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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2010.09.29 13:08 thielmann LibreOffice discussions, help, tips and updates

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite used by millions of people around the world. It's a successor project to OpenOffice(.org) with regular releases, extra features, and improved compatibility (.docx export).

2012.01.19 23:10 atomichugbot PhotoshopBattles

Photoshop contests on reddit. A place to battle using image manipulation software, play photoshop tennis, create new images from old photos, or even win reddit gold.

2023.06.10 16:39 AGentile16 and so it happened

and so it happened
after years of wanting to buy my first new car i finally did and couldn’t be happier!! I got my dads 01 E55 when i graduated HS and while that was a dream I wanted something a little more me. I plan to tint my windows, and get my girl coated, with some new rims. I’m open to personalization suggestions but she looks sexy stock.
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2023.06.10 16:38 Accomplished-Cow4627 I wish I knew who gave what rating

I’m sooooo tired of instacart just allowing people to give bad ratings for no apparent reason. When I shop, I take so much pride in their items. I wouldn’t pick up produce if I wouldn’t buy it, I check for the furthest expiration date, I’m super annoying on chat asking if everything I got was okay.. I even argue with cashiers if they don’t know how to bag correctly. But somehow I seem to get 1,2 and even 3 stars when I KNOW I don’t deserve them. Instacart says batches won’t be affected if you have below 4.7.. I highly disagree. I get small batches like $9-$18.. if I see higher ones (like $25+) they’re for high miles and items. I wish instacart would tell me who gave me a bad rating so I can choose not to shop for them again.. and it sucks it takes sooo long for these ratings to disappear. Ugh
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2023.06.10 16:38 piranhapete Triumphant Dreams

I’ve reached the tenth day of my journey to abstinence. Last night an intriguing dream occurred; I found myself with a nug in my pocket. My wife, in her own struggle, continuously voiced her longing to smoke again. As I held the nug, I was confronted with a stark choice. Surrender to the desire and fall back into that dark, tar-filled pit, or rise above it. I chose the latter. I ground the nug to dust in my hand and watched it swirl down the sink. My dreams often feature me smoking, and I usually awaken with a sense of shame. But last night was different. Even my subconscious seemed ready to break free from this toxic grip… a triumphant moment.
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2023.06.10 16:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl.

In a bar, nightclub, at a mall, at a coffee shop, on the street, etc, the key to sleeping with boatloads of beautiful women is systematically and optimally turning these phone number “LEADS” into meetups (dates) and then into “SEX”.
It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.
So you can think of the process like this:
Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.
So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.
My secret to systematically having sex with 100+ new girls every year.
For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.
No lead is waster
That’s my secret: working leads like a machine.
I got the first highly optimized lead system for dating figured out, I want to give back to the men out there that are struggling. Leverage my years of frustrations to get laid immediately.
What is the system? I call it The Lead Machine.
Why Machine? Because it works like a damn well-oiled machine!
Just put leads in and get pussy out!
Here is a sneak peak of what is included:
Massive Master flowchart ​​
Screenshots of conversations utilizing different parts of the chart
Dates Masterclass videos from Occam’s Razor
Videos About Dates Straight to the House
Videos About Closing at the House
Excel Spreadsheet Template for Organizing and Tracking Leads
It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy.
And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently.
Stop wasting time and energy.
You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that.
So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.10 16:38 velcrocheesecake Bruised ribs (I think), any advice?

Firstly, some context. Near the end of the pre-final of my last race (last weekend), I started feeling some pain in my left ribs. At first, i thought it was because my seat was too loose so I added more padding and decided that the pain wasn't bad enough to not race in the final. So I went ahead and drove 12 laps with probably already bruised ribs. Not fun, don't recommend. Although it was extremely painful, I managed to pull through and finish the race, but I obviously had worsened my injury. The padding I added had helped, but it was already too late and I assumed I had bruised ribs. But after thinking about it for a couple of days, and chatting with some people, I realised that it actually could've been caused by a couple of things. Since I am pretty short, my steering wheel is a bit of a reach for me, so I involuntarily compensate for it by having my right hand lower than my left hand for more leverage (our track has mostly left-hander corners). By doing this, my left hand is still higher and I think I might be overextending, which is leading to more damage being caused to my ribs. One of the people I talked to suggested that it might partially be strained intercostal muscles, which makes sense as well. Flash forward to a week later (now) and my ribs still hurt pretty much the same.
Sorry for the long explanation but I just want to make sure all the info is there.
How can I make sure I don't worsen the injury? What injury do I actually have and how can I speed up the healing process if possible? What can I do to prevent it from happening again? And how long will the healing process take?
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated :)
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2023.06.10 16:38 KingDeadHead1977 Cornell Master Tape FOR SALE (Cash Collection Only)

Cornell Master Tape FOR SALE (Cash Collection Only)
Hey heads,
Got a real ripping deal for you today. The master tape from 5/8/77 (Cornell), ripped straight from the soundboard on that beautiful night in Ithaca. We have both sets for sale between two tapes, plus with an additional song at the end. Nobody knows about this rare rudimentary acoustic version of Dark Star, which sounds a lot like the single version. I personally stayed around after the Morning Dew encore and taped it. It's honestly beautiful.
Please be aware that the Cornell main set is direct from the master tape. But Dark Star is an audience recording by myself. I was there. It was great.
From a smoke free, pet free home. Make me an offer- only serious offers considered. Also throwing in the previous night from Boston Gardens for free. You're welcome.
Rag on,
King Dead Head.
Just look at this beauty... could say an AMERICAN BEAUTY
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2023.06.10 16:38 CryptographerFun369 What power is necro using where I can’t see the screen?

Hey all! I’ve noticed when I’m near a necromancer there’s always a black cloud that causes me to not be able to see where I am and also where enemies are. What power are they using? I’m sure it’s a very useful debuff or something, just wondering what it is. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 16:38 emoevangelion One week

In the past three years I can count the number of weeks I’ve been sober on one hand (maybe two, it’s hard to keep track). I’m happy to say that today is one of those milestones.
I think it’s sticking this time. I’ve been to AA twice, survived some harsh cravings and been open and honest with those around me. Coming to terms with myself and who I want to be.
Lucky to have found this sub
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2023.06.10 16:37 KILLYADEV Yadev - JAMES HOWLETT

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2023.06.10 16:37 angelalovat I told my m22 boyfriend I was raped and now I'm struggling with it.

I had been going to therapy but left because I couldn't admit what had happened. I couldn't say it as I haven't accepted it for myself, quite frankly it makes me feel a sick.
I told my boyfriend m22 and he was very supportive, but it has dragged up a lot of insecurities and I feel disgusting knowing he knows. I feel overwhelmed and overexposed and I've been finding it harder and harder to look him in the eyes, to the point where I'm struggling coming home to him. I'm so used to keeping it hidden it feels awful knowing he knows even though I love him very much.
I lose my appetite some days and have started smoking before bed just so I don't dream about anything. I guess this is just a vent because I don't really want an answer I'm just feeling lost and alone with too many thoughts rushing through my head.
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2023.06.10 16:37 monicabong [24F] [chat] Every person is a new door to a different world🫶🏻✨

Hello there (channeling my inner Kenobi), Weekend is here and tis the time to be cooped up in bed with a show/series.
I am a horror and anime aficionado. I also try to keep up with the Comic book movies (even though new ones keep popping up). My latest muse is Spiderman: Across the Spider verse.🕷️🕸️
Travelling and surfing is a big part of my life. I am an Ocean Child. And I love being around nature.🌊🌿
Please include something about yourself in the messages. It’ll help me get to know more about you.
I am open to all genders but personally would love to meet some interesting ladies.
PS: It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to.
This is me!
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2023.06.10 16:37 javaScript_toast I am newbie to C and I wanted to follow the lectures locally on VScode running on Windows 10. Faced a lot of problems but I was able to configure stuff to work in the end. I am including the steps I made that helped if someone needs this as well!

The readme to my cs50 week-1 C repo: Or here if you like:

This is part of Harvard's CS50 course.

  • I am running my code on windows 10 using gcc (mingw) compiler. (cs50 uses clang in their course)

How to compile your C code using cs50 library locally on windows on vscode?

Assuming you installed and setup vscode (not visual studio) and the required extensions for formatting C/C++ code (C/C++ intelliSense), and that you have installed and setup gcc using mingw to compile your code (search for tutorials if not) do the following:
  1. Go to and on the right panel bellow, click on releases and download the zip folder. Extract the folder (you can use 7zip if you like) and then copy and paste cs50.h and cs50.c (located in .../libcs50-11.0.2/src) into your main project folder or workspace folder where you have your actual C program files that require the use of cs50.h
  2. Make a new file and call it string.c then save it inside your project folder. This file is just for testing the cs50.h import, you can name it whatever but it should be a *.c file
  3. Inside of it write any valid C code that requires using cs50's stuff like their string type or the get_string(string args) function. For example, this is what I wrote in my string.c file:


include "cs50.h"

int main(void) { string name = get_string("what's your name? "); printf("heyy %s, nice to meet you!", name); return 0; } ```
Notice how the include for cs50.h uses double quotes "..." as opposed to angled brackets <>. This is because <> is used when modules or files like stdio.h are in the C:\MinGW\include folder while "..." are used when custom made modules like cs50.h are in your current working/project directory/folder (that's why make sure after you extract to copy and paste them there).
  1. After that, you can create a file called in your project/current folder (bash script/shell script file) and paste in the following code:


gcc -o "$PWD/$1" "$PWD/$1.c" "$PWD/cs50.c" ```
  1. Assuming you have git bash installed (just install git and search how to switch your vscode terminal to git bash) or at least wsl then you can type (without the dollar sign) $ chmod u+x ./ (this will make the above file into a usable script).
  2. You can now open your vscode terminal (preferably use git bash or wsl for this) and type (without the dollar sign): $ ./ string If you are using a different filename other than string you write $ ./ your_file_name_here without the extension in the file name!
The way ./ works is that it takes the first argument (the filename you enter next to the ./ command) and assigns it to a shell script variable called $1. Then it uses the gcc compiler to create an executable file of the same name as this argument $1 (that is your file name) and it compiles the filename.c file together with the cs50.c file. For example when I compile string.c what I actually do is gcc -o string string.c cs50.c (all with respect to my current working directory/project folder).
I just think it's verbose to write gcc -o filename filename.c cs50.c every time so I made this custom make command. Another way you can do this is by going to mingw installer and installing gdb if you don't already have gdb.exe in your C:\MinGW\bin folder. Then you try to debug using C/C++ gcc.exe build from the debug options in vscode. I found this to be rather inconsistent for me however, it sometimes randomly stops or keeps running for some reason. Use whichever method you prefer and works for you.
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2023.06.10 16:37 thecheekyso-n-so Cream of coconut... HELP!

Hi all! I am hoping for some help. I was making vegan yogurt for my sister in law but accidentally bought cream of coconut rather than coconut cream. Silly me, I opened it so I cannot return it to the store. It's been in my fridge because I don't want to toss it but I have NO CLUE what to use it in... any and all suggestions would be a blessing! ❤️
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2023.06.10 16:37 Shankdaddy_ [WTS] Hk45c threaded barrel, McRae Jungle Boots (10W), ECWCS Lvl VII Parka, DCU M65 field jacket, DK-5 Riot Faceshield, Tan 1603 MOLLE Pack Frame

Boots - McRae black jungle boots, size 10W (I am an 11 regular in new balance if that helps, these boots fit me well), worn around the house a few times otherwise brand new - $120 + shipping
HK45c threaded barrel - used, I’ve had maybe 50 rounds through it, still in perfect shape, $225 shipped
Paulson DK-5 riot faceshield - fits PASGT helmets, new, $56 shipped
Gen III Ecwcs level VII parka - Lightly used but still in great shape, size large regular - $150 shipped
M65 DCU jacket - Nearly new USGI Large field jacket in Large, no liner, $52 shipped
Molle Pack Frame - Never used, no idea why I have it, no cracks, Tan/Coyote Brown color, $31 shipped
Pm me if you’re interested but comment as well for a flair check, PayPal F&F only, NO NOTES PLEASE!
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2023.06.10 16:36 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Air Methods Corporation Rotor Aircraft Mechanic - Aberdeen NC Aberdeen
Whole Foods Market Assistant Team Leader Asheville
Aya Locums CRNA Asheville
Southern Health Partners RN or LPN Days Barium Springs
CarolinaEast Health System CRNA, Anesthesia 70800 Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System RN, Surgical Care Unit Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System CRNA, Anesthesia Bayboro
Southern Health Partners LPN or RN Weekend Nights Belmont
CarolinaEast Health System Cardiologist 86360 Camp Lejeune
Southern Health Partners RN or LPN Days Catawba
Duke Health Registered Nurse, PRN (Experienced RN) - Infusion Center - Weekend Day Shifts - Durham Chapel Hill
Duke Health Registered Nurse (Experienced RN) - General Medicine & Dialysis - Duke Regional Hospital- PRN Chapel Hill
Duke Health NP Chapel Hill
Southern Health Partners LPN or RN Weekend Nights Charlotte
Schleich GmbH Manager Ecommerce Charlotte
Harris Regional Hospital Clinical Coordinator (RN or ATC) - Harris Ortho & Sports Medicine Cherokee
Southern Health Partners RN or LPN Days Cherryville
Valet Living EVS Worker Concord
Southern Health Partners LPN or RN Weekend Nights Concord
Southern Health Partners LPN or RN Weekend Nights Conover
Duke Health New Grad RN - Cardiothoracic Step Down (3300) All Shifts Available Durham
Duke Health Manager, Case Management-DUH Durham
Duke Health RN Case Manager Durham
Southern Health Partners LPN or RN Weekend Nights East Spencer
Duke Health Experienced RN - Cardiothoracic Step Down Unit (3300), Sign On Bonus - All Shifts Available Efland
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 16:36 May4321 [For Hire] Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and hardworking Virtual Assistant/ Market researcher

I'm an experienced virtual assistant looking for more avenues to expand my expertise. I will do data entry, web research, copy and paste and Excel Data Entry, Data collection, Data mining, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, Small Word Doc Creation, JPG to Excel/Word.
Here is the stuff that I can perform -
Social media management +18 Social media management Run Facebook and Instagram ads Data Entry Canva/Photoshop Email organizing Cold email outreach Basic knowledge of Photo Editing/Graphic art Chat Support/moderator LinkedIn outreach/management Cold Calling
Here are the VA tools I use daily -
Slack Google Sheets Zoho Google docs. & many more
Deliverable Files -
Excel Google Sheets Other Spreadsheets Word Google Docs PDF Editor PowerPoint Google Slides
Why trust me? Honesty Quick Turnaround Quality Customer Support Efficient time of working On-time delivery
My LinkedIn profile -
Pricing: $150 to $300 per month depending on the hours alloted and the workload.
I am very trainable and very open to learning new tools and skills. Email [email protected]
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2023.06.10 16:36 mythrowawaypdx Should I give up on working for this company?

I was hired for a new boutique two months ago. The boutique is building a new location and was due to open on June 1st but there have been delays with construction. Four days before I was set to start I was asked if I could start on the 15th instead. There seems to be a lack of communication between the boutique owner and my direct boss. I've had to contact them for details on when I should come in for paperwork to be told someone would let me know.
A few days ago the owner called me and asked if it was possible that I could store some clothes at my house, they were getting a big shipment but nobody was available at the boutique to sign for the package, I would only need to store for a week. Someone else confirmed they could do it. I had to again confirm the start date. The owner apologized, wanted to make sure I wasn't being financially compromised and said that they now want me to start on the 22nd and would let their payroll guy know to email me paperwork and add me on that date.
They said even if the boutique was not open they would definetly need me to help with more large shipments. The other shops that they own are thriving with staff staying on for decade +. I don't know if I should start looking for another job or if this is all just annoying construction issues. I have another income source but it's not a long term solution. This boutique job is a dream and I really want it to work out. If they postpone the date one more time I'll act interesed but look for a new job. I'm not sure if I should start looking for a new job now.
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2023.06.10 16:36 Coureherritt Satan, Lucifer, The prince of darkness delivered my pizza???

This particularly uninteresting Friday, with the outside temperature reaching up to 90 degrees (32 Celsius for my European friends) I decided to avoid cooking, and instead order something.
"How about Chinese?" My new roommate, Nick suggests. He moved in with me last week after my old roommate moved out due to some bad blood between us, but it's in the past now, I hope.
"Nah, they take too long to deliver, by the time it gets here it's already cold," I said as I scrolled on Reddit, not really looking for anything in particular. I glanced up at Nick, who was looking at me. "Mcdonalds then?"
I shake my head in response. "They always get my orders wrong." Nick sighs. "You're hard to please."
I chuckle. "I guess so."
"What do you suggest we eat then?" He crosses his arms. I shrug in response.
He sighs again, this time deeper than before.
Something catches my eye on my phone, an ad for a new restaurant. Hell's Kitchen. It's actually in our small town. "That's creepy" I mutter under my breath.
"What's that?" Nick calls out from the kitchen.
"Nothing!" I call back. He walks back into the room, wiping his hands with a towel.
"It's just this conspiracy theory, how the government listens in on our conversations and then gives us appropriate ads." Nick raises an eyebrow.
"We were talking about ordering food, and I got an ad for this new food place in our town, Hell's Kitchen."
He plops down on the couch next to me and leans in to look at my screen. "Looks fancy."
I click on the ad, which takes me to their homepage. "Let's see what they have got."
I navigate to their menu page and we begin scrolling through each item.
"Hell wings.." Nick gulps down on his saliva. "I wonder how spicy those are." He absolutely loves spicy.
"Evil fries, what kind of name is that? They just look like regular fries." I comment, each item has a unique name related to Hell.
"Pizza of darkness, that sounds good." Nick points out with his finger. I shake my head in disgust. "It has pineapples dude." He chuckles.
"Then how about Inferno Pizza? It's just spicy pepperoni." I shrug, "Maybe, definitely sounds better than pineapple."
"We could also get some tortured hamburgers." I point out to him.
"I don't feel like eating a burger.." Nick replies. "And you say I'm hard to please." He laughs at that, I laugh too.
After discussing a couple more options we finally settle on Pizza of Wrath. It's put together with pepperoni, bacon strips, and mushrooms, + a mild ghost pepper sauce.
"Is there a number we're supposed to call, or do we order online?" Nick questions as I begin looking for the phone number.
"Don't see an order online option, there must be a phone number listed somewhere on the website."
"Ah there! Found it!" I exclaim in excitement, my stomach rumbles. Nick chuckles. "Me too, me too."
After confirming what we're ordering with Nick, I dial the number. It only rings once before someone picks up. I wait for a moment, to let them introduce themselves, as all fast food places do, but there's only silence, so I speak first.
"Uh Hello, is this Hell's Kitchen? We'd like to order some food."
A deep raspy voice responds. "Yes, what would you like to have?"
"Okay, we'd like two Pizzas of Wrath, small Evil Fries, and two large cokes of Doom." I cringe internally having actually said all that out loud.
The voice waits a moment before speaking again, "Is that all?" I look at Nick for confirmation that I didn't forget anything, but he's preoccupied with giggling like a little girl. I'm not sure which one of us is more cringe.
"Yes, that will be all."
"Okay, it'll be delivered to you in a minute."
"Wait, I didn't give you my address!" I shout into the receiver, but it's already too late, they hung up.
I sigh, and then redial. "The recipient you are trying to reach is currently not available, please try again at another time."
"What's up?" Nick questions, having finally stopped laughing. "They don't have the address, and now the number is disconnected? not available? What does that mean? I just talked to them a moment ago." I'm beginning to get irritated.
Both of our heads jolt to the front door as someone rings the bell. Then we both look at each other. "There's no way, right?" Nick asks. I stand up and begin walking toward the front door.
Looking through the peephole, I see a man dressed in a business suit, with dark short hair, holding a couple of pizza boxes and a small paper bag on top. His eyes are a deep red, I didn't even know such an eye color existed.
I take a deep breath, suddenly feeling nervous, and open the door. The man towers over me. He smiles, "Is this Jonah's and Nick's residence?" I gulp down a bunch of salivae, how does he know my name? Much less Nick's? I never mentioned it on the phone.
I nod in response. He smiles. "I have your food delivery here, my name is Lucifer."
My body is involuntarily shaking, just a bit, but it's an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, it's like my body is screaming at me to run back inside and slam the door shut, that whoever is standing in front of me is highly dangerous.
Nick appears behind me and places a hand on my shoulder. "Why don't you come inside?" He pulls me to the side, and Lucifer happily walks past us and into our apartment.
I shoot Nick a look, but he ignores me.
The delivery guy takes a deep breath once inside and walks into the living room, placing the boxes and the paper bag on the small coffee table in front of the sofa.
I gulp and then speak, "How much do we owe you?"
He turns around and smiles at both of us. "Would you like to pay now, or after you die?"
"After I die?" I stammered back at him.
"Yes, you'll sign a contract to pay after your death."
"I'll pay after I die," Nick says beside me, grinning. "Sounds fun."
"I'll pay now.." I respond. How would I even pay after I die? This sounds too sketchy. Nothing makes sense about this situation.
Lucifer nods and claps his hands. Suddenly, two folders with documents appear on the small coffee table, beside the food. He motions for Nick to come over, and snaps his fingers, a pen appearing between his fingers, which he hands over to Nick.
Nick looks excited as he takes the pen. Lucifer flips open the folder on the left. "Read through this if you want, otherwise you can sign here, and here." He points with his long finger to the bottom of the page.
"Jonah, want to come over to check your contract out?"
"My contract? I thought I'd be paying now." He nods. "Yes, you will be."
I walk over with shaky legs and look at the contract laid out in front of me.

Service Contract
This contract is between the following parties;
Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness
Client: Jonah

Upon mutual agreement, the client will have 31 days to complete the following to pay for the services provided by the Contractor.
  1. Consume the food that was delivered.
  2. Introduce 3 friends to Hell's Kitchen.
  3. Sever ties with the closest person to the client.
  4. Murder a single person.

Failure to comply with these terms will result in the client immediately relinquishing their rights to their soul.
Consuming the food delivered will grant you enough power to complete these tasks without being inconvenienced by them.

What the fuck is this? A joke?
"Can't I just pay with cash?" I look up at Lucifer, he smiles and shakes his head. "By ordering our food, you agreed to sign either one of the contracts provided."
"What's the other contract then? How do I pay after I die?"
He nods to himself, "You'll work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years, after that your debt will be paid off."
I swallow hard and take a deep breath. "I wish to pay after my death then."
Lucifer claps his hands together. "Excellent choice!" He exclaims a little too loudly.
A new contract appears before me.

Service Contract
This contract is between the following parties; Contractor: Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness Client: Jonah Upon mutual agreement, the client will work at Hell's Kitchen for 7 years after they die.
If the terms of the contract are to be breached at any point in time, in any way, shape, or form, the client will immediately forfeit their rights to their own soul.

How did I even get here? I just wanted to get some food...
"Done!" Nick exclaims excitedly, grinning from ear to ear, and hands back the pen to Lucifer.
He turns around and points the pen toward me, signaling for me to take it. "Ready to sign?"
"What if I don't want to sign either contract?" I ask curiously.
Lucifer sighs and places a palm on his face. "Refusal to sign either contract will result in your immediate extraction to Hell, where you'll stay till the end of time." His voice suddenly turned demonic, sending a chill down my spine.
I took the pen from his hand, and he retracted his palm off his face and fixed his collar.
I signed the contract with shaky hands.
"Excellent!" Lucifer exclaimed and then clasped his hands together, the contracts suddenly disappeared.
"I hope you enjoy your food." He comments and begins walking back toward the front door.
"We will," Nick responds.
Once the front door shuts behind him, I collapse on the couch, beginning to shake.
Meanwhile, Nick opens up the paper bag and takes out his Coke, taking a sip.
"What the fuck just happened?" I question him.
"What do you mean? They delivered our food, nothing else happened."
I sigh. "Since I basically signed my soul away, I might as well eat what they brought." Nick nodded profusely and opened the pizza box.
In contrast to the scary experience of having to deal with Satan, the food tasted better than anything I'd ever had before.
So all that was yesterday, me and Nick haven't talked about it again. We did have a small fight this morning about something meaningless, I already forgot, he gave me a black eye, and I broke one of his legs, so he's in the hospital right now. I don't know what came over me, or him, but I was just so incredibly angry at everything, including him, and he seemed to be the same way.
I broke out of it after I slammed a chair against his leg and heard a crack and then a loud scream.
The food was 100/10 in Hell's Kitchen, would highly recommend it. The price however was outrageously high. I can safely say that it was worth it, and I'm thinking of ordering again.
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2023.06.10 16:36 BjeabTheDemon Ghost SMP [SMP] [PVE]

We are a close-tied community that usually does weekly events. We also have a very small community hoping to expand a ton this year APPLY HERE are looking for staff and this server is very new so please be patient with us we are all still learning GHOST SMP focuses on pushing the games to their outermost limits with farms and mega builds. We just started season 4 and are looking for new players so we hope to see you soon and that you enjoy your stay with me and the rest of us
STAFF APPLICATIONS are open for members who have been part of the community for 3 or more months and have also shown respect to other players we are still looking for more staff to help us mod in-game and on the discord
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2023.06.10 16:36 Milk_cola_YF Where to watch football?

Guys, is there any better bar in Budapest to watch football, please suggest me, thanks. Watch Manchester City vs. Inter Milan tonight! PS: I live near Szent István Bazilika
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2023.06.10 16:36 Berry_48 34 [M4F] #Boston - Looking to have fun with a college girl

Hey! I'm coming to Boston for a work trip next week, and I'd love to have some fun in my hotel room with a college girl.
19+, please. I'm open to all body types, races, etc. I ask that you been clean and discreet.
I myself am 6' tall, clean shaven, conventionally attractive, with a few tattoos. I'd love to meet up somewhere public and check the vibes before coming back to my hotel room for some fun.
If you're interested, shoot me a message, ideally with a picture, your age, and a bit about yourself!
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2023.06.10 16:36 enbywitch666 TV shows hitting me hard with dysphoria

It's something I've only noticed fairly recently and I have no idea if any of you girls are the same but....
I'm absolutely floored and stuck like a zombie when the TV is on and certain actresses are on. Let's start with The Goldbergs and Erica. She's the nostalgic 80s girl I never got to be. It hits me so hard, obviously the character is created to remind girls of their experience growing up in that time frame and I'd forgotten how growing up around that time how envious I was of not being a girl. I just can't stop watching and wishing I could have my time again and grow up with those experiences.
Another show is The Big Bang Theory and Penny. She's a character that actually reminds me a bit of an old friend of mine, and her hair, her outfits, her mannerisms, it just hits me so hard with dysphoria that I'm not able to express that feminine side. Sad reality is the friend she reminds me of always thought I had a crush on her, I just wanted a bff/sister type of friendship. 🥺
Same goes for the daughter in Melissa & Joey (what a trashy show but I still can't not watch & be sad) and it reminds me of the early 90s when Melissa did a show 'Clarissa Explains it all' and I just used to connect with it so much, and I could never explain why at the time.
Oh and of course I nearly forgot the 2 daughters in modern family, they just make me so sad I never got to grow up a girl.
I dunno if this post makes sense or resonates with anyone, I'm typing on my phone and sometimes I don't articulate things as well as on a proper keyboard, but thanks for reading. Let me know if it makes any sense 🥰
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