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2023.06.10 16:38 cajunflavoredbob r/ShiptShoppers Will Shut Down Indefinitely Beginning on June 12th in Protest of Reddit's API Changes

Previous Post

Fellow Shoppers,

I will be making the subreddit private indefinitely beginning on June 12th. Everyone will lose access to this subreddit until it is reopened to the public. The previous post mentioned that it would last for 48 hours. After the abysmal waste of time that was the AMA about the API changes, I've decided to join many other subreddits in staying down indefinitely.
The reasons for this were laid out in the previous post, but the short version is that moderating a subreddit is very difficult using only the tools reddit provides, especially if you're on mobile. Reddit's official app is a giant heap of shit for moderating anything. Most all moderators rely on third party apps to be able to do anything on the go. When I'm on my computer, I have a different suite of third party tools I use to make moderating easier.
None of us mods are paid to be mods. We volunteer our time to run communities like this one. Without third party apps and tools, moderating a subreddit of this size or larger just isn't worth the time investment. Thus we are protesting reddit's recent changes to their API by shutting down subreddits across the whole site.
More details can be found in this post.
Here's an infographic of what's going on, and how it affects you.
The consequences can be viewed in this Image - videos Full Post.
Here's the open letter if you'd like to participate by signing it.
Here's a current list of subreddits that will be participating in the boycott.

So after reading all of that, what can you do?

Spread the word.
  • Rabble-rouse on related subreddits.
  • Meme it up, make it spicy.
  • Bitch about it to your cat.
  • Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at /ModCoord
  • please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition!
  • Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th
  • take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
Don't be a jerk.
  • As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side.
  • Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
  • This includes not harassing moderators of subreddits who have chosen not to take part: no one likes a missionary, a used-car salesman, or a flame warrior.
Look, when it comes right down to it, this affects all of us. I know that it sucks. I don't want to close this subreddit. I enjoy having this place open, sharing ideas, and guiding new shoppers to make better decisions, even when Shipt seems to actively be trying to ruin our livelihoods. I don't see any other way to attempt to make things worth continuing. Using reddit's set of tools will simply make moderating a subreddit too time consuming and difficult for it to be worth my time anymore.
I hope you guys understand, and I am truly sorry for forcing all of you to be a part of this nonsense. I will be closing the subreddit around midnight tomorrow.
Feel free to join us in our Shipt Shoppers Discord server if you would still like to connect with other shoppers.
#Shipt Shoppers Discord Server
I've had a lot of fun interacting with you guys over the past 5 years in this subreddit. If this really is the end of our subreddit, I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. It's been a blast hanging out with you all.
May your tips be high and miles be low,
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2023.06.10 16:34 Topical595 A stab in the back?

Hi, a while ago I was hacked by my best friend who told me about it afterward. He doesn't want to tell me how he did it for "legal reasons", but I can tell you at least what he claims he did and I would like to know how is this thing even possible. This information I am going to give you is, by asking him these three questions he was willing to answer. 1. What should I do to avoid it next time? 2. What did you steal from my phone? 3. To what did you have access and do you still have it? So for the first question, he answered something like this: "Don't connect to random wifi networks and update your phone regularly." From this answer and some other subquestions I found out that he exploited an old version of my Samsung android phone which is not even that old, I bought it back in 2021 and it has been updated quite a few times since then. I could have been maybe like a month or two late on the update. I asked him if this hyphothesis that he did it this way was true and he had said yes. Of course I wanted to know more, but he wouldn't say. And about the random wifi networks, I do not connect to those. I have connected to his network only becuase I trusted him. And the best part is, that he wanted me to connect to the network and not me, so that was interesting.
For the second question, he said that he had stolen just my IMEI. Thats all.
And finally, for the final question he said, that he had full access to my phone, that means files, photos, videos, passwords etc. but that he didn't steal anything, but the IMEI.
So my questions are: 1. What did he do exactly and can his statements be true? How is this even possible? 2. Is there a way to check his claims about not stealing anything other than the IMEI? 3. How can it be so easy to hack such mobile device from this giant multibillion dollar company, so that even an underage person with no education in this space can do it? (yes he is not even 18 yet) 4. And the final question is, what would you say to him? His argument why he did it is so that I would have some kind of a shock therapy so I would start caring more about my cybersecurity and start using a more privacy based open-source software. One thing I am grateful for though is that at least he told me about it, because I would even know something like that even happened.
I'll be looking for your replies. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
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2023.06.10 16:34 DexKaliber My marketing strategy as a new dj - a publicity stunt in the desert outside EDC
Hello, I am Dex Kaliber. I want to be a festival DJ. My one-year goal is to get booked at EDC's SteroBloom stage in 2024, the smallest of EDC's "big" stages.
At 4:45 AM Sunday, May 21, I performed a 90-minute live set in the desert outside EDC, in front of hundreds of slowly moving cars on their way to the 15 Freeway on-ramp. (YouTube link above)
I play a modified dj controller I call the DVyce. It's a Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 connected to an iPhone 11 running Algoriddim DJay. (I'd prefer Rekordbox performance app, but that only supports the FLX4 so far, not the FLX6). The "fret board" is a Korg nanoKontrol 2. The Korg serves as a remote control for nearly every knob, fader, and button on the left deck.
The DVyce actually works as expected! The mixing and audio you hear in the video is original, recorded out there in the desert (line out from FLX6 into Zoom H6 recorder). I only adjusted the EQ a little and boosted the levels. Everything else was left as-is, including little errors and missed cues.
But as a proof-of-concept, it worked! I probably spent a total of 5 hours practicing on the DVyce before the shoot. So while I managed to pull off some blends, I'm confident the mixes will sound smoother as I gain muscle memory and more familiarity with the software. For example, I didn't want to use effects because of the FLX6's less-than-ideal selector button (you have to tap it to cycle through all the deck channels). I realize I can probably map that feature to the Korg, as well.
Technical details aside, what about the music?
After several decades consuming the various "edm" genres, I finally found my calling. Bass house combines all my favorite elements from the other genres. It has a moderate 126-127 bpm tempo, not too fast, not too slow. It tends to have sparce production, reminiscent of minimal techno. It borrows the syncopated shuffle beat from deep house that makes it very danceable. The orchestration is synth-heavy and modern-sounding. I am intrigued by the rap vocals and novelty lyrics. And there's usually a nice, bouncy bass line underneath.
I put together a 90-minute mix done in the style of a two-sided mix tape. The first side is irreverent and fun, the second part is a deeper and grimier. I think the mix does a good job of representing my current dj skill, as well as my vibe and style.
Dex Kaliber - Vibe Pusher - Parts 1 & 2 - bass house mix
I made the mix before EDC and was very pleased that I didn't hear any of the tracks played there (I purposely sought out as many bass house/tech house sets as I could). I cherry picked these tracks out of thousands on BeatPort and I avoided charts and top-10/100 lists. So I feel I am good on the originality front.
One of the goals of the desert performance was to see if I could re-create the studio mix in a live situation using the DVyce.
Was it perfect? No. Far from it. There were errors, missed cues, and technical glitches. But I got through it. It happened! And the 25 minutes in this video capture a sweet spot in the mix: the blends are decent while the sun rises in the background!
I have other things going for me. I have a network of supporters I've built over many years (dj's, promotors, investors). I have an artistic voice and vision to share. My professional background is digital marketing. I own the domain and Insta handle for dexkaliber, an exceptional dj name. I am a techie and a musician. I have decades of experience with rave and underground club culture, and the music associated with it. I performed live pa at several significant events back in the day under a different alias, so I have a modicum of credibility and clout. Then, of course, I developed what I think is a very intriguing gimmick. All these factors combined, I feel like I have a good chance of success.
I have exciting plans for the next 12 months, including more videos, club dates, original music releases, and fun guerilla marketing ideas.
As this is a dj sub, I know there will be interest in the controller. Within the next 2-3 weeks, I am planning to record a video - a 15-minute mini mix - shot in a very unique and exclusive location. I will have good camera angles on the device and screen so people can see what I'm doing.
So, it will be interesting to see if I can parlay this idea into something successful. Feel free to follow along and observe. If you want to support in one way or another, I would deeply appreciate it. Could be as simple as a like or follow. If you're in LA, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming gigs. Plans are currently in the works.
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2023.06.10 16:30 khoafraelich789 Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon

Off-Road Comparison: Ford Bronco Sasquatch vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon
Jeep and Ford take different approaches to 35" off-road packages, each with specific strengths.
Elle Alder: Jeepers creepers, look at that Bronco! We’ve got a mightily rubbered matchup today, mates. Before us are the Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon 392. Riding 35” tires, big suspension, and uhh, ‘comparable power,’ these off-roaders represent quite nearly the most capable of their breed.

Clayton Seams: Nearly, but we are short one carnivore: the Ford Bronco Raptor. The muscled-up Braptor was not available to pair up with the Wrangler 392, so we’re making do with the still-incredibly capable Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch. The ‘Squatch can’t match the big Raptor for high-speed off-roading or acceleration, but it’s a closer rival to the Jeep Rubicon — or it would be, were it not for the badge on the Jeep’s hood that says “392”. Those three little numbers make a very big difference.

EA: Very big. Converted from cubic inches, the big Jeep’s V8 measures 6.4 litres displacement. It’s straight off-road muscle, but fortunately for Ford, this comparison is really about the platforms beneath. The arrival of the new Bronco has unquestionably challenged Jeep’s trailhead throne, and the big question is how the two match up on road and trail.

Assessed as equals, these rigs offer similar but distinct skill sets at a similar price point. The V6-equipped 2023 Ford Bronco Sasquatch comes in from $72,189 with destination, or $74,289 as tested. A V6-powered 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon arrives from $67,480, from $78,495 configured with the good stuff, or a mighty $116,890 for the tested 392 V8 with one-touch power top and all of the goodies.

CS: Mechanically, the largest difference between the two is the front suspension. Jeep famously hangs a solid front axle under the front of every Wrangler and Gladiator, while the Bronco uses an independent front suspension setup. Out back, both use burly live axles and coil springs. Both of these are real 4x4s built largely in the traditional way with body-on-frame construction, two-speed transfer cases, and are specced up with huge 35” tall tires. Underhood, the Bronco can be specced with a turbocharged 2.3-litre inline-four (the one to have), a 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 like our tester, or the top-dog 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that you only get in the Raptor version.

EA: Jeep’s modern reputation was built on six naturally aspirated cylinders, and the available 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 — by no means a powerhouse — is plenty of power for the platform. Its 285 hp and 260 lb-ft bounce and crawl with a reputation for reliability and serviceability, making it an entirely respectable path. Standard today is a 2.0-litre turbo-four producing 270 hp and 295 lb-ft, an efficient commuter for the lifestyle crowd but perhaps not to the tastes of NA traditionalists. Manual transmissions are available in some Wrangler trims, but don’t expect to see many of them amid the usual ZF eight-speed automatic configurations.

The 6.4-litre in the Wrangler 392 is the naturally aspirated gasoline powerplant seen in the Ram 2500 and Dodge Scat Packs, tuned here to deliver 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. It’s a fun option with a silly sound and an expensive gasoline habit — and also entirely overkill. Accelerating in 4.5 seconds on solid axles and wobbly sidewalls is a skittery affair.

Ford Canada hasn’t dared make any Bronco Raptors available for comparison with the 392, so in the interest of fairness we’ll overlook the Jeep’s obvious power advantage and treat it as a Rubicon Xtreme Recon — a comparatively priced suspension and goodie package available with everything you see here, less the 470-horsepower V8.

CS: While you’re commanding that muscle-car V8 through the trails, you’re sitting in a 2023 cockpit like no other. The exposed door hinges mean the doors swing freely with no stops to easily keep them from hitting cars next to you. There’s more visible painted steel in this interior than a 1985 Toyota Starlet, and the windshield appears almost vertical in front of you. Sure it has Stellantis’s latest uConnect touchscreen system, Alpine premium nine-speaker audio, and heated front seats complete with fetching Rubicon embroidery. But even when compared to the equally rugged Bronco, the Wrangler interior feels like a throwback to an earlier time. The cabin is noticeably narrower than the Bronco, the dash is more vertical, and it still knocks your ankle with its long door harness. It is certainly a Jeep.

Conversely, the Bronco interior manages all of the rugged off-road looks and sacrifices nothing in practicality over a ‘normal’ SUV on the inside. The cabin feels more modern, the touchscreen is much larger than that in the Jeep, and the quality of materials throughout the cabin is superior to the Jeep’s. Despite costing as much as a luxury sedan, both of these SUVs have rubber floors — not carpet — for easier washing after a muddy day on the trails. One gripe would be that the chunky grab handle is located on the dash and not higher on the A-pillar. This makes it easier for passengers to grab during “oh heck” moments, but less helpful for shorter people using it to hoist themselves into the cabin.

EA: Fording is a loss for the Bronco. Ford says that the Sasquatch is good for the same 85-cm (33.5 in.) water crossings that the Jeep is rated for, but that V6 engine leaves its alternator low and vulnerable to rushing water. The Wrangler, meanwhile, mounts its alternators up high and clear of water, and an optional water-diverting intake provides further protection from overenthusiastic gulps — albeit at the compromise of a seriously hefty hood.

That weight shouldn’t be surprising, however, for nothing about either of these rigs is in any way light. Exact figures vary depending on configuration, but equipped with V6s, the Bronco Sasquatch curbs around 5,100 lbs; the Wrangler Xtreme Recon at ~5,200 lbs.

Similar as these curb weights are, the two SUVs carry their weight very differently. The Bronco’s independent front and overall construction feel lighter, whereas the unsprung mass of the Jeep’s solid Dana 210 front axle (an electronically modernized 44 variant) renders a more precarious highway drive and more heaving sensations on the trails. With that handling shortcoming comes confidence in durability, however, and I’d certainly rather have the option of running that solid axle up a log for a backwoods wheel swap than wince at the mercy of a mud-footed jack under the Bronco.

Such weight doesn’t assure invulnerability, however. While both the Sasquatch and Xtreme Recon packages equip these SUVs with underbody shielding in vulnerable areas, it does leave a little to be desired. Hesitant gut impressions of the Bronco’s under-sump shielding and the Jeep’s fuel-tank cladding will hold most stock drivers to the side of caution.

CS: But to get to those trails where fording depth, breakover angle, and tire height matter, you probably have to commute there on pavement. And in that asphalt environment where these vehicles will spend easily 90 per cent of their time, these SUVs are severely out of their element. To be fair, the 392 Wrangler is the first Wrangler that’s ever been fun to drive on the street, thanks specifically to its outrageous muscle-car power and NASCAR soundtrack. But the Wrangler is sketchy to drive at speeds in a way that no other modern ‘car’ is. Those huge meats and solid front axle make for a decidedly wobbly experience on pavement, and drivers must constantly steer a Jeep in its lane on the highway to keep it pointed between the lines. Wind noise is strong at speed, though it faces competition from the droning mud tires and the 392’s dual-exit exhaust. On the plus side, the steering wheel turns easily even with those massive tires, and the ride is cushy-smooth across rough pavement because, of course it is. And that’s before we talk about the fuel economy which is good only when compared to a TRX. Even with gentle driving, you can expect to average around 14 L/100 km at best, and you won’t get that number without a tailwind and some luck.

Compared to the Jeep, the Bronco is a serene experience much in the way that skydiving would feel calm after going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The independent front suspension allows the Bronco to do novel things like track straight down a highway lane. Although the exhaust is markedly more subdued (granted, the V6 Wrangler is similarly tame), the Bronco’s seats are not as comfy as the Wrangler’s and the ride is a bit harsher over highway bumps. That said, I vastly prefer the Bronco’s stereo, and if I had to take one of these on a road trip, I’d choose the Bronco.

EA: As a single vehicle to live with every day, I must reluctantly agree that the Ford takes it. The Bronco is significantly more ‘car’ than the Jeep, and carries itself along the commute with far shinier technological comforts as well. Nicely appointed and priced to compete directly with the Wrango-dango, it’s simply a better truck for the roads of today.

Still, neither vehicle should be looked to as a commuter. These trucks are large, inefficient, and costly toys better suited to a multi-vehicle family. Relegated to a secondary role for off-road play days, the Jeep is doubtless the hardier, more trustworthy, more capable, and more customizable rig. The Bronco makes trails more accessible, but it’s no old-fashioned, hard-knockin’ Wrangler.

Source: driving ca
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2023.06.10 16:28 freedomcall81 Stability track warning and no rpm

So I have a weird issue happening a bit long to explain but this is how it went down.
So we were getting the p0315 crankshaft position censor error code. We replaced the crankshaft position censor with a ac Delco brand one and did an oil change at the same time.
Car started fine everything seemed fine drove it for about a day. Not too much.
On my way the next day to work I noticed the suspension on the drivers side felt janky and not even a minute later the stability track warning popped up and the rpm gauge failed a long with it feeling like it wouldn't shift.
I pulled over cleared the code and restarted it and brought it home.
When under the hood I saw when we had put the oil filter in the gasket for the new oil filter broke and the oil had leaked out all over under the hood. It didn't completely lose its oil but it was enough to be very low when I checked the oil levels.
Anyways we fixed the oil filter out a new gasket on filled the oil and cleaned off as much of the oil as we could. But it got down onto the drivers side wheel suspension and such.
So I cleared the code as well thinking maybe it's cuz the oil dropped onto it. Still getting the code and the rpm and stability warning not working.
Someone said try the battery, tried changing the battery still no go
I'm thinking either the censor needs to be exact brand that came with car, or maybe all 3 need to be replaced at once or there's still oil all over on the suspension parts and might need to take it apart and do a good cleaning.
What do you all think? I appreciate any input 🤘🥰
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2023.06.10 16:23 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download
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Research and planning your PPC ads campaigns correctly is critical for success – with bad planning, your ad campaign is setup to fail – no matter what you do.
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2023.06.10 16:11 Affectionate_Hunt807 Married but connecting with another man…

I am 32HLF, my husband is 35LLM who has a porn addiction, I found out he relapsed recently. He got caught. But weird thing is that you’d think I wasn’t giving him sex often and that’s why he turns to porn but that’s not the case. I want it all the time yet he denies and rejects me constantly.
I’ve tried addressing my needs but he never implements action to change. So I’ve been really hurt lately and I’ve snapped recently. He is now trying all of his advances to make things right. Personally I don’t think he’s really trying.
I decided I wanted to meet new people. Not to cheat but out of curiosity.. I wanted to see what was out there in the world. I ended up meeting someone and we trauma bonded basically. His wife was low libido they are divorcing and my husband is low libido so there’s been a lot to talk about. Additionally getting to know eachother.
We have the same interests like music, sex, lifestyle, having fun and outlook on life overall. Share similar values and we have a great connection honestly. We have our differences Ofcourse all of which I celebrate. We haven’t met in person and the connection/ conversations have only been through phone/ text.
I found that recently life could be better without my husband. I don’t intend to leave my husband for this other guy because I do love my husband. And if I leave it will be because it’s too late and too much resentment. But it has given me a lot of perspective in thinking that I could find what I need and want in a man. My husband and I share similar values and morals but interests are few and far between. Not to mention our Dead Bedroom is a serious issue for me. Overall my husband is a nice guy, sensitive spirited, gentle, warm hearted, good guy. We are very amicable together.
It feels like my husband and I are only growing further apart. Even in therapy it doesn’t seem to get better. I guess I’m wondering if anyone had a similar journey to mine? Maybe someone who left their marriage under similar circumstances? Any advice? Did talking to another person outside of your marriage highlight differences you lacked in your marriage? Maybe shed some light in the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 16:11 Hohoho7878 Is tripe suitable for me? I would appreciate any help

Taking into account I have a company that sells physical products on Costa Rica. Here we receive payments either in cash, through a check, or in a very low % by credit card at the store.
I use Zoho as management software and it offers the option to connect Stripe so clients can pay with their credit cards online on the client portal for example.
Could I use Stripe Atlas so I can use this services? It would be also great if it auto charges from their credit card if they are a typical customer or if it can even auto charge from their bank account with their account number.
Does Stripe work this way? Unfortunately we have a lot of late payments and a lot of time spent checking who has paid and who has not and this could help us a lot.
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2023.06.10 16:10 Lumpy-Scientist-2012 [Online] [5e] [18+] [Level 5 One Shot] [Saturday 9:30am PST] [LGBTQ+] The Murder in the Shielding Peaks

This adventure sets you on a trail of cold blood leading you onto a glacier just as chilling as the supernatural murder mystery you’re about to uncover. The silent snow here covers many ancient secrets. Testing your survival and investigation skills - and not to mention your sanity as well. Will you continue to look for answers in the freezing lands or will the cold and horror of the aurora fields overwhelm you?
Doing a game of this Level 5 One Shot this morning if possible.
Anyone is able to join, but I do prefer to have a mix of genders male, female etc... to balance out the table. LGBTQ+ friendly. We will go over session zero, backstories, character creation, rules, foundry tutorial and table manners, and any other questions you may have before play.
  1. Have a Clear mic for voice & video via Discord with a quiet background audio while playing. Phones are not acceptable as an audio source (Video is not required, but I like to use it as I am a very social person and I like to Roleplay with the players).
  2. The game is played over Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) via Molten Hosting, as such it requires a good network connection & bare minimum specs of a laptop or pc that can play a game via this generation if you're using a chrome book or very weak or old laptop it will not run good and will lag out or crash constantly. The higher specs you have of a better rig the better it will run.
  3. Looking for 5 players, feedback after the game is always appreciated if you have any insight for me afterwards. Perhaps something needed more context or explaining or if you think I can somehow run it smoother let me know 🙂 always open to constructive criticism.
  4. Character creation will be done on DnDBeyond, Point Buy, Standard Equipment, Sticking to traditional races and classes, No Homebrew. 650gp to spend on items. Any more questions on character creation or anything else can be discussed during the session zero.
Participants 0/5
Feel free to message me for an interview and more information on the game. Or add me on discord @ LiquidSn8ke#7350
Just getting off work and will be home within the next hour here.
About me I’m 34 years old been a dm for over 7 years and professionally dming for the past 3. I’m a big rule of cool dm and I love to do voices and get into the story of the game and love to roleplay. I’m about a 70% roleplay dm and 30% everything else. I do try to follow RAW (Rules As Written) as much as possible however if I can.
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2023.06.10 16:08 catsweekly 5 months - some thoughts!

Hello everyone! I am through my 5th month of sobriety and wanted to share some thoughts with y'all! Might help as motivation for those on the same path. I know when I started my journey I spent a lot of time reading other peoples stories, so here's mine.
A bit of background - my GF and I decided to go "straight edge" starting on Jan 1. We are both in our early 30's and decided that it was time to try for a baby. We both worked in hospitality (serving and bartending) for most of our 20's and the lifestyle really got the better of me in particular.
For the last 10 ish year's I have never gone more than a day or two without drinking. My general daily routine was to stop by the liquor store after work, pick up a bunch of tall cans and go home and drink until it was time for bed. I was averaging about 4-6 tall cans on a regular week night and 10-20 drinks a night on the weekend - let's call it anywhere from 40-60 drinks a week.
The decision to try and start a family was the catalyst, but the effects on my body and mind are what keep me motivated to continue my sober journey. I won't go into all the details but after a couple months of struggling, I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning sipping a coffee and relaxing with my partner across from me. She is three months pregnant now (I still can't believe it) and our relationship has never been stronger. I haven't felt this alive and present and connected to my thoughts and emotions in... as long as I can remember. I'm really proud of myself, and of her, that we are doing this important part of "growing up" together with clear minds.
So I guess my takeaways (so far) are:
Anyway - hope everyone is having a great weekend - IWNDWYT!
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2023.06.10 16:07 gwolffe356 I Finally Got a Job!

Hello, all!
After two years of fruitless searching and feeling completely rejected by the world and crippled by my impaired social skills keeping me from making the necessary "connections," I finally managed to land a very nice job in my field of study, surrounded by very kind coworkers!
I'd like to share my experience in case it can help others in the autism community, and so maybe some of you won't have to have as much trouble as I did.
First, I'd like to talk about a conclusion I came to which, while helpful in some ways, was also a significant source of depression for me when trying to solve this problem: "I can't make someone choose me." This is true of friendships, so I don't try; it feels like manipulation to knowingly do so, therefore I try to avoid masking. The same is also true of getting a job; I can't make a hiring manager choose me and it feels wrong to be anything less than completely accurate and honest, so I couldn't "pad" my resume, in spite of the advice I was repeatedly given to subtly change the wording to make myself sound more important or skilled than I felt I actually was, e.g. turning "Lawn Mower" to "Landscaping Engineer" or some other such nonsense.
This was made worse by the fact that I didn't have a lot of experience in my chosen field, namely mechanical engineering, having gotten my bachelor's degree just before COVID but not being able to do anything with it afterwards, and while there were plenty of companies looking to hire engineers, they didn't want anyone with less than 5 years of experience; "how is anyone supposed to get that experience if you don't hire them!?" It was a horrible catch-22 that I couldn't do anything to get out of, and it completely robbed me of hope; I thought my life was basically over before it had a chance to get started.
This wasn't helped by the fact that most hiring is done through employee referral. On the one hand, I can completely understand and even respect the logic and mechanics behind it: The person who wants to get hired is incentivized to say or do whatever it takes to get the job, and you can literally say anything on a resume or in an interview, whether you're qualified for the job or not; (kind of reminds me of masking, actually). Once someone is hired, the manager is stuck with them for a while, whether they can do the job or not, potentially wasting the manager a lot of time and money, so it's in their best interest to find people they already trust, like family or friends, or people their friends, family, or coworkers already trust, because their friends will have an accurate model of an interviewee's character from before they were trying to get hired; before they had a conflict of interest.
However, at the same time, this makes it really hard for people on the autism spectrum, like me, to get work, because I don't know enough people to vouch for me, and certainly none in the field of work I'm interested in, nor do I enjoy going out and rubbing elbows. Everyone who gave me advice on getting a job kept telling me to "network" without explaining to me what that meant; I assumed it meant going to parties or noisy industry conventions or expos where I wouldn't be able to understand anyone over the hubbub, let alone hold a conversation and make a good first impression. I was getting advice from my family and my school's career office to do all sorts of things, like emailing people I knew in my community or my teachers asking if they knew anyone who worked in my industry, or signing up for websites like LinkedIn and Indeed and contacting complete strangers who went to the same school as me and to essentially ask them for a job but in a backhanded way. Admittedly, everyone I contacted was very nice and seemed to genuinely want to help me, which I wasn't expecting (I just assumed nobody wanted me interrupting their day), but I felt really uncomfortable doing it (because I felt like I was just using them) and none of these contacts ever came to anything, though I may not have given it enough time; signing up for half a dozen job-alert websites didn't help me either. It was only later that I learned that "networking" is just doing the stuff you like and hanging out with/talking to people doing the same thing with or in parallel with you. I was specifically posting invention ideas on Engineering and asking for advice on my designs. Not only were there lots of helpful people there who pointed out my mistakes gently, but they were even giving me links to book downloads and suggesting I apply for work where they worked; if that's not an employee referral, I don't know what is! When I talked about this with my therapist, I was completely blown away when they told me that that this was networking; not nearly as hard or painful as I thought it was.
Eventually though, in spite of all these challenges in my way, I came to a second important conclusion: as an engineer, I try to understand and design meticulously calculated solutions to every problem. However, there are things some things I simply can't control or predict, or in the case of human beings, shouldn't try to control. For those things I can't control directly, I can at least play the numbers, i.e. the probabilities. The odds of getting a job from just applying for it are about 1%, if I remember correctly, jumping up to about 20% if you have an employee referral. So, since I couldn't force an employee referral, I just had to apply to +100 jobs. It is, fortunately or unfortunately, no more complicated than that, at least by itself; no secret tricks or gimmicks. However, I also had some constraints on what kinds of jobs I felt like I could do (that wouldn't make me loathe existence like the last one) without compromising my genuine psychological and sensory needs, but also in an area I could commute or move to, because I wanted to stay close to my immediate family. So, all I did was look up the kinds of businesses I was interested in working for in Google Maps, within a certain distance of my home, and got their contact information or went to their websites; again, not that complicated, and I just resolved to find a certain number of businesses or make a certain number of contacts every day until it was done.
As a tangent, another piece of well-meant advice I was given that didn't really pan out was that I needed to actually call the companies I was interested in working at, for reasons I could never entirely understand; apparently neurotypicals get a stronger emotional response from a disembodied voice than an email; still sounds like subtle emotional manipulation to me. I think this advice came out of the pre-internet age, and whether it's true or not, none of those places ended up hiring me anyway.
Nowadays, most companies have an email address posted on their website, if not a messaging system built straight into the website, or job-board of open positions that you can just press a button to apply for. Once I had that information, I just sent them a short, simple, straightforward email saying,
"Hello. My name is __________. I'm a recent engineering graduate, I found your website and am interested in the kind of work you do. I've attached my resume if you'd like to look it over. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance."
sending a check-in email no sooner than 2 weeks later to make sure they read it, if they didn't respond beforehand.
While it was still a bit nerve-wracking to make these unsolicited emails to strangers, it also felt a lot more natural and honest in content, because I was just stating the facts of my situation, as I perceived them, and more respectful of their freedom of choice, because I wasn't asking them for anything or trying to trick them though roundabout means. Furthermore, because it was an email, they could choose whether they wanted to respond to it or not; it's not bugging them because they can read it at their leisure and don't even have to respond if they don't want to; responsibility for the results was completely off my plate.
On the one hand, I felt like most people who didn't know me would have no interest in helping me, because they presumably had their own problems that were a higher priority to them than mine, and that most of these emails would therefore be ignored, so what would even be the point of writing them? However, I've since learned that, because everyone has been in the position of needing a job and having trouble finding one at some point in their lives, the hiring managers tend to actually be quite sympathetic, and if they don't have a position available, sometimes they will make one for you, or at least keep your contact info on file in case a position becomes available in the future. It was awkward sending emails to strangers at first, but after a while, I got used to it, and the more feedback I got, the more comfortable it became, finding that most of them didn't just reject me out of hand like I assumed they would. Most of them at least seemed to give me a chance.
It was a lot of emails to send, and a lot of waiting, which was often worse than the emails and phone calls, as I watched my bank account slowly dwindle away over the months; didn't help that I was doing this on the tail-end of COVID. However, once I'd made contact with nearly 100 employers that I wanted to work for, (not ones I felt like I had to work for because I had no better options, like my previous job), almost like clockwork, I started getting requests for interviews around the 90th-100th contact. It was really disheartening to have most of those applications politely rejected, when they were answered at all, and even more disheartening when I got turned down after the interviews and I'd gotten my hopes up. But eventually did find a place that wanted me. It took about 2 months before they finally read my email, and at the time they read it, they weren't even looking for more workers, but they liked what was on my resume, they liked me as a person, and when I went to the interview and had a look around, I liked them and the workplace too; it's a very small company, everyone does a little bit of everything, so I wouldn't get bored, everyone is pretty laid back, helps each other out, and is courteous and accommodating to each other. And even when they're super busy, it doesn't feel like we're under pressure to "do our jobs or else"; more like "all hands on deck" to get the product ready before FedEx comes to pick it up. In fact, I ended up working a couple 10 and 11 hour days during my first week, not because anyone asked me to, but because I arrived when they were really busy I just wanted to; I can't entirely explain why; once the crisis was over, the boss insisted I go home early for the rest of the week after that because they didn't want me to burn myself out.
It's also taken a lot of scary adjustments and a few compromises; I had to expand my search envelope, move away from home for the first time and figure out how to rent an apartment and live by myself. There are also a lot of scary unknowns ahead, like getting out from under debt, learning how to live self-sufficiently, and being prepared for if/when the next unexpected crisis T-bones me. But I feel like I can finally start my life now, and I can't help but notice that, for some reason, now I'm not as afraid of people in general as I used to be.
Hope that helps.
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2023.06.10 16:06 nyckidd Anybody have any idea why my phone suddenly stopped connecting to one of my wifi networks?

This is a Hail Mary as this is a very niche issue. I have thick walls in my apartment and so have two wifi networks. My phone just decided to stop receiving a signal from one of them a week ago and the issue has not resolved itself. It connects to the network fine but then doesn't get a signal and gives the little exclamation point next to the wifi icon.
I know this network works on all my other devices. I know my phone can still succesfully connect to other wifi networks. I thought it might have been an issue with the one network being wifi 6, but the phone has connected to other wifi 6 networks.
Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? Any help is much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 16:02 Edward_Stivenson Summer Job for College Students: Overview of Full Guide

Summer Job for College Students: Overview of Full Guide
Summer is a great time for college students to earn extra cash and gain valuable work experience. Whether you want to save up for next semester's tuition or just want to gain some new skills, exploring various ideas for summer jobs and finding the right one can be a challenge. That's why we've put together this ultimate guide on how to find a summer job in college to help you decide on one that suits you the best!
Best Summer Jobs for College Students: 5 Considerations
Amidst the abundance of opportunities, determining how to find a summer job as a college student can be challenging. To help you navigate this process, here are five essential factors to consider when searching for the best summer job that suits you:
1. Compensation
According to our essay service experts, earning potential is one of the most significant aspects to consider when looking for the best summer job for college students. This involves considering factors such as the pay rate, potential bonuses, and additional perks or benefits offered. While the federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour, it's essential to note that some states have implemented higher minimum wages. For instance, California has a minimum wage of $13 per hour. Keep in mind that your earning potential can vary significantly based on the type of job you pursue and the location in which you work.
2. Dedication
When determining how to find a summer job as a teenager, it's important to assess the level of commitment the job demands. Determine if it fits well with your availability and whether you can commit to working either full-time or part-time. Since you may not be able to continue with the same job once the semester starts, prioritize seasonal work options that cater to students like you. Seek out positions specifically tailored for the summer months, as they are more suitable than roles requiring long-term commitments. By doing so, you can find a job that accommodates your academic schedule and provides the flexibility you require.
3. Timetable
Take into account the length of the job and how it aligns with your summer schedule. Evaluate whether the job's timeframe harmonizes with your other commitments and plans during the summer. While earning money is important during this time, it's also valuable to spend quality time with friends and family. Ideally, summer job ideas for college students should offer flexibility, allowing you to maintain a personal life and enjoy free time. Finding a balance between work and personal life is key to ensuring an enjoyable summer experience.
4. Expertise
To find the best summer job for you, it's important to assess your current skills and knowledge and seek job opportunities that match your expertise. Alternatively, consider positions that provide chances for skill development and practical experience in your desired field. Remember that a summer job offers more than just financial benefits; it also allows you to gain invaluable work experience.
If you're pursuing a future career in a competitive field, this experience, along with establishing a professional network, can significantly enhance your prospects of securing a job after graduation. And if you ever need to present your working experience for a summer job resume, simply ask us - 'write my paper.'
5. Reputation
It is essential to conduct research on the reputation of potential employers or organizations that offer summer jobs. Look for feedback or reviews from previous employees to assess the work environment, company culture, and overall satisfaction. A prestigious internship or office job can be highly advantageous for those planning to attend graduate school or aiming to work for well-known companies. Such experiences can greatly enhance your resume and expedite your career goals. Once you have determined your job objectives, you can begin searching for the ideal position. Meanwhile, below, you'll find a list of the best advice for finding summer jobs.
Tips on How to Find a Summer Job as a College Student
While finding a summer job for college students may seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. By investing some effort and strategic planning, you can discover a job that offers both financial rewards and valuable experience. Here are some extra tips to assist you in your job search:
1. Utilize Social Media - Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to exploring summer job ideas for college students. Many local companies post job openings on their social media pages, so be sure to follow the companies you're interested in working for. Additionally, LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding job postings and networking with professionals in your field.
2. Attend Job Fairs - Many colleges and universities host job fairs throughout the year, including during the summer months. Attending these events can be a great way to meet potential employers and learn about job openings. Be sure to bring copies of your resume and dress professionally.
3. Consider Internships - While internships may not always pay as well as traditional summer jobs, they can provide valuable experience and networking opportunities. Look for internships in your field of study or in areas that interest you. Your college's career center may have information on available internships.
4. Volunteer - Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience and make connections in your field. Look for volunteer opportunities with organizations that align with your interests and career goals. Not only will you be helping others, but you'll also be building your resume.
5. Consider Freelancing - If you have a particular skill or talent, consider freelancing during the summer months. Freelancing can include anything from writing and graphic design to web development and social media management. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr can help you find freelance work.
More Summer Job Ideas for College Students
If you're still unsure of what type of job you want for the summer, here are six ideas to consider:
  1. Summer camp counselor - As a summer camps counselor, you will be responsible for supervising and engaging with campers, organizing activities, and ensuring their safety and well-being. This summer camp job offers opportunities for leadership, teamwork, and working with children.
  2. Pool lifeguard - As a pool lifeguard, your main duty is to ensure the safety of swimmers by monitoring the pool area, responding to emergencies, and enforcing rules. This role requires strong swimming skills, CPR certification, and attentiveness.
  3. Landscaper - Being a great summer job for teens, working as a landscaper involves tasks such as mowing lawns, planting flowers, trimming hedges, and maintaining outdoor spaces. This job provides an opportunity to work outdoors, develop gardening skills, and contribute to the beautification of various properties.
You might also need to present your previous working experience to your summer job employers, so a complete guide on how to list education on resume might come in handy.
Top 4 Popular Part-time Jobs for College Students
When wondering how to find a summer job for a highschool student, consider looking for some part-time jobs. During summer break, such jobs are a favored choice among college or high school students since they entail working for 20 to 35 hours per week. While the pay for these jobs is often around or slightly above the minimum wage, they provide valuable work experience and the chance to earn income. Here is a short list of part-time summer job options from our 'buy an essay' service experts:
  1. Ice cream shop employee - As an ice cream shop employee, you will assist customers, take orders, scoop ice cream, operate the cash register, and maintain a clean and welcoming environment. This is the summer job 14 year olds can also get, allowing them to work in a fun and fast-paced setting, interacting with customers, and gaining customer service experience.
  2. Sales Assistant -You'll learn how to communicate effectively with customers and how to close a sale. Plus, if you're interested in a career in sales, this job could be a great way to get your foot in the door.
  3. Tutor - As a tutor, you'll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with students, helping them to improve their grades and gain confidence in their abilities. You'll also develop your own teaching skills and learn how to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  4. Restaurant Server - Although this role is physically demanding, you'll learn how to multitask, communicate effectively with customers and coworkers, and manage your time efficiently. Plus, if you're interested in a permanent position in the hospitality industry, this job could be a great way to gain experience and make connections.
Most Popular Online Jobs for College Students
With the growing prevalence of online work, remote positions have become increasingly popular. Employers now frequently offer part-time and full-time online jobs to college students, making it convenient for those taking online summer courses. Here is a brief list of ways you can choose the best online job for college students from:
  • Proofreader: Review and edit written content for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Translator: Convert written or spoken content from one language to another accurately and effectively.
  • Freelance writer: Create written content for clients on a freelance basis, covering a wide range of topics and industries.
  • Virtual assistant: Assist clients remotely with administrative tasks, scheduling, email management, and other organizational duties.
Here are answers to common questions about summer jobs for college students. With these valuable insights, you will gain clarity and make informed decisions for your summer employment.
What is Required to Complete a Job Application?
When filling out a job application, you generally need to furnish personal details (such as your name, contact information, and social security number), educational history, work experience, and references. Depending on the position, you may also be asked to submit a cover letter, resume, or other job-specific documents.
What is The Most Suitable Job to Do While in College?
The choice of the most suitable job while in college varies based on personal preferences, skills, and availability. Part-time positions that offer flexibility, such as tutoring, campus ambassador roles, or research assistantships, can be great options. Internships or jobs relevant to your field of study can also provide valuable experience and networking opportunities. When selecting the best job for you, consider your interests, schedule, and long-term career goals.
Ideal Application Time for Summer Jobs for College Students
The ideal time to apply for summer jobs varies depending on the industry and job type. Some summer job internships for college students, such as camp counselor positions, start recruiting as early as January. Other jobs, such as retail or food service, may not start hiring until closer to the summer months.
By starting early, you can explore a wider range of summer job ideas, increase your chances of securing a position, and have ample time for interviews and potential negotiations.
However, don't be discouraged if you don't find a job right away. Keep applying and networking, and you'll find the perfect summer job in no time.
To Sum Up
Embarking on a summer job as a college student holds the potential for transformation, growth, and incredible opportunities. Equipped with summer job ideas, the tools, and insights from our ultimate guide, you can now embark on your search with confidence. Seize the summer ahead and discover a job that not only covers your college expenses but also propels you toward a successful future. The possibilities are boundless, so embrace this exciting journey and make the most of your summer job hire experience!
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2023.06.10 15:58 idealdreams Apple TV at 100+ GB of data upload over past week?

Was perusing all of the devices connected to our home network and one of our Apple TVs caught my eye with a super high amount of data uploaded over the last week.
According to my usage data, it shows this particular Apple TV uploaded over 100 GB of data over the past week.
Does anyone have any idea what data might be getting transmitted? My first thought was something Home related as we have 4 HomeKit cameras throughout the property but when I checked the Home app to see which Apple TV was acting as the hub, it was not the one in question here.
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2023.06.10 15:57 intersecting_lines +EV Homer Plays => +13.5% EV LAD Max Muncy (+320 FD) • +10.4% EV LAD James Outman (+600 FD) • +4.5% EV TEX Corey Seager (+470 FD) • +3.9% EV STL Nolan Arenado (+350 FD) • +10.4% EV WSH Joey Meneses (+600 FD) • +4.1% EV DET Spencer Torkelson (+560 FD)

What is +EV betting. tldr, one of the only ways to be profitable in the long term betting on home runs since home run lines are usually juiced to the tits. You basically are trying to find sportsbooks and markets that have mispriced odds in the bettors favor. You aren't looking into stats, pitching matchups, weather, or ballpark rankings. As ActionNetwork puts it
EV betting is not about what you think will happen, but about an advantage you have over the implied probabilities of bets by using lines and information sportsbooks are already giving you
I use a devigger to remove the sportsbooks vig and to calculate +EV against a sharp book like bet365. I choose bet365 because it has one of the lowest vigs on home runs. I also cross-check with Kambi and other low-vig sportsbooks. This is what the smartest people look for in the dinger tuesday threads to ensure profitability over the long-term.
These aren't guarantees, these guys are NOT likely to home run on a given day, but if you take enough +EV plays over a long period of time, you should end up profitable. Record: 17W-64L (+14.80u)
My Picks (I take all +EV plays for $7 unless a pinch hit risk or your name is Joey Gallo. I'm posting the odds I got them at...make sure to check odds because lines move fast on fanduel HRs)
  • 15.2% EV: WSH Joey Meneses +630 FD vs bet365 +425/-600
  • 8.5% EV: LAD Max Muncy +330 FD vs bet365 +250/-330
  • 6.5% EV: STL Nolan Arenado +350 FD vs bet365 +270/-360
  • 6.4% EV: PHI Kyle Schwarber +285 FD vs bet365 +225/-290
  • 4.5% EV: TEX Corey Seager +470 FD vs bet365 +360/-500
  • 3.7% EV: LAD James Outman +600 FD vs bet365 +450/-650
  • 3.4% EV: CLE Amed Rosario +900 FD vs bet365 +625/-1000
  • 1.4% EV: ATL Matt Olson +390 FD vs bet365 +320/-425
All updated EVs combined with negative EV plays close to 0 (I don't bet if negative EV but they have the chance of becoming +EV with a slight odds change, so keep on radar)
PHR: Pinch Hit Risk
updated: 10AM EST
15.2% EV: LAD James Outman +630 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 8.1% EV: LAD Max Muncy +300 FD vs bet365 +230/-300 6.4% EV: OAK Jj Bleday +480 FD vs bet365 +360/-500 4.5% EV: TEX Corey Seager +470 FD vs bet365 +360/-500 4.1% EV: WSH Stone Garrett +560 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 4.1% EV: WSH Joey Meneses +560 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 4.1% EV: COL Brenton Doyle +560 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 4.1% EV: DET Spencer Torkelson +560 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 3.9% EV: STL Nolan Arenado +350 FD vs bet365 +280/-370 3.8% EV: OAK Ryan Noda +360 FD vs bet365 +290/-380 3.5% EV: PHI Kyle Schwarber +250 FD vs bet365 +210/-260 3.4% EV: CLE Amed Rosario +900 FD vs bet365 +625/-1000 1.4% EV: ATL Matt Olson +390 FD vs bet365 +320/-425 -0.7% EV: SD Gary Sanchez +330 FD vs bet365 +280/-370 -1.0% EV: ARI Evan Longoria +440 FD vs bet365 +360/-500 -2.2% EV: COL Elehuris Montero +520 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 -2.2% EV: SD Brandon Dixon +520 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 -2.3% EV: MIL Jon Singleton +600 FD vs bet365 +475/-700 -2.8% EV: BOS Triston Casas +430 FD vs bet365 +360/-500 -2.8% EV: ATL Marcell Ozuna +430 FD vs bet365 +360/-500 -3.9% EV: CIN Will Benson +870 FD vs bet365 +650/-1050 -4.7% EV: SD Fernando Tatis +230 FD vs bet365 +215/-270 -5.2% EV: MIA Bryan De La Cruz +540 FD vs bet365 +450/-650 -5.4% EV: TEX Mitch Garver +500 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 -6.4% EV: ATL Ronald Acuna +370 FD vs bet365 +330/-450 -6.4% EV: ATL Austin Riley +370 FD vs bet365 +330/-450 -6.5% EV: OAK Shea Langeliers +450 FD vs bet365 +390/-550 -6.5% EV: ARI Ketel Marte +450 FD vs bet365 +390/-550 -6.9% EV: PHI Brandon Marsh +800 FD vs bet365 +625/-1000 -7.9% EV: STL Luken Baker +560 FD vs bet365 +475/-700 -8.1% EV: CHW Andrew Vaughn +750 FD vs bet365 +600/-950 -8.3% EV: LAA Mike Trout +280 FD vs bet365 +265/-350 -8.5% EV: PIT Bryan Reynolds +480 FD vs bet365 +425/-600 -8.7% EV: ATL Kevin Pillar +630 FD vs bet365 +525/-800 -8.7% EV: OAK Jace Peterson +630 FD vs bet365 +525/-800 -8.7% EV: CIN Elly De La Cruz +630 FD vs bet365 +525/-800 -9.8% EV: PHI Bryce Harper +300 FD vs bet365 +290/-380 -9.9% EV: STL Willson Contreras +430 FD vs bet365 +390/-550 -9.9% EV: LAA Shohei Ohtani +290 DK vs bet365 +280/-370
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2023.06.10 15:56 kauzyperda Which old thinkpad to modify for a brighter screen?

Hey all, I need a minimum of 14 inch laptop with a bright screen (at least 300 nits). I bought i5 8th gen T480 and T490 (used) to choose from. Both had some issue so I'm deciding how to proceed:
  1. T490, great weight, built and amazing 400 nits low power screen BUT touchpad so bad I asked to repair it and currently waiting for it to get back from service. If they wont manage/wont accept it's faulty I'm considering replacing it myself.
  2. T480, even better weight distribution and kinda perfect factor, obviously removable battery and RAM not soldered. Awfull 200nits screen. Replacement around 70-80 bucks.
  3. Other? Sellers seldom specify screen specs, but mostly what they offer are the darker panels. To be confident to have at least 300nits I need to look for t490 or t495 touch versions (but will they have acceptable touchpads). Also just recently I started considering 15 inch, as my sight is pretty poor, but I didnt explore that segment yet (especially regarding screen brightness).
Any ideas, recommendation?
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2023.06.10 15:52 HatanaMarketing Preserving Your Jackery Power: A Detailed Guide to Product Maintenance

Preserving Your Jackery Power: A Detailed Guide to Product Maintenance

Shop Father's Day Sale
Greetings, solar power aficionados of JackerySolarPower! Today, we delve into the world of maintenance tips designed to keep your Jackery products functioning at their peak for years to come. Known for their robustness and efficiency, Jackery's portable power stations and solar panels are a testament to the power of renewable energy. However, even the most durable devices require a bit of TLC to ensure their longevity.
1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and dirt can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Use a soft cloth or sponge with lukewarm water to gently clean the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the panels.
2. Proper Storage: When not in use, store your Jackery power station in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can affect battery life, so avoid leaving your device in hot cars or freezing environments.
3. Regular Charging: To maintain the battery health of your Jackery power station, make sure to charge it every 3-6 months, even if you're not using it regularly.
4. Avoid Overloading: While Jackery power stations are designed to handle a variety of devices, it's important not to overload them. Always check the power requirements of your devices before connecting them.
5. Use Official Accessories: For optimal performance and safety, use only Jackery's official accessories, including cables and solar panels.
6. Firmware Updates: Keep your device up-to-date with the latest firmware updates from Jackery. These updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes.
Remember, taking care of your Jackery product not only extends its lifespan but also ensures you have reliable power when you need it most. Let's continue to harness the power of the sun responsibly and efficiently!
I hope this guide proves useful to all members of our community. If you have any additional tips or experiences to share, please do so in the comments below. Let's learn from each other and continue to support the growth of renewable energy solutions!

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2023.06.10 15:51 jimkick3 WiFi drops when gpu under load

Hi, I built my new PC i7-13700K MSI z970 pro wi-fi Gigabyte eagle oc 4070ti PSU corsair 850w
I'm not super experienced with PC building, but as soon as i start to play a demanding game (e.g. hogwarts legacy) or uncap my fps on any game, my wifi eventually drops so low it disconnects me from discord and prevents me from accessing internet.
I tried network troubleshooting, no success. I tried drivers reinstall twice with different drivers, no success. I'm thinking maybe i don't have enough W in my PSU? But the system itself never crashes...
Windows Events have errors all over the place for Intel Wifi AX211 6E, precisely event numbers 5002, 5005, 5007 for Netwtw12 and Netwtw10 files, but no description...
The wifi works super well and super fast when I'm not playing a graphic intensive game...
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.10 15:48 Upset-Experience-888 Abrupt increase in constantly paniful sensory issues and want to desperately learn how too manage melt downs(?) and autism in general after 1½ years of recovery from major break down (and subsequent diagnosis)

I am 19 years old and was first diagnosed with ADD but as of late its become much clearer that the ADD symptoms are part of a larger autistic whole. 1½ years ago I was still undiagnosed and was in my last year of school, when due to too much stress and other factors, the symptoms I was facing daily started getting worse. An overwhelming lack of focus, this made even thinking hard, since I wasn't able to string together thoughts much longer than 3-4 thought chains before not knowing where I was coming from initially (That was at my worst). In tandem It got more and more difficult to understand someone talking, when anything else was making a noise, like other people, cars, birds, most things and especially together. This was accompanied by a hypersensitivity to sound, the louder and higher the worse. When an always lowering stress threshold was reached I entered a fight or flight state, which meant going home, sitting in my bed, becoming non verbal and letting tears run from my eyes for about and hour until this melt down/break down was over(idk what to call it). I dont call it crying because I associate that with emotional upheaval, which can also happen more easily in these states, but at that time it was an automatic reaction of my body and the only thing that could help me. I ofc had to drop out.. and so my journey to recovery began, the thing is due to a nice psychiatrist, time and effort, the whole focus problem was overcome mostly (Vyvanse my beloved<3). And the specific hypersensitivity to sound and problem with filtering it have also gotten easier. I can now even take walks outside without my earplugs:D
the thing is... I didn't just become normil, I was faced with heightend symptoms that didn't just conform to ADD. And piecing things together, I reevaluated my behaviour throughout all my life and together with my psychiatrist found that I am most likely on the spectrum. Which ig explains the melt downs better? Argh I don't wanna go intoo too much detail, but I also don't want to leave important parts out... I'll just get to what's been bothering me recently. I've always had certain sensory issues, food, sound, touch, smell sight. They've gotten quite a bit worse after the main break down, but we're manageable. I was figuring out how to adress them by seeing what other people on the spectrum do about drying off after showers for example (thank you to the person who suggested micro fiber towels🧎‍♂️ now I don't feel like I'm grating my skin raw on cliffs each time I shower).
But about 2 weeks ago, not clearly corresponding to an event, my sense of touch got so intelligent heightend, that my feet hands and scalp hurt non stop, just existing. It's not a specific kind of pain, It feels constantly raw, if that makes sense and if I were to touch something to my body and especially those sensitive areas, it will sort of echoe after the main sensation is gone. I am just way too aware. I still suffer from very poor introception tho... I dont feel hunger, thirst or when I need to vomit. After a while it manifest at something that is as much a sensation as an emotion, I'd like it to ig how very slowly and somewhat painfully dying would be like, it's more of a scream of help from my body tho and since I have been trying to keep a routine those sensations have been more rare and I haven't gotten too the actually dangerous area in a bit.
I need to carefully and delicately plan my life, which I do anyway (and God forbid something would mess up a plan 💀🙅) so as to avoid overexerting myself. I still suffer from these Melt downs. Not regularly, but since I want to not live in my room for the rest of my life, they become a problem when I try to do something outside of my comfort zone. That there is such a low and knowable limit and that the reaching of said limit ends in a tear melt down is unpleasant and limiting. I meet this limit much easier when in the company of people. Being alone for most of the 1½ year taught me to love myself more and live with myself in satisfaction with what I have. But I can't deny my loneliness and want to rejoin my friends in activity, most importantly my best friend that has helped me better my condition so much and grow as a person. I feel so lucky to know her and I love every part of her existence. I dont want to be a bed ridden victorian child anymore, I want to live God damn it. I can't deny, I am slowly making strides but I really want to do something about those meltdowns, since in the company of people it just makes everyone sad including me:/// maybe an alternative would work wonders but I have no clue how I'd do that. My main strategy is, very carefully, pushing my limits and accompanying that with an increase of my Vyvanse Dosage, which at least helps to focus. Perhaps I need to more closely examine how I lessend my auditory sensitivity... too apply that too the others... but the whole tears running down my face thing needs to change as well.
Crpyitc Metaphor: I call it stress that reaches a limit, but idk if that's accurate.. its more pressure building up in a container technically able to self seal. When too much sensor and emotional input is reached the pressure is too high to contain, but instead of exploding, depressurizes slowly to a point where the overall pressure decreases but not until its empty. Then it's resealed but the fresh seals aren't yet tight, so the maximum pressure is lower and they risk bursting again, perhaps more drastically, making it harder to reseal. Over time and with undisturbed rest the seals will tighten and when the container is at rest proper maintenance and draining of pressure can take place.
If anyone has similar experiences and/or unique ways of dealing with theirs I would love to hear it. I want to understand better, who I am, to become the best person I can be, that's why I want to desperately finally connect with others that share my experiences. To learn from them and help wherever I can.
TL;DR: Went undiagnosed for 18 years (my mom finds my behavior quite normal just like hers really👨‍🦯) culminating in a major breakdown mere months before being done with school. Dealt with the ADD side of things, but struggling with recently heightend sensory issues that just make existing painful and with intense meltdowns that hinder me from progressing with my life.
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2023.06.10 15:43 Suspicious_Ram Sonos Sub Connection Issues (Solution)

Posting this to save someone else a bit of time. Replaced my wireless access points with a more business grade access point, Netgear WAX610 in this case. My sonos sub stopped paring with my beam, instead showing a beam+? mark under the device status. It would seemingly connect, then disconnect 30 seconds later.
A lot of the business grade/enterprise access points offer additional features to take the burden off wireless radios.
DHCP Offer as Unicast is one of those features, and was the source of the issues. I believe this was intercepting the additional DHCP broadcast requests to the Beam. The intent of this feature is to stop broadcasts across the wlan, which is problematic with how the sonos pairing and the private wireless network. Thankfully I did not have to disable additional functionality like ARP proxy.
This feature might also be called a DHCP Proxy depending on the access point.
Hope this is helpful for someone.

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2023.06.10 15:39 LeifCarrotson Firmware v26 for Fenix 6

Just got the notification to update my Fenix 6 Pro with 26.00. Always a bit reluctant to upgrade major versions when I'm happy with the current feature set, anyone have any data regarding battery life or other regressions?
Here's the change log from
  • Added the ability to rate Connect IQ applications from the app settings menu.
  • Added Obstacle Course Racing activity.
  • Improved algorithm for calculating calories burned in Swim activities.
  • Improved voice prompts played during activities.
  • Updated Altitude Acclimation widget to now show altitude acclimation as a percent.
  • Updated the Golf activity to now allow users to disable the auto-lap notification when recording the activity.
  • Updated the inReach app to prompt the user when the inReach device is out of range when tracking is toggled on.
  • Fixed a possible issue that would cause the device to shut down when editing a set in the strength activity.
  • Fixed a possible shutdown that would occur when receiving smart notifications during an activity.
  • Fixed a possible shutdown when selecting a PacePro plan.
  • Fixed a potential issue where connecting headphones while shuffle playing music would cause the device to restart the playlist.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the default battery mode for an activity would not change the current battery mode of the current activity session.
  • Fixed a potential issue causing CIQ watch faces to fail to load.
  • Fixed a potential issue causing device shutdowns in strength activities.
  • Fixed an issue where the device would not exit Battery Saver Mode after charging fully.
  • Fixed an issue where the device would not show all saved waypoints on the waypoint list.
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2023.06.10 15:39 stphven Adventures with bugged portals

So this was a very silly little adventure. tl;dr at the end.
When I go exploring, I typically leave an unnamed portal ("") back at base. This lets me quickly plop down a new portal if I need to escape quickly. (Portals default to "", so this means I don't have to fiddle with names).
Today I left home with my trusty portal supplies, looking to do a bit of exploring, and maybe find a shorter route to my mistlands base. Along the way I spotted one of those draugr villages you occasionally see in the meadows. I was a bit low on wood, and I find they're a fun and quick way to stock up - just build a crafting bench and demolish the whole village. So I hop ashore, put down my "" portal, clear out the draugr, and soon i've got like 500 wood. Nice.
After teleporting it all back to base, I demolished my portal, hopped back on my boat, and continued on to my mistlands base. Once there, I set up my "" portal again. There was already a "MISTLANDS" portal there, but for whatever reason decided to leave "" up as well. No big deal either way; just one less set of portal ingredients to carry for a while.
Anyway, I end up taking "MISTLANDS" back to base (it just happened to be the closest), did some odd jobs, then took "" (it just happened to be the closest) back to the mistlands. Or so I thought.
When I reappeared on far side of the portal, I noticed I was not in the mistlands. I was in the meadows. Specifically, the meadows where the draugr village used to be. More importantly, the meadows where there was no portal. I had somehow managed to glitch the portal so it dumped me to an old, no-longer active portal location.
Well, with nothing better to do, I took a look around, following the coastline. Maybe I could find a way to walk or swim back home. No luck. The meadows was part of an island, far from any of my other portals. I could potentially make a raft, though the route back was patrolled by sea serpents last time I'd sailed through.
After doing a full loop of the island, fighting draugr and fuelings, I figured I'll just gather some portal ingredients, and set up a new portal. I was the only player on the server at the time, but I do have others who log in occasionally. I could ask them to make a matching portal back home. Call it "SOS" or something.
I set up the portal, and it defaulted to "" as normal. To my surprise, it automatically lit up! The portal was... paired? Even though there were already two portals with ""?
Well, ok then. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I step through the portal, and end up... at the mistlands base?
So my portal network is apparently: "" #1 (home base), which leads to: "" #2 (meadows portal which doesn't exist anymore) "" #3 (new meadows portal), which leads to: "" #4 (mistlands base)
I was morbidly curious as to where the "" #4 (mistlands) would take me, but didn't want to push my luck. I took the "MISTLANDS" portal home, and arrived safely.
The cursed portals are still there. Waiting for me. I am scared to take them down. I do not wish to anger the portal gods.
tl;dr my portal teleported me to a previously linked location, which had no portal back and no way home. When I built a new portal with the same name, it took me to a completely different portal. 3-way portal network???
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