger Installed Misc. Cosmetic Upgrades (Hethelsport and GRP)
Clean Carfax. Clean title. Stacks of receipts and Original Factory Manuals!
Asking $55,000
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2023.06.10 14:26 corri2020 Processional?

My wedding is officially a year out, yay! But with that being said, it means I’m now putting thought into the specifics of the day. And as someone who has VERY limited experience with weddings, I’m going to be asking a lot of questions, so please forgive me in advance for what could be several posts asking questions over the next year.
Today I was thinking about the processional. How exactly does that work? I have my MOH and that’s it on my side. My FH has two best men. I know typically the best man and MOH would walk together, but since the numbers are uneven (and small) how would that work? Just single file? Or do the best men just stand at the altar and wait? I assume it’s best to have my MOH walk down directly before me.
My FH…does he walk down? Or does he just show up at the altar? My mom…does she walk down or does she just sit? My FMIL…same thing, does she walk down or does she just sit? My future in-laws aren’t together and are both re-married, would my FMIL walk down with her husband and my FFIL walk down with his wife? Or again, do they just find their spot and sit?
The most recent wedding I’ve been to was my sisters, and the parents just found a seat in the front row and just sat. No processional or anything. Is this typical?
When it comes to music…for the MOH and best men, would I just use one song for them to walk down to?
Is there anyone else who should be walking down the aisle that I’m missing?
I know it’s my day and no one can really tell me how to do things, but I’m just looking for guidance. What are some of my options here?
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2023.06.10 14:26 wcs1113 Recommendations for upbeat shows

I'll be in NY for a couple of weeks and want to fill it with as many shows as I can. However, I'm very new to the theatre world, and am not familiar with a lot of the shows.
The shows I'm definitely seeing are:
&Juliet (Current favorite - saw it 19 times during the pre-broadway run in Toronto)
Peter Pan Goes Wrong (Obsessed with the mischief theatre company)
The Play That Goes Wrong (Saw a clip with the original cast, and have to see it in person even though it's not them. I adore their comedy style.)
Hadestown (Been dying to see it ever since I came across a clip of Wait For Me. Want to make sure I see it before Reeve and Eva leave one day.)
Leopoldstadt (Not my usual kind of thing to watch, but my great-grandparents escaped from Vienna during WWII, so definitely wanted to see this.)
I want to fill any remaining dates I have with the most upbeat, joyous shows available. I'm uncultured in theatre. I'm simple. I want something that will make me laugh, dance in my seat, and keep me smiling after I leave. My first time seeing &Juliet, I had no idea what it was about. It completely changed the next couple of months of my life, and made me more happy than I can explain. (As a queer person, May spoke to my soul.) I'd love to discover other shows that are just as joyful.
P.S. Massive preference to shows that have cheaper seats in the first few rows all the way on the sides. It's much more important for me to be super close and fully immersed than it is to have a view of the whole stage. I can't afford center orchestra, so side orchestra at the front is my preference if shows have cheaper seats there. Like &Juliet has first and second row extreme side view for $99, whereas center is $250+. Even bigger preference if there's any shows that are known for having rush/lottery seats that are first few rows - extreme side view is ok!
(Not looking for a play unless it is SO filled with comedy that I'm laughing the whole time. I have a VERY difficult time sitting still for so long at plays. I've watched Harry Potter and the Cursed child in Toronto and was bored out of my mind. I'm making a special exception for Leopoldstadt.)
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2023.06.10 14:25 doubledippedunicorn Steve Marcus GDTS

This is just my experience with Steve, not a commentary on him, me, or GDTS. I think it began back on 1985, during the mailorder for Summer Tour. Pavilion tickets for Merriwether were in short supply, and you had to have mailed in the first day to have gotten pavilion seats. When my lawn seats arrived in the mail, I got on the phone to see what was up, and Steve himself answered the phone. I am sure he was busy right at that moment, and I am mr nobody as far as the Dead are concerned, they dont know me from a Celine Dion fan.
I said to Steve, "I ordered pavilion, and got lawn", and so he asked, "Did you mail in on the first day?' In one of the few times and last times I ever lied, I heard myself say, "Yes." Big oopsie. He said, "Just a second", and put the phone down. In like two minutes he was back, "I am holding your mail order, and the postmark is from Day 2 of the mail in." I said "Erps", or some such and he said, "So you lied. I am going to hang up now, but I want you to think about why you lied to the people who send you tickets. Have fun buying from Ticketmaster." Click. Dial tone. I did not, in fact, have that much fun buying from Ticketmaster, they sucketh mighty winds. But for 1985-1986, yup, I waited in line for my tickets.
Fast forward to Summer 1987, there is a mailorder. I am working in a library, so have access to amazing book covers. I cut out a picture of two people summiting K2, one person is throwing their hands in the air, like an Olympic gold medalist. The picture is a powerful image of rising above it all. So I paste this on my mail order for Alpine, and send it in. Back from GDTS come some incredible seats for the run, one of the shows has seat A4. Now, in Alpine c1987, the front middle section ends in a row up front, but the two side sections both end in one chair. That was A4. I did not put my partner there and take the other seat a few rows back, that would have been gentlemanly, but luckily, halfway through the first set, the usher ushed her up to join me in A4, so there were the two of us. This seat is directly in front of Jerry, and to see any of the crowd, you have to turn around. It is like a dream seat, all you see is the band.
And when Jerry stomps out at the beginning of the show, he looks up and shoots you a look. That is how it feels, it's just you and him. The look he shot me that day I will descibe as the "over the top" look, like buckle up, we are going for a little flight. Amazing.
Fast forward to 1992, and GDTS sends me the first pair of the seats I would later request, sec 2 row d seats 7 and 8. 6/12/92 what a show, what a night, thanks GDTS, again. 3/27/93 Knick, back down there, thanks GDTS, and 3/21/94 Richfield, then 6/21/95 Knick, and also for Sat night MSG for the never gonna happen fall tour 95. So GDTS just made it impossible to have a bad time at a show. The only thing they could have done more is serve me up some food after the show! Again, I am nobody to them, nothing special, I assume they treated everyone this way.
Back up a little to 1994, and the Highgate show. It is my 20th anniversary of GDing it, and there was no mail order for this show. So I filled out a little 3x5 index card, just as if it was a real mail order, and on it I wrote, this is my 20th anniversary in my homestate, I would love a backstage pass!
Rewind a little more, back to 1984, when each Playing intro would fool me into thinking they were going to play Dark Star, and I was disappointed after a few incredible shows, because no Dark Star. I dont think it was even ever a possibility during those years, but I thirsted for it anyway. Then something occured to me. Why should I feel bad and complain about something, if I havent ever even asked for it? I mean, it just seemed dumb, at least ASK for the thing you desire, before heading right to the disappointment phase. So, that is why I started asking for sec2 row d seats 7.8, because those were the seats I wanted, so I asked. And you know what, GDTS did send them. That is the best explanation I have to this day.
Okay, so I sent off my 94 Highgate backstage pass request, and forgot about it. But one day I get a card back, and in it, it says, "Meet me at the GDTS table near will call. No promises". Something to that effect. And so I do, out on the airport field, GDTS had a little card table set up, it looked funny, in the middle of a field in Vermont. In about 5 minutes, Steve walked up to the table, said something very funny and inappropriate, and I introduced myself. Unbelievably, he pulls the 3x5 index card I had sent in, out of his back pocket! "This you?" "Yup!" He excuses himself, walks up to the will call window, walks back, and motions me to follow him. He comes right up to me face to face, Steve is 'what you see, you get" type, 100% real, and he holds out the pass. I reach to take it, but he doesnt let go right away.
"This is my personal backstage pass, don't bother anybody, and dont be stupid." I could see the envelope he took it out of said "Steve Marcus". Dude gave me, a total nobody, his own backstage pass. I assured him I was not going to bother anybody, and we parted ways. That just starts the Highgate backstage part of this story, but let's leave that for another time.
Thankyou Steve Marcus, you beautiful person who gave me more than a second chance with yourself and GDTS, and put me front and center for some eternally epic shows.
"Dont tell me this band aint got no heart"
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2023.06.10 14:04 WashNorth9216 Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Have you booked a flight with Delta Airlines? To have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, you should know the airline’s baggage allowance.
Delta Airlines Baggage Policy depends on your ticket class, departure megacity, destination, and other factors. It can be a bit delicate to understand.
fresh baggage freights depend on several complicated factors, including size, weight, and where you ’re flying from.
Active service labor force are entitled to special baggage exceptions.
Do n’t worry, if you bespeak your business class flight with us, we ’ll make sure you have all the information you need about Delta Airlines Baggage Policy.
Carry- on Particulars Allowance
· Carry- on item allowances apply to all Delta flight classes.
· Free carry- on baggage allowance for transnational or domestic breakouts within the United States
· 1 particular item bag, briefcase, camera bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, or item of analogous size
· 1 standard carry- on bag
· You may substitute a small musical instrument for one of your carry- on particulars.
In addition, you can carry
· A jacket and/ or marquee
· Food or drink bought after clearing the security checkpoint
· Duty-free wares
· Special particulars like strollers, child restraint seats or assistive bias similar as wheelchairs or pillars
Carry- on Weight Restrictions
There's no maximum weight limit for carry- on baggage except when traveling from these airfields
Singapore – Changi International Airport (SIN) carry on shouldn't exceed 15 lbs.(7kgs)
Beijing – Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) requires that domestic hand carry bags shouldn't exceed 10kgs. Individual carrier rules apply for transnational breakouts.
Shanghai – Pudong International Airport (PVG) carry on shouldn't exceed 22 lbs.(10kgs)
· Buggy
· bone pump and associated cooler bag
As long as they're checked, children’s strollers and seat conditions aren't counted as part of the standard baggage allowance and are free.
Child restraint seats (auto or supporter seats) may be brought on board if there's an open passenger seat in your row. However, the auto seat must be checked at the gate by a Delta representative, If no empty passenger seat is available.
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2023.06.10 14:00 TOOLshed523 Getting Physical Paper Tickets?

Getting Physical Paper Tickets?
I love collecting regular concert tickets but the new wave is all digital. Any advice on obtaining paper tickets for this next tour?
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2023.06.10 13:50 Mysterious_Bath Firestorm Booking - Rebooking Kenta in ROH

KENTA is underrated. That's it.
Final Battle 2005:
KENTA's first appearance for ROH comes at the end of 2005 at one of their flagship shows, Final Battle. Now, nothing much is different from here to what happened in real life, with KENTA having a great match against one of ROH's best in Low Ki. The match would go on for 21 minutes, with KENTA knocking out Low Ki's chances of winning the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship, hitting him with a GTS to secure the pinfall and retaining his title.
Result: KENTA (c) def. Low Ki by pinfall to retain the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship (21:06)
Dissention 2006:
KENTA would make his unannounced ROH return at Dissention, just six days after his hellacious battle with tag partner Naomichi Marufuji. He would come out to ring after the main event between Danielson and Styles to much fanfare, with the crowd chanting his name. He would then announce an open challenge for anyone in ROH. This call would be answered by none other than THE FALLEN ANGEL, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!! KENTA looks pleased with this challenge and shakes Daniels' hand before going to war. KENTA emerges on the front foot of the match, managing to ground Daniels with his technical skills before bringing him down with a Bridging Tiger Suplex that only got a 1 count. Daniels would gain momentum after this, and would stay in control for the next few minutes and even hitting a BME which KENTA managed to kick out of at 2. Daniels would keep on the offence but KENTA managed things around with a huge Busaiku Knee which only gave him a 2 count. KENTA would retain control for the rest of the match, bar one last gasp effort from Daniels who tried to sneak an Angel Wings on KENTA who already had it scouted and managed to reverse it into a Fireman's Carry before HITTING THE GTS! 1..2..3! KENTA RETAINS!!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Christopher Daniels by pinfall to retain the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship (19:31)
After the bout, KENTA's celebrations would prove to be short lived as RODERICK STRONG WOULD COME OUT AND CHALLENGE KENTA FOR THE GHC JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! KENTA accepts this match as its made official for Arena Warfare.
Arena Warfare 2006:
With the ROH fans fully embracing KENTA's presence in their company, he finds himself having to put down one of the biggest heels in the company. Strong comes to the ramp accompanied by his Generation Next teammates, but he decides he wants to do this on his own, wanting them to be fully prepared for their match later at CZW When 2 Worlds Collide. Strong manages to start the match off perfectly, gaining full control over KENTA and managing to weaken him down with his backbreakers. This overwheming offense to KENTA makes Strong feel a bit full of himself, and his cocky nature costs him the lead here as KENTA manages to reverse a Double Underhook Suplex, floating over and knocking Strong down with a Roundhouse Kick. KENTA would then begin to work on the head of Strong, dropping knees on it and planting him with a Fisherman's Buster for a 2. KENTA would continue to beat down Strong over the next few minutes before attempting a GTS which Strong manages to get out of and OUT OF NOWHERE HITS A SICK KICK!! 1..2..KICKOUT!!! WHERE DID STRONG PULL THAT ONE OUT OF?!! Strong and KENTA both end up out on the floor as the ref begins to count. Strong manages to make it to his feet before KENTA however, and uses this to his advantage as he begins chopping the chest off KENTA, leading him to the corner. Strong then places KENTA on the top rope and looks to hit A SUPERPLEX..STRONG ROLLS OVER INTO THE END OF HEARTACHE!!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! HOW DID KENTA KICK OUT?!! Strong is stunned as desperation begins to kick in. He calls for KENTA to get back to his feet, wanting to end the match as soon as he can. KENTA eventually does make it back to his feet as Strong goes for an OLYMPIC SLAM BUT KENTA THROWS HIM OVERBOARD!! Strong gets back to his feet and runs at KENTA WHO PICKS STRONG UP ON HIS SHOULDERS...GTS!! 1..2..3!! WHAT A BATTLE!!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Roderick Strong by pinfall to retain the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship (27:45)
Following this win, KENTA's celebrations would be interrupted again, this time by THE ROH WORLD CHAMPION BRYAN DANIELSON!! He tells KENTA that he's not a fan of exports taking his spotlight in main event matches when he's the one carrying the company on his back as their world champion. Danielson tells Kenta that if he wants to steal the show and be a main event star in ROH, he needs to run past him. KENTA then CHALLENGES DANIELSON FOR THE ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! Danielson smirks at this as the fans begin chanting KENTA's name. Danielson's smirk quickly turns into a laugh, telling KENTA he hasn't done anything special enough to gain a title match. KENTA says he doesn't care, he wants a match. Danielson gives in and grants KENTA a match against him...AND SAMOA JOE?!! Joe comes to the ring and stands at Danielson's side. He appears to agree with what Danielson said and tells KENTA to stay in NOAH. KENTA says no to Joe's request and instead challenges both men to a tag team match at Best in the World and if he wins, he gets a ROH World Title match. Danielson is confused and tells KENTA's that he's got no-one to tag with, so how is he gonna beat him and Joe. KENTA tells him to just watch, as he leaves the ring, leaving the question as to who his tag partner is gonna be.
Best in the World 2006:
Danielson and Joe make their way to the ring first, followed by KENTA who is on his own. Danielson and Joe are both confused, with Danielson asking where his teammate is. KENTA tells him to wait as the music hits... ITS NAOMICHI MARUFUJI!!! HES HERE IN ROH!! Danielson and Joe both look shocked as they know an all out war is going to go down with two of NOAH's best coming up against two of ROH's best. Nothing changes in this match compared to real life, with the match lasting just over 30 minutes and the team of KENTA and Marufuji taking the win here as KENTA hits Danielson with a GTS to gain a pinfall over the ROH World Champion, putting the odds in his favour for their confirmed upcoming bout, which will take place in 3 days at Supercard of Honor.
Result: KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji def. Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe (33:26)
Supercard of Honor 2006:
Coming into the match as the favourite here, KENTA finds himself in the biggest match of his career here as he has the opportunity to end the reign of Bryan Danielson here. Danielson is insistent on beating KENTA here, hitting him with stiff attacks that eventually lead to him getting busted open in the first few minutes. KENTA quickly realises that the Danielson he faced a few nights prior is not the same Danielson he's in the ring with now as the harsh offence continues. KENTA tries to take a breather on the outside but Danielson won't give him a moment of space, diving onto KENTA with a suicide dive as the champ is on fire. Danielson continues the offence on the outside, smashing KENTA's head into the ring post multiple times which only causes him to bleed more. The ref makes it to a count of 8 as Danielson decides to chuck him back in the ring for more punishment. KENTA tries crawling over to the other side as Danielson makes a fool out of him, pointing to him and laughing as Kenta struggles to get back to his feet. He eventually does as Danielson grabs him and starts hitting him with European Uppercuts. Danielson then throws KENTA into the ropes where he just goes over. Danielson almost looks embarrassed to be facing Kenta and mocks him as he exits the ring again. This time however, KENTA was playing possum and as Danielson went to attack KENTA, he got a fist full of ring post. Danielson tries shaking this off as KENTA gets revenge for earlier, smashing Danielson's skull into the same ring post, causing him to bleed. Danielson stumbles around the outside before rolling himself back in the ring as the ref's count gets closer and closer to 10. Kenta now has the upper hand over Danielson as he begins to hit him with kicks to any part of Danielson that's in his way. Danielson finds himself at the corner where KENTA doesn't stop, hitting Danielson with kicks to the chest. Danielson manages to catch KENTA's leg as he FLIPS HIM OVER INTO AN ANKLE LOCK!! KENTA tries escaping it but Danielson has it locked in tight. He does eventually manage to roll himself over, causing Danielson to go flying over into the 2nd rope. KENTA sees this and begins choking Danielson out, with the ref having to push KENTA out of the way. Danielson drops off the ropes, cluching his throat but KENTA doesn't care as he starts dropping knees onto Danielson's face. Danielson scurries under the bottom ropes as the tables have clearly turned. KENTA sees Danielson getting back to his feet and decides to do what any normal human would do and DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE!! KENTA looks more than fired up here as he tosses a dazed Danielson back in the ring. It appears this match is coming to a close as KENTA picks Danielson up on his shoulders FOR A GTS..BUT DANIELSON ESCAPES AND HITS A REGAL-PLEX!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! Danielson looks at KENTA with a surprised look on his face, which quickly turns to delight as he realises he can inflict more damage. Danielson grabs the hands of KENTA, looking to pull him up, but quickly starts stomping down on his head. KENTA looks completely dazed by now as it appears one more big hit will put him out of commission. Danielson decides that enough is enough and attempts to lock in the Cattle Mutilation but KENTA DOESN'T ALLOW IT!! KENTA fights against Danielson's attempts and manages to get back to his feet before delivering an Arm Drag to Danielson. Danielson gets back to his feet and runs to KENTA who stops him dead in his tracks, picking him up FOR A BUCKLE BOMB!! Danielson bounces off the turnbuckle as KENTA runs the ropes.. BUSAIKU KNEE!! 1..2..KICKOUT!!! HOW ON EARTH?!! KENTA just sits in the ring, staring into nothingness with a look of disbelief at Danielson kicking out. KENTA starts getting mad and begins stomping the head of Danielson who is defenseless. KENTA then slowly picks Danielson up, with the intention of hitting a Falcon's Arrow, but Danielson manages to float over, hitting KENTA with a neckbreaker. Danielson stumbles back to his feet as KENTA finds his whereabouts again, with Danielson picking KENTA up on his shoulders and hitting him with a Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam. Danielson then launches at a seated KENTA with a huge dropkick that knocks him down. Danielson is feeling fired up at this point as HE LOCKS IN THE TRIANGLE CHOKE!! KENTA HAS NOWHERE TO GO!! DANIELSON ONLY MAKES IT WORSE WITH ELBOWS TO THE HEAD!! KENTA tries fighting out of it but Danielson has it locked in tight. WAIT..KENTA'S FADING!! The ref checks on him as he raises him arm up once. Nothing. Twice. Nothing. A third time...KENTA RESPONDS!! HE'S STILL IN THIS!! KENTA starts gaining elevation over Danielson as HE PICKS HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS...SITOUT POWERBOMB!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! WHAT'S IT GONNA TAKE FOR ONE OF THESE MEN TO STAY DOWN?!! Both men are grounded due to fatigue as the ref is forced to count. He makes it up to 6 with no response from either men. By the time he gets to 8, they find themselves pulling themselves up with the assistance of the ring ropes. They both make it to their feet before the 10 count as they stumble into each other in the middle of the ring. Danielson lands the first strike which causes KENTA to stumble but he returns the favour with a strike of his own. They continue doing this as Danielson gets booed with every strike and KENTA cheered with his. KENTA does get the upper hand here as he manages to get a powerful Roundhouse Kick on Danielson which knocks him into the ropes BUT DANIELSON RESPONDS WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE!!! HE STOLE KENTA'S MOVE!! BUT WAIT...KENTA ROLLS OVER!! HOW THE FUCK?!! HE PICKS UP DANIELSON...GTS!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! THIS IS NEVER GONNA END!! At this point, blood has stained the mat and the faces of both men, providing a mask to hide how they feel about this relentless brutality. KENTA is practically delirious as he somehow manages to make it to his feet. He calls for Danielson to get up as he looks to end this once and for all. He stands in the corner waiting, looking to hit that Busaiku Knee but Danielson doesn't move. KENTA is then forced to make his way over to Danielson to get him back to his feet BUT DANIELSON WAS PLAYING POSSUM THE WHOLE TIME AS HE LOCKS KENTA IN THE TRIANGLE CHOKE AGAIN!! DANIELSON WON'T STOP WITH THE ELBOWS AS THE REF IS FORCED TO CALL THE MATCH!!
Result: Bryan Danielson (c) def. KENTA by technical submission to retain the ROH World Championship (48:57)
Following the bout, Danielson would help KENTA back to his feet. He would then offer his hand out as a sign of respect and although hesistant at first, KENTA would shake it and raise Danielson's hand.
KENTA would then return to Japan after this, defending his GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship throughout the summer, before losing it to Takashi Sugiura at Northern Navigation. He would continue in Japan for a few more months before making his return to ROH at International Challenge.
International Challenge 2006:
After his rivalry with McGuinness over the summer, Danielson's next rival would come in the form of Homicide. After beating him once at Motor City Madness, he looked to be finished with Danielson. That is until Dethroned, where after successfully retaining his title against Austin Aries, Danielson would be attacked by Homicide, who demanded a rematch. Danielson wasn't willing to give him the rematch however, leading to Homicide taking matters into his own hands and calling in backup in the form of McGuinness. Danielson would eventually accept a tag match between the two, promising a big surprise for his partner. At the event, KENTA would be revealed as Danielson's tag partner to a massive fan eruption. The two would prove to be great tag partners as over the span of 19 minutes, the two would put the beatdown on their opponents. KENTA would be the one to gain the win for the team, hitting McGuinness with a GTS.
Result: KENTA and Bryan Danielson def. Homicide and Nigel McGuinness by pinfall (19:34)
Following this win, Danielson would get on the mic and announce he doesn't have an opponent for Final Battle, so tells Homicide he can have his rematch. As for KENTA, he puts his sights on McGuinness, asking him for a match at Final Battle. McGuinness says he wants fresh meat and accepts KENTA's challenge, with a warning he won't come out of the match the same man.
Final Battle 2006:
KENTA's immense popularity in ROH is voiced by the ROH fans as the Manhattan Center blows the roof off the building when he appears. McGuinness feeds into the crowd, disgracing them for cheering for an outsider rather than a man who's been there the past 2 years, wrestling at every show, hell, even being the greatest Pure Champion in history. The match doesn't have a definitive leader throughout, with both men not letting the other get the satisfaction of beating their opponent. McGuinness did appear to be on the upper hand however for a slight bit, but a Busaiku Knee changed the whole thing for him, despite getting the kickout at 2. KENTA would lead from this point on, with a GTS looking immanent, BUT MCGUINNESS MANAGES TO HIT A REBOUND LARIAT!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! McGuiness is furious as he drags KENTA's lifeless body to the corner. He prompts him up on the top turnbuckle, with the intention of a TOWER OF LONDON BUT KENTA FLIPS OVER MCGUINNESS AND PICKS HIM UP...GTS!! 1..2..3!!
Result: KENTA def. Nigel McGuinness by pinfall (29:08)
KENTA would make his presence felt in the main event, stopping Hernandez from interfering on behalf of Homicide. He would then remain firm in the corner of Danielson but it's not enough AS HOMICIDE ENDS DANIELSON'S 462 DAY TITLE REIGN!! WHAT A MOMENT IN ROH HERE!! Following this shocking loss, KENTA consoles Danielson, helping up and telling him it'll be okay. Danielson gets a standing ovation from the ROH crowd as KENTA begins to exit the ring to let Danielson have his moment but Danielson pulls him back in, wanting to celebrate with him. OR SO KENTA THOUGHT AS DANIELSON LOCKS HIM IN THE TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! Danielson starts screaming, saying its KENTA's fault he lost and it's nothing to do with him. Danielson lets go of the hold and goes to the outside, to under the ring, where he pulls out a steel chair. He then gets in the ring and places it ON KENTA'S LEG!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING DANIELSON?! Danielson stands on the second rope AND STOMPS DOWN ON THE CHAIR!! KENTA'S LEG IS DONE!! KENTA screams in pain as Danielson leaves him in the ring, embracing this newfound attitude.
KENTA would go out injured for 2 months, while Danielson's new vicious character would dominate ROH. KENTA's return would come at the Fifth Year Festival: NYC, after Danielson's victory over Takeshi Morishima. KENTA would attack Danielson, hitting him with a GTS before demanding a match, which is made official for the Fifth Year Festival in Chicago.
Fifth Year Festival: Chicago:
A match which, despite having less stakes than last time round, will guarantee to be an all time classic. Danielson's newfound heel persona and KENTA's popularity among the fans mix well as Danielson's heel heat is like no other, with the fans' boos louder than his entrance music. The crowd can also be heard chanting "FUCK YOU DANIELSON", over and over as Danielson gives them the Stone Cold treatment. The match is an absolute war, lasting almost 50 minutes with Danielson managing to kick out of 3 GTS's and KENTA managing to last over 2 minutes in the Triangle Choke. These men throw absolutely everything at each other, with submission, kicks, punches, chops and everything inbetween but it would be the fourth GTS that would put Danielson down for good.
Result: KENTA def. Bryan Danielson by pinfall (49:32)
Following this, KENTA would ask anyone to give him a match at All Star Extravaganza III which would be answered by Chris Hero.
All Star Extravaganza III:
KENTA's climb to the top continues here as he finds himself facing one of the biggest rising stars in ROH. Hero would put up a good fight for one of the biggest stars in ROH here but it wouldn't be enough as a Busaiku Knee and GTS would be what ends the match, giving KENTA another win in his quest to the top.
Result: KENTA def. Chris Hero by pinfall (14:37)
KENTA isn't able to celebrate this victory however, as DANIELSON WOULD ATTACK HIM FROM BEHIND! Danielson would begin stomping on KENTA's head before announcing he wants one more match, FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR TOMORROW AT SUPERCARD OF HONOR!! KENTA is unable to respond as Danielson doesn't allow him but it's safe to say the match is official.
Supercard of Honor 2007:
One year ago, these two men stood in the ring of the main event of Supercard of Honor with the biggest prize in the company on the line. Now, its a year later, a lot has changed, but what hasn't is the fact that both men find each other facing each other again in the main event of Supercard of Honor and despite there being no title on the line, the match feels more important than last year's. Under the stipulation of Fight Without Honor, both men absolutely tear at each other for 1 HOUR AND 6 MINUTES!! Whether it was Danielson stealing the Busaiku Knee TWICE, or KENTA hitting 3 GTS's in a row and Danielson kicking out, the Detroit crowd were absolutely fucking fed. Weapons also played a big part in this match, with Danielson smashing a steel chair over KENTA's head 10 times, causing him to be busted open, BUT KENTA RESPONDED WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE!! However, after one hour and six minutes, Danielson would lock in the Triangle Choke in the centre of the ring, with it looking like KENTA was going to pass out. HE DIDN'T HOWEVER, AND MANAGED TO POWER HIS WAY UP, PLACING DANIELSON ON HIS SHOULDERS FOR A 4TH GTS!! 1..2..3!! KENTA ENDS THE RIVALRY AND THE MATCH WITH A MASSIVE WIN!!
Result: KENTA def. Bryan Danielson by pinfall (1:06:44)
KENTA would make a brief return to Japan, before returning at Live in Osaka to announce his entry in the Race to the Top Tournament.
Race to the Top Tournament Night 1:
KENTA finds himself getting one of the worst draws possible in the tournament as he faces the previous favourite to win the tournament, Matt Sydal. Clearly the best match in the Round of 16, KENTA finds himself struggling in the beginning but gains control, carrying it throughout before sealing the win with a GTS, gaining his spot in the quarter finals.
Result: KENTA def. Matt Sydal by pinfall to advance to the quarter finals (12:10)
Race to the Top Tournament Night 2:
Into the quarter finals we go, as KENTA finds himself facing Sydal's former teammate in Generation Next, Jack Evans. Evans manages to put up a hell of a fight in this match, even coming close to winning after hitting Kenta with a 630 Senton, but KENTA somehow managed to kick out at 2. In the end, it would be that dreaded GTS that would finish the match off, with KENTA pinning Evans for the 3 to make it to the semis.
Result: KENTA def. Jack Evans by pinfall to advance to the semi-finals (18:22)

The second match of KENTA's night comes in the form of Davey Richards, who has been on a warpath as of late alongside Roderick Strong as No Remorse Cops. Richards steamrolls through KENTA in the opening minutes of the match, with a spot in the final looking dead set for him. This would change midway through the match as KENTA would use Richards' aggression against him, allowing him to control the rest of the match before finishing it off with the GTS, MEANING KENTA'S GOING TO THE FINAL!!
Result: KENTA def. Davey Richards by pinfall to advance to the finals (15:43)

After already wrestling for half an hour, KENTA shows no signs of fatigue here as he is willing to lay it all on the line for a shot at Morishima's ROH World Championship. Castagnoli found a tough way to the final, having to make his way through El Generico, Kevin Steen and Mike Quackenbush. Castagnoli and KENTA provide a spectacle for the audience over the span of 28 minutes with a technical masterclass. Near falls appeared throughout the match, with the most significant being KENTA kicking out of Castagnoli's Ricola Bomb. To finish the match, Castagnoli looked set to finish the match of after a flurry of European Uppercuts. Castagnoli would then find himself waiting in the corner for KENTA to get back to his feet. He eventually does and throws KENTA up in the air for a SWISS DEATH BUT KENTA HITS CASTAGNOLI WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE!! Castagnoli stumbles back into the ropes and bounces right onto KENTA's shoulders for THE GTS!! 1..2..3!! KENTA'S GOT A ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH!!
Result: KENTA def. Claudio Castagnoli by pinfall to win the Race to the Top Final (28:16)
Death Before Dishonor Night 2:
KENTA's rise to the top finds itself culminating here in the main event of Death Before Dishonor against fellow countryman Takeshi Morishima. Morishima is able to use his size to his advantage, overpowering KENTA in every way, displaying why he is a great champion. KENTA tries getting some offence in, kicking the champ's knees down to weaken him but this proves useless as Morishima delivers a knee to the gut which grounds KENTA. KENTA makes his way back up after this where he gets bombarded by chops from Morishima which causes him to back up into the ropes. KENTA tries to take a breather but finds himself getting tossed out of the ring by Morishima. KENTA regains his balance outside the ring as MORISHIMA COMES OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!! Morishima then tosses KENTA back in the ring and begins to unload kicks into his back, causing KENTA to squirm into the corner. Morishima begins taunting at the booing crowd to rile them up even more as KENTA makes it back to his feet AS MORISHIMA DOES A CARTWHEEL INTO A HIP ATTACK!! KENTA is squashed as he falls forward into Morishima who picks him up for a uranage, only getting a 2 count. Morishima argues with the ref, calling it a 3 count but the ref confirms it was a 2. Morishima responds to this by kicking the head of KENTA in, before CLIMBING TO THE TOP ROPE!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!! MORISHIMA GOES FOR THE MOONSAULT..BUT KENTA MANAGES TO DODGE IT!! MORISHIMA GETS BACK TO HIS FEET AS KENTA HITS A FISHERMAN BUSTER!! 1..KICKOUT!! HOW?! KENTA looks confused as Morishima begins to get back to his feet again. KENTA starts unloading Roundhouse Kicks onto Morishima but nothing's working as he just continues rising up. KENTA then decides to run the ropes for a BUSAIKU KNEE!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE TO KEEP THIS MAN MOUNTAIN DOWN?!! KENTA goes to the corner as MORISHIMA IS GETTING BACK UP ALREADY!! He signals to the crowd he's looking for another Busaiku Knee AS HE RUNS AND GETS CAUGHT BY A LARIAT FROM MORISHIMA!! KENTA GOES FLYING AS MORISHIMA GETS THE COVER 1..2..KICKOUT!! Morishima slams the mat as he tells the ref to count faster. KENTA gets to his knees as Morishima throws him between his legs and picks him up FOR A KNEELING POWERBOMB!! WAIT, HE FLIPS KENTA OVER AND GOES FOR A SECOND!! HE FLIPS HIM OVER AGAIN!! OH MY GOD!! A THIRD..WAIT..KENTA WITH A HURRICANRANA!! Morishima is sent flying as Kenta regains his balance. Morishima makes it to his feet as KENTA HITS A BUSAIKU KNEE!! HE'S NOT DONE AS HE HOISTS MORISHIMA UP ON HIS SHOULDERS...GTS!!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! KENTA ISN'T DONE AS HE PICKS MORISHIMA UP ON HIS SHOULDERS AGAIN..GTS..MORISHIMA LANDS ON HIS FEET!! HE TURNS KENTA AROUND..AMAZE IMPACT!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! HOW IS KENTA SURVIVING ALL THIS?!! Morishima has had enough of the referee by now and throws him out of the ring. He then walks over to KENTA WHO HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW!! The crowd cheers as KENTA looks shocked by what he's done. The crowd don't care and continue chanting KENTA's name. Morishima starts making it to his feet as KENTA HITS A BUSAIKU KNEE!! HE PICKS MORISHIMA UP..GTS!!! 1..2..3!! KENTA IS THE NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION!!! OH MY GOD!!
Result: KENTA def. Takeshi Morishima (c) to win the ROH World Championship by pinfall (15:53)
Caged Rage 2007:
KENTA's first title defense would come at the next show, Caged Rage, where he would issue an open challenge, calling himself a fighting champion. This call would be answered by Brent Albright. Albright would launch at KENTA with punches but he no-sells them and begins beating down Albright. This newfound aggressive style of wrestling bodes well with the fans, who cheer for KENTA and his stiff strikes. Albright doesn't last long in this bout as after around seven minutes of being battered, KENTA puts the final blow in with the GTS, gaining the 3 count and retaining his title.
Result: Kenta (c) def. Brent Albright by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship
KENTA would then ask for a better challenger, to which AUSTIN ARIES ANSWERS!! KENTA tells him he's on as the match is set for Manhattan Mayhem II.
Manhattan Mayhem II:
A former ROH World Champion himself, Aries how it feels to have the company on his shoulders and he plans to take that feeling back here against KENTA tonight. KENTA's attitude has clearly changed since winning the world title, becoming a more aggressive and brutal wrestler. KENTA puts Aries through hell in this match, beating the life out of the former champ. Aries would get a bit of steam in the match, even managing to hit a 450 on KENTA but it only gave him a 2 count. At the end of the bout, KENTA found himself picking Aries up on his shoulders for the GTS, BUT ARIES ESCAPES IT!! HE PICKS HIM UP..BRAINBUSTER!! BUT KENTA GETS BACK TO HIS FEET!! Aries looks in shock as KENTA screams at him before coming at him with stiff elbows. Aries would bounce off the rope and hit a elbow but KENTA doesn't even react as HE PICKS ARIES UP..GTS!! 1..2..3!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Austin Aries to retain the ROH World Championship
Motor City Madness 2007:
The battle of the capital letter names next, CIMA would prove to be the toughest fight yet for KENTA, due to his high flying ability and technical prowess which managed to keep KENTA down for a bit. CIMA would even find himself hitting both the Meteora and Crossfire but KENTA would kick out of both at 2. After 12 minutes though, it would be the GTS that would end the bout, with KENTA blasting CIMA's head off to retain the gold.
Result: KENTA (c) def. CIMA by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship (12:18)
Following this, KENTA would call the ROH locker room boring and said if he didn't get a worthy opponent, he'd take the title back to Japan. This would prompt Jimmy Jacobs to come out, calling his shot for the title at Honor Nation.
Honor Nation 2007:
Double J (not Slapnuts) finds himself the next potential victim to KENTA's recent terrorisation of the ROH roster. Despite this aggressive nature that KENTA carries around with himself now, he still finds himself being cheered by the ROH crowd, although its not as big as at the start of the year leading up to his title win. KENTA allows Jacobs to hit him with some offence due to his boredom against his most recent opponents. Jacobs uses this to his advantage, taking control of the bout but it doesn't last long. Jacobs sends KENTA out of the ring, with the hopes of a suicide dive, but he fails and gets caught in the ropes. KENTA is displeased with this and starts getting mad at Jacobs, slapping him in the face and kicking him in the gut. KENTA starts laying into Jacobs with stronger offence, including a massive Powerbomb for a 2 count. Kenta starts getting bored of Jacobs and decides to finish it off with a GTS, gaining the 3 count and continuing his reign of dominance over ROH.
Result: KENTA (c) def. Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship (13:26)
Following this win, KENTA takes the ROH World Championship over to Japan, defending it in NOAH against the likes of Bobby Fish, Ricky Marvin and even a rematch against Takeshi Morishima. Following his victory over Morishima, KENTA would challenge THE GHC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MITSUHARU MISAWA TO A TITLE VS TITLE MATCH!! Misawa would accept this match, but he doesn't want the match in Japan. HE WANTS IT AT GLORY BY HONOR!! The match would be made official but it did leave confusion for the winner of the Survival of the Fittest, Chris Hero. It would then be decided that KENTA vs Hero would happen on Night 1, while Misawa vs KENTA would happen on Night 2.
Glory by Honor Night 1:
Before KENTA can get to the match of his wishes, he first has to get past the winner of the 2007 Survival of the Fittest, Chris Hero. Hero has been on a tear recently, with the fans firmly getting behind him being the next ROH World Champion, even at the expense of KENTA. The fans are beginning to sour on KENTA at this point, with the cheers once received seeming like a myth at this point. KENTA notices these cheers for Hero and starts beating the shit out of him, grounding him in the corner before pointing at him, almost as if to berate the fans for thinking that Hero is the guy and not KENTA. KENTA would continue with these beatings on Hero, garnering boos from the crowd. KENTA then flips off the crowd, confirming his heel turn as he just won't stop beating Hero up. KENTA would then pick Hero up, looking for a Falcon's Arrow, but Hero would manage to float over KENTA and hit a big neckbreaker to give him control of the match. Hero would continue with this offence for a while, with KENTA unable to get a breakthrough in the match. Hero would even manage to hit the Rolling Elbow but it only gave him a 2 count. Hero wouldn't let go of control following this, managing to score more 2 counts with a Cradle Piledriver and a Hero's Welcome. At the end of the match, KENTA did manage to gain a bit of a comeuppance, even managing to hit a Fisherman's Buster which only got a 2 count. The finish however, would come with Hero in the corner, the fans cheering his name looking to hit the CYCLONE KILL..BUT KENTA DUCKS UNDER AND RUNS TO THE TURNBUCKLE!! HERO TURNS AROUND AND MEETS A BUSAIKU KNEE!! The fans cheers quickly become somber boos as KENTA picks Hero up FOR THE GTS!! 1..2..3!! KENTA RETAINS!! IT'S GONNA BE TITLE VS TITLE TOMORROW NIGHT!!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Chris Hero by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship (19:27)
Glory by Honor Night 2:
To end off Night 2, we have two of Japan's best with the icon Misawa, who's title reign is bordering a year, and the current ROH World Champion KENTA who's been on an absolute tear recently, dominating his opponents. The match is borderline similar to the match they actually had bar a few changes. At the end of the match however, Misawa has KENTA right where he wants him as he looks for the EMERALD FLOSION...KENTA ESCAPES THOUGH...HE BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES AND HITS A BUSAIKU KNEE!! MISAWA IS KNOCKED DOWN AS KENTA BRINGS HIM BACK TO HIS FEET...GTS!!! 1..2..3!! KENTA IS A DOUBLE CHAMPION!! KENTA HAS ENDED MISAWA'S REIGN!! THE FANS ARE PISSED!!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Mitsuharu Misawa (c) to retain the ROH World Championship and win the GHC Heavyweight Championship
KENTA then announces himself as the best wrestler in the world and plans to take the ROH title to Japan at the end of the year and never return with it. He also mentions the fact he's never been pinned or submitted in ROH, with his only loss coming at a technicality. He then says there isn't a single man in ROH that can beat him for the title. And then the music hits...ITS SAMOA JOE!! HE'S BACK IN ROH!! Joe comes to the ring to a massive cheer, with the belief that he had left ROH permanently to go to TNA. Joe says KENTA is right and that there isn't a man in ROH that can beat him, BECAUSE IT'LL BE A TNA GUY INSTEAD!! Joe challenges KENTA to a match at Reckless Abandon to see who the real best in the world is.
In the meantime, KENTA would return to Japan to defend his newly won GHC Heavyweight Championship, beating Misawa in a rematch and stopping Jun Akiyama from avenging the loss, beating him in a 45 minute classic.
Reckless Abandon 2007:
Definitely KENTA's biggest challenge yet, the greatest ROH World Champion ever returns home in an attempt to save the biggest prize in the company by taking it off the hands of KENTA, who's intentions to leave ROH at the end of the year with the World Championship are clear. Joe gets the advantage in the beginning, chopping the chest off KENTA and sticking some stiff hits to his skull. KENTA would turn the tides on Joe, hitting some stiff attacks himself, before grounding him with a Fisherman's Buster. The two would continue on with an evenly matched brutal showcase, exchanging control every few minutes while also hitting some big moves, including a Muscle Buster from Joe which KENTA managed to kick out of at 2. To end the match after 36 minutes, KENTA would find himself in a perfect situation after reversing a Uranage from Joe. Joe would become mad following this and run at KENTA who ducked under and ran the ropes himself before HITTING THE BUSAIKU KNEE!!! 1..2..3!! THE REIGN CONTINUES!!!
Result: KENTA (c) def. Samoa Joe by pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship (36:54)
KENTA then says the clock is ticking for someone to beat him, and if not, he's taking the ROH World Championship home. He asks for anyone to come out and challenge him for a match at Final Battle, and if not? Well, you know what'll happen. Kenta waits and waits, but gets no response. Just as he's about to call it quits though, NIGEL MCGUINNESS APPEARS!! HE'S NEXT FOR KENTA'S TITLE!! KENTA smirks as he knows a guy like McGuinness isn't gonna beat him for the title.
Final Battle 2007:
History finds itself repeating once again, as KENTA and McGuinness come face to face at Final Battle for the second successive year. Last time around, KENTA was one of the most loved stars in ROH, but now? He's public enemy number one. And if McGuinness doesn't win the title, they can kiss the title goodbye. McGuinness and KENTA lock up to begin the bout, with KENTA getting a headlock on McGuinness before performing a headlock takedown. McGuinness laughs as he gets back up, with KENTA laughing too. KENTA then pushes McGuinness which causes him to start unloading on him with strikes, causing him to back up into the corner. KENTA would then put his body through the ropes, preventing McGuinness from hitting him while taunting him to try and trigger a reaction. McGuinness does nothing however and waits for KENTA to get out of the ropes to continue his attacks. KENTA is sneaky about it though and as he gets back in, he ducks under McGuinness' attack and starts kicking the legs of McGuinness before delivering a Roundhouse Kick to the head, knocking McGuinness down for a 1 count. Kenta would return to the head again, keeping McGuinness in a headlock to prevent him getting back to his feet. This only works for so long as McGuinness manages to get back to his feet, tossing KENTA overboard. KENTA would then get back to his feet and charge at McGuinness who throws him around with arm drags before slamming him down with a Powerslam. McGuinness gets fired up as KENTA is on the downside here, with the fans cheering for McGuinness. McGuinness would then go the corner as KENTA gets back to his feet, which is when McGuiness goes for the JAWBREAKER LARIAT BUT KENTA DODGES!! McGuinness turns around AND GETS HIT WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! A huge sigh of relief comes from the ROH fans as the title is safe. For now. KENTA is frustrated with this and begins to drop knees onto the head of McGuinness. This prompts McGuinness to sit up which allows KENTA to hit a stiff kick to the back. McGuinness rolls in pain and decides to take a breather by leaving the ring. KENTA laughs at McGuinness for this as he exits around the other side of the ring and runs around to meet McGuinness WHO HITS HIM WITH A RUNNING LARIAT!! McGuinness then picks up KENTA and throws him back in the ring where he covers him for a 2 count. McGuinness starts punching the head of KENTA which he is unable to block, causing him to be busted open. McGuinness stops to take a look at what he's done and has a grin on his face, with the fans chanting for him to not stop. McGuinness listens to them and brings KENTA to the corner where he starts laying into him with hits. He then places KENTA on the top turnbuckle and runs to the opposite corner before running back WITH A HUGE LARIAT!! KENTA slumps over as McGuinness sees his shot AND HITS THE TOWER OF LONDON!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! MCGUINNESS CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! The fans call out the ref, saying it should have been a 3 count, purely to take the title off KENTA. McGuinness then begins taunting to the crowd again in the corner as he calls for KENTA to get back to his feet. KENTA does eventually get back up as McGuinness tries again for the JAWBREAKER LARIAT BUT DOESN'T HIT IT AGAIN!! KENTA THROWS A BIG BOOT IN THE FACE OF MCGUINNESS WHICH ROCKS HIM!! KENTA then picks McGuinness up on his shoulders for a GTS BUT MCGUINNESS LANDS ON HIS FEET AND HITS KENTA WITH A CHOP TO THE THROAT!! KENTA clutches his throat as he backs up. McGuinness follows as KENTA hits him with another kick which causes him to bounce back into the ropes and hit KENTA with a lariat. KENTA doesn't go down with this, instead rocking back and hitting McGuinness with a simple slap. McGuinness gets pissed off as this and GOES FOR THE JAWBREAKER LARIAT AGAIN BUT KENTA DUCKS AGAIN AND HITS A QUICK SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX!! McGuinness rolls back as KENTA kicks him in the gut and picks him up on his shoulders for a BUCKLE BOMB!! MCGUINNESS BOUNCES OFF THE TURNBUCKLE AND ONTO THE SHOULDERS OF KENTA FOR A GTS!!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! KENTA is starting to get pissed off at McGuinness and LOCKS HIM IN THE STFU!! McGuinness crawls around trying to find an escape but he's trapped in the middle of the ring. KENTA keeps applying pressure but McGuinness is able to get his hand up and begins punching the head of KENTA again. KENTA is forced to release as he backs up to take a quick breather. When he turns around however, MCGUINNESS MEETS HIM WITH A JAWBREAKER LARIAT!!! 1..2..KICKOUT!! WHY WON'T KENTA STAY DOWN?!! McGuinness doesn't even wait for a second after the kickout, instead going straight to the LONDON DUNGEON!! KENTA HAS NOWHERE TO GO!! KENTA begins crawling BUT MCGUINNESS PULLS HIM RIGHT BACK TO THE CENTRE!! Over a minute goes by and KENTA is still in the submission, battered and bloodied in this war as he looks to be fading. That is until he gets one last burst of energy to scrape his way to the ropes, keeping himself in the match. McGuinness is done with this match though, and lines KENTA up for ANOTHER JAWBREAKER LARIAT!! HE'S NOT DONE AS HE PICKS KENTA UP..AND ANOTHER JAWBREAKER LARIAT!! McGuinness takes one more look at KENTA as he PICKS HIM UP AGAIN FOR A THIRD JAWBREAKER LARIAT!! 1..2..3!! NIGEL MCGUINNESS HAS PINNED KENTA!!! HE'S THE NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION!!!
Result: Nigel McGuinness def. KENTA (c) by pinfall to win the ROH World Championship (31:46)
This would mark the end of KENTA's ROH run, as he would would return to NOAH and remain dominant as GHC Heavyweight Champion until September of 2008, when he would lose the belt to Kensuke Sasaki. This would not be his final appearance in ROH however, as he would wrestle 2 more matches for the company, one in a win against Danielson during his farewell tour and his final match against Tyler Black which ended as a loss, putting a full stop on the ROH career of KENTA.
So, in the span of 2 years, KENTA went from the biggest babyface in ROH, before making his eventual rise to the top, winning the ROH Championship in a controversial fashion, which caused a new person to appear, a more ruthless and dominant man who threatened to take the title away from ROH to Japan, becoming the biggest heel in ROH in the process but luckily for ROH, on the last night of the year Captain McGuinness would come to the rescue and save the company and their main title, sending KENTA packing in the process.

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2023.06.10 13:31 EffectSubstantial909 Lost Terran - 6

Franz learns about the place he found himself as it turns out he found himself in one of the core worlds owned by a space faring civilization.
More than that there’s countless alien civilizations outside of the one he’s in, apparently he’s now in the Cret Republic despite having nobles running the Senate it still calls itself a republic.
Interestingly one thing Franz noticed is that the gender ratio leans heavily on the female side, strangely enough it’s not just the Cre’taxsians that has strange gender ratio all of the civilization has this over the top gender ratio, there are several times more female per one male.
Anyways today he’s meeting with a Senator
The door slides open and a familiar face appears
‘Isn’t that the women with the fancy coat?’ Franz thought
“Greetings, I hope that you’ve been treated well?”
“Oh yes the people here are very accommodating”
She smiles then said “really? I’m glade to hear that, from what I heard you seems hesitant to share information about your species”
“I hope that you’ll be understanding in the fact that I’m simply safeguarding my specie from any potential threats”
“I trust that you’ve learned enough in these past few days that the Cre’taxsian people are an honorable race and would want nothing more then to find allies in a hostile galaxy”
‘Well shit she knows how to play with words’ Franz thought as he’s currently in their “care” he can’t just say “your republic is crab” he’ll have to be neutral/skeptical at most and agreeing at worst.
“The Cret Republic is indeed a fine nation with honorable traditions and have earned some level of trust”
At Franz’s reply she smiles as she just won her first minor victory. The former general and currently a Senator believes that it’ll only be a matter of time before the male in-front of her opens up.
“Really? Can you tell me something about your species?”
“Our home world is called Earth and it’s the 3rd planet form our Sun and from what I tell from the information I was given it’s classified as a super high gravity world by galactic standards”
The Senator seemingly nods at the revelation that his species is from a high gravity world as it would explains how his high strength and how he was able to have such large leaps.
Like so far no intelligent species have been found to be from a super high gravity world, that would mean that humans are the first intelligent species to be known to inhabit a super high gravity planet, those would make establishing a diplomatic relations with his species even more important.
Even one of their males is able to tear 3 Hasperax mechs just imagine what an army of them could do?
As a former general Jil’adamas could imagine how terrible it would be if there was a stick force of such individuals.
“So can you tell me where your worlds is located at?”
‘She seems to think that humans is a spacefaring civilization… well … she’s not exactly wrong…. It’s just that the Mars base only has like 20 or so people’ Franz thought
“As I have previously explained I didn’t study Astronomy so can’t even find the general direction of my home even if O wanted to”
“What about your society? How does your people live?”
“ Our society is a “Patriarchal” society, it’s a society where male are the dominant gender”
At the revelation the Senator’s eyes turns wide as even the scientists listening outside also turns wide.
Then a commotion happens outside
“(Woooooo)” “(Oh my goddess~)”
a female scientist who has a masochist fetish exclaimed while another whistles
“Patriarchal” is a fictional society that was believed to only appears in novels but here it is! The dream of every herbivore females!
(Just think of male’s response to Femdom genre. Most men would be like “ohhh yeah” to the thought being pushed down by a female)
“(You perverted bitch!)” yelled the head scientist as she bonks the degenerate staff’s head
As the head scientist quells the commotion outside back in the room.
The Senator coughs before asking “you’re not joking are you?”
“I’m not speaking in jest, Earth has always been a traditionally male dominated society”
“(Oh My Goddess!)” “(So Male dominated species does exists!?)” “(Wooooo)” “(Wooooo)”
That revelation is followed by a bunch of wooing and whistling outside the room.
It is fill by a bunch of bonking noises as the head scientist reigns in her staff the majority of which are single and are desperately trying to find a mate.
The Senator’s eyes frowns before asking “and your male based society has no problems ruling?”
The Senator has assumed that the gender ratio of Earth to be similar to the rest of the galaxy. One male per 10 females.
“In humans males has always been much stronger then females, there has been movement to change that in recent years but by and large Earth is still a male dominated society”
The Senator nodded recalling how this one male defeated 30 elite enforcers, 3 Hasperax enforcer mechs and 2 Pretorian commandos .
The Senator is currently imagining a small team of human males suppressing revolts.
She’s imagining that Earth is an authoritarian state where superhuman males ruling over a vast number of weaker females.
The Senator has her own bias towards males as a patriarchal society is until now just a fantasy.
That’s how she interpreted Franz’s words.
“So how does your people run country?”
‘Well time for some bullshiting’ Franz thought
“There’s the UN which encompasses all the significant human nations states”
Franz it trying to make the UN sound much much more powerful then it actually is, in actuality the UN is a joke!
Like China is a life time member of its Human rights council, it’s resolutions are just words and has no binding power, it’s criminal court are filled with corruption and most of the world in particular major powers just ignores them entirely.
The UN is nothing more then just a show for nations to pretend that they’re cooperating when they’re clearly are not.
“I see so what does this UN do?”
“The UN’s purposes is to maintain stability and security, develop friendly relations among nation state members, achieve internal cooperation, and serve as a centre for diplomatic dialogues.”
She raises her brow at his explanation as his explanation didn’t tell her anything! Which is the point cuz the UN doesn’t do anything.
“You said members nations? Can you tell me about them?”
“The 5 major members states that are permanently seated at UN’s “Supreme” council.
The British Commonwealth (yes, the Brits got their act together), the Fifth French Republic, the United States, People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation”
“From the names I can tell they have different types of government” The Senator commented
“The British Commonwealth is a Parliamentary Monarchy, the United States is a Constitutional Republic, The Fifth French Republic is a Parliamentary Republic, China is a Socialist Republic and the Russian Federation is a Federal Republic ”
Franz tried to make it sound as compatible with the Cret Republic by omitting the undesirable parts in some of them, Franz also tried to make it sounds like the governments would be too complicated to explain so that he can just brush off any attempts to get further information.
“Can you explain how they function?”
“Too complicated to explain”
“I… see” she replied before narrowing her eyes.
At this time point the scientist sent a massage to the Senator requesting access to his devices.
“The chief scientist seems to have taken an interest in your devices and would like to examine them in detail”
‘She must mean my iPhone’ Franz thought
“I would politely decline these ”
“Might I know why”
“Those are my personal items and contains valuable memories from my homeland”
“I promise you that the scientist team are the finest on this world so you can rest assured”
Then Franz looks at the door and ever so slightly tilts his head making sure to give the impression of “yeah right” just a few seconds ago there was hooting outside.
“I’m sorry but I’m not ganna risk it”
Meanwhile outside the room
‘These degenerates! Look at what they’ve done! I’m ganna give them a good scolding later’
With his reply the head scientist who was listening in slams her fist in her desk then she angrily stares her staff.
Her staff trembles as they know they’re ganna get it after this.
Back inside the room
They continues a bit of small talk Franz still trying to be as vague as possible while the Senator trying to get as much information as possible, unfortunately Franz is trained as a diplomat so accidentally let something slip.
“Electronics?” The Senator asked curiously as pretty much everyone uses photon based computers with the exception of a few select species that uses biological/chemical computers, those species tended to be hive species.
‘Shit!’ Franz cursed at himself before deciding to concede this one to them
“Yes, I’ve noticed that the computers here seems to be photon based, back home computers are almost entirely electrical electrical based using Electrons instead of Photons”
That came as major surprise as of what he said is true then what Franz has in his pocket is a the first example of a functional electrical computer that has only been thought as theoretical before.
‘Judging by the way he operates it its seems comparable to our datapad, which means that their electrical technology is fairly mature’ the head scientist thought as she can’t wait to get her hands in his device.
The head scientist urges the Senator to do something to get that device.
Of course the Senator knows the implications of such a discovery.
“The head scientist seems to really want to examine your device” the Senator commented again.
“I’ll decline again but certain other arrangements could be made”
“Oh?” The perked the Senator’s ears
“I heard that you have something called discovery and research rights, in which the ones that made the discovery gets a royalty every time their discovery or research is used or referenced in something that produces monetary value”
Cre’taxsian nobility works in multiple different ways.
There’s the land nobles that lives off people using their lands, military generals that would be awarded with lands upon completion of their term there by becoming a nobility and the scientists who made great discoveries are awarded with the title of nobility.
Of course the title in of itself would be useless if they still lived a pauper’s life after they made a great contribution so there’s a thing called discovery and research rights in which they get royalties every time someone uses their research.
These rights can be inherited and any research based their’s, they will also get a cut.
It is at this moment that the Senator realizes the implications of Franz’s demands as her eyes went wide.
Franz is basically demanding a nobility title.
Of course Franz didn’t put too much weight on the title, what he really cares is that money.
Franz is a materialist he’s not a wanker like Diogenes who can be happy living in a pot and wanking in front stranger.
you can have all the honor in the world but it would mean nothing of you can’t even eat a single piece of bread.
“You realize the implications of your request right?”
“I’m just making sure human achievements are appropriately “appreciated”. Of course the choice is always yours to not accept this deal but this deal is pretty fair and even advantageous to you even”
She is silent for a moment before
“Very well but it’ll have to be verified first before you can have the right”
“Sure I’ve got no problem with that we can work out the details later, in the mean time I’ve also taken an interest in your intellectual rights in particular the one pertaining to creative entertainment.”
Seeing that the Senator having a puzzled look Franz continues on “you see my mobile device has a collection of human entertainment and I’m thinking releasing some of them. Naturally I expect to be compensated appropriately”
His phone has 230 petta byte of storage data and speeds of 2 exaFlops. Tens thousands of 8k videos of various shows, movies and documentaries, it also has his own personal collection of games on it too.
He was stationed in a 3rd world country where internet was limited so he downloaded a lot of movies into his phone before he got sent there.
(Franz is from 50 years into the future, our phones now has more capacity then the classrooms size computer 50 years ago. I’m basing the states of Franz’s future iPhone on what came up on the top results of a 5 second google search)
(1 Petta byte is 1,000,000 Giga byte. An hour of 8K movie takes around 40 Gb of memory. Right now a AAA game in 4k takes about 25 to 50 Gb with some taking 100Gb. So if just change it to 8K the game would be 200Gb, it’s the future so games would be much more complicated so it should enter into the Terra byte range)
The Senator didn’t think much of it and agrees to it without much hassle as how much can such a tiny device contain anyway?
“That can be arranged”
The rest of the conversation pretty much went smoothly after that.
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2023.06.10 13:30 Risotto7363773 President Rensen's briefing on the current political situation in Sordland

Remy was of course at the inauguration on the podium somewhere in the third row of people behind the President. He has only known the man for around a year, having arrived as part of a packaged deal with Mayor of Holsord Lileas Graf so it was natural for him not to have the main seats at the event. However when he did get a peak over some politicians shoulders, he saw Orso Hawker closing the Bible and as the Chief Justice walked back to the crowd of the USP members and politicians, he glanced at Remy. It was time for him to play his role in the next chapter.
Once the ceremony was over and the President and Vice-President were on their way to their separate jet balck Kadillas, he rather unemotionally left his wife (who too had no emotional reaction) on the podium and ran past the hordes of politicians following the new leader carrying a file in his hand.
He reached the President as he was already entering the car almost being stopped by his security. He provided Rensen with a document for reading on the way to the Maroon Palace. He then quickly ran to the Vice-President and gave him the same report.
Remy then walked a few streets down to his car. He had his driver stationed further away from the presidential inauguration in order to avoid the traffic caused by the crowds trying to swarm the presidential cars. He wanted to get to the Maroon Palace first and await the President while the report would still be fresh in his mind.
The report read:
Chief of Staff Report
My congratulations to you Mr. President on your victory. Certainly a hard-fought campaign but without sacrifice there is no future. Now to business,
1. Cabinet Composition
Your first order of business would be of course to finalize your cabinet picks. While analyzing each candidate through their intellectual potential as well as skill, I understand that certain deals have been struck in order to achieve this electoral victory. Therefore to avoid any possible problems later on with the charcaters that you were dealing with, I would advise to respect the notion “pacta sunt servanda”. Mayor Graf already mentioned to me in private that she would like Mr. Youri Strohm to become the new Interior Minister. She believes him a capable candidate that would be able to without question handle this important office.
However the decision is ultimately up to you. I’m sure all of Sordland is looking forward to the official cabinet communique.
2. Speaker Election
USP-wise, we must ensure a victory in the Speakership race. With only 33.12% of the vote, the Speakership election loss could weaken us even more in the eyes of our voters, potentially leaving them to start searching for alternatives. A loss would be the USP leaking blood more into the sea that's filled with these reenergized opposition sharks. We must show the people that the USP is here and here to stay and that this electoral result is just a fluke. We can discuss strategy and your favoured picks later after you arrive at the Maroon Palace.
3. Most Pressing Matters
Based on our polling, sampling, we can safely come to the conclusion that the amount of people demanding change is growing. The demand for change is being heightened by 2 main issues.
These issues in order of importance are:
  1. The Economy
  2. The Constitution
2A The Economy
The Economy is the most pressing and in order for you to get the full picture of this situation, I would advise waiting for the Minister of Economy’s Situation Report later in the week.
2B The Constitution
While they are more concerned about the economy than the Constitution, they blame the system for their problems.
Evidence of this can be seen with the recent election where an increased number of voters has decided to expand the CPS’s electoral base from 0% in 1950 to almost 8% in 1953. Radicals such as Denis Stahler are becoming more and more popular. Radicalism will be the end to the USP’s pragmatic steering of the country and Sordland as a whole.
Everyone is expecting us to bring the change that the last government wasn't able to. Reformist politicians are increasing in number.
While the reformist wing inside our party is still a minority, with the new parties entering the Assembly, the opposition could have a tri-partisan majority in the assembly.
The PFJP will likely seek to take the spotlight in constitutional reform as they wish to be perceived by the public as a Leader of Reform. Their support too faltered in this election leading to the unceremonious exit of PFJP Chairman Frens Ricter and they seek to get back on the horse so to speak. However, with the new People’s Front taking voters from both the USP and the PFJP, we could seek to pursue an electoral alliance (not a coalition) with them seeking to ensure that in the next election, the People’s Front does not cross the threshold. Due to our proportional system, if they fell under the threshold, most of the seats would be redistributed to the 2 largest parties. We would therefore regain the status quo and maintain a political duopoly which in our situation is more preferable than the multi-party assembly we have now. They are still small enough to destroy but time is of the essence in this regard.
An alternative would be to appease the reformists but this risks upsetting our conservative voters and inflating the NFP which would also spell disaster for the country. In order for you to survive your Presidency, we must after all learn from the mistakes of the biggest USP reformist politician, ex-President Ewald Alphonso.
If we are however to pursue constitutional reform
  1. We must start working with a 'Reform Committee' to evaluate all possibilities for a new Constitution as soon as possible and understand what each party seeks to achieve.
  2. We must then write a Draft Constitution.
  3. After we have settled on a draft, we will need to talk to key party figures as we must get 150 signatures in order to present the Constitution before the Assembly.
  4. We would then need to continue convincing influential figures within the Assembly to back the Constitution in order to receive the ⅔ majority in the GNA (166 votes).
  5. Finally, to achieve a simple majority in the Supreme Court, we must convince 6 judges to back the Constitution.
The entire process will take a long time (i.e. the entire term).
In the event of constitutional reform, some points of change can be noted.
The Supreme Court
Currently: The Supreme Court has the final say over constitutional legislation. Without their approval we cannot even change it.
Some Reformists think it to be absurd that they get to vote for bills when they aren’t even elected and would seek to take away their vote in constitutional legislation.
(Likely) Reformist demands
- want to limit the President's veto powers by fixing the current loopholes - ensure that the Supreme Court is independent and - take away the Court’s right to vote on constitutional amendments.
It will be tough to persuade our base if we work with the reformists.
Apart from the Grand National Assembly, there are however few institutional hurdles if we decide to embark upon the path of constitutional reform.
The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court will do its best to preserve the power that is granted to it by the Constitution. Chief Justice Hawker and his allied judges have a great influence over the Supreme Court, which will be tough to break. A long fight with Hawker could take our attention from more important matters that we promised to fix.
Also, many allies would be needed to break their power.
President’s Decision
If we are to move forward with a constitutional change, we will move forward by forming a Reform Committee together with all the parties and start reaching out to all the stakeholders in the Assembly and the Court for a new Constitution.
By later in the next year, we would have an idea of the reform contents and what the other parties want.
4. Oligarch Matters
Changes in the Lotherberg Group
There have been changes within the Lotherberg Group which is the organization where oligarchs convene under to talk about and influence Sordish economic policies.
Konrath Konronti led it for a long time before falling ill. He has unfortunately died following your election.
The new leader is Mr Walter Tusk.
Proceeding with Caution
According to reports, some members of the National Business Council are in the pockets of the Lotherberg Group. Tusk and the Group may try to bribe us in exchange for special economic protections.
A possible asset within the Group
As far as we know, Marcel Koronti has some strong ties to this group. His influence could definitely be an asset for us. But since he is a businessman he will want something in return. He is currently fighting to become the next CEO of HOS, his now deceased-father’s company.
5. The Military
The military and the General Staff are a powerful element in and as history tells us, a dangerous one too. We have some room to make structural changes – by reducing or increasing their budget for example. But it is quite limited.
In order to refrain from confronting the military too directly, it is common consensus that the budget should at least be maintained.
Minister of Defense & Security Major Iosef Lancea is more loyal to us compared to Chief of the Sordish Armed Forces and Chief of the General Staff General Valken Kruger who have a potential rift as they are clearly of different minds. The loyalty of General Mark Duran to us is unknown as of yet but he apparently acts as a middle-ground between the two military men when the spats get too aggressive.. Any loyalty to us can obviously change due to our actions. If we act strongly against the military, all these men will unite against us. If we act to strong in favour of reform and ruining Soll's legacy, they will act.
We need to tread carefully on all sides with all power players to survive our term. The seriousness of the situation canot be understated.
I await your and the Vice-President's arrival to the Maroon Palace where I hope we can have a brief chat (as well as celebration) and get confirmation of your decisions regarding everything mentioned in this report today.
Good luck and once again congratulations are in order.
Chief of Staff Remy Adler
submitted by Risotto7363773 to SordlandRP [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 13:25 Professional_Prune11 Human Trauma Section Thirteen: Human Savage

Hello, my buds. I hope you all had a good week. This week we have Shiksie and Martinez having a meeting with the Director. This chapter will be setting up the big goal for Martinez going forwards, it will be something he has to balance with his time with friends, Lysa, and some other characters you have yet to meet yet.

To Shikisies disappointment she had to stop her conversation with Martinez to take the call from the Director. As far as she was able to tell her conversation with Martinez was going very well; It seemed that the two of them were genuinely starting to build a connection of some sort, even if it was small and likely fragile. Having Martinez open up to her and rely on her at all was still very pleasing.
When she answered the phone from the director, Shiksies' hackles stood on end the moment he started speaking. There was no form of care or concern in his voice; every word was filled with venom and spite. It was evident enough that the director was furious at the human because every hiss and growl in his tone was not directed at her but at Martinez. He demanded that Her and Martinez report to his office as fast as possible.
Shiksie attempted to explain the situation with how Martinez was having a hard time with trauma and likely should not be subjected to more hostility at the moment, but the director was hearing none of it. He would not budge on the matter, snapping that he would ship both of them off-world in a heartbeat if they weren't in front of his desk within the hour.
Shiksie hung her head low. While she might have some pull in the trauma unit, when it came to the director she was just another number on a spreadsheet the man. Just another worker who was either an asset or a liability. She had enough experience with the political game higher-ups in the GU had to play to see their careers advance, and the director was no different.
Both she and Harnsis had their own bone to pick with the Director, him having kept them in their current positions longer than they should have been. All because he would dangle some promise of a promotion or a new certification opportunity in front of them. The director had always been good at the carrot or the stick method of leadership. Likely that was one of the reasons he had been in charge of two different hospitals over the course of the last 40 standard cycles.
The amount of ire Martinez had drawn from the director was shocking to her, never in all her time on the station had anyone been called to his office for anything other than a meet and greet, or a cordial goodbye. The fight Martinez was involved in must have ruffled the feathers of some big-time players in the GU to have the directors so up in arms. Either that or the director had some big plans she would much rather Martinez stay out of; Navigating the politics of the GU was a ruthless game, no one should step into without a certain type of conviction or goal already in their mind.
Shiksie turned her attention back to Martinez. He was still lazily seated on the bench, his lustrous brown eyes tracking her intently. Clearly, he had heard her half of the conversation and was displeased by it. The sorrow pooling in his vibrant eyes made her heart ache. No one should look that downtrodden in their life.
Even if the two of them butted heads when they had first met, it would be a cold day in whatever hell the director believed in before she let that man break her apprentice more than whatever events in his past had already done.
“So how much of that did you hear?” Shiksies asked while she tucked away her datapad.
“Enough to know I am likely screwed,” Martinez sighed, his shoulders slumping to match the rest of his woeful appearance.
“Oh come on,” Shiksie said as she walked up to Martinez. She gently placed one of her hands on his shoulder, and Martinez made no effort at all to stop her or even pull away. Shiksie was uncertain if she should feel relieved or horrified that Martinez had just let her touch him with no reaction at all.
“We are both requested, I'm certain it won't be that bad,” She said.
Martinez looked back up at her and sighed. He could see Shiksie was trying, but he doubted anything good would come of this meeting. He figured from the intensity Shiksie had been arguing with the director, this meeting was likely to be the most legendary reaming he had ever received. It would make any fight he and the Marines had on navy ships look like a light talking to.
“Not like I have any choice in the matter, '' Martinez replied flippantly. Having surrendered to the fact that his fate was already out of his control. He had dealt with enough incidents in the Human navy to know fighting in town was a huge no-no. He could not even fathom the depths of the hole he had dug for himself by having fought several aliens while being the only human in several light years.
Martinez stood up and gently pushed Shiksies hand off his shoulder. He took a deep breath and centered himself. The voices of his drill instructors and his former sergeants rang loudly in his mind.
“Keep your bearing”
It was something he had fairly mastered at this point. The director might have surprised him when they first met, but this time Martinez knew what he looked like and was ready for him.
“Let’s get this over with,” Martinez said as he turned and walked back towards the building.
Shiksie trailed behind Martinez as they walked towards the director's office, her ears fluttered around catching passing glimpses of every conversation they neared. The other residents and workers of Draun took no notice of the two of them as they passed, as they saw it today was just another day at the office.
Shiksies nose scrunched as they got closer to the elevators leading up to the Director's office. Martinez was clearly starting to worry more than he had at the start of the day. The sheer amount of sweat and pheromones pouring off him was choking, even with her using a scent blocker the amount of anxiety and worry crawling on him was palpable. A sickening haze of rot, sweat, and Martinez’s pine smell coated the air around him.
Once they had reached the elevator, Shiksie caught a glimpse of Martinez’s eyes as he turned back towards the door. The blank look on his face was unnerving, sending her hackles up on end. He looked more like the walking dead than the strong-willed human she knew he was.
His vibrant brown eyes bored through her and everything else in the hospital. It was obvious he had looked at her, but it did not seem like his eyes were focused on anything at all. A vapid blank expression coated his face like a vile doppelganger had replaced him.
As the elevator lurched upwards, Shiksie held her breath, trying to keep the potency of Martinez’s scent from overtaking her. Luckily whatever mood he was in right now was not a talkative one. The excruciatingly long elevator ride up to the top floor was filled with deathly silence.
Once they were in front of the Director's large wooden office doors, Martinez paused. Without Harnsis here to lead him into the belly of the beast he figured he would do it himself, and he was not about to have Shiksie go in there without him. She seemed upset by the whole ordeal already, and he did not want her to cause more trouble for him, or herself.
Martinez slammed his fist on the door, the heavy impacts of his fist vibrating throughout the entire floor.
He looked back at Shiksie, she nervously rolled the tip of her tail between her hands while holding it just in front of her shapely waist. Her ears slightly drooped, and her deep blue eyes held that icy glare he had seen every day since he had arrived.
A wry smile curled on his lips as he turned back towards the door. Martinez wondered if this would be the first time Shiksie had ever stood before someone in charge of her for anything negative. She did not seem like the type to ever cause any sort of trouble; He had no doubt that she was nervous, as getting a read on the enigmatic Catwoman was getting easier by the day.
“Come in,” The growling voice of the director sounded out, vibrating the massive wood doors on their hinges.
Martinez parted the door and entered the room. He was not certain why he thought it was what he should do, maybe it was just some kind of ingrained behavior for reporting in anywhere.
Each one of his steps was a calculated march, not a single piece of wasted motion as walked with purpose, right in front of the Director's desk. His heels clicked together as he assumed a crisp position of attention in front of the large lizard-like alien.
Shiksie watched in confusion as Martinez marched proudly into the room, his mannerisms juxtaposed to the anxiety she could nearly taste rolling off him. She quickly trailed in behind him and took a far less crisp stance next to the human. She wrapped one hand in the other and held them in front of her waist, her tail tucked low behind one of her legs.
“You called for us Sir,” Shiksie said.
The massive black-scaled alien leaned forwards on his desk, his elbows causing the desk frame to bow, creaking underneath his massive frame. His knife-like claws tapped loudly on the thick armor-like plates on his chest. He narrowed his fours greenish-yellow eyes on Martinez, and let out a deep guttural growl.
“I did, I am glad the two of you made it here so quickly” the Director grumbled. “We have much to discuss”
“Of course Sir,” Shiksie replied “We would not want to keep you waiting”
“Take a seat,” the Director huffed while gesturing to the two chairs across from him.
The two of them slid into the chairs. Martinez sat up straight as if there was a rod of iron built into his spine. Martinez looked back at the Director's horrifying predatory eyes, doing everything he could to keep his bearing from breaking. He was shuffling his feet in his shoes and biting down on his tongue. Even though from the moment he entered his heart regrettably started racing, a primal fear of the Director's appearance, began to well up inside of him.
“Now then onto business, there is no point in keeping you here longer than I have to” the Director growled.
He reached into his desk and pulled out an incredibly large data pad, nearly the size of a small television; The device was obviously custom-made for the man, as it had a bulkier build than any other datapad either of them had ever seen.
The Director turned his attention to the data pad and resumed speaking “Martinez, do you remember what I told you when you first arrived here?”
“I am fairly confident that you instructed me to not cause any trouble, Sir,” Martinez replied in a nearly robotic monotone voice.
He nodded his head and turned the data pad around, so Shiksie and Martinez could see the video he had pulled up on the galactic union's video-sharing site. The title caught both Martinez’s and Shiksies attention “Human Savage and Vein Slicer nearly kill”
“Tell me then, would hospitalizing two people count as causing trouble?” The director hissed
Cold sweat formed on Martinez's back as the video began to play. Lysa and his fight against the aliens had been fully captured in remarkably high definition. Her graceful dodges and strikes against the alien. Followed quickly by his relentless assault on the alien.
Martinez’s bruised arm throbbed as he saw the alien breaking its hand on it, the loud crunch of its bones causing whoever recorded the video to gasp. Then came the part that had Martinez’s heart shuddering. What he initially thought was a quick violent act of striking back, appeared far different in the framing of the video.
A monstrous glint filled his eyes on the video feed as he slowly approached his reeling opponent, not an ounce of humanity in his body as he stalked toward his injured prey. Martinez gripped his pants tightly, his knuckles going white as the moment approached. A deafening crunch sounded out as his fist connected with the alien's jaw, sending the creature collapsing to the ground.
The alien recording wretched in the background, the muttered words of “What kind of savage would do that” played just before the director cut the video off.
Shiksie watched the video in fascination. Martinez and the alien fighting alongside him was a surreal thing to watch; any doubt she had in her mind about how dangerous Martinez could be was gone. The fight was brutal and efficient, Martinez hardly looked like a living being in those brief moments. Each action was so well practiced and focused it shook Shiksie to the core.
Her eyes wandered over to Martinez; the mystery of the Human's past only grew further. Along with that, she had noticed in the fight something else. While he looked like a beast on a rampage, he had stepped in between the Aviex and the Urintal without a moment's hesitation. She wondered how Martinez had met the Aviex he had thrown himself into a fight for. She knew the two of them were on a date, but the way he acted so quickly was not the actions someone would take with a total stranger, at least in her eyes.
She thought back to their conversation about this even earlier. Martinez did tell her he was unsure why he jumped in so willingly to protect the Aviex woman, but actually seeing the fight unfold only made that comment all the more bizarre.
“I would definitely say that would count as causing trouble sir” Martinez grumbled
“Good, we are on the same page then,” the director replied. Before he tossed the datapad onto his desk.
“According to the regulations that I was given when you were assigned to me. I am acting as your current commanding officer. Therefore the issue of any punishment you will receive has been handed to me,” The director said as he pointed his knife-like claw at Martinez.
“Sir, why would he be getting punished? He did nothing wrong” Shiksie protested. “The police even decided that this was self-defense”
The director's eyes darted over to Shiksie, cutting into her icy gaze. “I am well aware of what the police have to say about the event” The director snapped. The bestial man took a moment and drew in a sharp breath. “As for your question it is because I have a job to do, so does he,” he sighed.
The director stood up to his full height. The director's three-meter tall frame towered over them both, nearly touching the ceiling. He wandered over towards the side of the room, his gaze trailing along a series of pictures hanging on. The pictures depicted the previous directors of Draun station. Each looked so wildly different from one another that it was hard for Martinez to believe.
“Do either of you have any idea what my job even is?” The director asked while tracing his claw along the multitude of pictures. “Or the job of all of the previous directors?”
“No, not really sir,” Martinez replied. Curious as to what the director was getting at.
Shiksie was well aware of the Director's job and did not trust him for that reason. He might do his best to keep you from being messed with by the public, but that protection came at a price.
He turned around and sighed. “My main concern is the optics and the interactions of Draun station and the public,'' He said, gesturing towards the widows behind his desk. “Said simply I have not been a doctor in a long time, I am more of a politician”
That makes sense, Martinez thought. Even in the Military the higher in rank you rose, the more politics you had to play.
“This incident is volatile and I have to act accordingly” He grumbled while walking closer to the two of them. He placed himself between the two of them, draping his massive clawed hands on the back of their chairs.
“Martinez as of right now is not an asset, he is a liability” The director hissed. His blazing hot breath rolled over both of them. Both of their bodies quivered in their seats under the mere presence of the director. “I have to make some actions to fix that”
“Sir That's not fair. So what if he got into a fight,” Shiskie managed to squeak.
“Fair is not what I care about. I need results, and something good to say to the press, and the human ambassador breathing down my neck,” The director snapped.
“So what punishment are you going to give to me sir?” Martinez asked.
“Martinez, stop, don't just accept a punishment. You did nothing wrong” Shiksie protested. Trying to keep Martinez out of whatever the director had planned.
Martinez shot a fiery glance at her, She recoiled slightly when she caught his gaze.
“I appreciate your concern Shiksie, but it's not our call what happens. It's the Directors,” Martinez growled.
The director chuckled deeply, his booming voice causing both of them to choke slightly under the pressure. The Director started stomping toward his seat on the far side.
“You know Martinez, I thought I saw something in you when you first got here,” The director said as he lowered himself back down into the chair. ”That glower you just gave shows me you will be able to see through what I have in mind for you”
“Sir please don't punish Martinez, there has to be something else you can do '' Shiksie hissed
The director held up his hand towards Shiksie “Can you stop, and let me finish” The director growled “I know you care about him and I would rather not punish him, but this is not your place to intervene or comment. I will ask for your opinion when I want it”
Shiksies ears flattened back down against her head, she shrank down into her chair and clawed at her own shirt. The reality of facing the director was far different than her imagination could have ever produced. She wanted to keep Martinez safe, but now at the moment of truth, she felt worthless.
Dammit Shiksie, stop talking. Don't go down with me, you idiot, Martinez thought.
The director looked back towards Martinez “You on the other hand I have plans for you. You will be a golden goose for myself and this station. If we play our cards right you will also get that damned ambassador of my back. That rank and file bitch thinks just because you are human, she has the right to make calls about my staff”
Martinez had no idea there even was a human ambassador on Draun, but apparently the human government had been busy in the last few months.
“What do you mean sir?” Martinez asked.
The director chuckled and pulled out a few pieces of paper from his desk and pushed them towards Martinez. “Read those while I explain my plan”
Martinez grabbed the stack of papers and started to read over them. While Shiksie carefully leaned over to get a look at the papers for herself.
“So with you having been involved in this fight, I have that bitch of an ambassador, the media, and a few representatives from town hall eager for a comment or an interview from me. Along with all of them wanting me to remove you from my station and send you back to the Navy” The director growled. “I am not going to give them what they want”
“Ok so you are not wanting to get rid of me, and whatever is in here is supposed to help with that?” Martinez questioned turning to the next page.
The director nodded “That is correct, and what you have there are the enrolment forms for the ‘Interspecies trauma nursing license program’”
The director gave a wicked grin to the two of them as they continued to read the paperwork. “I am going to not punish you, I am going to make you into an asset that will be too valuable for them to possibly get rid of”
“Wait sir, are you wanting Martinez to enroll for his ITN?” Shiksie asked.
“That is the plan, and I am giving Martinez an accelerated timeline to complete the program,” The director replied
“But Martinez is so new, you need years of experience as a basic tech before you even consider going for this license” Shiskies replied, looking at Martinez who was still flipping through the program's outline.
“Normally yes, but Martinez is a Human EMT, has combat experience, and has some of the best ITNs the GU has ever seen training him. Therefore I am giving him one standard cycle to get it” The director replied.
Shiksie shot up to her feet, her claws reflexively extending out of her hands. “One standard? Are you insane!?” Shiskie yelled. Drawing both Martinez’s and the Director's full attention. “That license takes most people two cycles at least to get!”
“Shiksie, calm down,” Martinez said.
Shiksies eyes snapped down towards Martinez, his eyes were not the vacant stare they were when they entered. They were full of that usual fire she was used to seeing, she glared at him flabbergasted that Martinez could even consider agreeing to this. “No, I will not calm down. He might be saying this is not a punishment, but all he is trying to do is use you as some political pawn, can't you see that?” She hissed.
Martinez grabbed hold of her hand, “Shiksie stop, I am well aware of what he is saying. Now sit back down”
Shiksie nearly melted under his burning gaze and the gentle pull on her hand, directing her to take a seat. She looked between Martinez and the growling director. a wave of realization of how out of line she just was, rolled over her. She sat back down in her seat shrinking down trying to be forgotten about in this situation.
“I am sorry about my outburst sir,” Shiksie grumbled.
“It's fine, I understand your concern over this,” The director replied “Just don't lose your head, I know you better than that”
The director turned his attention back to Martinez “So Henry Martinez, I have two weeks until I am going to be in front of the press about the incident. You have until then to pass your first test for the program” The director said “That will give me something I can show them, and keep them from demanding proof of your enrolment”
“That makes sense, how will the testing be taking place?” Martinez questioned.
“It will be a written test at the local university, I will be there overseeing it to ensure no one else takes it for you,” the director said, his gaze cutting into Shiksie. “Do you think you can do it?”
Shiksie glared back at the director for the insinuation. She would never cheat on those tests, it would do no good for anyone if she did. Martinez would have a difficult time passing, but she thinks he might be able to do it.
Martinez took a few moments to finish reading the documents the director had given him. They outlined every step of the program; each test, chapter, and class was well documented and clear as day. This was something he had never thought was even possible when he arrived, he was not even aware of the full scope of the GU licensing process; He had been brought in as more of a Human advisor than anything. Now he thought if he could leave here with this license he might not even have to go back to the Navy, or even Earth for that matter. He could go anywhere in the galaxy to work, the sky would literally be the limit.
He looked up at the director with a raging inferno of motivation blazing in his chest; something Martinez had not felt burning this hot in many years. “I can do this,” He said proudly. “It's far better than what I thought you were going to do to me”
“That's likely very true, My other option was sending you back to the Navy. ” The director chuckled “Shiksie you are going to ensure he studies and is ready for a test every week, do you understand?”
“I..I...I understand sir” Shiksie replied, barely able to contain her own volatile mixture of emotions about the situation. A mixture of embarrassment, rage, and anxiety swirled inside her like a deep whirlpool sucking her body down into its depths.
“Good, So I will handle the paperwork and try to keep the press off you Martinez,” The directors said. He stood up and gestured for them to do the same. Afterward, Shiksie and Martinez stood. The director looked between the two of them, pointing his claw at them “This conversation never happened, Martinez was already in the program if anyone ever asks, do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” Martinez replied.
“I understand sir,” Shiksie grumbled.
“Perfect, for now, get back to work. Oh and Martinez, stay out of trouble this time. I can't keep the press off you forever, and they are ravenous to get a hold of you”
Martinez nodded his understanding.
“Good now, get out of my office, I have a lot of paperwork to do now,” The Director said, a sneering grin crawling onto his face, revealing his massive rows of sharp teeth.
The two of them turned and exited the office as quickly as possible. Once they were out in the hallway both of their hearts took a moment to settle. Martinez looked over at Shiksie ready to tell her how that went way better than he hoped, and how excited he was to tackle this new challenge. When he turned his heart sputtered, ice forming in his veins; Shiksie was looming over him in a way he had never had the feline alien do before.
Shiksie was overflowing with emotions, all of them directed at Martinez. She could not understand how he was so stupid as to take a deal like that. Nor could she understand why he was so calm about what he had in front of him, both of which had rage, and confusion boiling out of her.
“You… you… you fucking idiot!” Shiksie hissed, Her long fangs fully on display as she stepped closer to Martinez. “How can someone be so smart, and at the same time so stupid?”
Martinez backed up away from Shiksie until he felt the cold wall against his back. Shiksie gracefully stepped closer to him. Close enough both of them could feel the heat rolling off the other.
“What? I took my punishment?” Martinez quickly replied, holding both of his hands up so Shiksie could see them. He looked back at her and was confused beyond all reckoning. Her body language was strange even for her. Her ears were tucked, her tail was swaying, and her eyes were no longer cold at all. They were staring unyielding into his, filled with an odd gentle concern.
“We could have tried to get you out of it,” Shiksie groaned “This isn’t the human military, you don't have to take that”
Martinez put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her gently away. To his surprise, Shiksie did not try to stay that close to him, she just backed away as he gently pressed her shoulders.
“Look Shiksie, I took the offer because I thought it was a good deal. Yeah, so what if I will have a lot of work, I'm used to that” Martinez said.
Shiksie pressed her head into her own hands, “It's not just that. That is its own problem. Now the director is going to use you for playing politics.” She groaned
Martinez scratched the back of his head, and gave her an awkward smile “Yeah I know. I am not exactly happy that he will likely use me as some kind of showpiece, but it could be worse”
Shiksie sighed, Doing what she could to calm herself down, her mind racing to think of how Martinez could possibly master an entire three months of school in two weeks. She remembered something she had at her den. She still has all of her notes from when she got her license.
“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Shiksie asked. As she dragged her hands down across her face.
“Well I was planning on getting some groceries, maybe watch a movie or something. Why?” Martinez replied.
“Perfect, you are going to come over to my den. I'm going to help you study,” Shiksie purred.

Afterthoughts/other news.
How goes it my buds? I just sent my other book of to my Editor to get that one ready for print/sale. Expect word on that soon-soonish TM. It will be ready fully in a few months.
In other stuff, I am looking forwards to having Martinez have to essentially play politics, go to college and balance the rest of his new life at Draun. He is in for a lot of "Adapt or die" sort of situations.

Updoot if you liked the story and lemme know what you thought of this weeks chapter.
Next week we are going to have Martinez facing the true extent of Shiksies near neurotic studying and dedication to learning about every alien she can.

Your bud


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2023.06.10 13:20 whitejaguar [H] Watch_Dogs, Shogun 2, COD WaW and some removed games [W] TF2 keys, Bulk offers

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2023.06.10 13:05 baltimore-aureole Economics 102 – Do the most expensive political campaigns give us the best government?

Economics 102 – Do the most expensive political campaigns give us the best government?
Photo Above - worlds most expensive film ($500 million) "Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom". Not shown - the politician who spent double that - $1 billion - to become a first term senator.
Most expensive ever: 2020 election cost $14.4 billion • OpenSecrets
Is there a correlation between how much money politicians spend to get elected, and how well congress governs?
Okay . . . everyone's hand shot up. Even the kid in the back row who only reads the headlines in this forum. Everyone is shouting “Nooo, Miss Landers . . . this isn't ANY relationship at all between the amount of money spent in a campaign, and how good a senator is . . ”
That would have been evident to every cynic. Sorry for even asking. Now here's a better question: “Is there any relationship between how much is spent on political campaigns, and the growth of the US national debt?” Don't overthink this - it's an easy question, too. Why else would I even be trolling people? (See link at top for details on the most expensive campaigns)
It's no secret the national debt has skyrocketed since the Bill Clinton presidency. And even during Bill's administration, it only went down for a year or two. Most years President Clinton also got stuck with budget deficits. Although not as outrageous as Biden, Trump, Obama . . .
So, if someone tells you that 2020 was the most expensive election in US history, that probably comes as no surprise, right? How about if you hear that it was TWICE AS EXPENSIVE as 2016? And that 2016 was more than 2012? And 2012 beat 2008?. And not by just a little. We're talking billions here. If you go back decades before 2008 someone could probably find an exception to this trend. Go look, if you're that kind of person. It won't change my point: ridiculous $14+ Billion political election cycles are both a symptom and a cause of runaway federal budgets.
Senators and House members are ENABLED and ENCOURAGED to vote for out of control budgets, by the huge sums they spent to get elected. What's a $2 trillion budget shortfall this year when your senate seat costs $1 Billion?
Half of you are laughing, and the other are half gasping in disbelief. But yes - nearly $1 Billion was spent in the 2020 Georgia senate race. And no . . those contributions did NOT come from ordinary citizens living in nice towns like Savannah, Athens, and Marietta. The $1 Billion of course came from OUT OF STATE INTERESTS. Contributions to both candidates. Not due to concern that Georgia should have quality representation in congress. This money was unleashed because a few special interest groups were paying VERY close attention to how a single senate seat flipping left or right could affect them. If some special interest group's entire survival is tied to pandemic era stimulus, or picking winners and losers in the energy industry, or “guns”, wouldn't they be incented to pull out all the stops when making political contributions? In a laid back southern state people elsewhere usually don't give two “grits” about?
It wasn't just Georgia. This also happened in North Carolina. South Carolina, Iowa, Arizona, . . .Maine. Yikes - nooo . . . not poor little Maine!
Each of those senate races cost well more than $200 million. Maine had less than 1 million votes cast - way less. That's about $300 per vote. Let that sink in. Georgia was actually WORSE. Even after you account for the larger population and senate runoff election. It took more than $500 per voter to finally make Jon Ossoff a first term senator. Jon was formerly a filmmaker and reporter. $1 billion spent for - and against - him in Georgia! Are we living in the greatest nation on earth, or what?
Back to the main point. Imagine YOU are Jon Ossoff. Your entire life has been spent hobnobbing with film producers who spend hundreds of millions to churn out dreck like the 4th installment of Jurassic World. Or Avengers – age of Dull-tron. And now it just cost YOU $1 billion to call yourself senator. If you're this billion dollar guy, you can only conclude that America is filthy rich, rolling in money, and any harebrained idea in congress should be fully funded. And then break for lunch . ..
Because senators elected with $200 million, $500 million, or billion dollar campaigns more often meet with special interests than with their actual constituents back home. The most expensive senators spend their time in DC or Hollywood or Wall Street raising money. These congressmen have no clue about how ordinary people live.
This is, indeed, the kind of government which the most expensive election in history can buy.
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2023.06.10 13:05 Giantsgiants 1998 Lincoln Navigator - Early full-size luxury SUV

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2023.06.10 12:54 StrengthSpecial3471 2 MMC in a row , looking for success stories

Hi, we had a MMC in Jan at 8w (measuring 7 weeks with no heartbeat), had 2 dosis of miso to MC. Then on April we got pregnant again, saw a heartbeat at 7w but last Monday during the 10w ultrasound the baby was measuring 8w and no heartbeat, so another MMC in a row, I chose to do a D&C this time and test the embryo (we are waiting for the results). We are devastated and honestly we are not understanding why this is happening again, we run a bunch of test before getting pregnant (karyotypes, Hysterosalpingography, blood tests, etc) and the only thing was a deficiency in Vit D and I got the supplements.
Have any of you been through the same thing? Do you have a successful story with your 3rd pregnancy? Did you do something different? We really need hope..
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.10 12:15 JARatt85 Fucking Nickelback!

You know, for anyone that's a fan of metal/hard rock you get so disappointed anytime anyone brings up Nickelback.. They showed so much promise and that they really were rockers and could go full metal if they wanted to.. but in the end they just sold out and went into porn rock and then super poppy shit and now weird stoner country shit.. It sucks so hard that we lost such a great rocking band to mainstream bullshit.. I 100% blame the record execs and producers for ruining them. (and probably Chad hooking up with Avril Lavigne didn't help any) If you need any proof that they were a good band, listen to their partial cover of Sad But True or when they did Side of a Bullet... Or hell, turn on Silver Side Up and let it play. That whole album was fucking great! Paul Marshall (NeanderPaul) will never admit to being at that concert in 2003/4 but I will say I saw him at Finger Eleven/Puddle of Mudd/Nickelback at Sacramento Valley Amphitheater in 2003/2004 during the Long Road Tour and that was my first ever metal/hard rock concert... and they damn near lit the stage of fire with the massive amounts of flame in their stage show.. Even first row of seats in the 200 section you could feel the heat coming off of it.. LOL Chad was staring at me standing there in my red West Coast Choppers shirt and black WCC hat, all 6'3 of me.. I thought some chick was topless behind me :D Damn if only I could go to concerts now.. (I'm 6'10 now... on a good day) I gotta say, it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, probably second only to Metallica at ARCO Arena. *sigh what could've been if Nickelback would've focused on making good music instead of money and pussy.
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